Proceedings of the 15th International Meshing Roundtable

Proceedings of the 15th International Meshing Roundtable

by Philippe P. Pebay (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9783642428227
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/02/2014
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 587
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

2D Meshing.- Non-Local Topological Clean-Up.- Quad-Dominant Mesh Adaptation Using Specialized Simplicial Optimization.- Mesh Modification Under Local Domain Changes.- The Cost of Compatible Refinement of Simplex Decomposition Trees.- Applications.- Patient-Specific Vascular NURBS Modeling for Isogeometric Analysis of Blood Flow.- Rapid Meshing of Turbomachinery Rows Using Semi-Unstructured Conformal Grids.- Hybrid Mesh Generation for Viscous Flow Simulation.- of Forming Processes in Three Dimensions A Remeshing Procedure for Numerical Simulation.- Mesh Adaptation.- A Solution-Based Adaptive Redistribution Method for Unstructured Meshes.- Analysis of Hessian Recovery Methods for Generating Adaptive Meshes.- Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Evolving Triangulated Surfaces.- Multi-Dimensional Continuous Metric for Mesh Adaptation.- How Efficient are Delaunay Refined Meshes? An Empirical Study.- Mesh Optimization.- Small Polyhedron Reconnection: A New Way to Eliminate Poorly-Shaped Tetrahedra.- Optimal Mesh for P 1 Interpolation in H 1 Seminorm.- Mesh Smoothing Based on Riemannian Metric Non-Conformity Minimization.- On Asymptotically Optimal Meshes by Coordinate Transformation.- Meshing Algorithms.- High Quality Bi-Linear Transfinite Meshing with Interior Point Constraints.- Implementation in ALBERTA of an Automatic Tetrahedral Mesh Generator.- Sparse Voronoi Refinement.- Geometry.- Volume and Feature Preservation in Surface Mesh Optimization.- for Surrogate Geometry On the Use of Loop Subdivision Surfaces.- Surface Mesh Generation for Dirty Geometries by Shrink Wrapping using Cartesian Grid Approach.- A Hole-Filling Algorithm for Triangular Meshes Using Local Radial Basis Function.- Hexahedral Meshing.- A Constructive Approach to Constrained Hexahedral Mesh Generation.- Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation with Feature Line Extraction.- Unconstrained Paving and Plastering: Progress Update.- An Automatic and General Least-Squares Projection Procedure for Sweep Meshing.- Delaunay Meshing.- On Refinement of Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations.- Smooth Delaunay-Voronoï Dual Meshes for Co-Volume Integration Schemes.- A Study on Delaunay Terminal Edge Method.- Generalized Delaunay Mesh Refinement: From Scalar to Parallel.

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