Poetry to God: Volume 4: Prison Praise Cry's from Behind the Wall

Poetry to God: Volume 4: Prison Praise Cry's from Behind the Wall

by Terry Webb


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Poetry to God Volume 4: Prison Praise is a vast collection of spiritual, uplifting, and empowering poems written by a man doing time in state prison. This book of poetry Includes cries from behind the wall and love letters from prison. Each poem will encourage your heart, soul, and mind and keep you focused on the things of God. Overwhelming comfort can also be found here in this book of inspirational poetry. All of the poems are true-life experiences written by Terry Webb while doing time in a California state prison, keeping his heart and mind on the things of God.

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ISBN-13: 9781490742212
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 07/26/2014
Pages: 158
Sales rank: 500,030
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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Poetry to God

Volume 4 Prison Praise Cry's From Behind The Wall

By Terry Webb

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Terry Webb
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4221-2



I am an outcast in this world
Marked by society,
I'm placed behind tall prison walls
No longer am I free.

Behind these walls my heart cries out
Each day the sun does shine,
I sit inside this lonely place
Nothing matters but time.

Though life exists beyond these walls
Confined I shall remain,
Days, months, even years pass by
Who shall know my pain?

For who shall even know my sorrow?
Or my heart that's in despair?
I am lost behind these prison walls
And no one even care.

Behind these walls my heart cries out
And no one hears my call,
Amid my heartaches and my pain

By Terry Webb


Welcome my friend, to a strange new world
Where you're now all alone,
Welcome to this place, called no man's land
Where love is never shown.
Bars, gun towers, tall concrete walls;
Electric fences all around,
Inside each tower there is an armed guard
His job is to shoot a man down!
Inside this place called no man's land
Some men are sentenced to life,
There is no joy, for them no hope
Only heartache and bitter strife.
The strongholds of Satan are very strong
So my friend you best take heed,
Give your life to the Living God;
Jesus is whom you need.
No man's land is no place to be
Why live in sorrow and woe?
My friend you will always feel the pain
Deep inside you, it will grow!
I tell you all this because I am here
In this place no man should be,
In here I'm caged like an animal
As I wait to be set free.
I now answer to a five digit number
Because they've taken away my name,
They have taken me from everything that I love
To live in this dog eat dog game!
This game is not played with cards or boards
And the wages will make you think twice,
In here, "your life, has become the stakes"
And can be lost with the roll of the dice!
Let me tell you how this game is played
Once you enter you already lost,
Everything you had before you came
My friend, you just paid the cost!
So those of you still living life free
Take heed to what I say,
Ask any man who's been there before
He will warn you to stay away.
So stay away from this no man's land
Out there you have much to gain,
In here you will spend each endless day
To suffer, mental pain!

By: Terry Webb


Men in lockdown, in need of contact-
Will someone hear their cry?
They need our help, oh can't you see-
We cannot pass them by.

Seems every year, more prisons rise-
By taxes, that we pay,
And an ever increasing percentage of men
Fill these prisons, day by day.

We need to find the cause of this-
We can't just stand in awe,
We need to unite and ban together-
And fight this "3" strikes law!

We need to counteract this law-
For the future of our tomorrow,
To show our brothers that we care-
And share with them their sorrow,

We need to act upon this new law-
No matter what the cost,
The time is now please hear the cry-
Before our brothers are lost!

By Terry Webb


How can you be a man of God?
With evil in your heart?
How can you say you love the Lord?
When hate, you do not part?

God said to love your fellowman-
As He Himself loves you,
He said you should have Christ like love-
In all you say and do.

Where is your brotherly love God said-
To have in Jesus name?
Where is your love "O" man of God?
Why put the Lord to shame!

Why do you choose to criticize-?
To argue, fuss, and fight?
God said to dwell within the light-
He said be true and right.

"O" man of God, you have one life-
One life to do your part,
One life in which to prove to God-
You have a loving heart.

By: Terry Webb


Although I'm locked inside a cell,
In prison far away,
I bow my head before the Lord,
And on my knees, I pray.
I pray that he would touch my heart,
And spirit, deep within,
I pray, although I'm locked away,
To be a light to men.
My body may be locked away,
Yet my heart and soul are free,
My mind and soul belong to God,
And this will always be!



Prison is now your place of stay
No longer are you free,
Taken away from family and friends
Now an outcast to society.

Your life controlled behind a wall
Away from civilization,
You are just another number now
In a state paid operation.

You are classified now as an outcast
A person out of control,
And even after you are released
You continue on parole.

Your life belongs to "C.D.C."
Your future is unknown,
Unless you shake that number friend
They'll never leave you alone.

Your life will never be the same
Thanks to "C.D.C."
Because now you are a convict;
"An outcast to society!"

By: Terry Webb


Locked away, from the civilized race,
We are confined, in this inhumane place.
This life was not, a part of God's plan,
This life was devised by, the plans of man.
God gave man life, He gave it abundantly,
Jails nor prisons were not meant to be.
How can sinful man judge, another sinful man?
When his ways are the same, I don't understand.
No one is perfect, white, brown or black,
When you point your finger, remember three points back!
We are programmed in this system, to hate one another,
Remember the laws of God, He said love thy brother.
But we throw all love, high upon the shelves,
We fight and we kill, destroying ourselves.
Where is brotherly love, where is it, my brother?
Where is the respect, we should have for each other?
We all are locked away, and no longer are we free,
We are all Outcasts, to this Society!

By Terry Webb


I'm confined and locked in, although it may seem,
But no one can lock, away my dreams.
My physical body, can be locked away,
But my personal dreams are with me to stay.
You can lock my body, into a cell,
But I would always dream, a story to tell.
For only my body, can be locked away,
But I will sing a new song, every single day.
My mind is important, for God gave me,
The right to my thoughts, they make me free ...

By Terry Webb


I sometimes visualize my home
In Heaven high above
I even visualize the Lord
Greeting me with love

When looking on my Heavenly home
And all that I'll have there
Makes persecutions by this world
Much easier to bear

By: Terry Webb

Psalms 37:23

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the
Lord: and he delighted in his way."
Today we stand against every confusing force
within us. We shall not be confused in life;
Today we receive clear vision about our life, our
goals and our future. We pray that the Lord
God almighty continue to bless us and keep us
under His wings of mercy. In the mighty
Name of Jesus Christ we pray, with much
love and thanksgiving. Amen!


"O" Lord why must I bear this pain?
Why? I cannot tell,
My life I place into your hands
"O" Lord, please make me well.

My trust is you "O" Lord my God
You are my all and all,
I know that you will bring me through
Whatever will befall.

By Terry Webb


Within the silence of my cell
I with my Savior share,
The hidden feelings of my heart
I do this all in prayer.
For all my worries and my troubles
He alone does care,
So I pour my heart out to the Lord
I do this all in prayer.

By Terry Webb


Dear Lord take my heart and hand
And lead me in Thy way
Lead me from the veil of death
This to you I pray

Without you lord I have no life
Therefore, my spirit claim
I beg forgiveness of my sins
I ask in Jesus name

By Terry Webb


Without you lord I have no life
Therefore, my spirit claim,
I beg forgiveness of my sins
I ask in Jesus name.

I know that I can make it Lord
I know that I can stand,
No matter what may come my way
I'm safe within your hand.

By Terry Webb


Another day has come and gone,
And loneliness, still lingers on.
As I sit inside this prison cell,
This terrible place, this living hell.
Days, Months even years pass me by,
Who knows my sorrow, who hears my cry?
I've had enough of this awful brutal life,
Nothing but pain and hard bitter strife.
As I look out my window, at the end of light,
Another day has gone, and now the night.
Days, Months even years pass me by,
Who knows my sorrow, who hears my cry?
Yet another day has come and gone,
And loneliness, still lingers on.

By Terry Webb


There is a better life beyond-
The joys of this world's sin,
God has set before us all-
The joy of Christ within,
You do not have to live your life
In Prison far away,
God says, repent to me my child
Come to me and pray.
Just live your life before the Lord-
In everything you do,
One day you will be judged by God-
With judgments just and true.
So put behind your sinful ways
Stop lusting in your sin,
God has set before us all-
The joy of Christ within.



Prisons were not made, by God's mighty hand,
They were made, by the hands of man.
Locking away men, because they did wrong,
Most of the men, are locked away long.
Thick and strong, those concrete walls,
Heavily constructed and very tall.
Iron gates, and concrete floors,
Shut tight, are the iron bar doors.
Towers all around, engaged with a gun,
To shoot a man down if he tries to run.
Each day in prison, it's a battle for life,
Each day in prison, it's much bitter strife.
It's a life and death battle, every single day,
You come closer to God, you learn to pray.
When God made man, man was to be free,
So why were prisons, made to be?
God said that He, will avenge all sin,
Yes he will punish, all wrongful men.
If that be so, then I cannot see,
Why were prisons, were made to be!

By Terry Webb


Another lonely day I spend-
Inside this horrid place,
As an outcast to Society-
Far from the civilized race.
I try to hide my pain inside
All sorrow within me,
As I think about the life I had
A life that once was free.
Day's, months, and years pass by
As I sit inside this cell,
I am lost, to the outside world
Confined to living hell.
I am a stranger to this land
My home is far away,
I'm longing, for my place called home
Where my children run and play.
My heart and mind on life is stayed
The visions that I see,
Beyond these prison walls I see
The day that I'm set free.
So I keep my mind upon that thought
No longer in dismay,
But all my thoughts are just a dream
And another lonely day.

By Terry Webb


Although my eyes, are filled with tears,
I have no doubts, or even fears.
Though the mist of sin that shall arise,
And hide the Heavens, starry skies.
The Lord my God, He hears my cry;
High up in heaven, above the sky.
He looks down upon, my tearful face,
And gently apply His loving grace.
He gives His touch, of loving care,
He answers my faint and tearful prayer.

By Terry Webb


To you my Lord I lift up my soul
To you I surrender all,
Upon your love and from your grace
Please break this fatal fall.

Only you, the mighty One
Above the Heavens sky,
You alone, "O" Lord, my God
Can hear my inner cry.

By Terry Webb


By not confessing sin, is a bad thing to do,
It's poison in your system, stand between God and you.
It's easy to say "Lord please forgive me, I have sinned,
He is just to forgive you, that sin is put to end

To man it's very difficult, to come right out and say,
Lord I have sinned, throughout my journey way.
Unlike the prodigal son, he was able to admit fault,
He should have been punished, his other brother thought.

But his loving father forgave him, and blotted out his sin,
He was happy to see his son, and took him back in.
Repenting of your sins, is like rising from the dead,
The father gave the child, a whole new life ahead.

By: Terry Webb


In the silence of my cell
I with my Savior share,
I share my worries, and my troubles
For He alone does care.
He fills my heart with peace and love
He comforts me with grace,
Against the troubles of this world
Within this horrid place.

By: Terry Webb


Cages were not, intended for man,
They were not, a part of God's plan.
But evil became, a part of man's life,
Now man must live, in bitter strife.

Locked inside, a world of sin,
In cages built, by the hands of men.
But God did not, intend this to be,
When God made man, He made him free!

By Terry Webb


A place in which the world forgot-
Where criminals do their time,
This place is where you're locked away,
As a consequence to crime.

You're locked behind tall prison walls-
In there you pay the cost,
Regretful pain shall pierce your soul-
In the land of the lost.

In the land of the lost, my friend-
They send you there alone;
Your life will look so strangely dim-
Your future is unknown.

Darkness shall surround your heart-
You'll find no room for love,
Your soul will cry out to the Lord-
And search the sky's above.

"What happened?" is your biggest question;
"My Freedom," where did it go?
Well time is all you'll do now friend,
"You lost," and this I know.

Your life is now a darkened maze-
You now must pay the cost!
You'll do your time, each day of it-
In the Land of the Lost!

By Terry Webb


All the burdens of my guilt
Is nailed upon the cross
Christ purged my sin in His own blood
No longer am I lost

Through Him my conscience is set free
My sins are cast away
The burdens of my guilt are gone
When Christ died that day

By Terry Webb


I pray dear Lord, please change my life
That I be more like Thee,
Please change my life to be like yours
That I, a light may be.

See if there is some sin in me
Then cleanse my heart, I pray,
Please help me keep my eyes on Thee
Thy words also obey,

By Terry Webb


Tomorrow is not promised and often a question on hold, but God
knows exactly how life will unfold.---Luke 12:22 Then Jesus said to
his disciples: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what
you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Philippians
4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by
prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to
God.-1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for
you. Matthew 6:25 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your
life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will
wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes?


Life will be a darkened maze
No rest or quiet within,
When trouble blows into your life
That leads you into sin.

Lost, you will not find your way
No longer, will you have light,
You've put aside the Living God
Opposing what is right.

The shadow of death is overhead
Your soul is now in fear,
In fear your soul is now, because
Death is ever near.

Blind, you cannot see the path
Of life God has for you,
You're living in a darkened maze
By all the wrong you do.

Now is the time to change your life
And leave the past behind,
You cannot live a peaceful life
By living in the blind.

By Terry Webb


Comfort me my Lord, I pray-
Heal this heart of mine,
I put my trust in you alone-
Your love it is divine.

The only thing that I have to give-
Is brokenness and strife,
But please, except me as I am-
And beautify my life.

All that I ever had in life-
Is lost or gone away,
Restore to me new life, my Lord-
This to you, I pray.

Forever is your word O Lord-
I surrender myself to Thee,
My life is in your hands dear Lord-
Let blessings fall on me.

Lead me to the living waters-
And be there by my side,
You know my soul is thirsty Lord-
Don't let me be denied.

You told me Lord that you'll be there-
For all of my tomorrow,
O Lord I pray that you would come
And share with me my sorrow.

By: Terry Webb


It took much grace, to judge myself
My vanity was strong
I could not see the faults I made
Nor admit that I was wrong

Yes, money was my highest goal
My desire was to gain
But drugs enslaved my mind and soul
This caused my life much pain

I hurt the ones whom loved me most
From me, they turned their face
For in their hearts they deeply know
That death was my embrace

But at my lowest point in life
I turned to God whom knew
Just how to turn my life around
And show what I must do

He showed me how to live my life
To show no disrespect
He said I am to live for Him
Christ's life I should reflect

He said to keep in mind my past
The life I led in sin
Then guard well each step I take
Lest I go back again

He said to keep in mind my past
The heartache and the strife
And keep in mind the mirror
The Mirror of My Life

By: Terry Webb


Excerpted from Poetry to God by Terry Webb. Copyright © 2014 Terry Webb. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
"Cries From Behind The Wall', 1,
"Behind The Wall", 2,
"No Man's Land", 3,
"The Prison Link", 5,
"O Man Of God", 6,
"Free Inside", 7,
"Outcast To Society", 8,
"Outcasts", 9,
"Can't Lock Away My Thoughts", 11,
"Heaven My Home", 12,
Psalms 37:23, 13,
"Cry For Life", 14,
"All In Prayer", 15,
"A Sinners Cry", 16,
"Safe In His Hands", 17,
"Another Day, Another Night", 18,
"A Better Life", 19,
"Why Were Prison's Made", 20,
"Another Lonely Day", 22,
"Faint Tearful Prayer", 23,
"Inner Cry", 24,
"I Have Sinned", 25,
"Silence Of My Cell", 26,
"Cage", 27,
"Land Of The Lost", 29,
"Guilt Free", 30,
"Change Me Lord", 31,
Tomorrow Is Not Promised, 32,
"Living Blind", 33,
"Share My Sorrow", 34,
"Mirror Of My Life", 35,
"Just Like You", 37,
"1 More Day", 39,
"One More Day", 40,
When We Hurt The Person We Love, 41,
"Good-Bye Cocaine", 42,
"Married To Cocaine", 44,
"From Old To New", 46,
"Childhood Past", 48,
"Giving My Heart", 50,
"Another Day", 51,
"Coming Home", 52,
"God Is To Me", 53,
"Lost And Found", 54,
Psalm 102:17, 55,
"Here I Am", 56,
"Life Of Sorrow", 58,
"With Me Still", 59,
"Change My Life", 60,
"The Incredible One", 61,
"I Am His", 62,
"Life Goes On", 63,
"Why We Must Suffer", 64,
The Raging Storm, 65,
"Closer To The Lord", 66,
"A Straight Road", 67,
"Chosen For A Purpose", 68,
"Devotion", 69,
"For You My Lord", 70,
"Where Must I Go?", 71,
"Hello My Lord", 72,
"In Debt With The Lord", 73,
"A Better Way", 74,
"Pardoned", 75,
"This Wretched Man", 76,
"Sinner's Cry", 78,
"The Rain", 79,
"Wipe My Past Away", 80,
"Lord, Remember Me", 81,
"I've Had Enough", 82,
"This Is It!", 83,
"Being Near To God", 84,
"Free", 85,
"Giving Thanks", 87,
"God Is Always There", 88,
"Brought Back", 89,
"Legacy", 90,
"So Close To Death", 91,
"A New Heart", 92,
"Something Beautiful", 93,
"I Walk With The Lord", 94,
"A New Life", 95,
"Make Me Free", 96,
"Good Morning God", 97,
"I'm Ready", 98,
"My Hiding Place", 99,
"Never From His Care", 100,
"Inseparable", 101,
"My Heart Made True", 102,
"O Holy Spirit", 103,
"Lord Take My Tears", 104,
"Make Me Right", 105,
"Seize This Time", 106,
"Take Me Back", 107,
"Use Me Lord", 108,
"Suicide", 109,
"Poetic Prayer", 110,
Romans 12:2, 111,
"Save Me Lord", 112,
"Forever Yours", 113,
"God Lifted Me", 114,
"Set Me Free", 115,
"What He Done For Me!", 116,
"Be Righteous", 117,
"Set Free", 118,
"Surrender", 119,
"Turned From Sin", 120,
"Love Letters From Prison", 123,
"A Memory Of You", 125,
"I Miss Her", 126,
"Thinking Of You", 127,
"Love Like Ours", 128,
"You Mean So Much To Me", 129,
"Holding You", 130,
"My Dream Is You", 131,
"The Love We Share", 132,
"True Love", 133,
"You're My Love", 135,
"A Love's Definition", 136,
"With You Always", 137,
"My Loving Girl", 138,
"I Love You", 139,

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