Prized Possession

Prized Possession

by Raymond Grant


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Prized Possession by Raymond Grant

Prized Possession is a splash of provocative short messages inclining the heart while stimulating the mind toward righteous living.
The word "power-punch" comes to mind, filled with spiritual energy.
"Nugget Valley," as in golden, where every step marks the discovery of new riches.
Prized Possession is a crescendo of messages growing in depth of deliverance availability while expanding on God's intent for the believer.

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ISBN-13: 9781504965217
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/17/2015
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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Prized Possession

By Raymond Grant


Copyright © 2015 Raymond Grant
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6521-7


A Matter of Faith

Faith Possession

Faith lies in wait
It's there for us activate
To pull on the powers that be
To create action on our behalf
And to accomplish the things we need
Live in faith
Let's not doubt
It only delays and puts a hold on our expectancies
Faith is the force
By which we achieve
The promises the Lord has spoken of

Mustard Seed Saga

Even though faith may start out small
It's still faith just the same
The faith we have
Is the faith God uses
And we should use it time and again
It's our faith that opens so many doors-
To life's unanswered questions
The more we use it
The more it builds
And we should use it-
More and more

Come by Faith

Come to me when you're troubled and scared
But come to me in faith
Come to me
When your darkest hour seems too great
But come to me in faith
Come to me
When your trials seem unbearable
But you must do so in faith
For it's by faith that flames lose their sting-
And burdens become bearable
For it's only in
The position of this realm
That I'm able to operate

Best Wishes

Take a look at "Wishing"
What is missing?
It has no grounds on which to stand or depend
It's "Our Faith in Christ"
And a willingness to sacrifice-
Instead of submitting to immoral deeds
Faith is the force
That creates our needs
Through alone we can depend

Things to Come

The coming of tomorrow
And of things unseen
Do they hold our attention?
And bring substance to our dreams?
It's not only in "thought"
One should expect to see things hoped for
It lies within our faith
And our ability to endure

Forget Not What You Heard

Forget not what you heard
Concerning messages on God's word
When doubt starts to enter and test your faith
Go back, re-read, and rely on "The Word"
Know that your faith is where it's at
When the enemy comes to attack
Stand assure knowing that victory is already yours
Your commitment, confidence, faith and trust
Gives the Lord something he can work with
Something that rides far above the plain of doubt

How Come

How come
We come apart
When things fall apart at the seams?
Will you stand?
Or will you fear?
And give up the hope for your dreams?
Stand in faith
Forsake all doubt
Doubtless with faith you'll succeed
Faith is the vice that binds up fear
And it's through faith
The Lord meets our needs


Shield of faith
For His glory
The God of our salvation
Our king
Lay hold of this vice
For it's by faith we succeed in life
And not simply by the means of self
Self must die
Forsake foolish pride
For pride in itself is death
Grab a hold of the word
And with faith
Be on one accord
For our faith is the protector of our soul

There is no device (devised plan)
That can penetrate this vice (surety in Christ)
For by faith
The Lord keeps our soul


Is all that we do commonplace?
Or do we need to reach deeper
To gain a new level of faith
Are all things always the same with never a change?
Don't let the commonplace be the place of refuge
Aren't we supposed to be peculiar
Set apart with distinction
Change takes initiative, action and a willing heart
We're not meant to stay the same
Nor are we to dwell in the same old
commonplace year after year
People in the commonplace are too comfortable
And regrettably too afraid
To step up and step out
On calling, divine purpose, and doors of opportunity
Opportunities that will not only build one's faith
But will also help one become ready positionally
To aid and influence others

Leave the commonplace and come up higher in faith!

Glory to Glory

A mind set to triumph
No matter how things may seem
It's faith with the courage to stand
And be moved only by our belief

{No matter the trial, my faith remains strong}

Misleading You

Mislead who
Misleading you
You, who think you stand in faith
Am I sincerely thought of first?
Or am I merely a reaction-
To the problems in life you face
Reveal your sin that you might see
Instead of walking about so blindly
To the persuasive follies of life

The battle lies within
Looking to draw us closer to sin
That in sin
We will lose our soul

What's comfortable can be misleading
What's ordinary can be blinding
If you, without knowledge
Follow the norm of the times

Hard Lessons

Come by faith
Or you're doomed to stay in the same state
I live by my word
And it's by faith through my word-
That life's hard lessons take a back seat
So you may prosper in your way
And walk in triumph
Over the hard lessons of life

Faith is the Seed

Faith is the seed that needs to be planted
And for the things hoped for
It's "Our Faith" that is demanded

Life in "The Son"

There is life in "The Son"
It's only by him we are able to overcome
Death and eternal separation from the king
The father has "The Son"
And "The Son" has life
That we should live
And believe
On him

Uprising in Comfort

An unsettling in daily routine
What does it mean?
Has something else gone wrong?
Or is the circumstance here to prepare you
For greater things ahead?
What is it?
Could it be a time of processing,
strengthening and building up of faith?
Some things are allowed for us to go through
In order to create a necessary change
Not every trial was meant for us to escape
So when circumstances occur
That break up your daily routine
Take a step back and spiritually consider
It may be what you need

Tough Line

Remember mine
My son
His life
His walk
His name
Tough decisions calls for a tough stance
A matter of trust
Which side will you choose-
When your trials seem unbearable
Will you give in to the easy-
Or remain faithful for the hard right

Yes I Am

Yes, I have my riches
And the blessings promised to me
Yes, I have victory
Over the enemy who comes to defeat
Yes, I have peace
Despite all the turmoil that comes
Yes, my faith is secure
For my faith is alone in "The Son"
Yes, I have eternal victory
Over a world so full of sin
My God who has given me life
Is faithful to complete the work he began

Faith Rises

Faith rises in the midst of trials
Our outcome brings us to new levels-
Of faith, trust, and obedience
Without trust
We doubt
If we doubt we stir unbelief
Unbelief prompts fear
And fear is the enemy of faith
Faith rises in the midst of challenges-
And is strengthen more and more
As we use it, rely on it, and stand on it
It's our faith that rises to meet life's challenges
No matter how difficult our trials appear

Faith Flourishes

Faith Flourishes in a healthy state
A state of mind where Christ is mind
For all that he has done
What state falls prey?
A state of mind where sin runs rampant-
Dwelling dangerously-
In the constant promiscuity of sinful thoughts
What flourishes to a glorious end?
The mind which minds the things of God
Living by his word
And continuously standing in faith
According to his word


Temporary time
Temporary moments
Temporary faith that doesn't surpass the trials of time
Change your fate
To one of a secure state
By remaining confident in whom you first believed
Your perseverance secures your outcome
So, stand in faith, obedience, and trust

Troubled "I"

If you're in trouble I wish you would consider-
Means other than that of self
If you're in trouble in the financial arena-
It's your giving that opens the door to wealth
If you are troubled about a doctor's decision
Remember it is "I" who have the last word
Your troubles don't exceed my grace and my glory
If you live through me
The trouble you see
Is, but a passing thing

Credible Walk

Credible Walk
A walk in faith
No doubting the word
Or judging the law
Which none of us will live to escape
God's law has means
Through which we should trust and believe
Forsake unrighteousness
Live in truthfulness
Instead of remaining in the shadow of
Gravely immoral deeds


There are those who have left me
Those who have departed from their faith
My intent for you is to endure
And not give up in this race
Remain steadfast to your confession
For I will always be at your side
My word is true and last always
If you would keep it close to your heart

Stay in faith
And give the utmost focus to the spirit left to guide
For this end is near to come
Those who are determined to stand and not be shaken
Are embellished in my redemptive plan
Depart not
Though trials appear fearfully hostile
For my grace suffices your needs
And regardless of how things might seem
Don't lose sight of my faithfulness
In the "Living God" you've come to believe

Burden Bearer

What trials are you facing?
What draws you close to me?
Am I in your heart as an afterthought?
Are you remaining faithful-
In whom you've first believed?
The struggle you face is not your own
Not one that you should struggle to bear alone
I am the strength against your weaknesses
If only you will release it with faith and trust
Where there are three
It's hard to be broken
So don't try to go it alone
"Self" is an adversary against triumph over weaknesses
Therefore remain faithful in whom you've come to trust
Lay your weaknesses upon my open hands
And flee temptations
Drawn by sinful lust

~ Hosea 10:12 ~
It's you who separates you
For my love for you remains the same


The Lord is Lord

Secrets of Life

To live life according to God's word
To display a heart of love for "Him"
To have compassion and love
Faith above doubt
To live in the authority in which he gave
To master the art of giving
And forego foolish living
And living
By means of love for his word

Perpetual Thing

The mercy of God
The establishment of his will
All the heavens line up
The earth follows
At the sound of his voice they hold
The power to be
Is before us to see
That his wonder and grace endures
Love evermore the sound of his word
That you may be kept
From the outcome to come

Remember Me, Continues

When your heart is broken
Remember Me
When all you have tried has failed
And loved ones leave you forsaken
Remember Me
Love a Lot
Live a life of excitement
But remember me
When the excitement has passed
And what you thought was true love
Failed to fulfill your expectations
Remember Me

Cry aloud

Lift up your voice and sing
Sing praises to God who reigns on high
Forgettable we get
When things are going so easy
Praise is the doorway
That makes blessings flow from on high
Memorable is the patience
That we should learn to live with
For without patience
Perseverance has no substance

Come Clean

Come before the Lord in holiness; in righteousness
And no filth from the flesh if you please
Come Holy to the Lord
In purity of mind, heart and thoughts
Come clean to the Lord
For he knows the thoughts of our hearts

Out with the Old,
In with the New

God's grace
Our faithfulness
The things we should try to cling to
His word never changes
Despite all the changes
That time has brought us through

To Stand in His Honor

If you could walk the path that I've walked-
Would you come out of your travel unscathed?
If you could meet the amount of people I've met-
Would a change in them be made?
If you could love with the love I've loved-
Would your mercy still reign true?
Knowing all the things I've done-
Would you still hold on to the things you do?

As It is Written

With too many words
And in too many ways
I've tried to reach your heart
That you might change your ways
And seek my face
My love for you is written in stone
Never to fall apart
My love I give
If you would change your ways
And seek the eyes of "my heart"

Bond of Grace

Bond of Grace
Hand of mercy
The affection you hold within
Your love is sufficient
Keeping us always
With the arms of your saving grace


Things that are touched
Things that are felt
Things for the eyes to see
Deep within
Deeper than the deep
Is the eternal presence-
Of more realistic things

Time Will Tell 2

Time and time again
My love for you continues to hold out with expectation
Time will forget things of the past
And it's your past I will forget for your love
In time, I hope you will tell me
My time
Is the time
I live for you

Knock, Knock

So many times-
I've stood there knocking
Hoping that I might come in
So many times I remain waiting-
That I may free you from the guilt of sin
Oh! How long have I sought you-
Though you deny my very name
My heart
My arms
Always remain open
Still, I love you just the same
How long will you reject me?
When there's so much I have to give
How long will you forfeit life?
By staying committed to the sin that you're in

{Rev. 3:20}

To Keep, from the Steep,
o f the Slopes

Kill the grass
And the grass will grow again
Leave my hand
And you may not live to see life again
Heed my word
And I will draw you unto me
Accept my son
For it is only through "Him" that you will live free
Change your thoughts
And your thoughts will change your way

Life's own Great Reward

Passion, love
To exist for purpose
Purpose ourselves to live a credible life
One of favor, honor and commitment
Favoring God's presence
Acknowledging him in all our ways
That in him, our ways may bring us to his presence
Which is the greatest reward of them all

In Spite of Rejection

Reject me but my love for you-
Will always remain true
Reject me because of your confusion
But I still have hope for you
Reject me for the severity of your faults
Still my love remains the same
Reject me but I love you still
And still
I wait for you to call on my name

The righteousness of God

The truth of God
Revelation that I might see
The Holy Spirit reveals the secret things
Which the Lord has for me

Holiness in my living
Consistent in my giving
Appreciative of his grace
Meditation in his word
To "Sacrifice Self"
That "In Him," I may live free

A Planter's Land

A Planter's land possesses rich soil-
Which seeds need for growth
A thoroughly tilled ground
Fertilized as well
And prepared by the planter's hand
Then there's the rain
The struggle, the strain
Strengthening in the process of growth
Finally there's birth
A new life springs forth
All because of the planter's land

{Ezekiel 36: 8-11}

Give Me the Time of Day
You pray a little
You read a little
But wouldn't give me the time of day
You wake early to seek me
Throughout the day you forget me
When I still have so much more to say
Continuously I say
That you should seek my face
And limit not the time that we talk
Continue to seek me
And I will be with you
"If" you're ready to hear what I have to say

Owed to "Him"

It's owed to "Him"
That we should learn-
To live above superficial needs
It's owed to "Him"
That we should learn-
To walk and live by faith
It's owed to "Him"

Seasons Talk

That the love "He" showed
Should, in turn, be shown to all men
Seasons talk of a triune God
They speak of his presence through different forms
Yet unchanged through time
His ways are ever before us
If we would realize his presence before us
Seasons talk of changing times
Yet it remains
Again and again

Gazed Eyes

(I gaze as you gaze upon me)

As you gaze upon the starlit sky at night
It's my eyes that gaze upon you
When you adore the calming beauty of a glorious sunset
It's a glimpse of my glory that I allow you to see
As you bask in the power of the shining sun
It's a symbol of my power that I long for you to have
As you anticipate the dawning of a brand new day
It's with the same anticipation-
I hope you would come to me
As you experience the flow of the falling rain
It signifies the blessings I hope to shower you with
As you glance upon the softness of the powdery snow
It's with a gentle touch that I seek your face
In observance of all of the things you see
Remember my eyes are forever towards you


Excerpted from Prized Possession by Raymond Grant. Copyright © 2015 Raymond Grant. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


A Matter of Faith,
The Lord is Lord,
A Man Thing,
When will it End?,
Wages of Sin,
Destiny Calls,
Kingdom Corner,

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