Seaside Serenade

Seaside Serenade

by Melissa Foster

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Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Love in Bloom series. Seaside Summers is a series of stand-alone steamy romances with beautifully flawed and fiercely loyal, alpha heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

Friendships and family abound during this fun-filled weekend of love, laughter, and happily ever afters! Spend the evening catching up with your favorite Seaside characters in this Valentine's Day celebration and fall in love with the newest Seaside couple, Brock and Cree!

What's more romantic than finding your forever love on Valentine's Day?

They say opposites attract, but for former boxing champ and gym owner Brock Garner, having the beautiful dark-haired, tattooed, combat-boot wearing pixie Cree Redmond flitting around his club has nearly driven him mad. Brock has wanted Cree since the first time he saw her, and when he learns she has the singing voice of an angel, it speaks to another part of his heart and he's unwilling to hold back any longer. But Cree's dating a burly biker and is firmly off-limits. Or so he thinks...

SEASIDE SERENADE is a novelette and part of the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom stories are filled with family, fun, and the truest, deepest love of all. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books so you never have to leave your favorite characters behind. Readers are kept up to date with engagements, weddings, and births. Visit Melissa's website for FREE Love in Bloom first-in-series, family trees, series checklists, and more.

Love in Bloom Big-Family Romance Collection:

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The Bradens (at Weston)
The Bradens (at Trusty)
The Bradens (at Peaceful Harbor)
The Bradens & Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls)
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Seaside Summers
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Harborside Nights

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BN ID: 2940161290200
Publisher: World Literary Press
Publication date: 05/15/2019
Series: Love in Bloom: Seaside Summers Series , #9
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,119
File size: 314 KB

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Melissa writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Readers adore Melissa's fun, flirty, and sinfully sexy, award-winning big-family romance collection, LOVE IN BLOOM featuring the Snow Sisters, Bradens, Remingtons, Ryders, Seaside Summer, Bayside Summers, Harborside Nights, Wild Boys and Bad Boys After Dark, Tru Blue and the Whiskeys, and the Montgomerys. Melissa's emotional journeys are always family oriented. Perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex and relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet romance with no harsh language or explicit scenes under the pen name Addison Cole.

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Seaside Serenade 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 5 months ago
Boaters92 8 months ago
We've been reading about Brock and Cree in a few of the other Melissa Foster books and I'm so glad to see them finally have their own story. Brock has always thought that Cree was already in a relationship which kept her off limits. As much as he'd like to go for Cree, he'd never encroach on someone else's territory. Cree working at the gym and asking him to give her boxing lessons just about does him in. Until he finds out he was wrong and Cree is actually single and just as attracted as he is. Then the gloves come off and the sparks fly!!! This was a short story that really packed a punch! Love catching up with everyone in Seaside!
Robindpdx 8 months ago
This was a sweet, sexy, well-written story. Cree has taken a job working for Brock, she is attracted to him but he won’t make a move. He wants to ask her out but thinks she is involved with someone else. I enjoyed their story and look forward to reading others by this author.
LMDH98 8 months ago
I have been impatiently waiting for Brock and Cree’s story and this short story does not disappoint. She is the daughter of a Dark Knight Biker with a best friend protector and he is a boxer and her boss. He mistakes her honorary protector and best guy friend as her boyfriend which with his values means hands off. Cree is a woman with many sides who you would not see as shy. Brock finds out by accident about her wonderful singing voice and he coaxes her out of her shell and onto the stage. Great addition to the Seaside Series.
tracykids4 8 months ago
This is a great story. Brock and Cree are a cute couple that have both been fighting the attraction for each other. Brock thought Cree was involved with her good friend Justin since he always drove her to work. So as far as Brock was concerned, Cree was off limits. Cree has been flirting with Brock for a while now, but Brock hasn’t caught on that she is interested in him. How long do you think it takes for Brock to take Cree back to his place once he finds out the truth of Cree’s feelings? I liked this story, and loved Brock and Cree. The reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of five is I was disappointed with the length of the story. The book was going along at a great speed, but then once Brock found out of Cree’s attraction towards him, the book was over in a flash. I was really enjoying the story but then it was over. I seen so much more happening with this couple. Maybe they will be more of Brock and Cree in another book.
charlligirl 8 months ago
This is such a sweet story. Both Cree and Brock want each other, but he believes she's taken. Typical guy wants what he can't have. Who will make the first move? Will the other be receptive? What happens in seaside, stays in seaside ...
cgarr 8 months ago
What a great short read! I'm not always a fan of short stories as they often leave you unsatisfied. But this story was different. You could feel the heat from Brock and Cree come off the page. The story was short but I enjoyed it very much. I received an advance copy for an honest review. I recommend this if you are looking for a fun quick read.
pughtwins 8 months ago
Ms. Foster gave us another quick flirt with Seaside Serenade. This is a quick easy ready but it draws you in just as much as any full length Foster story. I love how invested you feel in Brock and Cree in such a short amount of time. Brock and Cree are explosive together and without the drama, what more could you ask for?
arubaqueen 8 months ago
Short, super fast read! Great to make a quick visit to see the gang from Seaside and see Brock and Cree get together! Cree thinks Brock's not really interested and Brock thinks Cree's "taken" so when Cree decides to go for it and see if Brock is interested the chemistry is just wow! Some of the gang are shocked, some just surprised it took that long! Great read! I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
AMeyer17 8 months ago
Brock first noticed Cree at his sisters wedding. Little did he know, she also noticed him. When she starting working at his boxing ring, Brock was struggling to keep his feelings for her hidden since she apparently had a boyfriend. During one of her boxing/self defense lessons, when things started to heat up between them, she quickly ended their session. As she was getting ready to leave, he heard a song playing on her phone and realized it was her voice he was hearing. He asked her to go to open mic night at Undercover and sing for him. After a dance lesson at Jana's studio, she confides to Jenna and Bella that she wants to get the attention of a guy she's been attracted to for some time so they offer to help. Since it's Valentine's Day and she doesn't want to walk into the bar alone, she asks Justin to go with her. When Brock notices her on the arm of Justin, he heads for the bar to get a drink. Cree makes her way to him determined to get his attention. When she begins to flirt with him, he finally asks her about Justin. When she explains that he's like a big brother to her and realizes the attraction is mutual, he pulls her to him and presses his lips to her. This kiss is explosive. Once they break apart realizing where they are, he pulls her up on stage. She's terrified but when he blocks the audience and she sings along with him, their connection was made even stronger. When they leave the bar, their love affair begins full force!
Mommysuz8 8 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised when i learned Brock was getting his it's happy every after. Cree took a job at Brock's guys to get closer to him. However, Brock thought she was with someone else. That made great of limits. Until one night at the bar when he learned the truth. Seaside Serenda is a fantabulous little nugget with a HEA. He will devour it in one sitting.
SarahBethL 9 months ago
This was such a fun short read set in the Seaside series featuring Jana's brother Brock & Cree. I loved that their story took place over Valentine's Day & that they stopped tiptoeing around each other & finally got the HEA. It was fun visiting with the Seaside group again too.
Monnie777 9 months ago
This was a great short story to visit all the friends in the Love in Bloom series. This book is exactly as it says short. It is also steam, sweet and makes you smile and laugh. If you want a story to get you caught up with everyone then read this story. Also if you want to start this series this is also a great place to start. So enjoy this funny, steamy and all around heart of a book. *I received a free copy of this book via the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.
nku 9 months ago
Seaside Serenade (A Seaside Summers Short Story) (Love in Bloom: Seaside Summers #9) by Melissa Foster ...Thanks to the author and publisher for letting me preview the HOT short story of Brock and Cree they have lusted after each other for a long time and this cute and steamy story is their very HEA. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Entertaining Steamy Wonderful characters Funny Happily Ever After Easy-to-read Romantic Great world building Page-turner
Cathy_1974 9 months ago
Holy Smoking Hot ! Cree is so funny when she’s all flustered and oh my, Brock, what a yummy piece! Short story but as usual Melissa knows how to captive her readers and make them fall in love with every single one of her characters. Cree and Brock have been dancing around each other for so long that their mutual attraction is starting to burn them from the inside out. Cree’s longing seeps through her pores and I couldn’t stop yelling at her to just give in and finally just shout out her feelings ! Sinfully steamy! I hope I’ll get a glimpse of this couple again soon in another Seaside book!
AliDavies 9 months ago
This short story has a powerful punch. Brock and Cree will melt your heart. Brock is big and sexy, with a heart of gold. Cree is an angel, with the hots for her boss and when they come together, the sparks fly and it gets very hot and steamy. Cree thinks Brock isn't interested, Brock thinks her best friend is her lover. When he heard her sing, it's an excuse to spend time with her and then her finds out she is single and makes his move. Love, love, love these two, they are perfect for each other!!!
LynnB888 9 months ago
Short, sweet and oh so sexy! With a quick dash back into the Seaside Summers world, Melissa Foster brings us another delectable couple! Even though it's a short read, it's packed with alluring chemistry and a passionate beginning to a relationship. Loved it! Former boxer/gym owner Brock Garner can't stop obsessing over his latest employee. He wanted her even before she asked for a job but she's even harder to resist now that he's seeing her up close and personal day in and day out. If she wasn't already taken, she'd be his in a heartbeat! Cree Redmond is totally into Brock and she keeps coming up with ways to get close to him. She's not sure if he's just not that into her or what, but she's going to give it one last shot to get his attention on Valentine's Day!
Becky Wise 9 months ago
Seaside Serenade may be a quick read but Melissa Foster still manages to throw everything in that we love about the Seaside Summers series. So if you are familiar with this series then you are going to love Brock and Cree together. These two have been fighting the attraction for so long and you feel the sparks fly until they combust into this beautiful love. I love Cree and Brock together and the magic Melissa Foster weaves for them. Go one click this one.
KindleKat64 9 months ago
OMG this Flirt from the Seaside Summers series is as adorable and charming as it is sexy. Brock and Cree are amazing together and I love that they were both oblivious to each others’ feelings for so long. Of course if you toss in one very big misunderstanding that aided in keeping them apart, you end up with a very big It’s about time moment!! I love how the gang gets involved to make this an unforgettable weekend! And how finally, Brock and Cree make sweet, beautiful music together!
RachaelBrown 9 months ago
Seaside Serenade is the perfect addition to this series! I loved Cree and Brock's story and it was fun catching up with the other Seaside characters during this fun-filled Valentine's weekend.
NadineBookaholic 9 months ago
This NOVELETTE takes place over a two day period and it's a perfect introduction to the Seaside Summers series if you haven't read any of the books yet. Brock and Cree have been dancing, or I guess I should say boxing around one another for a while. The attraction is there and you can feel the chemistry before they even get together so what is keeping them apart? A misunderstanding! Thankfully once that is straightened out the gloves come off and it becomes a contact sport. If you haven't read any of the Seaside Summers Series yet this is the place to start, it's short and sweet and of course HOT, each of the books in the series are able to be read as a standalone and this one can be read in an hour or so, like I said the perfect introduction and a great place to start. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**