Playing his Way (The Players Club, #4)

Playing his Way (The Players Club, #4)

by Erika Wilde

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Playing his Way (The Players Club, #4) by Erika Wilde


As the new owner of The Players Club, Brent "Mac" MacMillan is all about dirty sex, wicked sin, and carnal pleasure . . . served up his way.  After being burned in the past, he's always been careful to choose experienced females who enjoy submitting to his dark desires, and are willing to play by his demanding rules without expecting any emotional attachments in return. 


Hiring beautiful interior designer Stephanie Randall to create fantasy bedrooms within his club is his first mistake.  She's curious, flirtatious, and makes his blood run hotter than it ever has before.  Innocent when it comes to all the debauchery this sinful world has to offer, she wants to take a walk on the wild side . . . with him. 

His second mistake?  Saying yes.  And his third?  Falling for the one woman he knows he can never have. 

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Publisher: Erika Wilde
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Series: Players Club , #4
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Playing his Way (The Players Club, #4) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This book was HOT!!!! I loved reading Mac and Stephanie's story! Mac is a dominant who only sees submissives in his club. He and Stephanie have danced around their attraction to each other for a year, but he doesn't believe that he is what she would want. When Stephanie gets the chance to design some rooms for Mac's club, she gets to show him just how perfect they could bet together! This is a short book, but is soooo HOT! The heat drips off the page. I haven't read the rest of the series, but if they are this hot, I'll have to go back. I would have loved a little longer story, but it was well told and I loved all of the sexy times in the book. I really enjoyed it.
avidezliteraria 10 months ago
“I want this, Brent. I need this. I need you. However you want me, I’m yours.” Brent "Mac" is a successful, wealthy, handsome man with a domineering personality. Stephanie may be young, but she works hard to build her business. She knows very well to express what she thinks and wants, she is independent, she does not depend on anyone to be happy and fulfilled. Attracted to each other for at least a year, Stephanie runs after Mac, and Mac runs from her. How long will these two resist? Playing His Way was a quick read, the book is not very long, but this fact did not affect the narrative in any way. The story is very well write, has beginning, middle and end, very well developed. The plot revolves around this attraction between the two characters, the fact that Mac wants her, but issues from his past have made him define rules for his "dates" (in quotation marks, because he does not think about relationship, only has sexual encounter) and he thinks that Stephanie does not fit his preferences, since he vowed never to relate to someone who was not from his environment, who did not know his tastes. Stephanie may be innocent when it comes to the kind of pleasure that Mac is accustomed to, but that does not mean she has no curiosity and desire to experience such a forbidden world. Combining this with the fact that Mac may be the one who teaches her is just a bonus. Hired to decorate the rooms of the new club Mac has acquired, it is up to her to seize the opportunity and show him what they are missing. The themed rooms are hilarious, my imagination was far away trying to imagine the locations based on the descriptions. The christened of each place was also a good addition to the narrative, the scene of the Mac alpha male handcuffed in the chair was a great way to show the reversal of roles, even the most controlled of the dominant ends vulnerable to the right woman. The book does not "fooling around" with the reader, the pace is fast, the scenes are happening at a good speed, nothing is left in suspense. You realize that the two are involved, more and more. I liked the characters, I liked the plot, the supporting characters were interesting and the story as a whole worked. Recommended for those who want a light reading, fun, without many twists and turns with guaranteed happy ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Needed another 100 pages!
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Brent "Mac" MacMillan is the new owner of The Players Club. Mac enjoys his time in the club leaning more towards the darker side. Mac comes from old money and even married young to appease his parents but when a certain issue arises, Mac ends up getting divorced and cut off from his family. Determined to make it on his own, Mac is now beyond wealthy and living his life on his own terms. For the past year Stephanie Randall has been taunting him. She is friends with his partner's wife and she has made it known she is interesting in him. Too bad she's too "good" for his taste. When Mac wants to create fantasy rooms within his club, he ends up getting Steph to work on the task. Big mistake. Steph decides she has had enough waiting for Mac and takes things into her own hands and that is when the fun begins. Steph may be a "good" girl but she has an interest in learning how to be "bad" and she wants to take that walk on the wild side with Mac. These two together were awesome! Such great chemistry. Mac is a true dominate when it comes to sex. The fun part was Steph is so strong willed with such a great sassy mouth that she gave Mac a run for his money. It was fun watching these two let down their barriers and be their true selves with each other. This was another great addition to this series. I'm hoping there will be another book....maybe Rick's story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another awesome book in the series!
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 STARS! Delectably wicked! A steamy story of going for what you want, even if you're not sure what it might entail! Brent and Stephanie were magical together. They each were fun to get to know on their own, and their chemistry together was super fun. This was a quick and easy read, with not a lot of depth into their back stories other than what we needed to know to set the stage, but it was a really fun read none-the-less! Brent "Mac" MacMillan has big plans as the new owner of The Players Club. He wants to jazz the place up and bring in an even more top notch clientele to his favorite sex club, so he's planning to bring in the best to do a little remodeling ... only problem is, the best is temptation personified! Stephanie Randall has been a thorn in Mac's side ever since he met her. She's got a sassy mouth and flirts like nobody's business ... and he likes it! Only problem is, he only pays with people experienced in the lifestyle he enjoys, and though she seems very curious, she is a novice! As she digs her heals in on the remodel project, she can't help but tempt Mac on a regular basis, and eventually they agree to have a little fun, but only on a temporary basis. How temporary will it remain when they both start to feel more than they were ever supposed to for each other?
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love The Players Club series from Erika Wilde. When I saw Mac was finally going to get his story and he was being paired with Stephanie, I am pretty sure Ms. Wilde could hear me squealing for joy from the other side of the country. Not only was I over the moon to read this story, but I have to say that Playing His Way is my absolute favorite book in the series. I honestly don't think I even knew Mac's real first name was Brent until this book. I'm not saying it wasn't mentioned before, but he was always just Mac to me. However, once he started spending time with Stephanie, I could totally see his as Brent. He was still a totally in control in every way man, but he also had a sense of contentment that had never been there before. I knew it would take a special woman to make Mac risk his heart again, and Stephanie Randall was just the woman for the job. Stephanie is a strong woman who runs her own business and her business is the top priority in her life. Stephanie hasn't made finding a relationship a priority and is ready to break her dry spell and Mac is who she wants. I loved that Mac really did try and fight his attraction to Stephanie, knowing he wasn't looking for a relationship. OMG I'm so glad Mac gave into his attraction to Stephanie. This is when he started to become Brent for me. I absolutely loved Brent and Stephanie together. They were so freaking smoking hot together and I fell for them as a couple from the first moment they were together. There are absolutely moments in Playing His Way where Mac makes horrible decisions based upon his past where Stephanie is concerned. I have to admit I wanted to Gibbs smack him a couple of times and gave Stephanie all sorts of props for not doing so. Him thinking he knew what she wanted because he was older and thought she would be missing out on a choice was his biggest mistake...even bigger than thinking they could keep their relationship physical only. I loved that talking to Dean helped him see what a complete and total ass he was being. I do love when a hero realizes he has been in the wrong and knows he has to go big to make everything right. Stephanie was absolutely the perfect woman for Brent MacMillian and I loved how they each proved their feelings for one another. Playing His Way was a story I couldn't put down once I started reading it. I loved this story with every fiber of my being and it gave me all the feels as I read it. It was a great addition to The Players Club series, but could absolutely be read as a stand-alone story with no problem. Ms. Wilde once again gave me a super sexy emotional romance and I can't wait to read what she writes next. Rating: 5 stars (A) Review copy provided by publisher
PennieM More than 1 year ago
We first met Mac in the Marriage Diaries and now we really get to know him. He has recently purchased The Players Club and is redecorating. There are six master suites and he wants Jillian to design them. Jillian is married to his partner, Dean, however she is busy and turns it over to her boss and the owner of the business, Stephanie. Mac and Stephanie have been circling each other for a year and there are sparks Mac has been trying to ignore but now working with her he is not able to. Finally, pushed beyond his better judgment Mac...err...Brent and Stephanie share a spectacular night and it is everything she has always imagined and known she has been looking for. Can they continue working together with this chemistry and not explore the boundaries or will all boundaries be crossed and all wishes come true? This was well written and fantasies abound were inspiring. I enjoyed every minute of this one and recommend it! **Received this ARC for review**
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
What a hot, steamy and wonderful romance story Erika Wilde wrote with Playing His Way, book four in the Players Club Series. As the new owner of The Players Club, Mac is a single Dominant male and wants to update the Fantasy Rooms at the club. Stephanie, the owner of Fantasy Bedrooms and Interior Design contacts him about updating the club. Mac is attracted to Stephanie but he thinks she’s too innocent for him and wouldn’t be able to enjoy what he liked because she was so independent and sure of herself. Let’s just say that that didn’t work for Stephanie and she was willing to try anything. Imagine his surprise when he realizes she is not as innocent as he thought she was. You can feel the chemistry between Brent and Stephanie as she creates the ultimate fantasy rooms for the club, while bringing some fantasies to life for the two of them. Mac and Stephanie was one HOT couple. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down. Ms. Wilde wrote a wonderful story, with desire, and steamy, hot sex. She drew me in and did not let go until I turned the last page. I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book
Theresakerch-28 More than 1 year ago
Great addition to a great series This is the next book in the players club series and my absolute favorite. Brent “Mac” MacMillan just purchased the players club and has hired Stephanie Randall to redisgn the suites. They have had chemistry for the last year but Mac has baggage from his past and try’s to stay away from Stephanie until she is at the club and other men may be willing to show her the players club. Erika Wilde did not disappoint with this read and I could not put this book down and I cannot wait for her next book.
JennC2630 More than 1 year ago
Mac and Stephanie are a perfect pairing. Mac is understandably hesitant to pursue any sort of romantic entanglement out of the set scenes he engages in at The Players Club. Stephanie has been chasing after him for a year. When he buys The Players Club, he and Stephanie spend a lot of time together as she helps him decorate some fantasy suites. I liked this read because however dominant Mac was, Stephanie refused to back down. While she did top from the bottom at times (kinda becoming a pet peeve of mine), it was in a way to let him know that he could be who he needed to be with her. He didn't have to hide that side of himself and she wasn't going to scare off so easy. And I mean...the love scenes were fantastic as always. Hot and steamy with just enough emotion to know that these two were feeling way more than hormones.
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
Playing his way is book 4 in the The Players Club Series and features Mac and Stephanie. Mac has purchased the club and decides he wants the special play suites refurbished and chooses her Interior Design Company for the job. After Mac’s disastrous first marriage and the age difference he has avoided the chemistry between Stephanie and himself. Stephanie has had enough of Mac’s avoidance and decides refurbishing the 6 sex suites is her chance to show Mac, that she is who he needs. This is a story with delicious entertainment watching their battle of wills, and surprises they had in store for each other. I loved the names of the suites which I am not going to ruin. If you love a romance with plenty of heat then this for you. So you have to read it yourself to find out. Even though this is part of a series this a standalone. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Brent MacMillan doesn't do relationships, love, or make promises of forever... he is however a master at the one night stands, the dirtier the better! He took a crack at forever in his younger days and it imploded before he really had a chance to get use to the idea of being married, so he decided from that day on that it just wasn't something he was really willing to invest himself in again. Now the only entanglements he has with women are at his club, and each woman who comes along knows upfront that all they are getting from him is one night, he is not shy about telling him what he is willing to give nor does he want to waste their time. But then Stephanie Randall comes along and shakes up his normally controlled world, and he begins to wonder if he just unwittingly wandered down a road that he never planned to take. The moment that Stephanie Randall's eyes land on Brent MacMillian she wants him, problem is he doesn't act to interested in anything she has to offer, and he shrugs off her advances.... but she doesn't plan to give up that easily. Then he shocks her when he offers her a job putting the finishing touches on his newly purchased club, not only it does give her the opportunity to tap into her creative side, but it also gives her the opportunity to spend a little one on one time with him. And she plans to use it to her advantage and get her man!! Playing His Way was a hot little page turner that kept me captivated from beginning to end, I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The story line was intriguing, sensual, naughty, and heartfelt, and came equipped with two amazing characters who knew how to keep things nice and steamy!! This is my first visit to the series, and after devouring this little gem I am excited to go back and check out the stories that I have missed, and acquaint myself with more of Ms. Wilde's wonderful characters! Highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it's sure to leave your heart happy, and your toes curled!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and voluntarily read and reviewed.
PrincessThuy1 More than 1 year ago
Loved loved loved this story. Mac and Stephanie were so hot! Poor Mac never stood a chance when Stephanie's patience finally ran out and she set out to prove they'd be great together. When I heard about Mac's past I was so heartbroken for him. I really loved that even though this story enters the realm of the BDSM lifestyle and is totally erotic, it also had feeling and love and was totally a romance story too. I absolutely love how Erika Wilde can write erotic romance with so much sexiness and love. It's not just an erotic and naughty novel. I absolutely loved this book and this series.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
I just love this extremely sexy series! I’ve been looking forward to Mac’s book and it didn’t disappoint in the least! I love this particular story line maybe the best in the series for me. Mac is a dominant (in every sense of the word) and very complicated, yet still has a enough sweetness and a dash of vulnerability to make you want to take care of him and fall madly in love with him! As the new owner of the Players Club he wants to spruce it up and revamp some rooms. This is where Stephanie comes in. That is her business after all. He hires her to design his new rooms (which are so cool bye) and then they embark on a sex only arrangement once she confesses her desire to be dominated by him. He thought she was innocent and off limits but he was wrong, at least with him she wanted what he wanted in the bedroom or whatever room they played in. They have incredible chemistry and their hot sexy scenes together are positively combustible!! Can these two people who are actually perfect for each other keep this arrangement up? Or will feelings enter the equation and complicate things? Can Stephanie show Mac that he can have everything despite his failed marriage years earlier? You’ll definitely enjoy reading this to find out!!
Loupy More than 1 year ago
Love this book/storyline. The author has done a great job of writing characters the reader can simply fall in love with and relate too. Take Stephanie, she got a great career in decorating and is moving up with high class clients. Then we have Mac. He’s a sexy, dominate man that is the new owner of the Player’s Club; which of course needs a facelift. But Mac can’t get Stephanie to do the job because he a one night stand kind of guy and he knows where his attraction to her would lead - so it’s a definite no go. So he talks a friends wife (who works for Stephanie) to do the job. But when it comes time to meet and discuss plans, guess who shows up…. Yep, Stephanie. And a little FYI, Mac’s not the only one that has been feeling the pull between them since they met months ago. From here the story takes off and the sparks and wildness take on a life of their own. Great Read that I highly recommend. It’s fun, flirty and oh so sexy. I Just Loved it!!!
nku More than 1 year ago
Playing His Way (The Players Club Book 4) by Erika Wilde .... What a great ending for a series... It was fun catching up with Den and Jillian and all the other "players" from the The Players Club. I received a copy for an honest review ..but also ordered a copy. Mac (Brent) and Stephanie are perfect for each other...she has been trying for a year to get his attention and he has been fighting his attraction to her. His bad divorce keeps him from forming attachments... The story of their coming together has all the feels and hated to put it down...I laughed a lot...fanned myself quite a few times and shed some happy tears at HEA...
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
She's sugar and spice. He doesn't do nice. There are times when rules don't apply, because the heart is plotting the course. Erika Wilde dares to dream in naughty and vice. Taboo becomes fair game and temptation just fans the flames. Playing His Way may amp up the volume when it comes to the heat, but Stephanie and Mac's love affair has moments of tenderness that are a special treat. The sexiest moments are when Mac dares to be sweet.