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Saved by Grace

Saved by Grace

by Sita Bethel


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Alel is a demon, and he is good at lying. The image he wears is a lie—no one can see his wings or barbed tail, nor can they see the horns peeking from a shag of hair salted with strands of white and pale gray. Half-starved, Alel is short and gangly and has lavender freckles dusted across his nose and cheeks. Lust created him along with all other incubi and succubae for one reason—to encourage humans to sin while feeding off of their sexual energy. Anything more than carnal acts is forbidden, but Alel yearns to be kissed, to bury his face in the crook of a lover’s neck and hold them until dawn.

When he meets a human named Jackson, who’s more interested in snuggling on the couch while watching movies and making out instead of one-night stands, Alel realizes dating Jackson would leave him famished, but he can’t resist the temptation.

As their relationship builds, Alel and Jackson explore the boundaries of both sexual and romantic intimacy. The more they’re together, the more they fall in love, but Alel knows if another demon ever catches him, he’ll be dragged back to hell for breaking taboo.

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ISBN-13: 9781949909562
Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC
Publication date: 12/03/2018
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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ALEL WAS A demon, and he was good at lying. The image he wore was a lie, a specific one called a glamour that allowed him to appear to others however he wanted. His favorite human persona was teak-skinned with olive eyes and braids like so many tiny garden snakes. To any passerby, he was tall and sculpted, confident and relaxed, dangerous and mysterious, and it was all a pretty lie.

No one could see the wings or the barbed tail, nor could anyone see the horns peeking from a shag of hair salted with strands of white and pale gray. He was short, and gangly, and had lavender freckles dusted across his nose and cheeks. No one would want him as his true self, but Alel was a demon, and he was good at lying.

He stood veiled in cigarette smoke. He didn't drink; it was too hard to hold the glamour if he was drunk. Instead, Alel leaned against a wall with his arms crossed. He scanned the party crowd, searching for someone to take home for the night. Incubi were children of Lust; they fed off desire and satisfaction the way human infants survived off their mother's milk — by suckling the nourishment straight from the flesh.

He saw Naberius walking out of the throng of people with a human slung around his arm. They stumbled, both drunk and laughing. Unlike Alel, Naberius loved to drink and eat. His glamour persona was a rugged, tanned gym fanatic, but in reality, he had quite the pooch in his belly from taking lovers three or four at a time, and by the gleam in his stark blue eyes, Alel could tell he was in no mood for a single lover that night.

"Lonely?" Naberius winked, licking his lips afterward.

"Never." Alel snorted, although in truth, he was lonelier than he could bear, but no amount of onenight stands could fix the hollow space inside him.

"Well, my friend here is." Naberius pinched the human's ass. "Want to go back to my place, Al?"

Alel sized up the human. He wore thick-framed, bright-red glasses and looked candid. Alel was fond of virgins; they were bashful and responded nicely when he brushed his fingers against their skin. Alel cupped the man's face and caressed his thumb across the human's cheek.

"Do you want me to come?" Alel asked, his voice sultry and inviting because he was good at lying.

The human turned away. He blushed and nodded his head. Naberius gestured toward the door and Alel followed them. Naberius's Ferrari Lusso sat double-parked in the handicapped zone. They climbed into the car and took off at whatever speed Naberius fancied.

Alel struggled not to roll his eyes. It was all so cliché he couldn't stand it. Yet another demon with an expensive, red car — why always candy-apple red? It was like they were afraid driving a white car would somehow turn them into an angel. Yet another demon driving without any regard to the speed limit. Every demon Alel knew was the same, and he could never figure out why they thought speeding made them more evil. Speeding was illegal, but it wasn't a sin. However, no matter how many times Alel explained this, his consorts always argued with him, saying it proved they were superior to humans because they didn't have to follow human laws. They didn't have to break them, either, if they were above them, but that was an unpopular opinion, and Alel seemed to be the only one afflicted with it.

They both escorted their human meal into Naberius's apartment and straight to his bed. Without ceremony, they tugged off every scrap of clothing between the three of them and lay the human on black satin sheets — which was also cliché — why was it always red sports cars and black satin sheets? Alel wanted to scream.

"Do your thing." Naberius grinned.

Alel gazed at the human. The man's eyes were a warm hazel color. Alel caressed his cheek again. The incubus was awful at hunting and was half-starved because of it, but Alel had a strange talent for calming virgins, so Naberius often invited Alel to share meals to take advantage of his skill. It wasn't hard to seduce a shy human. Alel relished the time it took, talking to them, touching them little by little, watching and listening for nonverbal queuing and giving them what they were too nervous to vocalize. The fun of a meal came from the anticipation of the first taste, and Alel enjoyed the mouthwatering moment before feeding more so than he ever enjoyed the main course.

Alel leaned down, almost brushing his lips against the drunk, hazel-eyed human. A wicked, imaginary tug pulled his lips close to his prey's, but he never indulged the urge to kiss because kissing was an act of love and therefore forbidden to him. Teasing, on the other hand, was permitted, and teasing always made humans arch up and whimper, begging for what Alel held out of their grasp.

And they had to beg. The human had to want it. Desire was important. An incubus offered what a human already craved and guided them, gently and sweetly, away from God and toward anything else. Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Avarice, Wrath, and Pride: those sins were the parents of every demon and who the demons answered to if they failed to create discord in the world.

"Are you nervous?" Alel ran the pad of his thumb across the human's bottom lip instead of kissing him.

"A little," the human gasped, already hitching up and trying to grind their bodies together.

"Don't worry." Alel palmed the human's erection. "We're going to make you feel amazing."

He wasn't lying. The more eager the prey, the better the meal. Alel teased his lips above the human's body, enjoying the way the human's eyes lidded and how his breathing sped up the more Alel taunted him. He could have gone for hours, touching and toying with the human until he was so ready only a few strokes of Alel's hand would be enough to undo him, but Naberius didn't have the patience for it. He knelt on the bed behind Alel and rammed his cock into Alel's ass without foreplay or warning.

"Naberius!" Alel gasped, clenching on reflex.

"Couldn't help myself. You were too cute kneeling on all fours." Naberius set up a rhythm.

Alel groaned, adjusting right away to Naberius's fast speed and thick girth. He groaned and yanked at the sheets below. Remembering their prey, he collected himself and focused back on the human. Alel reached for the lube Naberius kept on hand for mortal lovers. He coated his fingers and reached between the man's legs. He only rubbed around the human's entrance, letting him adjust to the sensation. As he toyed with the human's asshole, Alel sucked hard enough on his prey's skin to leave dark red-violet reminders of the night across the man's chest. The stranger held Alel's shoulders and arched. Alel kept sucking — sucking, not kissing — until his meal was clawing at Alel's shoulders and gasping.

The human's sharp intake of breath excited Alel, and the more Naberius pounded into Alel from behind, the more Alel wanted it. Each thrust hit his prostate and made him forget everything except how good he felt. He doused his fingers with another round of lube and pressed one into the human's body. He didn't squirm or whimper at one finger, so Alel added a second, making his "supper" moan as Alel worked his fingers in and out. The human slammed his eyes shut and lolled his head from side to side.

"Grab my cock," Alel instructed, pulling his hand away.

The human shifted so he could wrap his hand around Alel's shaft.

"Good. Firm. Just like that. Now make me come."

"Don't worry, Al. You know I can last all night." Naberius laughed, tugging Alel's hair back and slamming into his ass harder.

Alel called out, relaxing and giving himself over to Naberius's whims, but he managed to angle his head toward his human despite Naberius's claws in his hair.

"But I want you to do it," he whispered to the human. "You. Touch me. Make me come."

Something changed in the human's expression, a shift from passive to active. He wanted them. Alel saw it glinting in the human's eyes, bright as hellfire. The human started stroking Alel's cock, dragging little moans from Alel's mouth with each jerk of his hand.

Alel pulled away from both of them, rolling over and situating the human on top. He rubbed lube on the human's cock until it shined and then spread his legs wide. Naberius pouted as he watched, temperamental about the switch but silent because he knew the more engaged the human, the more energy they could siphon from him.

The human held his cock as he tried to push into Alel's body. He struggled, too gentle at first, but Alel's asshole yielded, sucking in the human's hard flesh and clinging around his shaft.

"O-oh God," the human moaned.

"Good, right?" Naberius purred in the human's ear, spurred on by the mild blasphemy.

Alel caught Naberius staring at him, but the moment his gaze locked onto Naberius's, Naberius jerked away. Meanwhile, the human pulled out and slipped back in. His thrusts were shaky and inexperienced, but the energy he put out was delicious, and Alel licked his lips, savoring the flavor of lust filling his mouth. He tasted strawberry cake and thick buttercream frosting, and Alel sighed as he fed off the human's need to fuck.

"God, oh God. Shit."

He tried stroking Alel, but as the human drew close to orgasm, he forgot about Alel's cock and sped up, lost in his own pleasure.

It was delicious. It'd been so long since Alel last ate that any scrap of food was delicious.

"Fuck ... fuck ..." the human sped up, hips moving in quick jerks. "Jesus Christ!" He threw his head back and screamed as he came.

Naberius grabbed the human and pulled him close, shoving in. The human moaned, sweat dripping down his temples. Alel smiled at the way the human's hair matted to his forehead and the way he wrinkled his face. He never tired of watching his lover's' faces as they forgot their lives and forfeited to the moment. Naberius didn't last long, going quick and hard and then hissing and dropping to his mattress.

His chest expanded and collapsed, and his eyes stayed closed. Alel knew he wouldn't receive satisfaction from Naberius. The other demon was fed and sexually satisfied; he didn't care about what Alel and the human did for the rest of the night. The human gave Alel a sheepish glance, noticing his erection standing — tall and black from the human's point of view, although in truth it was a pillar of marble and not jet.

"Touch me," Alel whispered again.

The human crawled toward him, gripping Alel's cock and stroking it once more. He was handsome, this sweat-baptized human stroking Alel's cock. Alel risked reaching up and combing his fingers through the human's hair, smiling at the soft expression his touch brought to the human's face.

"What's your name?" Alel asked.

"Don't name the food, Al," Naberius grumbled, turning on his side away from them.

"Is he still drunk?" the human asked.

"I think so." Alel laughed.

"Daniel," the human said.

"I really want to come, Daniel." Alel hummed, easing into the mattress and hitching into Daniel's hand.

"O-okay," Daniel said with a shaky breath, nervous as he stroked Alel as quickly as his wrist could move.

He'd drunk in more energy than he had in months, but he kept feeding and couldn't stop. Alel knew it might be a while until he ate again — probably the next time Naberius needed a wingman — so he wanted to take all he could get. Alel traced his fingers across Daniel's shoulders. Daniel smiled at the light touches. Alel held his breath, his orgasm welling up from inside. After a final moan, come spilled over the tip of Alel's cock onto Daniel's wrist.

Alel gave the human an appreciative hum. He muttered the human's name, holding his hand and licking the come off the human's wrist. When he finished, Daniel snuggled up beside him. Alel shot a nervous glance at Naberius, but the other incubus was snoring on his side and oblivious to them. He figured he could indulge the human. What was the harm? It made the human happy, made him prone to the idea of future meals, right? As long as Naberius didn't see, as long as no other demons saw the moment of affection, it should be all right.

Alel dozed, waking up with a start as a car backfired from the street outside Naberius's bedroom window. He slipped out from under Daniel's hold, knowing it was dangerous to linger in his embrace, and used Naberius's shower. Towel wrapped around his waist, Alel searched for his clothes among the piles scattered around the bedroom floor.

"You always sneak away afterward." Naberius kept his eyes closed as he spoke.

"There's no reason to stay." Alel slipped into his pants.


"I'm good."

"You're scrawny as fuck." Naberius opened his eyes. "Come back to bed and feed again in the morning — hell, we can wake him up for round two now if you want."

"Let him sleep." Alel wrestled into his shirt and fastened his belt. He searched the room for his shoes, forcing himself not to look at Naberius.

"Alel —"

"What? I'll grab something to snack on later. I'm fine." Alel gave Daniel one last glance.

"Stop it," Naberius growled.

"Jealous?" Alel sat beside Naberius and wiggled his feet into his socks. Naberius's fingers curled around Alel's wrist. Their gazes met again, an echo from earlier in bed only this time Naberius didn't turn away, Alel did. "Thanks for sharing dinner with me."

Alel left them both. He didn't want to be there in the morning, not even for the meal. He couldn't say goodbye. His lovers always had the same sad expression when he left, and he hated it. He should relish in it. Alel existed in the world only to give humans pain, but it left a curdled taste in his mouth. He preferred strawberry cake and fucking to sour milk and goodbyes. Learning their names made it worse. He knew better, don't name the food, but he always wanted to say it: their names.

Alel reached the bus stop, and he sat on the bench, wanting an excuse to stare at the city as it slept. The sky hovered dark but graying, in preparation for dawn. A garbage truck beeped along the street, clanging a heavy, metal dumpster as it tipped the bin upside down to unload it.

"I always catch you waiting for the sunrise." The angel sat next to Alel as if they were buddies instead of ancient foes in an eternal battle.

"Go away, Sariel."

"It's funny."

"What's funny?"

"I've never met a demon who used my name. The others use terms of blasphemy."

"I save the blasphemy for the bedroom."

"Yes, I heard. You also used their names, the human's name and Naberius's."

"It's erotic."

"Hmmm ... I guess. I wouldn't know."

Alel snuck a quick peek at Sariel. He hated looking at angels because they were beautiful. He imagined tying up the one beside him with white, silk rope and a satin blindfold. Once he had the angel helpless, he'd find out how much torment an angel could stand; rose petals against the skin, feathers along the stomach, soft fur against the thighs, an ice cube against the nipples. Alel could spend an entire night making his holy captive writhe against the bonds.

Alel jumped into the angel's lap and leaned close. He cupped the angel's chin with thumb and forefinger, tilting the angel's head up and staring into their eyes.

"Want to know? I could show you."

"You think so? You do realize angels are androgynous, don't you? There's nothing for you to fuck."

"Everyone knows that, but if you called out to God in a moment of lust, then I still win, and I don't need to make you come to ruin you." Alel grinned. "Making an angel fall would taste better than a hundred human orgasms. Custard, I think, creme brulée."

Sariel mirrored Alel's smile in his own expression. He reached up and held Alel's face. The angel brushed their noses together, and Alel's stomach looped.

"Does this mean you are coming home with me?" "Kiss me, Alel," Sariel whispered.

"W-what?" His heart rioted in his chest, and his breath evaporated in his throat. He became dizzy and shaky.

Sariel hovered his lips over Alel's. "I said kiss me. I want you to kiss me."

Alel's lips parted in anticipation. Blood pooled into his cock, and it throbbed from want. Alel pulled back, eyes squeezed shut as he turned away.

"Are you trying to get my mouth stuffed with scorpions and sewn shut? You know I can't kiss you."

"And I can't say the Lord's name in vain in a moment of passion. If you want to ruin me, why shouldn't I ruin you back?"

"Because your side is more forgiving."

Sariel's hand returned to his cheek, and he started, glancing back at the angel and wishing he hadn't because the sky was glowing orange all around them and making the holy creature even more beautiful.

"Alel, do you realize any other demon would have said no because kissing was filthy, not because they'd get punished for it?"


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