Quantum Measurements in Optics

Quantum Measurements in Optics

by P. Tombesi, D. F. Walls



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ISBN-13: 9780306441011
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 01/28/1992
Series: NATO Science Series: B: Physics , #28
Pages: 446
Product dimensions: 7.09(w) x 10.24(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Atomic Inferometry and Trapping: Quantum Theory of Particle Trapping by Oscillating Fields; R.J. Glauber. Quantum Measurements on Localized Particles; S. Stenholm. Quantum Measurements: PhaseSensitive BackAction on a Microscopic System; V. Bagini, et al. Cavity QED and Classical Antenna Theory; J.P. Dowling. Quantum Noise Reduction and Squeezing: Progress and Perspectives in Squeezing; E. Giacobino, et al. Time-Dependent Invariants and Nonclassical Light; V.I. Man'ko. Optical Propagation, Communication and Imaging: Direct Space Quantum Optics; I. Abram, E. Cohen. Photonic Band Structure; E. Yablonovitch. Photon Interference and Bell's Theorum: What is Two Photons? J.G. Rarity, P.R. Tapster. Quantum Cryptography and Bell's Theorum; A.K. Ekert. Twentyfive additional articles. Index.

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