Pretty Lies
Pretty Lies

Pretty Lies

by Kitty Thomas

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BN ID: 2940159157041
Publisher: Burlesque Press
Publication date: 04/23/2018
Series: Pleasure House , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 133,901
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About the Author

KITTY THOMAS writes dark sexy stories that play with power. She began publishing in early 2010 and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

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Pretty Lies 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This was reminiscent of Comfort Food in many ways. That one remains one of the most compelling of Kitty’s work, imho. Also, knowing that Brian’s character is complex and dark from Broken Dolls, I found him most one-dimensional in this work. But, as always Kitty weaves a great dark fantasy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy this story despite the subject. Kitty is a master at writing fantasy!
amdase More than 1 year ago
Dark, Intense, Completely Captivating. I just have to say that I just devoured this book in a day. It was one of those books you couldn't put down, you ate while reading, carried with you everywhere you went, just didn't let it out of your hand, much less sight. I was so involved in Annette and Anton’s story. I completely and totally adore Annette and Anton’s dark and twisted relationship. The depth of their story will take your breath away while keeping you entertained in this fast paced, erotic, dark romance. Please note this is a dark romance and may hold some triggers so please know this going in. With that said I found myself loving every word, every interaction between the main characters and even the secondary characters. I am still trying to collect my thoughts after reading this delicious dark story. This book is dark, twisted, captivating and so intense you will be hooked. You get to go on a journey of crazy twisted darkness with Annette and Anton and love every minute of it. Their story is not sugar coated in syrupy sweetness. Their beginning may have be a fun but when their real story starts things take a turn. Kitty Thomas has given us a story that you will become addicted to....I need more. I have loved every book set in the Pleasure House Standalone Series of Books. I highly recommend this title and the other titles in this set of books Guilty Pleasures, Broken Doll, Surrender, and this title Pretty Lies.
4avephoenix More than 1 year ago
4.5 MIND-BLOWING STARS!! Pretty Lies is an extraordinarily original, suspenseful, twisty page-turner that takes place in the Guilty Pleasure world, and you won't want to miss. Gripping, brilliantly well written, heartwarming, heart-wrenching, chilling and hypnotically suspenseful at times. Well-built characters that are very convincing, likeable and hateful at times. This is Anton and Annette's story. It was fascinating learning about their beginnings, as well as the origins of the house and the rest of the characters we all got to love or hate in the other books. I just loved the chemistry and connection between Anton and Annette and the insane attraction they felt for one another. Their story is very convincing, intriguing and entertaining. This book grabbed me right from the beginning, and kept me hooked until the end. You cannot fail to be captivated by this or any of Author Kitty Thomas fabulous stories!! I highly recommend it!! (It contains dark and sensitive subject matter. Not for the faint of heart.)
Happi_Anarky More than 1 year ago
Kitty Thomas has never failed to deliver an awesome read and with Pretty Lies, the streak continues. The plot has a faint resemblance to a situation comedy episode identical twins and mistaken identity but this being a Kitty Thomas book you know this case of mistaken identity is going to have a dark twist. Anton mistakenly kidnaps Janette not knowing that she has an identical twin, Annette. Seems Anton and Annette had met the night before and shared some pretty kinky fantasies. The only thing was that while Anton was into the “lifestyle” and wanting someone like Annette made herself out to be Annette was flirtatiously lying, his fantasies were not hers at all. Yup and that my friend is where the plot thickens b/c it seems that Anton and his friends/business partners are not above murder. Once the error is discovered, Annette offers to trade places with her twin in exchange for her sister’s life and that is all I am going to disclose about the plot except to say the origins of “the house”is revealed here and you’ll be catch glimpses of characters from the Guilty Pleasures world throughout the book. Annette is brave, pragmatic, strong and cunning and no one's victim no matter what situation she is thrown into you know she will come out on top b/c of who she is. While there might be a few times when you might want to slap Anton hard with your pimp hand you’ll end up loving him too. Beware of Brian he is one scary guy in this book. Pretty Lies is a fantastic read, I highly recommend it. Pretty Lies is a prequel in the unintentional Guilty Pleasures series but can be read as a stand-alone although I highly recommend reading the other books in the Guilty Pleasures world so you can get to know Anton and his friends.
DarGee More than 1 year ago
When the man of your dreams turns out to be the man of your dreams? Annette met Anton at a club and drank too much. She left him behind, but he is on her mind the next morning. She told him everything he wanted to hear, because that is what Annette does. To support herself and her medical school going twin sister, she delivers the fantasy as a phone sex operator. When Anton mistakes her sister for her, her fantasy world just became reality, and it isn't safe at all Anton believed Annette when she whispered the things she wanted. He figured he was lucky, because he wanted all those depraved things as well. Finding out he'd been lied to, well, he doesn't take that well at all. Ever. At any time. It triggers his inner monster, and he finds out, he likes that monster to come to the surface sometimes. Suave and smooth most of the time, cranky Anton needs to be let loose. Anton never really let him out before, so learning to control him takes a bit Anton and Annette seem perfect together, then they don't. They comfort each other, then they do their best to hurt the other. They seem to be in sync, then it goes horribly awry. In the end, they are discovering the other side of themselves, and eventually, that the both sides of Anton fit really nicely with both sides of Annette. The clash comes when the non-fitting sides connect, but they realize they can make that work too Not for the faint of heart, because, *sigh*, Brian is here. Brian truly is evil, mean, and vicious, and wants to murder everyone, though he doesn't. A sadist to the core, he is too much for most people. He is essential to the dynamic of this group of men, and plays his part so well. Gabe is the sweet and gentle peacemaker, but not really. Lindsay is the predator in a suit, seeking out the weak, and offering them for remolding for the men's needs. The dynamics of the men are all over the story, and they are important in creating and maintaining Anton and Annette's relationship The relationship between Annette, and her twin Janette, is just as important. It even tends to amaze Anton that they so willingly put themselves in danger for the good of the other. All these supporting characters transform as well in their thoughts on Annette and Anton. None wanted it to work, and then they all realized it was the only choice, and finally, they all saw much Anton and Annette needed each other In the end, Annette and Anton fit together because they figure out what they need, and the other gives them that. They know what the other wants, and they give that to them. Their needs align, and they adjust and delight in letting the other have what they want, because it is what they want as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Anton and Annette’s story. Not your traditional HEA. If you like the dark world of pleasure and punishment this is a must read. I have read all of Kitty’s books I love her writing. This world she has created for her characters is so compelling that I find myself thinking about them long after the story has ended.