Political Cyberbullying: Perpetrators and Targets of a New Digital Aggression

Political Cyberbullying: Perpetrators and Targets of a New Digital Aggression

by Sheri Bauman

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Politically motivated attacks are the newest type of aggression to erupt in the cyberworld, making Political Cyberbullying's analysis of the psychology of cyberbullying adult perpetrators, the effects on their victims, and ways we can reduce the damage an essential read.

Although cyber-aggression is not a new phenomenon, the presidential campaign and election in 2016 appeared to embolden some adults who exploited the principle of free speech to attack others for their personal characteristics or views, bringing cyberbullying into the political realm. The political climate remained toxic through 2017 and 2018, and 2019 has both enflamed the vitriolic and venomous potential of public discourse and encouraged the appropriation of personal disclosure for political ends, something likely to continue through the 2020 election and after.

In this work, psychologist Sheri Bauman, an expert on cyberbullying who has addressed audiences across the nation and internationally, summarizes the world of political cyber-aggression, its perpetrators and their psyche, and its targets and how they are chosen. She then explains steps we can take to defuse the effectiveness and the harms of these online assaults. Case studies bring primary points to life, and the clarity of the text will appeal to students, researchers, and others interested in aggression, communication, and politics online.

  • Includes vignettes of actual recent political cyber-aggression
  • Considers how the President and other celebrities effect aggression
  • Explains theories of aggression and shares statistics of its incidence
  • Suggests ways to cope with and minimize the damage of political cyber-aggression

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Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/15/2019
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About the Author

Sheri Bauman, PhD, is a retired licensed psychologist, former school counselor, and current professor in the Counseling Graduate Program at the University of Arizona.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Saida Grundy's Story 14

Chapter 2 Theories of Aggression 19

Liam Hackett's Story 29

Chapter 3 Cyberbully in Chief 33

Krista Millay's Story 42

Chapter 4 Online Disinhibition Effect 47

Adam Smith's Story 56

Chapter 5 Online Personas 59

Stories of Two Activists 73

Chapter 6 Trolling 77

Joshua Cuevas's Story 95

Frances Lynch's Story 99

Chapter 7 Revenge Porn, Slut Shaming, and #MeToo 101

Jessica's Story 114

Chapter 8 Managing Digital Aggression 119

Cam Juárez's Story 135

John Doe's Story 138

References 141

Index 159

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