Primal Power Tantra - Tantric Sex: A Tantric Sex Guide and Instruction Manual

Primal Power Tantra - Tantric Sex: A Tantric Sex Guide and Instruction Manual

by Jon Peniel

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ISBN-13: 9780966001570
Publisher: Windsor Hill
Publication date: 01/03/2000
Series: Sexual Spirituality Series of Booklets B
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 64
File size: 75 KB

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Primal Power Tantra--Traditional Tantra-Tantric Sex Training

This book covers the various methods of tantric sex, from the new to the ancient. It discusses the positives and negatives of each, and gives detailed instruction in what we've found to be the best method (and gives you the reasons why, so you can decide for yourself).

To our readers:

This book has two categories of readers. One is the person who just wants to become a better lover, improve their sex life, sexual abilities, and perhaps give it a deeper dimension. The other is those who are on a spiritual path, and either want to use sex as one more tool for spiritual development, or find the best way to integrate sex into a spiritually oriented lifestyle.

Since I'm having to write for both types of potential readers, let me apologize in advance to each group, for the parts of my writing that aren't specific to your particular goals. But, you will find what you are looking for here--regardless of whether it is the ultimate in spiritual sexuality, or just a method for the best sex you've ever had.

A Rose by Any other Name

There are many names used for spiritual/sacred sexuality techniques. The most common are tantra, tantric sex, tantric yoga, and tantra yoga. Regardless of what you call it, we are covering it in this book.

Prerequisite to reading this book

This booklet is actually #2 in a series regarding spiritual sexuality. It would be best if you have already read "Sex and the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)"--a guide to spiritual sexuality, prior to reading this booklet. It discusses the fundamental biology, psychology, andspirituality behind sex, and the various attitudes and ways people have of approaching it. Just in case you have not yet read that, I will repeat a few things from it that may help you understand this one better.

Show me the energy

Tantric sex involves working with and using the high vibration life energies and finer emotions that can occur between men & women during the sexual act.

What do we mean by "high vibration energies"? Is this some kind of whodoo-voodoo new age bull? Quite the contrary.

When we talk about tantra yoga or tantric sex being "energy based" or using "life energies", what do we mean? This isn't some "new age hype"--the energy techniques of tantra, while ancient, are founded in science.

Human bodies/brains are based on electrical energies. For instance, a doctor will determine if you're alive or dead, based on if you have brainwave electricity/energy. And how does a heart work? Electrical signals tell the muscle to contract and release in certain ways. When you look at it scientifically, most everything about our bodies, is energy based.

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Great book
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