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Proficiency-Based Instruction: Rethinking Lesson Design and Delivery (Your Implementation Strategy for Proficiency-Based Instruction)

Proficiency-Based Instruction: Rethinking Lesson Design and Delivery (Your Implementation Strategy for Proficiency-Based Instruction)


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Only by shifting away from a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning can every student achieve self-efficacy and true success in the classroom. In this resource, authors Eric Twadell, Mark Onuscheck, Anthony R. Reibel, and Troy Gobble provide educators with a comprehensive strategy implementation process for proficiency-based instruction. Readers will gain a clear five-step change management process for seamlessly transitioning to a new, improved model of instruction and curriculum planning in which individual student self-efficacy and growth come first.

Use this implementation strategy to transition to a proficiency-based instruction model for student self-efficacy:

  • Learn the benefits of switching from traditional instruction to proficiency-based instruction (also known as evidence-based grading).

  • Explore the process, concepts, and supporting pedagogy of proficiency-based instruction and curriculum planning.

  • Acquire a five-step implementation strategy: (1) preparation, (2) incubation, (3) insight, (4) evaluation, and (5) elaboration.

  • Gain change-management tools for carrying out each of the five steps as a collaborative team and onboarding all stakeholders in curriculum implementation.

  • Discover how one collaborative team successfully worked together to implement proficiency-based instruction and plan lessons.

  • Access free online reproducibles that will support your shift to proficiency-based instruction and lesson planning.


About the Authors


Chapter 1: Implementing Proficiency-Based Instruction: Five Stages of the Creative Process

Chapter 2: Preparation

Chapter 3: Incubation

Chapter 4: Insight

Chapter 5: Evaluation

Chapter 6: Elaboration

Chapter 7: Proficiency-Based Lessons in the Classroom

Chapter 8: Discipline-Specific Examples of Proficiency-Based Instruction

References and Resources


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ISBN-13: 9781947604179
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
Publication date: 05/03/2019
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 1,121,403
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors ix

Introduction 1

Examining the Hunter Lesson-Planning Model 4

Reinventing the Lesson Plan and Instructional Delivery 7

In This Book 8

Chapter 1 Implementing Proficiency-Based Instruction: Five Stages of the Creative Process 11

Preparation 13

Incubation 13

Insight 15

Evaluation 15

Elaboration 16

Key Takeaways From Chapter 1 17

Stop, Think, Reflect 18

Chapter 2 Preparation 19

Our Team's Story 21

Two Commitments of Proficiency-Based Instruction 26

Key Takeaways From Chapter 2 31

Stop, Think, Reflect 31

Chapter 3 Incubation 33

Our Team's Story 35

Four Common Questions About Proficiency-Based Instruction 39

Key Takeaways From Chapter 3 46

Stop, Think, Reflect 47

Chapter 4 Insight 49

Our Team's Story 50

Two Insights of Proficiency-Based Instruction 56

Key Takeaways From Chapter 4 76

Stop, Think, Reflect 76

Chapter 5 Evaluation 77

Our Team's Story 79

Four Competency Activities of Proficiency-Based Instruction 83

Key Takeaways From Chapter 5 96

Stop, Think, Reflect 97

Chapter 6 Elaboration 99

Our Team's Story 101

Seven Elaborative Practices of Proficiency-Based Instruction 106

Key Takeaways From Chapter 6 114

Stop, Think, Reflect 115

Chapter 7 Proficiency-Based Lessons in the Classroom 117

The Story of Ms. Ortiz's Class 117

Proficiency-Based Lesson-Planning Templates 119

Key Takeaways From Chapter 7 123

Stop, Think, Reflect 124

Instructional Diamond Lesson-Planning Template 125

Chapter 8 Discipline-Specific Examples of Proficiency-Based Instruction 127

A Mathematics Story of Proficiency-Based Instruction 128

A Social Studies Story of Proficiency-Based Instruction 131

Key Takeaways From Chapter 8 134

Stop, Think, Reflect 134

Proficiency-Based instruction Planning Tool 135

References and Resources 137

Index 143

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Proficiency-Based Instruction proposes a new and exciting perspective on instructional planning and design that helps teachers focus on developing student proficiency to create confident and competent learners. The crown jewel of the model, the instructional diamond, provides students with opportunities to collaborate and reflect as they develop knowledge and skills through proficiency experiences."

Brady Reinke, principal, Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Wisconsin

"In Proficiency-Based Instruction, the authors reinvent conversations about lesson design. They take the long-endorsed linear lesson plan (I do, we do, you do) and flip it, allowing students to engage with learning from the beginning, not waiting for gradual release. This book places student learning at the center of lesson design, allowing student proficiency to drive instruction and learning to flourish."

Matt Lersch, academy principal of science and technology, South Mountain High School, Arizona

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