Race, Racism and Social Work: Contemporary Issues and Debates

Race, Racism and Social Work: Contemporary Issues and Debates


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This volume contends that British social work education has not fully acknowledged the evolution of structural and institutionalized racism in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Tracing the ways in which racism toward Britain’s ethnic minority groups has changed, the contributors—many of them key practitioners in the field—argue that social work training should fully integrate anti-racist practices that reflect contemporary realities. In doing so, they assert the importance of social work in addressing racism toward groups including Eastern European migrants, Roma people, and asylum seekers.

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ISBN-13: 9781447307075
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication date: 02/15/2014
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Michael Lavalette is professor of social work at Liverpool Hope University. He is the editor of Radical Social Work Today and Social Work in Extremis. Laura Penketh is a senior lecturer in social work at Liverpool Hope University. She is the author of Tackling Institutional Racism

Table of Contents

Introduction: Race, Racism and Social Work - Michael Lavalette and Laura Penketh

Rethinking anti-racist social work in a neoliberal age - Gurnam Singh

The growth of xeno-racism and Islamophobia in Britain - Liz Fekete

The catalysers: 'black' professionals and the anti-racist movement - Charlotte Williams

"Same, same, but different" - Philomena Harrison and Beverley Burke

Antisemitism and anti-racist social work - Barrie Levine

Anti-Roma racism in Europe: past and recent perspectives - Špela Urh

In defence of multiculturalism? - Gareth Jenkins

Social work and Islamophobia: identity formation among second and third generation Muslim women in north-west England - Laura Penketh

Institutionalised Islamophobia and the 'Prevent' agenda: 'winning hearts and minds' or welfare as surveillance and control? - Michael Lavalette

'Street-grooming', sexual abuse and Islamophobia: an anatomy of the Rochdale abuse scandal - Judith Orr

My people? - Dave Stamp

Twenty-first century eugenics? A case study about the Merton Test - Rhetta Moran and Susan Gillett

The role of immigration policies in the exploitation of migrant care workers: an ethnographic exploration - Joe Greener

Conclusion: Race, racism and social work today: some concluding thoughts - Laura Penketh and Michael Lavalette

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Iain Ferguson

“Thegrowth of Islamaphobia over the past decade alongside the rise of anti-Roma racism and increasing attacks on the idea of multiculturalism make it vital that we revisit and reassess the role of anti-racist social work in the twenty-firstcentury. This book makes an invaluable contribution to that reassessment.”

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