Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2

Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2


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Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2 by Prem Kumar

Based on the Fourth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing, this volume brings together scientists wor king in the interdisciplinary fields of quantum communication science and technology. In contrast to the previous conferences in this series , which were mainly theoretical, QCH '98 devoted more attention to the experimental aspects. Topics include quantum information theory, quan tum computing, quantum communication systems, cryptography, new quantu m effects and their experiments, generation and detection of nonclassi cal light, quantum noise, stochastic processes and filtering, and quan tum measurement theory.

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ISBN-13: 9781475786750
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 03/28/2013
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 534
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Part I: Quantum Information and Quantum Communication. Quantum Robots Plus Environment; P. Benioff. Just Two Nonorthogonal Quantum States; C.A. Fuchs. On Maximum Mutual Information without Coding; M. Osaki, et al. Aspects of Quantum Information Compression for Pure States; R. Jozsa. Group Covariant Signals in Quantum Information Theory; T.S. Usuda, I. Takumi. Optimization of A Symmetric Quantum Channel and its Optical Realization Scheme; M. Sasaki, et al. Manipulation of Entangled States for Quantum Information Processing; S. Bose, et al. Decoherence Control in Quantum Information Processing: Simple Models; L. Viola, S. Lloyd. Entanglement of Formation; W.K. Wootters. Sending Quantum Information with Gaussian States; A.S. Holevo. Quantum Communication with Imperfect Means: Entanglement Purification and the Quantum Repeater; G. Giedke, et al. On Quantum Channel Capacity for Squeezed States; M. Sohma, et al. Asymptotic Quantum Estimation Theory for the Thermal States Family; M. Hayashi. The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Consistent Estimator, Berry-Uhlmann's Curvature, and Quantum Information Geometry; K. Matsumoto. Optimal Signal-To-Quantum Noise Ratio in Squeezed Displaced Number States; Y. Feng, A.I. Solomon. Part II: Quantum Measurement and Tomography. Dual Classical and Quantum Descriptions of a Measuring Apparatus; A. Peres. Generalized Measurements, Retrodiction and State Manipulation; S.M. Barnett, et al. Latest Developments in Quantum Tomography; G.M. D'Ariano. Measuring the Quantum Polarization State of Light; M.G. Raymer, et al. Measurement of Joint Photon-Number Distribution of a Twin-Beam State by Means of Optical Homodyne Tomography; M. Vasilyev, et al. Homodyning Bell's Inequality; G.M. D'Ariano, et al. Hydrodynamical Quantum State Reconstruction; L.M. Johansen. Quantum Tomography: Renormalization of Incompatible Observations; Z. Hradil, et al. Accuracy in Quantum Homodyne Tomography; G.M. D'Ariano, et al. Probing Quantum States of Rydberg Electrons by Half-Cycle Pulses; G. Albert, O. Zobay. Non-Markovian Quantum Trajectories for Open Systems; W.T. Strunz, et al. Maximally Robust Unravelings of Quantum Master Equations with Applications to the Atom Laser; H.M. Wiseman, J.A. Vaccaro. Quantum Noise and Dynamic Chaos in Opto-Electronic Laser Light Transformer; S.V. Larin, et al. Quantized Phase-Difference; J. Söderholm, et al. Relativistic Quantum Theory with a Physical State Vector and Hypothetical Laws of Reduction; B.A. Berg. Part III: Quantum Computing. Teleportation of General Quantum States, Squeezing and the Decoherence Problem in Quantum Computers; L. Accardi. Quantum Turing Machines: Local Transition, Preparation, Measurement, and Halting; M. Ozawa. A New Approach To Quantum Computation; H.P. Yuen. Hypersensitivity to Perturbation on an NMR Quantum Computer; R. Schack, T.A. Brun. Quantum Networks for Distributed Quantum Information Processing; H.J. Kimble. Quantum Phenomena of Trapped Ions; H. Walther. Progress Towards Using a Calcium Ion Trap to Perform Quantum Logic Operations; M.S. Gulley, et al. Quantum Computation with 'Hot' Trapped Ions; D.F.V. James, et al. Novel Quantum Effects in Light Scattering from Cold Trapped Atoms; A. Orlowski, et al. Preparation of Highly Excited Motional Energy Eigenstates with a Trapped Atom; S. Wallentowitz, et al. Optical Implementation of Grover's Algorithm: It's All Do

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