Ria's Heart

Ria's Heart

by Rondamarie Wheatley


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This is a mixture of emotion and feeling as a young woman blooms into adulthood. She speaks of her sometimes heartfelt experiences. If you’re a woman, there is a poem you can relate to in this book

that will make you either smile or cry.

Poetry from the heart, speaks of personal relationships on the road of life, as a single black woman from Chicago.

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ISBN-13: 9781504386876
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/30/2017
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.11(d)

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The Meeting of Two Souls

A single rose at introduction,
Men, or Whatever You Call Them

Men, boys, males —
The Spirit of a California Man

Free spirit, free spirit is what you are,

As I sit here day after day,
The Good Ole Days
The J.C. Spirit

It took me over like a natural high.
Someone for Me

I asked God to send me someone kind and true,
Working for the City

You must live in the city is what your rules say.
Mayor Washington

A smile that takes you back home,
My Buddy

We came such a long way.
Nigerian Love

A plant sitting in a cold clay pot, still trying to hold on, trying to get a glimpse of sunlight from an airy window, just a small thing to try and survive.

Life across the continent put a closure to your only love being young to old and laid it to rest.
So hesitant and afraid,
A Friend like You

A friend like you, something to have.
Little Walter

I liked Walter; he was really a nice kid.
If You Knew

No one knows the hurt inside Skin and flesh can make our feelings hide Laughing, joking, and talking.

You're not getting any younger an old man said The night he winked at me and tried to take me to bed He talked of his experiences and money made on his job,

Grandma, I hope you can see what I'm trying to be.
Great Boy

Poor little boy, you seem so sad and blue,
The Dream

The dream I have wanted for life Was to meet someone like you, and be your wife.
Don't walk on me, it's bad enough Hey don't litter, I've had it rough.

L ... is for lovely and loving as you are E ... is for enthusiastic and enriched with elements from afar O ... is for only one of a kind N ... is for natural like grapes from the vine A ... is for always you'll stay in my heart LEONA ... my mother and life's spark


I've done all I can do,

I wore the shoes of being a lover Then I put on the pair of being a mother Then I had to wear a pair of a man and a father And, oh, those that felt tight, the tight fit I wore on the job to provide for us as a family.
A Mother's Heart

I'm sorry you never felt that I was a good mother.
Pimping Hard

Diamond in the back, he rode with a sunroof top He always drove the scene with a gangster lean and died.

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