Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia

Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia

by David H Mould


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ISBN-13: 9780821421772
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Publication date: 01/15/2016
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

David H. Mould is a professor emeritus of media studies at Ohio University. Born in the United Kingdom, he worked as a newspaper and TV journalist before moving to the United States in 1978. He has written articles and essays for a variety of outlets, and produced radio and TV documentaries. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Preface xi

1 Travels in "Kyrzakhstan" 1

2 Sacred Mountain and Silly Borders 14

3 How Do You Say "Rump Roast"? 41

4 Kasha, Honor, Dignity, and Revolution 63

5 On and Off the Silk Road 94

6 To Be a Kazakh Is to Be "Brave and Free" 131

7 Father of Apples 160

8 The President's Dream City 181

9 Coal and Steel 211

10 No Polygon, No Problem 233

11 Wheat and Oil 258

12 The Seven Lessons from Stanland 278

Notes 289

Glossary and Acronyms 295

Acknowledgments 299

Index 303

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