Prayer and Infinite You.

Prayer and Infinite You.

by Sverre Ange


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Prayer and Infinite You. by Sverre Ange

This book is about a man who went on a path-seeking journey to find a truth about spiritual living and religious living and came to find out something does hear us when we call and there is a choice to be made every waking moment of our lives. We have the free will to create and live whatever life we choose as long as we don’t get caught up in the illusions that people make or play out the ones we think we are supposed to live because we were unknowingly taught to do so.

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ISBN-13: 9781524649852
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/18/2016
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.10(d)

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Prayer and Infinite You

By Sverre Ange


Copyright © 2016 Sverre Ange
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4977-7


Energy Is All Around Us

Hello, everyone reading this first page. I am now connected to you. Let me share what I have discovered. It could change your life forever.

Now let us talk about this book you are holding in your hands. It has a weight that you can feel with your sense of touch. You can see the words. While reading the words in your mind or saying them out loud, can you believe that everything in your hands is energy and these words going into your brain are information that becomes energy? When you read out loud, your voice carries a sound structure that goes beyond the structure of a wall. Your voice can penetrate a wall. That is energy, potential power for your use. Amazing, isn't it?

Have you ever sat on a beach with your bare feet in the sand while looking at people and the ocean, hearing seals, and feeling the wind on your skin? Have you felt the sun's rays hitting your face and body and felt the heat? You may ask, "What does this have to do with energy?"

Well, I will explain it to you. Your mind and senses are always on. They always feel everything around you. Throughout the sand is energy. The sand gets hot from the sun, and your feet feel hot from the sand. It warms your feet. The sensation tells your brain the temperature change of your skin.

Now, if you were to take that sand under your feet and heat it up to about two thousand degrees, you would have glass. This energy can create power. Also, the ocean carries sound energy. Voice = power for the saltwater = energy = power. It creates an electrical current. I could keep going about how everything is energy. I just want you to understand what is in front of you before we go any further in this book. If you can understand these concepts, you are ready for change in your life.

Let's go to chapter 2.


How to Use the Energy

Manifestation is the power to turn the unseen into reality. I will tell you that it won't be that easy for the right thing to come into your life. Every day when you wake up, things are projected into your life because you manifest them, and you are not even aware of them.

It is important that you ask in detail what you want and then forget about it. For example, you wake up in the morning, lean over and kiss your wife, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower, dry off, and pick out clothes to wear for the day. All the while, you look to see what time it is and watch the news to see how the traffic and weather will affect your day. You eat your breakfast and drink your coffee to feel alert.

During that whole process, you have things on your mind. The energy it takes you to get ready in the morning; any worry, happiness, sadness, depression, or sense of cleanliness you feel; or just the focus you put on getting to work are all things ready for the creation process. Your energy, thoughts, emotions, and power or fuel can start the automatic response to manifestation so quickly that it can come true in a matter of minutes.

Take Jack, for example. He wakes up in the morning, does his morning routine, and goes to work. But he has expired tags on his car. He has been driving for months while trying to figure out how he can get by. Now he doesn't have any money because his bills are sky-high and just keep stacking up. They are always on Jack's mind. Jack leaves the house to go to work to make his low-vibrational money.

Jack gets into his car, and his energy changes because his mind reminds him that his tags are expired. He thinks, I hope I don't get a ticket. So while driving to work, the expired tags' energy and Jack's awareness of them being expired create the energy field for the power that gets sent out to instantly manifest itself. Two blocks away from work, a cop gets behind Jack. Jack gets pulled over and gets a ticket. Now all Jack can do is think to make things worse than they already are. It is important to change these ways of thinking so you can change your energy, which will change your world and your life. When Jack wakes up in the morning thinking of expired tags, is late for work, or doesn't have enough money to get to work, all these energies build up and are released into the space. I like to call that the "box of thoughts" ready to be opened.

Try something like this before you get up to dread the day: sit up or lie in bed and pinch yourself. Now you're thinking of the pinch. Or think about how great the drive to work is going to be. Think about lunch and how good it will taste, or think about your wife and all the love she has given you that you would like to return.

Change your mood and emotions in the morning, and the energy your thoughts create — and that power-will manifest right into your desire.


Energy and Your Emotions

When you come into contact with your loved ones, you feel emotional energy, a feeling that the body recognizes as a sensation. But this energy or vibe can be good or bad depending on how your loved one feels at that moment. Let's say your girlfriend is upset with you and you're upset with her. You have two negative charges that can do two things. Either the energy gets so bad that you explode on each other with name-calling, degrading each other, or trying to get away from the other person without hurting her emotionally, or you become violent.

If you have a complete shutdown and one of you is mad or both of you are mad, a way to control this energy is to turn it into a positive. Disengage with the energy. Change what you're feeling in the moment. No matter how upset you may feel, stop, smile, and say, "I love you. Do you want a hug?" One of two things will happen: She will say, "Yes," and everything will calm down, or she'll say, "No, not after everything you just said to me." When you walk away from the energy, things will start to flow for you again very quickly. Try it. It works.

I want to add that fast energy from the mind always gets you caught up in the negative because the mind makes up shit that you will believe, which will go into emotion and then make the energy that surrounds you. You have no resistance when two positives work together. You become one essence because your energy and your lover's energy are on the same vibration, which allows anything and everything good to come into your life.

Emotional energy can also play a big part in your life; you need to be careful with how you project it because it is not your relationship or marriage. It's your job, your health, the way people look at you and the way you look at people, and how you vibrate with your emotional state.

Let me start by saying how you can change your energy with four rules. The first rule is to change the way you think about and look at an object before you judge it, because the same thing can come around and project assumptions onto you the same way. The second rule is to tell your mind to shut up. Your ego desires everything. Go inside yourself, not your mind. The third rule is to change the way you live by letting go of everything from your past and the people who surround you. The fourth rule is to surround yourself in complete stillness and feel yourself on the inside to become aware of your own projection of energy. This means to understand how you think.

These four rules can help change your life and whatever situation may come your way.


How to Become Attuned with the Universe

There are many techniques for becoming attuned with the universe. One way is by becoming more attuned to meditation in the morning or before you go to bed. You can ask the universe for help, guidance, a sign, money, or spiritual help — anything you need help with in your life. You can also sit in a room that has no outside influence. Turn off your computer, cell phone, television, and radio, and close your eyes. Sit on your bed or in your chair in complete silence, and feel the universe around you. Everybody's energy is different, but it still puts you in connection with the cosmos.

Now, a couple of things may happen while you're in complete stillness. Your inner voice might want to talk to you, so turn it off. Be still in your mind. You want to feel inside you. To accomplish this, when the ego isn't talking anymore, begin to feel your energy. And take your feelings of madness. Bring those mad feelings up inside you. Feel the energy that you radiate, and then change that energy with happy thoughts of gratitude or attitude. Begin to feel that energy as well, and if you like, try feeling the elements of water and earth. Breathe the air, feel the fire, and you will know your soul — your true self and not the belief that you think is you. So now that you are connected to the universe, how do you want to change your life?

Take inventory of everything you use all the time and what has sat around you for years unused. Find things and donate or sell them. It may surprise you that once these items are gone, it will allow for new items and new information to flow into your life. Once you close a door, a window will open. Believe it or not, stuff can go stagnant. Clearing space of what's old in your life brings in the new for you and your life to evolve into more than what you hold on to. Materialistic things can bring a moment of happiness; but then the energy is gone, so it is important to always move forward in your life. Remember this: your energy is always ahead of you knowing what is next.

Explanations of the Seven Chakras

This section explains how to use your seven levels of chakras: the root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

The first is the root chakra, which is located down by your reproductive area. The energy that it projects has a lot to do with stress, stability, security, fear, lust, and addiction. When this chakra is open, you will experience a life that is fast and not know whether you're coming or going in this world. And this statement is the extreme of power. At this level of power, some people can get really aggressive with this low level of energy, take this energy out on others, and feel like victims. We will get more into this in the next chapter.

The second chakra is the navel. Enjoyment, sexuality, desirelessness, and self-sabotage come with this chakra. This chakra can affect the way you project yourself. This is a place where you can feel things that people do to themselves and others.

The power center is called the root chakra. The vibration of your voice's lam sound will activate this chakra. You should use your power root or base when you feel in danger or when you're attacked by somebody. This root can fire in people at any time. If they feel they have no stability or security in their life, this will become activated. It goes into fear and then travels to the heart chakra. Then all their emotions begin to come up. Their mind causes them to have all these emotions in one moment; it comes down to ownership over their actions or accountability for the situation at hand. Depending on the situation, these emotions could also come up because of a relationship problem, a husband-and-wife disagreement, a person they don't like, or a problem with a credit card bill.

If these things are not worked out, your energy from these emotions activates three chakras in the body: the root chakra, the heart chakra, and the third eye chakra, which is the creative process in you. You make up stories about the situation that you're in, and then you begin to look for stuff that may not even exist. So please be careful of this energy that the mind creates. I would suggest you just stop the rise of the power in these chakras; go to the navel chakra, and think about all the joyful things you have in your life, which will transmute the energy that is being projected. Watch how quickly your fight-or-flight situation turns.

Not too long ago, I learned the word Leela, which is Sanskrit for "play." If you go to your root base chakra, the energy will make you feel strong and secure. Then all your chakras will begin to reach harmony. As long as you keep in control of your thoughts and your projection, your body will equal out your throat chakra, your communication, which can affect others' throat chakras. The third eye chakra is the creative process, so lots of artists live in their throat, heart, crown, root, and navel chakras, and the other chakras rarely ever get that treatment. But they need to receive energy too.

So let's take, for example, the operation of a chakra, how it really works, and how you can make it work for you without all the extra hocus-pocus stuff. Take the Dalai Lama of Tibet; he operates from the heart, navel, solar plexus, throat, third eye, crown, and root chakras. All seven of his energy centers are open. Now, if you take the president of the United States, he operates in the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, and root chakras. He is missing two energy centers — the mind, or crown, and navel chakras — because he shows one side to the people of the world and a completely different side to his family and loved ones.

We are all connected in this world, and some people only operate on one to two or four chakras in their life. Some people are into a lifestyle of sex and rudeness; exposing energy, crime, and protection; and making a living as self-absorbers. These people activate these chakras: throat-heart – root – navel = drugs; throat = communication; heart = judgment; root = fear – overindulgence; navel = sex – pleasure. The other chakras are not operating then, which could even mean going from bad to worse. A human being who isn't firing on all chakras can feel very trapped, which goes to the root — fear, overindulgence, and death. The solar plexus gives all your power away, which can shut everything down. Then your emotional state becomes blocked.

I'm sure you have heard that term and felt you have no self-worth; when you get into this state of mind, you shut down like a battery running out of juice. Fixing this life can be very hard at times. I will give you some suggestions on how to pull yourself out of this. It won't be easy; remember, this is an operation of the self and how to make your battery work and charge your life without the emotional crap.

If you are sitting in a dark place, the first thing you need to do to get out of the situation you are in is turn on the light in your crown (or mind), heart, and throat chakras. It won't be easy. If this is all new to you in your life, that is okay. I need you to take your body away from the other bodies and be with yourself, for other people's energy can influence you when you don't have your own self to influence. Second, once you have done this, go to your mind chakra, and close your eyes. Your mind will begin to race, and you won't know how to shut it down at first. Just say in your mind or out loud, "Quiet, please. I need to get out of this situation I'm in." Then write it so you will get an inner voice or a sign. Please ask for the awareness to come to you now. Your crown chakra is now activated, so if you have got this far, you're on your way to becoming a changed human with an experience — nothing more.

To activate your throat (communication, giving), heart (receding, security), and root (stability), you have to use your God-given gifts. You don't have to know them right away. They will just come to you. Learn to be open, to receive from others. Learn to be stable. Learn how to be secure. If you run into a person who gives you all these things, be sure to use the throat chakra (or paperwork) so people can't take advantage of you. This isn't fear; it is business, protecting your worth and assets. People may be operating on different sides of the chakra, so please get your worth in hand before your release of energy. Every seed planted in your soul is just a belief that will help you in your truth.

Now, I want you to start reflecting on your chakras so you can observe how you respond to people, places, and things. Actions are everything: your spoken words are actions, your written words are actions. Awareness of your surroundings is important, so please watch what you say to people. This will put you in a different light and vibe, which can bring greatness for you and your life. And remember, we are all connected in one way or another. Namaste.

Let's now drive into the third chakra, the solar plexus: giving away your power and learning to receive power. As an example, we see people who are suffering on the streets and holding signs that say, "Please help — homeless." When you see this, the third chakra lights up, and two things may happen: either you want to give to that homeless person or you say no to giving to that homeless person because of a bad experience.


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