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Zoey Zalton is ready to get married and vows to choose her future husband from the men she and her sisters invite to a Halloween party. A party their father has forbidden and that she intends to have anyway. She is not his youngest, most spoiled daughter for nothing. Besides she has a plan, a plan behind the husband-finding plan her father is against. She has long had her heart set on her father’s vampire friend, Marcus. And she will get her way.

Marcus is a powerful, usually intimidating vampire, a long-time friend to Zander and his family. More like an uncle, even another father to Zander’s spirited daughters. At least that is what he keeps trying to tell himself now that he has to fight a growing attraction to the youngest daughter, Zoey. He’s too old for her. He has a dark soul, many fear him. The brat doesn’t care about any of that. She laughs at his fierce scowls, teases him, flirts outrageously with him, and keeps insisting that he come to her ridiculous party. What she needs is her pretty little butt burned! And he is the vampire to do it. But touching her might be more than he can bear…

Control freak Kelly is determined to make Terror House the best haunted house the town has ever seen. But her attention to detail is causing frustration among the actors hired to play the zombies, werewolves and vampires. Their overtime is adding to the overhead on the project and Kelly's boyfriend Craig knows there's only one way to bring his Type A girlfriend back into proper focus - a hard, over-the-knee spanking guaranteed to lovingly scare her straight.

After being captured by slavers, Astrid - a self-loathing, murderous little witch is sold to the local lord. Unlike most of his parochial subjects, worldly-wise Lord Jermaine is able to see past Astrid's rough and slightly singed exterior to the brat in dire need of a spanking that lurks underneath. But will he be able to tame her before she executes her deadly escape plan? Or will a hot bottom not be nearly enough to keep her from the waiting pyre?

An established spinster, Emily, can’t deal with her friend’s betrayal… She’d let her friend dress her up to grab a boy’s attention, and Emily still ended up alone, and her friend ended up with the object of her affections. After racing back home, Emily gets in a car accident, leaving her in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone signal and high heel shoes.

She’s amazed her night can get any worse when a pack of goblins preparing their All Hallows Eve celebrations find her and try to make her their night’s entertainment… Will she find horror like she’s never known? Or will she be rescued from a hero she couldn’t have imagined… One who knows how to apply a firm hand to her backside, and how to send pleasure to her very core…

Amish Katy finally gave in to temptation and went with her Englisher friends to pull some Halloween pranks. They decided it would be funny to decorate the yard of an elderly Amish woman who was always running to the Bishop with gossip. Katy felt it would be funny, but when morning came and she learned how upset the woman was, Katy felt guilty. She hoped that no one had seen her, but that wasn’t the case, and her Daed sent her to the woodshed to await punishment. Even worse, the Bishop told Katy that he didn’t feel she was ready to take the Baptism classes that would make her a member, and were required if she wanted to marry Jacob as planned. Jacob pleaded with the Bishop to give Katy a second chance, and the Bishop reluctantly agreed, provided Katy was punished, and behaved impeccably for the next several months until the classes started. Jacob promised to look after Katy, and her Daed told him that he was the one to deal with Katy’s punishment, in spite of Katy’s innocence.

Stacey is actually has been a belly dancer, so going to a party on Halloween dressed like one doesn't seem like too far of a stretch… That is until she meets a hunky man dressed like a pirate who wants to see her moves. They had been flirting, anyway, so why the jitters? Her body wants him, but her brain seems to be screwing up her game-plan at every turn.

But then when people at the party start spanking each other, the pirate recognizes that they could steal Stacey's attention away… So he gives her a tit-for-tat—dancing, for a spanking. Just them… Alone. This private party might 'heat up' into something much more intense than anything going on at the party below!

Book Length: 6 stories / 35,600 words total

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