Paul's Vision of Church

Paul's Vision of Church

by Helen Doohan


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ISBN-13: 9781498298643
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 06/03/2016
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Paul and the Early Church 11

Historical Development of the Early Church 13

Salvation history 13

A missionary consciousness 14

Christian groups 14

The spread of the church 15

Paul's Conversion to the Church 17

The accounts of the conversion 18

Paul's experience of Christ 19

Paul's commissioning by Christ 20

Paul's mission to the Gentiles 21

Paul's understanding of the conversion 22

Paul's Initial Vision of Church 23

The role of Christ 23

Ties with Judaism 24

Incorporation of the Gentiles 25

Relationships in the community 25

Paul's Journeys to Develop the Church 26

Paul's work in the churches 27

Paul's travels to establish the churches 29

Paul's encounters on the journeys 33

Paul's Contributions to Early Church Development 35

His focus on urban areas 35

His understanding of equality in the churches 36

His mission as an apostle 37

His understanding of Christ 37

2 The Church in the First Century 39

Roots in Judaism 40

Groups within the Jewish community 42

Theological continuity with Israel 43

Influences of the Hellenistic world 46

Judaism and Hellenism 46

Social structures 47

Religious influences 48

Pluralistic Interpretations of the Church 52

The effects of continuity and change 52

The effects of diverse communal responses 54

The effects of eschatological hopes 56

Paul in the Letters and Paul in Acts 58

Similarities in the letters and Acts 58

Differences in the letters and Acts 59

Perspectives on theological approaches 61

Perspectives on ecclesial life 61

Unique Contributions of Paul to the Early Church 62

Paul's personal approach 63

Paul's understanding of the gospel 64

Paul's theological reflections 65

3 Paul's Ministry to the Churches: His Experience of Local Church 70

Aspects of Paul's Ministry in the Local Churches 71

Paul's Ministry in 1 Thessalonians 73

Paul's Ministry in Galatians 76

Paul's Ministry in 1 and 2 Corinthians 81

Paul's Ministry in Romans 88

Paul's Ministry in Philippians 93

Paul's Ministry in Philemon 96

4 Essential Components of the Church in Paul 101

The Sources of Church Life 102

Called by God 103

Baptized in the name of Jesus 103

Sanctified and missioned by the Spirit 105

The Foundations of Church Life 107

A common faith 107

Justified by faith 107

Responses to faith 108

The central mystery of Christian faith 109

Consequences of faith 111

The Experiences of Church Life 112

The Christian assembly 113

Baptism 114

The Lord's supper 115

Prayer 116

The Structures of Church Life 117

Paul's authority 119

Collaboration 121

The Co-workers 124

Functions of leadership 125

Orthodoxy 126

Discernment of Spirits 127

Discipline 128

The Relational Aspects of Church Life 129

Relationships with society 130

Relationships within the community 130

Relationships between the Jerusalem church and the Gentile communities 131

Relationships between the churches 133

Relationship with Peter 135

5 Pauline Models of Church 137

Descriptions of the Church in Paul 139

The building 139

The Ekklesia 141

The household 142

The family 143

Models of the Church in Paul 144

The people of God 145

The new creation 149

The body of Christ 155

The mystical person 161

The Dynamic Use of Models in Paul 165

The underlying meaning of the models in Paul 166

The application of these models by Paul 167

The message for the contemporary church in Paul 168

6 Paul's Spirituality of Ecclesial Dedication 170

Characteristics of Spirituality in Paul 171

Key aspects of spirituality in the letters 172

Components of Paul's Spirituality of Ecclesial Living 175

A constant dialogue with God 175

The centrality of Christ 176

A common vision of community 177

The place of prayer 178

Ethical principles 179

Union with the dying and rising of Christ 184

A common service of others 188

Evangelism and the empowering of church life in others 190

7 The Interpreters of Paul 194

2 Thessalonians 195

Colossians and Ephesians 197

Letter to the Colossians 198

Letter to the Ephesians 202

The Pastoral Letters 207

1 Timothy 211

2 Timothy 214

Titus 216

New Trends in the Pauline Interpreters 217

New directions 218

Evaluative comments on the interpreters of Paul 222

8 Paul's Vision of Church and His Challenge for Ecclesial Life 226

The Grounding of Paul's Vision in Theology and Experience 227

His theological perspective 227

His personal experience 227

The Expansion of Paul's Vision through Ministry and Models 228

His sense of mission 229

His use of models 229

The Challenge of Paul's Vision for Ecclesial Living 229

His emphasis on community 230

His sense of ecclesial dedication 230

The Interpretation of Paul's Vision by Others 231

His biblical interpreters 231

His contemporary challenge 231

Bibliography 233

Appendix A Tentative Pauline Chronology 243

Appendix B Maps 244

a Palestine in Hellenistic and Roman Times

b Jewish Diaspora in the Roman Empire

c Paul's First and Second Journeys

d Paul's Third Journey


Subject 248

Biblical 254

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