Psychology For Dummies

Psychology For Dummies

by Adam Cash

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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Find out what makes you—and everyone else—tick

Psychology For Dummies takes you on the challenging and thrilling adventure into the astonishing science of why we do the things we do. Along the way you’ll find out how psychology helps us improve our relationships, make better decisions, be more effective in our careers, and avoid stress and mental illness in difficult times.

In a friendly, jargon-free style, clinical psychologist and teacher Adam Cash uses practical examples to delve deep into the maze of the human mind: from the basic hardware, software, and "wetware" of our brains to the mysteries of consciousness and the murkier reaches of abnormal behavior. He also provides profound insights into our wants and needs, the differences between psychological approaches, and how positive psychology can help you lead the “good life” that fulfills you most.

  • Gain insights into identity and the self
  • Cope with stress and illness
  • Maintain psychological health
  • Make informed choices when seeking counseling

Whether you’re new to the unconscious or an established devotee of Freud and pharmacology, Psychology For Dummies is your essential guide to the examined life—and what can make it even more worth living!

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ISBN-13: 9781119700296
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/23/2020
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 801,386
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Adam Cash (Pomona, CA) teaches psychology at both community college and university levels. He has worked as a clinical psychologist in a wide variety of settings and currently works as a forensic psychologist with mentally disordered criminal offenders. He is also in private practice, specializing in chronic mental illness, stress and coping, and men's issues.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Psychology 5

Chapter 1: Seeing the Purpose of Psychology 7

Chapter 2: Making Sense of What People Do: Psychology Essentials 13

Part II: Picking Your Brain (And Body) 31

Chapter 3: Hardware, Software, and Wetware 33

Chapter 4: Conscious Beings 51

Chapter 5: Getting Sensitive 61

Part III: Thinking and Feeling and Acting 75

Chapter 6: Thinking and Speaking 77

Chapter 7: How Does That Make You Feel? 103

Chapter 8: Barking up the Learning Tree: Dogs, Cats, and Rats 123

Part IV: Me, You, and Everything in Between 143

Chapter 9: Developing an Award-Winning Personality 145

Chapter 10: Catching the First Boat off Isolation Island 173

Chapter 11: Conforming Like a Contortionist: Social Psychology 199

Chapter 12: Growing Up with Psychology 221

Chapter 13: Modern Abnormal Psychology 241

Part V: Building a Better You 263

Chapter 14: Assessing the Problem and Testing the Psyche 265

Chapter 15: Getting Comfy on the Couch 279

Chapter 16: Changing Behavior, Changing Thinking 291

Chapter 17: Being a Person Is Tough: Client-Centered and Existential Therapies 311

Chapter 18: Stress, Illness, Growth, and Strength 325

Part VI: The Part of Tens 343

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Maintaining Psychological Health 345

Chapter 20: Ten Great Psychological Movies 351

Index 357

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