Passion Spirit Purpose: 3 Formulas to Indroduce the DOXA METHOD to Empower You to Love Your Life

Passion Spirit Purpose: 3 Formulas to Indroduce the DOXA METHOD to Empower You to Love Your Life

by Ana Weber


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"Ana Weber's new book, Passion Spirit Purpose, is a wonderfully creative

and compassionate look at how making a simple choice to focus on the things

that please you can change your life forever. She approaches the difficult

subject of how to manifest personal transformation by offering an original

formula for success that is easy to implement and elegant in its simplicity"

(Professor Marilyn Horowitz, New York University).

"Ana Weber is an exceptional teacher who practices what she preaches.

She shows you how to blast through your doubts and fears to embrace joy

and confidence everyday"
(Steve Harrison,

"Ana Weber is a life coach who has written a useful book worth buying,

using and mastering. Her book empowers you to depend on yourself, to love

yourself and to be yourself; it helps you find the unique purpose of your life

and work to turn it into reality; to use both halves of your brain: the logical

and the creative emotional; change any depression to delight; and change

any failures to success in your career, relationships, education and legacy."

--Simon J. Simonian, MD, DSc Harvard, DSc Honorary, President and

CEO Pioneer Global Union, Harvard University Professor, Doctor,

Educator, Author of four books and 300 articles, highly successful world

leader in his career, relationships, education and legacy.

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ISBN-13: 9781504362795
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/04/2016
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

About Ana Weber...Business "Rainmaker," Best Selling Author, Speaker , Lifestyle Leadership Coach-Relationship Expert, and Philanthropist
Founder of the DOXA METHOD
Founder of 360 degrees of success course on

The consummate "people person," Ana approaches every person and every new experience with joy and love. Her employees love to work with her, and her friends love to be around her. And at every company she has contributed and managed, she's helped engineer massive revenue growth. As an example, she took one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in just five years, while creating 83 new full-time jobs. If you ask Ana the secret of her long string of business successes, she'll tell you it's all about building relationships and the wisdom in the power of choice.

In addition to her many decades of business experience, Ana has achieved success in multiple parallel careers-as a writer, speaker, personal and business/professional coach, and philanthropist.

Recent and upcoming speaking engagements:

Harvard Business School (student faculty)
West Point Academy
Universal Music, England

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Passion Spirit Purpose

3 Formulas to Introduce the Doxa Method to Empower You to Love Your Life

By Ana Weber

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Ana Weber
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6279-5


Find Your Passion, Spirit, Purpose, and Connection — the DOXA Way

Wake up! Open your senses! Free your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers to explore the magic of this (and every) moment. It's time to discover your passion and spirit — and let them shape everything you do at home, at school, at work, and everywhere in between.

I want you to love your life, the way I love mine.

Loving my life, with its many tumultuous transitions, wasn't easy or quick. I'm a double immigrant who started from nothing, twice — and had quite the checkered career (you'll hear more about this throughout the book). English is my fourth language. I had to learn how to immerse myself in happiness even when things seemed desperate.

I'd like your journey to be shorter and easier. Let me show you the way, and shortcut the many painful twists and turns I had to take. I'll share with you the many success formulas I struggled to understand through years of trial and error, years of failing and getting up again.

All of us can learn to wire ourselves for success.

Yes, even when life seems like an endless series of unexpected and frightening challenges. We can still choose how to respond, and our choices change the outcome.

My Best Success Secret: The DOXA Method

The best success formulas are simple — because simple formulas are easy to remember and easy to make a part of your life. The DOXA formula, one of my favorites has only four steps:

D – desire

O – outstanding

X – X out the impossible

A – allow you to be YOU

We can put this into practice in every part of our lives — into all life's puzzles, mysteries, and desires. As we focus on these four steps, we transform thought into action and create the life we choose.

You might feel that you have no control over your life — that you didn't choose your situation. And truly, there will be some parts of your life you can't control. But even when he was a slave in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II and had no control over his circumstances, Viktor Frankl refused to relinquish control over the inner person he really was. If he could do it under the worst circumstances a human being can experience, we who live in freedom can certainly do it as well. So yes, you will have unforeseen challenges and complications — but they don't rule you!

Let's start by thinking about all the parts of our life we can control, all the places where our choices make a difference.

For example, we can choose to ...

• Eat healthy, nourishing foods

• Get a good night's sleep

• Exercise our bodies every day

• Hang out with friends who encourage our greatness, not our passivity

• Take steps to achieve a meaningful and well-paying career

The list goes on and on, at every step from infancy to old age. We strengthen our good choices by acting on them. Think about this traditional fable:

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego."

He continued, "The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Through the DOXA method, you'll feed the good wolf. You create the kind, gentle, and loving empowerment to ask yourself questions, sift through your responses, let them marinate, and improve your answers through your actions.

You'll find after a while that you get clear answers that you can convert to action — and that you're using both sides of your brain: tapping into both logic and emotion. And it all joins in harmony to create a life you can love.

Choose Authenticity!

My first challenge to you is to live life authentically and genuinely. Authenticity gives you the strength to face those puzzles, mysteries, and desires and come through any obstacles, stronger than ever. Using the DOXA method, that authenticity can transform your thinking. If you've been stuck in fear or negativity, DOXA will help you shift to the positive thinking that embraces and accomplishes your goals. At the same time, you're not a slave to your ego. You recognize that humility will get you to those goals much faster and on far more sure footing than arrogance.

Life is a series of choices. At any moment, we can be asked to choose. Perhaps you're planning a vacation. You'll choose where you'll go, how you'll get there, who's coming with you, what sort of place you'll stay in, and many other decisions.

Someone could ask, "Will you marry me?" If it's someone you have grown to know and love, you'll at least consider saying yes. If it's a stranger in a bar whom you met 15 minutes ago, you'll probably choose no.

But maybe you'd choose to invite that stranger to have coffee and get better acquainted when you're both sober, and two years later, you answer differently when the question comes up again.

With every time we make a choice, our opportunities shift. Some doors open while others close. You may start to regret some of the choices you made, some of the doors that closed. Just remember that 1) other doors opened when you made that choice; 2) sometimes, as in the wedding example above, you can revisit the situation and choose differently; and 3) even if you can't revisit the choice, you have new and exciting possibilities at every moment. Don't let regret be a weight around your neck.

Owning the Choosing Process

When you choose in a conscious way, you own the choosing process, and you make stronger, better choices.

Pause your routine and take a break. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: What are my choices? What path should I walk on? Is there a sign in this? Do I need to shift to another path?

Connect and tap into yourself. No one knows you better or understands you deeper than you do. Honor yourself and your personal identity.

As you bring that choice into balance, you'll be amazed by the results you create. You'll experience a complete domino effect that improves many areas of your life. When one area is balanced and functional, everything else falls into place.

Better yet, it doesn't have to be perfect. Perfection can be a roadblock that keeps you from moving forward — because the time isn't right, because you want to sharpen your skills, because you don't have your team in place ... Because, because, because. Don't let all these "becauses" become your excuse for staying stuck. Start down the path.

Unless you're doing brain surgery, flying a commercial jet, or doing something else that actually requires perfection, you just need to get moving. There will be plenty of time to improve it later — and meanwhile you can begin to experience the joy of knowing you're doing what you came to this life to do. Even if it's not utopia, learning to love your life and fully appreciate it is still enormously satisfying. Better yet, your positivity will be contagious; you'll attract interesting, compassionate people who can help you. Never again will you have to feel isolated, alone, or robbed of opportunities.

Come and be part of this magical journey!


Life Mysteries

Think about those powerful words, "mystery," "mysteries," and "mysterious."

Mysteries hook into our senses, our feelings, and our imaginations. They create adventure! They take us out of a boring, humdrum, everyday existence and open up paths to explore, new patterns to experience. Living with and exploring a mystery is exciting. Solving a mystery is even more exciting.

As we solve these mysteries, we use both the rational/logical and the feeling/intuitive/emotional parts. Every puzzle we encounter, every challenge that calls for our creativity, lets us build part of a new foundation of self-esteem and self-love as we take ownership of our actions and solve the mystery. It's a chance for our feelings and thoughts to work together so we can say, "I figured it out! I get this now."

One of my favorite mysteries is the miraculous way we can instantly turn off negativity and turn it into love, caring, and interest — and as we do this, we fill with new enthusiasm and energy. This is easy when someone else shows us love and helps us feel good. But even if the positive vibe has to come from within ourselves, that instant transformation leaves us tingling with positive energy.

We cannot lose ourselves in the process of living. Even when it feels like too much, even if we run away, screaming, "Enough mysteries! I need a break right now" — we still can get flooded with feelings. And we can channel those feelings toward helping ourselves and others.

It's life's mysteries that open and expand our thinking ... let us connect with the awareness around us ... and lead us to question the "known" — and to research the unknown. And this is how we grow: As individuals, in groups, and as a society.

Sometimes, the unknown turns out to be discoverable, like the great scientific breakthroughs. Other times, it operates on a higher frequency, and remains unknowable. And that is what we call faith.

You can't touch faith. But it's rewarding and powerful. Being intangible doesn't make it any less magical. Faith is one of those powerful mysteries that we don't need to question. All we need to do is show up and let it unfold.

Mysteries in Turning Our Personal Relationships Into Dreams, and Our Dreams Into Reality

Have you ever felt frustrated because someone just doesn't seem to get you? Because a person seems cold and detached — or claustrophobically co-dependent? I certainly have! Yet I find that when I open myself up to the mystery of understanding this other person, I can find peace. And that peace often leads to a feeling of connection with that person, despite all the barriers.

I think of this particular life mystery as a balance scale, tipping back and forth to the left and right as the balance shifts. Using both our feelings and our common sense, we control the tipping and strive for balance. We can befriend both parts: the emotional and the rational, the distant and the co-dependent.

Working to live the mystery and solve the puzzle at the same time, we build a bridge filled with desires. Dreams and desires ignite our passion, raise our spirit, and bring us one step closer to our purpose.

We may not know our purpose yet. But we must have one. A life without purpose is an empty bowl. It might be shiny, colorful and durable but it is still empty. We fill this bowl with our life experiences. With each level of experience, we add wisdom, energy, and love.

Dreams and desires become our companions as we travel from the present to the future, letting go of past challenges, giving us a sense and a taste of purpose and fulfillment, and replenishing our dignity and sense of belonging. With this powerful help, we're in the driver's seat, controlling our own destiny. We're centered, we're loved, we enjoy the drive. But we're no longer co-dependent. We flow with life — and life flows with our complete being.

And when we enter this state, we can rise to find our purpose. We can shine! We can achieve happiness. I'm always amazed by this process. Each of us can find the happiness we have earned.


The ABC of Desire

Desire is a path to achieving that flowing, blessed state we discussed at the end of Chapter 2. As we balance logic and feelings, we can find loving ways to pursue and accomplish our goals.

With Desire, the D in DOXA, three ordinary words create a success formula:

• Attract

• Believe

• Create


ATTRACT is about filtering your choices, solving your life puzzles, and becoming aware of your power to bring about your desires. One by one, you'll find ways to bring the people you need into your orbit, and your desires will begin to manifest as realistic results and tangible outcomes.

On the outside, attraction may seem to be about looking sharp and being noticed — but that's just the outside, the shell. The real power of attraction is on the inside, and that internal attraction will fill your spirit and enlighten you over and over again.

When two people have a spark, we call it "chemistry." And that chemistry may deeply influence the attraction we feel to another person. Chemistry plays a huge role in our lives. We cant always explain it — but we feel it! That deep feeling, that powerful magnetism may not make sense to others — but we know it's real.

If you base your attractions only on outer factors, they'll probably wear off. If you think someone is "hot," your feelings might cool once you see that person early in the morning before coffee, or a few years down the road, facing a few wrinkles and sags. Or you may discover that your hot passion cools down when you try to connect emotionally or intellectually, and building that deeper connection turns out to be very difficult. Look for relationships that continue to be meaningful once the initial physical attraction starts to wear off — even if you have to walk away from relationships that aren't working anymore.

The attraction could be physical, mental, or emotional. It could be about finding the perfect life partner ... perhaps a better career ... or something as simple as joy.

Attraction — whether expressed, given, or received — has three components: 1) inner genuineness; 2) personality, and 3) a feeling of ease. It's an amplification of the human connection we all have with other people. Yes, it's stronger than mere friendship. And when it's mutual, it can create a solid lifetime relationship: a life partnership where we can share everything we think and feel — and to be there when your life partner shares thoughts and feelings with you. We are present for our partners, and they are present for us. In honoring these key relationships, we build character. We become loyal, committed, and dedicated. We dump our tendency to make shallow promises or strive for empty rewards in favor of something much deeper.

This doesn't have to be a marriage. It could be a friendship, or even a business relationship. And in these other categories, of course, we can have more than one at a time.

As you learn to attract and be attractive, you'll develop new, better patterns and habits. And these, in turn, magnify your ability to attract what you seek. It's rooted in deep respect and love for other people, but it can extend to attracting the kind of career and lifestyle you seek. We're all connected with each other, and with a higher force that can guide us as we become whole, healthy people who live in deep integrity.

Attraction, giving, and receiving are the basis for everything else. As you begin to practice the attraction mindset, give it the time and concentration it needs to blossom and thrive. You'll discover that it's powerful beyond words. Yes, it can take some time to achieve results; you must approach this whole endeavor with deep and abiding patience. When the results begin to show up — often when you least expect them — you'll be amazed.

You can feel this new way of being at any time: in the supermarket checkout line, a walk in the park, a drive to a loved one, in a coffee shop waiting for your pastry, at the dry cleaners, the nail salon, the library, on the plane, waiting for a bus, filling your car with gasoline, purchasing a new dress, trying on a tie, looking out your window from a hotel room or greeting the bellmen in the lobby, working with your colleagues, walking to school with a new friend, eating a meal at your parents' house, two people in the bedroom becoming one, even as a patient in a hospital ...

Every single speckle of time — every moment — is significant. As you began to approach the whole series of moments with presence and power, your overwhelm and anxiety will begin to melt away. You've begun to talk, think, and live at a higher frequency — one that attracts the people you're close to and the abundance you desire. And you can manifest what you need whenever you need it.


Excerpted from Passion Spirit Purpose by Ana Weber. Copyright © 2016 Ana Weber. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, iii,
Foreword, vii,
Acknowledgements, ix,
Chapter 1: Find Your Passion, Spirit, Purpose, and Connection — the DOXA Way, 1,
Chapter 2: Life Mysteries, 9,
Chapter 3: The ABC of Desire, 14,
Chapter 4: Living in the Now of DOXA Desire, 25,
Chapter 5: Your Present ... Your Purpose, 30,
Chapter 6: Why? The Magical Question, 33,
Chapter 7: Rock of Intentions!, 41,
Chapter 8: Learn, Grow, and Live!, 45,
Chapter 9: Freedom! Connecting the Dots, 49,
Chapter 10: Your Metaphorical Grocery Bag, 55,
Chapter 11: A Cautionary Tale — and a Surprise Ending, 60,
Chapter 12: Coloring My Views, 64,
Chapter 13: What's Next?, 66,
Chapter 14: Hearing the Inner Voice, 70,
Chapter 15: Compromise Isn't Settling!, 74,
Chapter 16: Creating Ease, Expressing Gratitude, 80,
Chapter 17: The Unknown, 85,
Chapter 18: What I've Learned to Get You There Faster, 100,
Chapter 19: My First Immigration, 108,
Chapter 20: Looking for Love, 110,
Chapter 21: What Is Love — and How Can It Last?, 117,
Chapter 22: Every Day a Celebration, 125,
Appendix, 131,
Endnotes, 147,
About Ana Weber, 149,

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