Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

by Susanne Bellefeuille


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ISBN-13: 9781504342902
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/15/2015
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

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Path of Lucas

The Journey He Endured

By Susanne Bellefeuille

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Susanne Bellefeuille
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4290-2


Lucy wraps up the day and says goodbye to her associates. She is heading from her city of Kingston, Ontario to her hometown of Alexandria for the weekend, to see her father. She visits her dad one weekend a month as she enjoys being with him and is very devoted to him. She also loves to visit her childhood town as it makes her feel more closely connected with nature and family. It is in the country, about an hour away from Ottawa, and when she was growing up, it was very small, with only 1,000 inhabitants. Lucy makes a quick call to Mark, her husband. She tells him not to work too hard, to have a wonderful weekend, and that she will see him on Sunday night. As she leaves her office, she notices that her secretary, Wendy, is still at her desk.

"See you on Monday morning," she says to Wendy.

"Enjoy your weekend with your dad," Wendy replies with a smile.

"Thanks Wendy!"

Leaving the parking lot, she feels tired and decides on a coffee before she starts her two-hour journey to her dad's house. She stops at the nearest coffee shop for a caffeine jolt and for her dad's favorite donuts. The liquid instantly warms her chest and kicks her into gear as she heads out on the highway. About an hour into her drive, thick white fog starts rolling in, affecting her visibility; Lucy reduces her speed to be safe. Out of nowhere, she sees headlights coming straight at her. She tries to avoid a head-on collision as the other vehicle swings toward her lane. Instinctively, she quickly veers to the right, her car swerves from side to side, panic creeps in as she is unable to bring it back; Lucy loses control of the car. At that moment, everything around her begins moving in slow motion: images of her family flash like a picture show in her mind as she heads right for the electrical pole. Within seconds, the car slams head-on into the pole, deafening sounds of bent metal and shattering glass fills her with dread. The airbag deploys, knocking the wind out of her as it hits her square in the face. Her head crashes into the headrest, jerking her neck hard with the impact; she loses consciousness. The other vehicle, stops for a split second, and drives away.

Several minutes later, a man driving by notices car lights in the ditch against the pole. He stops and calls 911 and then proceeds toward the car. He fears what he might find as he rushes to help. He observes an unconsciousness woman; unresponsive to his comforting attempts. He stays with her while he waits for help. An ambulance, two police cars, and fire trucks rush to the scene. Sounds of sirens fill the air as flashing lights come into view. Within minutes the paramedics are at the scene to help the victim. The policemen redirect traffic, as the firemen pull Lucy from the mangled vehicle that is keeping her captive. After about ten minutes of painstaking care, the fireman is able to free her from the wreckage. The paramedics instantly take over and work tirelessly to keep her alive, while the police are questioning the man who found her. They investigate the crime scene, verify her license plate, and check the vehicle to identify the victim. The paramedics strap her into the gurney and in one swift movement load it into the ambulance. They rush her to emergency with police in tow ready to meet with the next of kin.

At the hospital, a policeman takes the information to the nurses' station to call Lucy's husband. The nurse dials the number and listens as the phone rings, but there is no response at home. Lucy's husband, Mark, is working late on a huge court case. He is a defense lawyer and has to finish putting together his case before court on Monday morning. The paramedics roll Lucy into the emergency room as directed, the nurses rush to get the room ready for her, doctors charge in; everything is hurried. They transfer her onto a hospital gurney and check for vital signs; a faint pulse gives hope even though she is unresponsive. Nurses carry out the orders from the doctors, connecting her to intravenous and an electrocardiograph to monitor her heartbeat. There is very little hope, but Lucy still clings to life. Doctors order an MRI scan right away because of head trauma from the collision. They know that Lucy is in a comatose state and that there is swelling around her brain from the severe impact.

As they prepare her for the MRI, there is a call from Mark, and the nurse tells him what happened. Disbelief leads to absolute fear as his heart rips free of his chest. With no time to spare, he hangs up the phone and dashes out of the office to his vehicle. The General Hospital, which is located about an hour and a half away from his work, seems unbearably far. Unwanted images cross his mind's eye as he makes his way to her; tears streaming down his face. He needs to focus and tries to shake the sadness from his heart with no avail. Mark calls his father-in-law, Lucas, on Bluetooth, the phone rings but there is no answer. Lucas must be off doing errands, thinks Mark as he pushes the switch to hang up the phone. Lucas doesn't have an answering machine but he does have call display, so Mark knows he will call back shortly.

Still in shock, Mark's sadness amplifies as he thinks about Lucy's four children from her previous marriage. She is an extremely fulfilled mother and grandmother; her family is her life. How will I break the news to them? He thinks. They are such a close-knit family. Anxiety fills him as he phones Danny, the eldest with the devastating news of his mother's condition. He hears Danny cry at the end of the line, his heart breaks for him and his wife, Emily.

"Emily and I are going to call Ryan, Dwayne and Johnny. You're closest to the hospital and so just go be with Mom, we'll be there as soon as we can."

"Ok Danny, I'm almost there," replies Mark.

After Danny makes the calls, all of her children head to the hospital, distressed and shocked at what has happened to their mom.

Mark is about ten minutes away from the hospital when Lucas returns his earlier call.

"Hello," answers Mark.

"Hi, Mark. How are you doing? Lucy has not arrived yet, but she should pull in anytime," Lucas informs him. "Do you want Lucy to call you back when she comes in? I ordered her favorite supper, and everything is set on the table for her to eat when she comes in," Lucas says with excitement in his voice.

"No! No! Lucas, please listen to me," he responds with a quivering voice.

Lucas suddenly recognizes the distress in Mark's voice.

"What is it, Mark? Is Lucy sick or something?" he says in confusion.

Mark's heart just shatters. "There is more to it than that, Lucas." The tears are rolling down his face as he tries to find the directions to the hospital and realizing there is no easy way to tell a man his daughter is in critical condition.

"What is it? What is going on?"

"Lucas, Lucy had a horrendous car accident, and she's in a coma at the General Hospital. I am heading there right now; I should be there in about five minutes. I also called the boys, and they are heading to the hospital as soon as they can."

Terror grips him, as he cries, "No! No! Not my little girl." Realizing the urgency of the situation, he composes himself as best he can. "I am heading to the hospital right now."

"Okay, I'm just arriving; I will see you in a little while. Bye, Lucas, and please, drive carefully."

"I will. Good-bye, Mark."

Lucas rushes out, leaving everything behind. Driving to the hospital, he can't stop thinking of his little girl. This cant be happening, he thinks. His mind is racing. What if? He fears for the worst. He shakes his head. No, I cannot think like that. He tries to convince himself that everything will be all right.

Mark parks his car and hurries to the emergency doors. He runs in and dashes to the nurses' station.

"Can I help you?" asks the nurse.

"Yes, can you tell me where Lucy Ferguson is? I'm Mark Ferguson, her husband. She was in a car accident and was transported to this hospital."

"Oh, yes! She was sent to the second floor for an MRI, and she should be back shortly in the ICU. You can wait in the room to your right, and a doctor will come and see you as soon as they have further information," answers the nurse.

Mark says, "How long do you think it will take?" Mark is feeling increasingly tense; he paces back and forth impatiently.

"Sorry, sir, I don't know. But if you want, I can get you a cup of coffee or something to drink," replies the nurse.

"No, no!" Mark retorts. "Sorry, I am feeling stressed out," he apologizes. "No coffee, thanks."

As Mark is making his apology, the nurse notices other nurses taking Lucy to the ICU room. She tells Mark to follow them. He looks toward his right and sees Lucy on a gurney being wheeled into the room. He stumbles and loses his breath as the doctor approaches him.

"Are you Mark Ferguson?" asks the doctor.

"Yes!" he replies.

"Hi, I am Dr. Wright, the neurologist," he says as they shake hands. "I was assigned to assist with your wife's traumatic brain injury. Lucy is in a coma. She just came from having an MRI, and it shows severe swelling around her brain. She has a serious head injury from the impact of the accident, and the next twenty-four hours will be critical."

"How severe is her injury? Will she be paralyzed?"

"Until she wakes up from her coma, we won't know the extent of her injury. We need to see the swelling go down before we can give you more information. You can go see her right now," replies Dr. Wright as he pats Mark on the shoulder.

Numb, Mark tries to pull himself together as he walks into his wife's room. The beeping of the heart monitor, the wires connecting her to machines, instantly as he sees her, an overwhelming sorrow replaces his numbness. He walks toward the bed and stands there for a few seconds as he takes a deep breath. He reaches for her hand and clutches it tightly. Why is this happening to an incredible person like Lucy? He ponders as his thoughts ramble. He lifts her arm toward him and kisses her hand several times; he's overwhelmed with emotion and breaks down.

When Lucas arrives at the hospital, he gets out of his car and storms in. He runs through the emergency doors and rushes to the nurses' station.

"I am looking for Lucy Ferguson; she was in a car accident. I am her father," says Lucas as his heart races.

"Lucy is in ICU, the door to your right, sir," replies the nurse. "Her husband is with her."

"Thank you," he gasps as he tries to catch his breath.

"Are you okay, sir?"

"I've seen better days!" he replies as he rushes for the door to his right.

Lucas makes a sudden stop with his hand outstretched; he stares at the door and tries to control his breathing. He slowly opens the door, not knowing what to expect. His daughter is lying on the bed, motionless. Lucas stands there in shock and disbelief at the sight of his baby girl.

"Hi, Lucas," says Mark with a trembling voice. His eyes are red from crying.

Lucas goes to Mark and gives him a firm hug, trying to comfort him. Lucas is lost for words as he reaches for his daughter's hand. He just stares at her, overlooking the wires and machines and remembers his little girl. She has so much inspiration and love to give to the world. Mark reiterates to Lucas what the doctor told him about the next twenty-four hours. Lucas brushes her hair back and kisses her forehead, then sits by her side; with tears brimming in his eyes, he doesn't let go of her hand.

A nurse comes in and tends to Lucy's intravenous and monitors her heartbeat. She informs Mark that he needs to go to the nurses' station to sign some paperwork and that the police have new information regarding Lucy's accident. Mark nods, pats Lucas on the shoulder and makes his way out.

"See you shortly."

"Yes," replies Lucas softly, never taking his eyes off Lucy.

Mark leaves the room with the nurse.

Lucas clears his throat. "I love you so much, Lucy. Please wake up for me. I can't go through this again."

Lucy lies motionless as Lucas begs her to wake up. Past sorrow creeps in as he stares at his beautiful daughter.

"I will stay here as long as you need me, except you have to promise me you will wake up for your incredible children, grandchildren, and husband — but most of all for me." Bargaining with her is futile as she continues to lie still and silent.

"Lucy ... can you hear me? I know you can hear me. I will talk to you all night long if I have to. I will do whatever it takes. I want you with us because your children and husband need you. Most of all, I refuse to go through this pain all over again." Lucas bows his head, trying to shake the past from his thoughts.

"Lucy! Oh Lucy! You know that I had a wondrous childhood. My parents were amazing to me. But when I was a young man, after I met your mom, my life did not turn out the way I had anticipated," expresses Lucas as he gazes back at Lucy.

He sees past her bruised and broken body, to her mother's beauty so clearly present in her features. He starts to envision himself as a young man as he recounts the story of the day he met his stunning wife, to his precious little girl while she lies there silently.


In the midst of a late summer afternoon in 1956, as the sun sets on a hot day, seventeen-year-old Lucas is proudly washing his first set of wheels. He is so proud of his 1949 red, two-door, Studebaker. Every chance he has, he shines the body and chrome bumpers of his vehicle until they reflect like a mirror. As he finishes shining the hubcaps on his wheels, he sees his father approaching.

"Lucas, can you go to town for me and pick up this list of tools and materials before six o'clock?" as he extends the list to his son. "We need to fix the barbed-wire fences first thing in the morning," requests John.

"Yes, Dad," he replies excitedly. This is the perfect opportunity for him to ride his beauty through his beloved town of Alexandria.

John is a dedicated farmer with a very strong build and a deep voice. He stands five feet seven inches and has piercing blue eyes and strands of silver in his hair. He is one of the most respected farmers in the community. He owns over four hundred acres of land, as well as the house next door which is occupied by his eldest son, James, his daughter-in-law, Debra and their three children: Paul, age ten; Donna, age eight; and Scott, age four. His grandkids, Donna and Scott, both have developmental disabilities. Donna had a twin brother, Donald, who died when he was only three months old; he too was severely developmentally challenged. James supports his family by working on the farm with his dad and little brother, Lucas. Furthermore, John and his wife, Elizabeth has a daughter, Mary, who is married to Joe. They have five children: Sandra is nine, Brenda is eight, Jeffery is seven, Darcy is six, and Janet is five. John also helped his daughter, Mary purchase a farmhouse with thirty acres of land just a few miles away from the farm, when she got married ten years ago. Sadly, John and Elizabeth lost their third child William — named after his paternal grandfather — a few hours after he was born. They took his death incredibly hard, but six years later were blessed with the birth of Lucas, their fourth and last child. He was considered the miracle child, born thirteen years after Mary. Lucas's mom would pamper him, but his dad made sure to keep him in line.

A serious man, John likes to constantly shuffle his money around; he has extensive investments. He is an industrious man and never relaxes until things are completed just so. His goal in life; to help his children grow and become as wealthy as he is. He often shares these dreams with Elizabeth on the porch at night, sipping iced tea while they stare at their crops and their accomplishments of the day. Elizabeth is a housewife who helps on the farm and who loves being a mom. She is a delightfully gentle and soft-spoken woman with stunning dark-brown eyes. She may stand only five feet tall; nevertheless, she is an impressively strong woman, emotionally and physically.

As John walks toward the barn, he sees Lucas driving away with a proud smile; he waves at him. "See you later, Dad," shouts Lucas.

John grins as he shakes his head; he beams with pride at what an incredible son he has.


Excerpted from Path of Lucas by Susanne Bellefeuille. Copyright © 2015 Susanne Bellefeuille. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Tayreader 5 months ago
I loved this book! I found myself thinking of how many people could relate to this story and provide some hope to families that are going through a similar situation. I loved the characters and was happy to read about a local town that I grew up in. I will highly recommend this read! Good Job Susanne I cannot wait to read more of your stories!
Anonymous 5 months ago
I loved this book! A great, but, sad story about the author's parents and the struggles they endured due to depression. Thank you, Susanne, for writing this beautiful story!
BellefeuilleArmy 10 months ago
Path of Lucas is a wonderful book about love, strength, faith and perseverance! Lucas and his family face the all encompassing pain of mental illness and walk the winding road to recovery without ever losing their hope or faith! If you want a book that makes you fall in love with its characters while warming your heart this is the book for you. Congratulations Susanne Bellefeuille on your first book, I look forward to reading many more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book! Very touching!
SherriWarner More than 1 year ago
for me, this book was just okay. I liked the premise and thought it had a lot of potential, but something just failed to grab me the way I thought it should. Something that struck me was the overall tone of the book…like everything was just being told to us, and in an emotionless, dispassionate way, even though the words being used were very dramatic and with lots of adjectives. I thought there was just too much “telling” of events instead of “showing”, and was always kept at arm’s length from the action… like it was happening around me but not to me, if you know what I mean. Maybe it was because of the third-person present narration. A lot of editing issues as well that were distracting and even confusing at times. Some wonderful characters who are charming, strong and flawed, and definitely crazy developments toward the end. It felt fresh and unpredictable, always a nice experience. So much of this is probably just my personal preferences, as it was a decent story overall with some unique plot devices.
JhonniP More than 1 year ago
"Path of Lucas” is a different, compelling read, and one that will most appeal to fans of family drama/biography and memoirs. Susanne Bellefeuille infuses a blend of drama, history, sweet romance, family life, mental issues (depression) and abuse, life and death. The story itself was fairly even-paced and wastes little time getting to Lucy’s accident, which brings her father Lucas to the hospital where we hear his life story. I did like his story and the setting/time period and the characters. I liked that they all had interesting things happen that shape the course of their life. But there were a few things that I had a really hard time swallowing. I’m not even going to mention the editing. It’s the fact that he’s sitting there, Lucas – Lucy’s father--- is sitting by her bedside as she is in a coma hovering near death and they don’t know if she’ll survive. And the story he tells her, yes it has some nice parts – he falls madly in love with Isabelle, her mother. But… then he talks about how she was abused? That later it made her psychotically depressed and she died suddenly? And they had already lost the brother Richard who had a heart attack. It seems like a VERY depressing story to tell someone who is fighting for their life and hovering near death. Taking that element of the story out of the equation I liked learning of his life and all they endure and was invented in the outcome.
essieh More than 1 year ago
"Path of Lucas” was an easy read that held on to my attention from beginning to end. I give the author a “A” for the plot and storyline and structure, but can only give a “C” as far as the writing is concerned. It needs a good editor, and I found too much of the writing to lack a graceful narrative flow, as the sentences were short, choppy, and pure ‘telling’… almost like we are reading a movie script, not a book. It seemed that so much of the focus would be on inconsequential details and scenes that essentially repeated the same idea or concept over and over (particularly with Lucas being with Isabelle) but then the scenes that could be the most impactful, such as the abuse or her depression, even childbirth and deaths, seemed very quickly glossed over. It was almost like the author didn’t want to get her hands to dirty or put her characters in prolonged states of discomfort, and would smooth it all over too quickly. Even when a prominent character dies (no spoilers) the person closest to that character smiles because now they are a butterfly off with the other people they loved. This is like 4 sentences after she hears the news of the death. What? Where is the grief? The shock and devastation? The premise is certainly interesting, and I liked the fact that its is inspired by some true people who seem very remarkable. It is nice that their story is told, and I did like the inclusion of the photos at the end.
KMatthews More than 1 year ago
this was an interesting journey into the past and into the lives of a wonderful man named Lucas and his wife and family. His daughter Lucy is in the hospital after being involved in an awful car crash, and Lucas reminisces about his challenging life to her while she lay in a coma. I have to say that I was a little confused as to why he would talk about some of those things at this fragile time… at one point Lucy is starting to get conscious and squeezes his hand and all he does is press on about her brother’s death and how it ruined him. I thought she was unconscious… But she’s squeezing his hand? So is she conscious or not? And instead of getting the doctor he continues going on about her brother dying, quickly followed by her sister’s dating life. It’s just weird to think that’s what he’s be telling her and not getting a doctor. And Isabelle has a major mental disorder, but we are just told about it very matter-of-factly, and don’t explore that issue with much depth. I do like memoirs and true life stories, so I appreciate that there were some pretty significant things here in these pages, and it takes a lot of courage to share them with the world. I know this is the author’s first novel, so it understandable why some things are the way they are.
LauraClarke More than 1 year ago
Good story concept and characters…some writing issues. The good part was that this is an enticing book that captured my imagination and heart from the beginning and made me want to know more about these people and their lives. I was worried for Lucy and wanted to get to know Lucas and his background better. I did like that there is a real strong message of love, support, family and strength that is very powerful. However, I did have a problem with the editing and the manner in which the story it ‘told’ to us throughout, instead of being ‘shown’ and making us a part of the experience. Meaning, we are told “Lucas feels this. He thinks this. He does this. So and so is upset. She is depressed” Instead of them showing emotions /thoughts/reactions with action. And this can also be done with conversations and dialogue, but most of it is small talk or chit chat with the characters that didn’t add to the plot at all… and the narration did all the heavy lifting. We feel way too detached from things that are supposed to be meaningful. This may not really bother some people, but it does me. However, even with that said, I did enjoy this book and getting to know these positive, memorable characters. Some sad parts and it touches on some deeper issues such as abuse and mental illness.
ClaireBear74 More than 1 year ago
I needed some patience to get into the flow of this book and adjust to the author’s writing style… and I’m not sure I really ever did. It could use some editing as it read more like a rough draft, sentences felt like they needed a smoother rhythm, and the practice of the characters frequently saying each other’s name in conversation was annoying and unnatural-sounding. There is a lot of repetition of ideas (and wording) than need to be trimmed. It just makes it harder to really get into the real meat of the story when there are superfluous scenes, conversations, and even characters that make it lose focus. This has the potential to be an emotionally gut-wrenching book, and I do commend the author for trying to share a story that is undoubtably very complex in nature and not an easy one to tell – it is even harder when it is based on someone you know. I do think the spirit of the story and of Lucas (And Isabelle and Richard) came through, but those looking for a more polished literary experience may have a tougher time with it.
GillianH More than 1 year ago
"Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured” by Susanne Bellefeuille is one of the more unusual and uniquely-styled books I’ve read in a long time, and I was immediately intrigued that it is based on a true story and real people. I love these sorts of stories that let you experience the lives of others for awhile, and get to know people you otherwise wouldn’t have. I was completely drawn in from the get-go with the setup, and the fact that Lucy is in a devastating car accident, and her husband Mark, and her father Lucas, rush to be by her side. While in a coma, the story transitions to Lucas telling her, and therefore us, stories of his life mainly including falling in love with her mother Isabelle and their courtship, marriage, raising a family, and some tragedies that occur. The story switches time periods and goes back to the 50’s and later the 70’s and later, as we see different stages and events of the family’s life. The narrative style is a little different than what I usually prefer, because this is written with an abundance of ‘telling’ in 3rd person present tense, so it keeps us at more of an emotional distance than I’m used to seeing. It needs more proofreading and editing as well. Definitely a different type of book, but overall I enjoyed the unique, loving storyline, and thought the characters were interesting, and Lucas seems wonderful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An inspirational book. Very relatable especially if you have someone in your life that suffers with mental illness.
TheBookNookBlog More than 1 year ago
One dark and gloomy evening Lucas receives a phone call in the middle of the night with news that no parent ever wants to hear, his daughter has been in a terrible accident and is fighting for her life. Lucy has suffered a major head injury and only time will tell if she will survive. After rushing to the hospital, Lucas can do nothing but wait and encourage his daughter to continue her battle for survival. As he stays by her side throughout the night, Lucas shares his life story with Lucy. From falling in love for the first time to dealing with life's tragic moments, Lucas shares his encounters and never gives up hope for Lucy. Will Lucy be able to pull through and recover from her injuries with the help and strength from her father? (I was provided a copy of "Path of Lucas" in exchange for my honest review.) "Path of Lucas" has great potential. I received an unedited version which had a lot of repetitive sentences and quite a bit of "filler" information that wasn't relative to the overall storyline, which may have been changed in the edited version. I really enjoyed the overall setting of the story and being able to see Lucas' life progress; however, some of the more eventful scenes seemed a little bit too dramatic and unbelievable, in my opinion. There was a wide variety of characters which helped the story progress, but it would have been nice for each of them to have more of an individual personality. For these reasons I felt I could only give a three star review, but perhaps in the edited version some of these issue have been addressed.
DarqueDreamer More than 1 year ago
Path of Lucas is a heartfelt story about the life, love, and loss of a good man. This one holds endearment and  heartache. For those looking for a heartwarming story with a bittersweet ending, look no further than this debut novel by Susanne Bellefeuille! The Plot: Lucas Clarkson grew up on his father's farm. He had a good, simple life, loving parents, and a close family. He met the love of his life at age 17, and continued on to be a hard working, strong family man. He had many ups and downs after starting his family, and had to make several hard decisions to keep them together. Path of Lucas had a heartwarming vibe to it. I enjoyed the love story between Lucas and Isabelle. I liked the fact that the story felt real and didn't feel over-dramatized. I had no idea what to expect when I learned that this was based off of true events, but I felt like the story was well done. As a debut novel, the author did a nice job with bringing her story to the page. Her writing style felt like it still needed a little more smoothing and polishing, but it showed great potential for future books and it brought the simplicity of Lucas to life. I felt that Susanne put her heart in soul in to the story and it really shined through. As a character, Lucas was an amazing man. I can only imagine how incredible his real life counterpart was. Lucas was strong, loving, and determined. He showed true devotion to his family and he never let life get him down! I am glad I had a chance to read this. The plot structure was nicely done. I was drawn in immediately and kept wanting more. I felt like the book was reminiscent of The Notebook. It had a similar type of story and feel, and took place in the present but was told through flashbacks of Lucas' life, in chronological order. I would rate this one about 3.5 to 4 stars. Thank you to Black Chateau for providing me with this free review copy in exchange for my honest review.
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
What a very inspirational book I cannot imagine myself to walk on Lucas' shoe. This guy is beyond amazing. What he has been through is so remarkable. He is one very strong man and never gives up. What a very inspirational book Path Of Lucas is. If you need inspiration to fight for your life and what have you been through, there is hope. You should read this book. It will blow your emotions. The author did a fantastic job writing this book. It seems like she is talking to you. For a first time book written by her, I am beyond words. I awe for her talent as this is her first book. Wow! I cannot wait to read her next book. Life is full of surprises. Path Of Lucas will guide you to everything. Lucas is full of dreams but being with his family is the better than money that he earns. This book is so full of emotions and how to deal with it. From young love, depression and everything, this book is a must read. You will laugh, cry and fall in-love again.
Sandra Jackson More than 1 year ago
The Path of Lucas is the story about one man's great love for his family and the difficult choices and sacrifices he had to make. The story of Lucas' life is told by Lucas as he recounts his memories of family life to his comatose daughter. While the Path of Lucas is a good story, I found parts of it a bit redundant as some things are mentioned more than once (particularly in the dialogue making it heavy at times). The reader would already understand the context from the narration. Also, while written in 3rd person voice (present tense), it is Lucas himself who is recounting the story and somehow he knows the thoughts of the other characters. However, it is well written and there are few grammatical errors and typos. Susanne Bellefeuille's first novel is a lovely and heart warming tale based on true events.