by Victoria Denault

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From the author of the Hometown Players series comes a"sexy, sassy" (Library Journal) second chance romance between a playboy hockey star and the one woman who got away.
Jude Braddock. Hockey god. That's how everyone sees him now. But when they were teenagers, Zoey knew him as the kid who didn't have enough nerve to make a move on their one and only disastrous date. Seems he doesn't have that problem anymore, though. According to the rumors, he's with a different woman every night. After a rough divorce, the last thing Zoey needs is more heartbreak. But Jude's cocky, playful attitude is mighty hard to resist.
Jude knows he isn't built for long-term relationships. But he's getting sick of women pounding on his door in the middle of the night looking for a rematch. When Zoey comes back into his life, it's like fate has given him a second chance. He'll do anything to make her happy again. Is this what love looks like? He has no idea. All he knows for sure is that this time, he's playing for keeps.
San Francisco Thunder Series:ScoreSlammedWhen It's Right Now or Never

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ISBN-13: 9781455597673
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2017
Series: San Francisco Thunder , #1
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 38,645
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Victoria Denault loves long walks on the beach, cinnamon dolce lattes and writing angst-filled romance. She lives in LA but grew up in Montreal, which is why she is fluent in English, French and hockey.

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Score 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Literally love every book written by Victoria, I can't wait for Levi and tess's story to come out. I can never put these books down and I've read them all multiple times and feel the emotions in my chest even after reading so many times!! I need more
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
When Zooey was a teenager she rebelled in all ways. The daughter of a minister, she liked to cross the line. Now, going through a hellish divorce, Zoey runs into the sisters of a childhood crush, Jude Braddock. Jude hearing about his sisters run in with Zoey, immediately flashes back to that one night… the problem is, Zoey is no longer the same girl and Jude is not the same boy. Jude is a professional hockey player and gets all of the benefits that go along with that role. Tons of one night stands have given him a rotten reputation in the news. When he finds Zoey again, he spends hours of time trying to get her into bed. However, Zoey is going through a divorce, and while she is definitely attracted to Jude she is not going to break those vows before the papers are signed. Her dedication gives the two of them time to settle down and actually get to know each other again. Jude finds himself in a new role of supporter and friend. A role that does not come very easily to him. I have to admit, I struggle with reading about sluts, whether they are male or female. Spending time in Jude’s head as he strategizes on how he wants to get Zoey in bed only annoyed me, but also being inside his head while he struggled with how to be a good friend to Zoey while she was fighting feelings of insecurity over her failed marriage, redeemed him a little. There was more to his storyline than just sex; trust issues with his teammates, sisters who were too much into his business, and his own feeling of low self esteem even though he was a pro hockey player. All of these things added to the story giving it more of a plot than he trying to sleep with Zoey, but unfortunately that was still the overriding theme. Zoey was really forgiving of all of Jude’s sexual shenanigans and in fact was kind of turned on by his aggressiveness. Totally not my thing. I found myself overlooking and skimming through all of the sexy scenes trying to find heart. I did really like Zoey’s character. The contrast between a wild teen and a conservative adult who struggled with her identity and self esteem was interesting. The Jude who helped her find herself again, I liked. I just wish that we didn’t have to dig through so much of slutty Jude to find that guy. Zoey was the girl that got away for Jude, and the fact that she still meant so much to him after all of these years was sweet. Together as a couple, they did seem to bring out the best in each other and that was why I stuck with the book. I do love sports romances and find it interesting that a lot of authors go the slutty male character route. Is that attractive to women? I guess? Maybe some women like the fantasy that a good woman can tame him? I like the fantasy of “this couple brings the best out in each other” and that’s why I gave it ❤❤❤
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
A great kick-off to a new hockey series by Victoria Denault! I enjoyed the characters and the plot a lot ... there was a slight disconnect occasionally, but overall a solid book . I look forward to more in the series! Jude Braddock is one of the "it" guys in hockey right now. They're coming off a Stanley Cup win and he should be flying high, but he's just not feeling it. Life is getting old. He's getting a little worn down on life in the fast lane with a different chick every night and living up to his player reputation. He knows he's not cut out for a relationship, but as crazy as it sounds, it's lonely out there! Real estate agent Zoey Quinlin is coming out of an unexpected and discouraging divorce when Jude steps back into her life again. She can't believe the childhood summer fling that she has never forgotten about is here in front of her .. sexy as all get out! She knows she shouldn't, but she has never been able to resist the pull that Jude seems to have on her. He's a great guy, even if he has the love 'em and leave 'em reputation these days ... and she finds herself unable to walk away. Is another heartache in her future, or will she be just what Jude needs to make him see that there's love out there for him ... love that is worth all of his devotion ... love that will last ... love that will set him free.
voraciousreaderKB More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Victoria denault and I was impressed. From the first page to the last, this story has great flow and it grabbed me and never let me go. It has wonderfully written dialogue, a delicious story, the characters feel genuine and the interactions between them are fun and flirty. I loved every minute of this charming and fun story which is told from alternating POV’s, so I always knew what the characters are thinking and feeling. Jude Braddock is a professional hockey player with the San Francisco Thunder. Everything in Jude's professional life is going well and he is excited his team has won the Stanley Cup, but things in his personal life are not going as well. Zoey Quinlin’s life is in turmoil after undergoing a messy divorce. She is starting over with a new job in residential real estate and her ex husband enjoys giving her a difficult time. She misses the carefree person she used to be. She would like to have some fun after her marriage ends and she decides Jude is the perfect person to do that with. Jude and Zoey knew each other when they were teenagers and haven't seen each other in eleven years. Jude is a womanizer and assumes he isn't meant for long term relationships, until he sees Zoey again. I enjoyed watching their relationship build slowly and realistically. I liked Jude and Zoey together. They have fun and trust each other and also have lots of chemistry. Jude stole my heart. He is sweet and vulnerable and he wants to be a better guy for Zoey but he also worries he may hurt her. I love the way Jude grows into the man he is meant to be. He helps Zoey feel more confident and Zoey helps Jude feel better about himself, too. Jude's three sisters are hilarious and add a lot of humor to the story. He and his sisters are always bantering back and forth. They love to give Jude a hard time, they constantly tease him and don't let his head get too big. SCORE is a mix of sexiness, sweetness and laughter. I was given an advanced copy of this book to write an honest review for Netgalley and Cocktails and Books.
MandyLenore More than 1 year ago
Holy crap! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this book. Victoria Denault has been on my radar and TBR for about a year now, but I never got some time in my reading schedule until now. And honestly, I could just kick myself for not making time for her sooner. Victoria's writing style is amazing. She likes to describe her writing style as a cross between Christina Lauren and Nicholas Sparks. And while I agree with that description wholeheartedly, I think she is all that and more. She reminds me a lot of Susan Elizabeth Phillips (with a dash of Tessa Bailey thrown in for that yummy, hot, steam factor!) with her world building, details, humor, and wit. I've already placed this series right next to SEP's Chicago Stars series. Yes, it's that good! So yes, the cover of this book looks like your average contemporary sports romance novel, but it ended up being so much more. The characters are deep and complex with fully fleshed out personalities, feelings, and a broad range of emotions. I found myself lingering reading the last 20 pages of this book because I wasn't ready to let go of this world and these characters. Jude, Zoey, and the gang have definitely ended up being some of my favorite characters ever. I loved the pacing in this book of how Jude and Zoey got to know each other again with the second chance that life gave them. Their slow burn romance was one of the hottest ones that I've read in awhile. I loved how even though they knew each other from when they were teenagers, they still took the time to just be with each other before taking their relationship to the next level. They built everything on their rekindled friendship. Basically this book was everything that I LOVE about romance. I can't recommend this book and author enough. I can't wait to go through her backlist and hopefully that will tide me over until SLAMMED. I cannot wait until I get that book in my hands! It's shot to the top of my most anticipated of 2017 list.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic beginning to a new series by Victoria Denault!! I really loved Jude & Zoey! They are both such awesome characters and I felt fully invested in their lives shortly after meeting them. That's the sign if really good writing. The supporting characters were also delightful and I look forward to getting to know them all better as this series progresses. This is such a sweet and sexy story of how the right person can make all the difference in love and life. The chemistry between Jude & Zoey is undeniable and molten hot!! Their sexy times are super hot, hot, hot!!! This is really a second chance for them since they knew each other when they were younger and had a connection but were never able to fully see that through back then. It brings a bigger sense of want, need and desire to the table once they do reconnect again. This story has one of my favorite epilogues in a long time! I absolutely loved it!!
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I enjoyed book, I am a follower of Ms. Denault, and I absolutely love hockey, but am not a puck bunny! The only thing that I do not like, is the manwhore thing, why, why, must we almost always have this, but anyway, you do end up liking Jude. The relationship developed between Zoey and Jude was nice, I always love to read about past crushes, who eventually get a chance because they belong together. Jude realized something was missing from him life, and Zoey was it. I loved his sisters they were hilarious, especially Dixie, can't wait to read her story next.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Jude Braddock is well known for his skills on the ice and off, and while he's pretty proud of his off ice achievements, he isn't too thrilled with his previous opponents banging on his front door wanting a round two. He's not a man built for commitments, and is quite vocal about that fact, making sure each puck bunny he takes home knows the drill, but for some reason they seem to keep forgetting that important little detail. There has only ever been one woman to peak his interest, but he was young and dumb and he let her slip away... but fortunately for him fate is giving him a second chance. The minute Zoey walks back into his life he knows that this is his chance to finally finish what they started so many years ago, but it's not going to be easy because she is going through a nasty divorce, and a relationship is definitely the last thing on her mind. Good thing Jude is the master of persuasion! No matter where life has taken her, Zoey, has always carried a little piece of Jude with her, when she was young he was her everything, then her family moved away, and she lost him. But with the help of the internet, she has watched him follow his hockey dream, and conquer every challenge put in front of him, including a long line of puck bunnies... sometimes secretly wishing she was in that line! But then she met the guy that she thought was "the one", and she gave up on that little secret wish. But when the life plan she made with her husband doesn't go as they planned, he decides their marriage is over and she is left brokenhearted and alone. Good thing fate is on her side, and puts her on the same path as her hockey playing ex. Seeing Jude again is something she never thought would happen, but now that he is back in her life she isn't ready to let him go just yet... they have unfinished business after all! I think I was pretty much sold on this one, just after seeing the cover, not only because the story was centered around a hockey player, but also because of who was at the helm. Every time I have settled down with one of Ms. Denault's reads I have been very impressed by what I have found, and I have to say Score is another winner for this very talented author. I truly enjoyed reading Jude and Zoey's story, it was, by my definition, the perfect romance story; it made me laugh, awakened my emotions, had me blushing a few times, and left me with a permanent smile on my face! If you like your fairy tales a little on the spicy side and equipped with a smooth (sometimes dirty) talking hockey player, then I HIGHLY recommend you meet Jude, he is sure to score a special place in your heart and leave you highly satisfied!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
A big man on and off the ice, Jude knows how to score. He knows what he wants and goes after it full speed ahead. Zoey is the girl that sent his teenage hormones into overdrive with her wild girl ways. Now an adult, Zoey's spirited image has been toned down by life's hard knocks and one broken heart too many. With a divorce in her review mirror and a "no bad boy" rule leading her forward, Zoey is finding her way again. Enter bad boy hockey star, Jude Braddock. Tempting, cocky and up to no good, Jude has one goal. Awaken the bad girl she's determined to hide and show her what she's been missing. I'm not a sports enthusiast and the bad boy shtick's been done before but Ms. Denault adds in a little extra heart and sex appeal and scores a goal with Score.