Oxygen Transport to Tissue-V

Oxygen Transport to Tissue-V

by D. W. Lubbers (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984)

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ISBN-13: 9781468411904
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/25/2012
Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology , #169
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984
Pages: 942
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.07(d)

Table of Contents

Main Lectures.- Facilitated Diffusion of Oxygen: Possible Significance in Blood and Muscle.- Muscle O2 Gradients from Hemoglobin to Cytochrome: New Concepts, New Complexities.- Metabolic Rate and Microcirculation.- Tissue O2 Supply Under Normal and Pathological Conditions.- Relationship between Steady Redox State and Brain Activation-Induced NAD/NADH Redox Responses.- Physiology of Oxygen Transport to Tissue Theoretical Aspects.- Mathematical Analysis of Transport and Consumption of Molecules in Heterogeneous Brain Tissue (Methodology).- Coupled Transport of O2 and CO2 within the Upper Skin Simulated by the Capillary Loop Model.- Facilitated Diffusion and Electrical Potentials in Protein Solutions with Ionic Species.- Diffusional Coupling in a Hemoglobin-Free Perfused Capillary-Tissue Structure.- Blood and Oxygen Transport.- On the Seemingly Diminished CO2-Bohr Effect in Hypoxic Chemodenervated Rabbits..- Oxygen Uptake into the Sheared Flowing Blood: Effects of Red Cell Membranes and Haematocrit.- Diabetic Oxygen-Hemoglobin Equilibrium Curves Evaluated by Nonlinear Regression of the Hill Equation.- Improved O2 Transfer to Tissues during Deep Hypoxia in Rats with a Left-Shifted Blood O2 Dissociation Curve.- Brain.- Changes in Cerebral Oxygen Tension and Red Cell Content on Sensory Stimulation.- Relations between Po2 and Neuronal Activity in Hippocampal Slices.- Response of Gerbil Cerebral Unit Activity to Slowly Declining Tissue Po2.- Properties of the Spontaneous Fluctuations in Cortical Oxygen Pressure.- Intraoperative Monitoring of Cortical Surface Oxygen in Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage.- Focal Epicerebral Ischemia: Post-Ischemic Tissue Oxygenation with and without Recirculation.- The Effect of Glucose on the Oxygen Supply of the Blood-Free Perfused Guinea Pig Brain as Measured by Reflection Spectra and Po2 Histograms.- Oxygen Supply to the Brain Cortex in SHR and Normotensive rats.- Local Cytochrome Oxidase Activity in the Cerebral Cortex of the Rat, Histochemically Detected with the DAB-Method; A Micro-Densitometric and Electron Microscope Study..- Relationship between Microflow, Local Tissue Po2 and Extracellular Activities of Potassium and Hydrogen Ions in the Cat Brain during Intraarterial Infusion of Ammonium Acetate.- Regulation of Microflow in the Cat Brain During Insulin Induced Hypoglycemia.- Glycolysis and Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism.- Contribution of Adenosine to the Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow: The Role of Calcium Ions in the Adenosine-Induced Cerebrocortical Vasodilatation.- Effect of DMSO and Barbiturates on Brain Oxygen Distribution.- Heart.- Local Oxygen Supply and Regional Wall Motion of the Dog’s heart during Critical Stenosis of the LAD.- Intramyocardial Oxygen Pressure and Coronary Blood Flow during Experimental Coronary Stenosis.- Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation: Tissue Oxygen Sensor for Regulation of Coronary Flow.- Respiratory Chain O2 Requirements and the Metabolic Answer to Diffuse Ischemia of Mechanically Overloaded Left Ventricular Myocardium.- Distribution of Myocardial Glucose Consumption under Normal Conditions and during Isoprenaline and Dobutamine Infusion.- Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to Carotid Clamping in Anemic Dogs.- Functional Alteration of Membrane Integrity during Global Ischemia in Perfused Working Rabbit Hearts.- Effects of Propranolol and Epinephrine on Capillary Plasma Filling and Minimal Intercapillary Distances in the Rat Heart.- A Comparison of the Methods for Assessment of Myocardial Capillarity.- Oxygen Radicals.- Deleterious Effects of Oxygen Radicals on Reoxygenated Myocardial Cells.- Spontaneous Lipid Peroxidation in Rabbit Spermatozoa: A useful Model for the Reaction of O2 Metabolites with Single Cells.- Muscle.- A Comparison of Po2 Histograms from Rabbit Hind-Limb Muscles Obtained by Simultaneous Measurements with Hypodermic Needle Electrodes and with Surface Electrodes.- Diffusion-Perfusion Relationships in Skeletal Muscle: Models and Experimental Evidence from Inert Gas Washout.- Oxygen Supply of Skeletal Muscle in Experimental Endotoxic Shock.- Microcirculation and Po2 in Skeletal Muscle during Respiratory Hypoxia and Stimulation.- Heterogeneity of Capillary Blood Flow in Skeletal Muscle: Evidence from Local 133Xe Clearance and Microsphere Trapping.- Biochemical and 31P-NMR Studies of the Energy Metabolism in Relation to Oxygen Supply in Rat Skeletal Muscle during Exercise.- Dependence of O2 Uptake on Tissue Po2: Experiments in Intact Excised Rat Skeletal Muscle.- Metabolic Adaptation in Response to Intermittent Hypoxia in Rat Skeletal Muscle.- Local Regulation of Blood Flow.- Abdominal Organs.- Flow Dependence and Independence of Oxygen Consumption within the Intestinal Vasculature.- Effect of Somatostatin on Intestinal Microcirculation and Metabolism.- Po2 and pH Measurements within the Rabbit Oviduct Following Tubal Microsurgery: Reanastomosis of Previously Dissected Tubes.- Studies of Hemorrhagic and Traumatic Shock Influence on Liver Oxygen Tension: Effects of a Single Large Dose of Dexamethasone.- Correlation between the Redox State of NAD(P)H and Total Flow in the Perfused Rat Liver.- Studies on the Ability of Kidney Cells to Recover after Periods of Anoxia.- Erythropoietin and Intrarenal Oxygenation in Hypercapnic versus Normocapnic Hypoxemia.- Tumor.- Effectiveness of Respiratory Hyperoxia, of Normobaric and of Hyperbaric Oxygen Atmospheres in Improving Tumor Oxygenation.- Impact of Various Thermal Doses on the Oxygenation and Blood Flow in Malignant Tumors upon Localized Hyperthermia.- Other Organs.- Measurement of Local Po2 and Intracapillary Hemoglobin Oxygenation in Lung Tissue of Rabbits.- Cessation of Capillary Blood Flow Induced by Localized Application of Carbon Dioxide.- Hypoxic Reduction in Blood Flow Velocity in Pulmonary Arterioles and Capillaries.- Retinal Oxygen Tension in Diabetic Dogs Following Insulin Infusion.- A Mechanism for Oxygen Damage to the Immature Retinal Vasculature.- Reactions of Carotid Baroreceptors to Anoxia and Ischaemia.- O2 Chemoreceptors.- O2 Chemoreception of the Cat Carotid Body InVitro.- Local Variations of Oxygen Consumption within Multicellular Spheroids Calculated from Measured Po2 Profiles.- Microcirculation.- The Fine Adjustment of Capillary Blood Flow through Excitation of the Capillary Wall.- Intermediate Size Filaments and Microfilaments in Frog Mesenteric Capillaries.- Effect of Adrenaline on Capillary Diameter in the Frog Mesentery.- Rhythmicity and Tension Development of Spontaneous Contracting Capillaries in the Mesentery of Frogs.- Practical Aspects.- Transcutaneous Po2 during Exercise.- Quantification of the Utilization of Reserve Oxygen Transport Capacity: Initial Studies in Critically Ill Patients.- On a Generalized Bioenergetic Control Mechanism of Microcirculation with Different Effects in the Lung and the Other Parts of the Body.- Oxygen Profiles and Structure of Pénicillium Chrysogenum Pellets.- Instrumentation and Methods.- Some Aspects of Signal Analysis Applied to Intracapillary Hemoglobin Spectra.- Correlation between Tissue Po2 and Intracapillary Hb Spectra.- Evaluation of Reflection Spectra of the Isolated Heart by Multicomponent Spectra Analysis in Comparison to Other Evaluation Methods.- Quantitative Analysis of Reflection Spectra of the Surface of the Guinea Pig Brain.- Assessment of Brain Oxygenation: A Comparison between an Oxygen Electrode and Near-Infrared Spectrophotometry.- Cryogenic Microspectrophotometry.- A Measuring Device to Determine a Universal Parameter for the Flow Characteristics of Blood: Measurement of the Yield Shear Stress in a Branched Capillary.- Television Fluorescein-Angiography of the Retina with On-Line Measurement of the Dilution Curves.- Micro, Surface, and Needle Oxygen Electrodes: Comparison of Physiological Relevance and Clinical Acceptance.- An Improved Polarographic Multiwire Surface Po2 Electrode, Particularly for Measurement of High Po2 Values.- Steady State Condition — What Does it Mean during Investigation of Oxygen Supply?.- Evidence for Boundary Layer Effects Influencing the Sensitivity of Microencapsulated O2 Fluorescence Indicator Molecules.- A Correction Method for Ionic Strength-Independent Fluorescence Photometric pH Measurement.- Influence of Enzyme Concentration and Thickness of the Enzyme Layer on the Calibration Curve of the Continuously Measuring Glucose Optode.- Participants.- Contributors.

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