River Wolf

River Wolf

by Heather Long


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Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, isolated himself from his pack mates after one betrayed him. The once, easygoing Alpha has become taciturn, remote and unforgiving. His pack worries for him, but they too have suffered a devastating blow. When several members leave to join Three Rivers, the pack faces the threat of dissolution until Brett's best friend and Lone Wolf, Luc Danes returns to Hudson River accompanied by a beautiful young human-or is she? Something about the woman consumes Brett. Has Luc come home to help or to take the pack from Brett?

Colby Jensen wrapped up thousands of hours of community service working at the hospital in Maine when an injured Luc Danes rolled through the door. The impossible patient drove the nurses crazy, but when Danes offered her money no strings attached to drive him to New York, she agreed. The last thing she expected was to arrive in the small Westchester County town and to meet the craziest collection of residents-especially the devastatingly sexy Brett Dalton. Part of her wants to hit the road, the rest wants to make him smile and he keeps making excuses for her to stay.

Then she sees the wolves...and is exposed to a world she can barely imagine. When Brett discovers a secret about her, nothing will be the same again. Now she will find herself torn between a world she isn't sure she can understand and the man who has taken her heart hostage...

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ISBN-13: 9781515313618
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/24/2015
Series: Wolves of Willow Bend Series , #7
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.90(d)

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River Wolf 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
PollyBennett More than 1 year ago
I couldn't wait to read Brett's story. It was everything I was hoping for. Colby was perfect. A great addition to the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it, but wanted to see what her mom said.
CD1966 More than 1 year ago
Great story I just love Brett couldn't wait until he got his own story and Heather Long did a wonderful story.
crazy4peanutbutter More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 STARS I have to start this by saying I love this series so much. Ms. Long is a really good paranormal romance writer. She breathes life into her stories like few others can. Her worlds are vibrant, vivid, exciting, stimulating, lively and powerfully authentic feeling. You literally feel like you step into the world she has built from page one. And her characters are always strong, independent,fun, funny, capable, incredibly sexy or pretty, smart and often stubborn, opinionated, feisty, complex, multi dimensional males and females that you can't resist loving. Of course this book holds true with being every bit as good as the rest in the series has been. I loved how deeply wounded emotionally Brett is and how Colby is able to help him heal his heart and truly live again after the bitter betrayal of a pack member. The character of Luc brings humor into the story as Colby helps him to recover from his wounds after being hit by a car in wolf form. Colby is a nursing student was the only one that could calm him down when he is in the hospital and he talked her into driving him back home to his pack and best friend Brett who is the Alpha of the Hudson River pack. When Brett lays eyes on Colby sparks fly. I highly recommend this series !!! Series Reading Order: Wolf at Law (Prequel) Book 1: Wolf Bite Book 2: Caged Wolf Book 3: Wolf Claim Book 3.5: Wolf Next Door Book 4: Rogue Wolf Book 5: Bayou Wolf Book 6: Untamed Wolf Book 6.5: Wolf with Benefits Book 7: River Wolf Book 7.5: Single, Wicked Wolf (releasing in October) Book 8: Desert Wolf (releasing later in 2015) ***Gifted ARC copy*** L.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This was such a fantastic read! It was well written and I just love the world that Heather Long has created. This is the first book in this series that I have read, and although it worked well as a standalone, I can’t wait to go back and start this series from the beginning. Brett was an awesome Alpha. He’s had a bit of misfortune that centered on a betrayal in his pack and he has been hit very hard by it. He also carries the physical scars from that betrayal, a constant reminder to him that he failed to protect his pack. When Brett meets Colby there is no denying that he wants her, he just needs to find a way to keep her in town so he can have the time he needs to convince her to stay. Colby has had some bad luck in her past and has paid the price for it. Having finished serving her community service time by working in a local hospital, she knows she needs to get away and start her life over. She agrees to drive one of her patients to his home town, which will give her some extra money to start her new life…what she doesn’t anticipate is meeting Brett Dalton and being drawn into his world. Brett and Colby were just awesome together. Through Colby, Brett begins to heal emotionally and become the alpha that his pack needs. Through Brett, Colby learns to trust and learn things about herself and her past that will change her world. I loved the fact that Colby was not afraid to go toe to toe with Brett and call him out when needed, which of course led to some great reactions from his pack. I also loved watching both Brett and Colby with the pack – watching Brett reconnect with his pack and seeing Colby begin to forge relationships. There were many things going on this book, from the question of Luc’s motives by returning to the pack, the alpha challenges that Brett faces, the inter-pack dynamics, and of course the love story. The plot was well-developed and moved along at the perfect pace to have all of these things unfold seamlessly. And even though I have not read the previous books in this series, the author does a fabulous job giving enough background, history, and information to understand the dynamics at play. The writing was wonderful and the author managed to capture the personality of each of her characters in their dialogue and actions. Everything about this book was a win for me and I can’t wait to delve into the previous books in this series as well as see what is next for the Wolves of Willow Bend. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.
snoopypeach More than 1 year ago
Colby is a woman on her own, making a new life for her self after a series of bad decisions. Possessing a big heart and enough moxy to knock hard headed people in line. Brett is a damaged alpha of a pack struggling to heal. The past has changed the man he is supposed to be. Can Colby draw out the wolf and man he is destined to be? This was a riveting and exciting book. I loved the characters and the depth of the story. Colby and Brett overcome some interesting obstacles to come together and their connection is made all the more special because of them. The characters were fantastic and I can't wait to see more of them. If you are a shifter, romance or action fan then this should be right up your alley. Received a copy for an honest review.
skittlekitty More than 1 year ago
Wonderful Story! Brett, pack Alpha, has been trying to recover from a trauma and betrayal. He's isolated himself from his pack and his pack may be starting to withdraw from their Alpha. Colby is finishing her hours of community service at a hospital when she meets Brett's best friend, lone wolf Luc. Colby, wanting to start a new life anywhere else, agrees to drive Luc home. Brett is immediately intrigued by the woman and once he knows Colby is not Luc's mate, Brett tries to figure out what it is that makes her so special. With his best friend returned to the pack, and the mystery of Colby to unravel, Brett slowly becomes more involved with his pack and becomes the strong Alpha again. But Colby has to decide if she can accept Brett's secret as well as something she finds out about herself. While this is a stand alone story, Ms. Long does suggest reading "Wolf Claim" before this. I did not read any of the series until this book. It is definitely a stand alone book, but I was a bit confused about the relationship of the wolf characters at the beginning (prologue). This confusion no longer mattered when I started Chapter One. I was hooked as soon as I "met" Colby and Luc. And it just got better. Colby is a strong, intelligent heroine, more than a match for an Alpha wolf. Brett's a strong, patient Alpha, ready to stop nursing his wounds and get back to his life. The two of them together made the story full of emotion, intrigue, and laughter. And then there is Luc. Can we have more of him, please? I received an ARC for an honest review.
KristyHeinicke More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of 'River Wolf' from the author, in return for an honest review. Having just finished reading 'River Wolf' I'm feeling a little sad, that it's over... I could have kept reading Brett & Colby. 'River Wolf' is the 7th book in Heather's "Wolves of Willow Bend" series, you don't have to read this series in order to understand what's going on. Although I haven't read ALL the other books in the series, I was able to understand the connections within. But I do intend to read the rest as soon as I'm able to. Colby is almost finished with her community service in the hospital, where she meets Luc, he somehow convinces her to drive him back to his home. After hours of driving, with Luc getting worse, Colby finally arrives at the address Luc gave her. Brett helps Luc inside & is convinced to keep Colby where she will be safe.... I LOVED the interractions between Brett & Colby, Colby stand up for herself, which is something Brett rarely see's, especially with him. Heather weaved such a thrilling tale of suspense, action, passion, sassyness & love.... I found myself drawn into the story & unable to stop until I'd finished. Her heroine Colby, is not only sassy, but willing to put others before herself, especially those who need to be healed. Brett's alphaness is slowly returning all thanks to the lightness brought about by Colby, for the good of the pack & Brett. I NEED to read the series ASAP & can't wait to read what comes next in the series...
Donna_Hok79 More than 1 year ago
Starting life over Brett Dalton, Alpha of the Hudson River pack was betrayed and had been keeping himself isolated from the pack and from life. When he finds out long time friend and lone wolf, Luc was hit by a car he sends out his pack to reach out to him. Luc was almost killed and then staying in a human hospital is also killing him. His wolf wants out. But one hospital helper has kept him sane and one her last day he attains her help to drive him home. He checks out with casts on and all. Little does Colby know she’s driving Luc right into the wolfs den and right to Brett Dalton, who fascinates her. Love this story. Thought part of an ongoing series it’s still a self contained story that is well written and fun to read.
gdsnv More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Blew me away. Ms. Long always writes a good story but for me, this time? She really packed it with deep characters, deep feelings, and a deep storyline. Loved it. Brett Dalton is the Alpha who has been thru some major, major trauma. He has isolated himself and his pack is paying the price. He is trying to come back and be the best Alpha he can be, for himself and his pack. Colby Jenson is an almost-but-not-quite-done nursing student who has just completed thousands of hours of community service. It is here that she meets up with Luc Danes – former friend of our Alpha Brett and former member of his pack – who is severely injured. The story behind how Colby and Luc get Luc back to the Hudson River pack is a good one, sometimes humorous (if you aren’t the one with the injuries) and poignant and sometimes funny. And when Brett meets Colby? Sparks a-plenty! No spoilers from me but Brett and Colby are both trying to heal from horrendous backgrounds and each has secrets and issues that need to be dealt with before they can move on. I was always ready to fight for them and I cheered them on. AND I was ready to stand up for them until I remembered that they were characters in a book. Made no dif to me. Seriously, this was such a good story and I loved the main characters. Secondary ones are great, too, but my heart belongs to Brett and Colby. Ms. Long really wrote amazing characters with some new twists to shifters that I hadn’t read before. I highly recommend.
CindyB1 More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Heather Long and I am happy to have found her and read it. The author notes at the beginning of the book that this is a stand alone but is part of a series. She states that the reader may enjoy it more by reading the prior books. As I said, this was my first book of hers, not having read any of the others wasn't something that bothered me. There were enough scenes that spelled out what we, as the reader, were missing. I found her story telling to be in sync with a majority of authors, and enjoyed the book. Brett is the Alpha of the Hudson River pack. He has lost his way from betrayal. He has closed himself off from his pack and they need him back. Luc is a lone wolf who was hit by an automobile and badly hurt. He is in the hospital. He is a handful. Colby is spending her time working in the same hospital chasing down court ordered community service. She seems to be the only one that can handle Luc. When Luc finds out she is finishing her hours and planning to leave, he offers her a lot of money to drive him home. You could say sparks fly when Brett and Colby meet and maybe, with Colby around, Brett can start healing. I was given an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
A terrific addition to the series and a great start to a new arc. Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, is damaged inside and out. A wolf he trusted betrayed him and threw him into a bonfire. He has the burn scars to prove it. But the real damage is to his confidence. Who can he trust when he can trust himself. His pack is suffering right along with him. Colby Jensen has made mistakes but has done her time. She was born to help people and if anyone needs her help it is Brett and his pack. Can these two overcome their own issues long enough to help each other out and maybe find love along the way. Find out in this fast paced well written book by the fantastic Heather Long. This book takes us out of Willow Bend but their influence is felt. If you haven’t read The Wolves of Willow Bend books yet I recommend them highly but this can be read without it.
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Heather Long. Brett Dalton is the alpha of the Hudson River pack and has been in turmoil since his trusted friend betrayed him and killed some of his pack. Colby Jenson was doing community service work when she helped Luc Danes go to the Hudson River pack but she was only doing it to get money to move. What she found there with Brett was something she never thought possible. Can her past threaten her future and can Brett learn to trust again and become a better alpha. I loved the story line flow in the book. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. I loved the conflict inside of the character Colby it just made the story that much more entertaining to read. This book is for any paranormal romance book reader.
aries_sword More than 1 year ago
River Wolf-Wolves of Willow Bend-A thrilling suspenseful romantic story. HORRIFIC MEMORIES HAUNT THE ALPHA!!! The story features Brett Dalton, a gorgeous, strapping wolf shifter and Alpha of the Hudson River Pack; Colby Jenson, an audacious, sexy, assistant nurse; Luc Danes, a charismatic powerful wolf shifter and Brett's best friend. The cast of characters are astonishing, impressive and engaging, banter superb, spectacular story-line, potent vivid scene descriptions, pack issues, pent-up rage and emotions spiral, secrets unfold, special powers revealed, unexpected surprises, gripping suspense, camaraderie, life threatening incidents, family moments, jaw-dropping heart-throbbing pulsating romance, and a heart-melting conclusion leaving you wanting more. Spectacular fascinating fast paced well written read by a genuinely gifted author. The characters are convincing and certainly praise-worthy. Colby faces many challenges but her unwavering courage prevails; Brett finds the solace he desires and his unfading devotion shines like a beacon; and Luc gleams with well deserved pride. I found this story exhilarating and a most gratifying read. If you enjoy spine-tingling romance with thrilling suspense, this is an excellent choice for your library. In the world of shifters the possibilities are illimitable and always fascinating. {I received an arc for a thoroughly truthful review}. Without reservations I highly recommend this book.