Secrets Never Die

Secrets Never Die

by Laurie Lewis

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Tallie Brown’s life has never made sense. Raised in isolation by her mother, Julia, Tallie was dragged suddenly and without explanation from one third-world outpost to another until life normalized seven years ago when Julia took a position on a mountaintop in the Pacific northwest. But when Julia unexpectedly dies, Tallie uncovers clues suggesting that Julia had a secret life. Journalistic phenom Jackson James is still recovering from the devastating mistake that flatlined his promising career. Now he’s paying the price, working as the editor of a syrupy community rag in a posh D.C. suburb. But when the very man who destroyed him drops a tantalizing lead about a potential D.C. scandal, the reporter sees his chance for redemption and sets off to chase the story. Jackson’s investigation leads him to Cutler’s Ridge, a dying Virginia coal town, and directly into the path of the mysterious and beautiful Tallie. As these two mistrustful loners follow their leads, their stories begin to intertwine until they reach an alarming conclusion – something terrible happened in Cutler’s Ridge. As they doggedly pursue the story, the town’s cold reception spirals into threats and danger, proving that there are those who will stop at nothing to keep the past hidden forever –because secrets never die.

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Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 07/01/2019
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Secrets Never Die 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Debi-Kircher 14 days ago
SECRETS NEVER DIE by Laurie Lewis 5+++++ AMAZINGLY AWESOME Stars I just don't know where to begin with this review. Laurie Lewis has sat within the top of my “favorite authors ever” list since the first book I read by her, and that has not changed and I don't think ever will. Each book is different, there is no pattern to her storylines and when I open a book that she has written I make sure I can read it in its entirety because that is what normally happens. Secrets Never Die had me all twisted up, it was a never ending roller coaster ride constantly having me speculating the next move and finally just giving up and enjoying the ride. Being completely hooked happened on like page 1 and it never let up from there. The storyline was so unique and so precise with no stones left unturned, I was left with no questions or confusion, just simply wanting more! I did not want this story to end. I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I never got confused while reading because there were so many dips and curves along the way but it just took sitting and lining everything up in my mind to keep me on track. I can not even try to sum up what happened in this book except to say that the characters were amazing. I loved some, I liked some, and I strongly disliked some and there were a few parts where they made me smile. Suspense with a good mystery is one of my favorite genres and Miss Lewis hit this one out of the park. I would love more from this town and these characters, I would love to know how the trip to Idaho turned out, but for now I'm going to go ahead and allow this story to end in my mind the way I want it to :) Highly recommend this and anything by this author. She is truly amazing and sets the bar high with every book and then meets it or beats it on the next.
TheCompulsiveReader7 4 months ago
(4.5 stars) - an intriguing & suspenseful mystery with a little romance on the side The author sets things up carefully, and we're introduced to the puzzle that is Tallie's life thru Julia's death. The story gives us pieces as we go, gradually leading us to the answers. BUT we're given details in a rather natural way & from different perspectives, so it can be a little confusing as things are not necessarily in chronological order, in addition to seeing pieces from different sides of the story & the inconsistencies that come with that. So even as we figure out parts, it's still not fully clear what exactly happened until the finale. It's both frustrating and clever, lol. There are elements of the final answer that I'm still not sure I'm satisfied with, but I'm so impressed with how well done the mystery was that I can't bring myself to cavil over it. *Clean romance level: sweet kisses *Religion: some general references to God & belief, but very minor
SSTALEY 5 months ago
Wow! I liked this story. This novel is a well-crafted puzzle of clues that you piece together chapter by chapter. I stayed up WAY too late reading it but I could not stop. I truly enjoyed trying to figure out all of the secrets that were hidden in the small town of Cutler's Ridge. Tallie Brown was a hard character to get to know at first, but I understood why she acted the way she did considering her upbringing. Soon, you are in her corner hoping she finds all of the answers she's looking for. Jackson James was a lot easier to understand and relate to and you can't but feel sad for him and his past mistakes. It was interesting to see how their relationship developed. Together they actually made a pretty good team. Cutler's Ridge had a very unique group of people that lived there. It truly showed what it's like living in a small town, accompanied with all of the gossipings that can take place. It was kind of crazy to see who held the most secrets and why. It also was shocking to see how these characters were linked to Tallie and her deceased mom, Julia. Be prepared for moments of gasping out of loud amongst all of the cover-ups, blackmailing, and deaths that arise. This story is also one of redemption among tragedy and finding yourself and purpose. I hope that there is another book in the works because I'd like to read more about Tallie after this ended. This is a clean read full of adventure, mystery, and intrigue. This author is a wonderful writer and I've loved all of her books. If you love novels with a lot of twists and turns "Secrets Never Die" is one you have to read.
Anonymous 5 months ago
It took me a bit of time to get into this book. I think my biggest problem was that we didn't know anything until Tallie or Jackson figured something out, and because there was so many things they were all trying to figure out it was hard to keep track of everything. I also felt like there were a lot of characters. Everyone is introduced, and it seems like everyone even got a backstory, which I generally love, but because there were so many people it was difficult for me to keep track of who was who and why they were important. The story definitely picked up for me when Tallie and Jackson connected and started a friendship. I appreciated the twists and turns. It really does make for a great suspense novel. This one really just wasn't my cup of tea, however. And honestly, it might have been that I just wasn't in the mood to read it, I'm not sure. It was well written, but it just wasn't quite for me.
WishEnd 5 months ago
SECRETS NEVER DIE is one of those stories that starts with questions and then takes you on a goose chase as the heroine tries to find answers in a small town where no one wants to help her. The suspense gradually builds to a climatic ending. Suspense readers will find much to enjoy about this story. Tallie is one of those characters easy to relate to on a lot of levels, but also a little removed due to her upbringing. She's very intelligent, beautiful, and talented, but socially inept and somewhat unmoored. He mother has left her with so many questions and on unsteady feet as she tries to piece together what she is supposed to find. I would have liked her character to be a little more steady as I felt she was sometimes on the brink of being unstable, but I also got why she was the way she was. Jackson is also really easy to relate to and is a great character. I enjoyed seeing things through his journalist eye as he tries to figure out what is going on. It is interesting seeing how their friendship develops, as well as a few others they meet, and how there is just a hint of romance (not enough to really call this romantic suspense). As a reader, you constantly following bread crumbs that seem to lead nowhere, building frustration for trying to figure out what happened that coincides with the climax of this story. The feeling of unease is always present. Everyone is a suspect. You're never quite sure where it all is going and what will happen in the end. There are all these pieces that need to be put together. I appreciated that the author never just gives the answers until the end, that you only know what the characters know. As noted previously, it can be frustrating as you're strung along. I did want a little more danger and a more complex plot in places. The ending had a few holes that didn't work for me, but otherwise, it was well done. In the end, was it what I wished for? I enjoyed reading this! It's a slowly-building suspense full of clues that readers try to make sense of right along with the main characters. It's gripping in places, emotional in others, and ends sweetly once the truth comes out. Recommended to suspense readers. Content: Some violence applicable to the story, but would consider this clean. Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.
boss421a 5 months ago
I was swept into the story right away and it kept my attention for the first handful of chapters, but once Tallie got to Cutler's Ridge, the story started to lag a little. There were so many unanswered questions and I felt like I was constantly missing half of the story because of it. Thankfully, the story picked up steam later on and I became more invested in it. Sadly, I just didn't feel that much of a connection with any of the characters. I'm not sure why, maybe they just needed a bit more development. The ending played out well and I liked the twist near the end, but I couldn't wrap my mind around the reason for all the secrets and subterfuge. Maybe I just didn't understand the explanation, but it really didn't seem like that event was enough to cause everything that happened in the story. (Ok, it's really hard to get my point across while not giving out any spoilers!) All that being said, I would still read more from this author.
I_love_books 5 months ago
3.5 Stars Secrets Never Die was a quite intriguing. I really didn't know what to expect from this unknown-to-me author, but Laurie Lewis did a great job of creating a story and characters that kept me wanting to turn each page. Tallie's upbringing was pretty sad. Her mother was very emotionally disconnected. She taught Tallie many skills, but the most important thing (love) was something Tallie never felt. I wasn't really sure what to think about Jackson initially, but he grew on me. Cutler's Ridge was a town that I wouldn't want to spend time in. The people came off as a bit crazy, and so many were full of secrets. I really had no idea how everything was going to tie together, and there were lots unforeseen of twists and turns-perfect for a suspense novel. This was a fast, clean read. I would read more from this author.
booksaresanity 5 months ago
From page one I was hooked and could not put this book down! The action and mystery started from the beginning and didn't stop until the very end. Tallie's life was a mystery I kept trying to unravel...the more I learned, the more I thought I might never figure out what had happened! So many questions and the answers were just within her grasp, if she could put all of the clues together. With the help of Jackson, it seems that they just might find the answers they both are seeking. When I finished this book, I felt like I had just gotten off a roller coaster and I wanted to get back on! I am hoping that Lewis delivers a book two, because Tallie's story cannot end here!!! I highly recommend this book to any fan of mystery and suspense novels. This one is a home run! I received a copy of this book for free; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
lovingthebooks 6 months ago
This book is AMAZING and will take you on some twists and turns to find all the answers. Be prepared to be riveted to each page. Such fun writing! I loved how the ending came together. Do no miss out on this one.
mara1108 6 months ago
When Tallie Brown's mother (Julia) dies in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington Tallie finds a letter from her with two choices--"establish yourself in a new place with a new career. You can start fresh, be anything you want, with no past and no baggage." or another option, "Do you want to find answers to the questions you were afraid to ask? Start with the photo. You'll figure the rest out." A file folder with a letter and a faded photo from 21 years ago taken in Cutler's Ridge have the power to send Tallie on a journey that will bring emotional upheaval, and change her life in a way she can't possibly imagine. It's the start of a hunt for answers to questions Tallie has had most of her 22 years. Jackson James is working at a small local paper in Kensington, Maryland trying to get back on track after a devastating decision ruined his promising journalist career. A mysterious phone call from the someone he never wanted to hear from again sends him to Cutler's Ridge, where he crosses paths with Tallie Brown. For such a small, insignificant little town there are a lot of secrets. Wow!! This is my first book by this author and it was spellbinding. The mystery and suspense start in the first chapter, but the answers don't come until the last few chapters, and even when the questions are answered the suspense doesn't stop. I've never read a book with so much intrigue, where almost everyone has a secret. I'm not sure how much I can say in my review without spoiling anything, but if you enjoy suspense this is a great book. I didn't want to stop reading because I had to know how Tallie finding out the truth about her past fit in with the reason Jackson was sent to Cutler's Ridge. I NEVER would've figured it all out. WARNING: You may not want to start reading this book at night--you'll never go to sleep.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Tallie has been brought up in a most peculiar way, with the result that by age 22, she holds two masters' degrees, has lived in almost as many different places (and countries) as she is years old, has excellent shooting, tracking and other similar skills, and is utterly socially inept and isolated, having had little contact with anyone but her mother Julia - and that very limited and cold. When Julia dies suddenly, leaving dangerous secrets behind, Tallie is left with a choice: to disappear and take on a new identity as she has done so many times before, or to visit a town called Cutler's Ridge in search of answers, whatever might await her. On her arrival, the secrets do not prove easy to unearth, and a plane crash not only adds to her questions, but introduces Jackson, a young reporter in desperate need of redemption and chasing an important story connected with the plane - and maybe, it seems, with Tallie. Will they each find the answers to the secrets they are investigating? And is it really true that some secrets are best left as secrets? Wow! I took a little while to get into this, probably largely due to the nature of the story, where so much is hidden - but once I got into Tallie's story, I found it very hard to put down (though also at times impossible not to put down for a minute to think about what's going on). The writing is good, and the suspense/mystery are managed well, with information being revealed gradually but comprehensively. I really felt for almost all of the characters as they and the story unfolded/developed, but particularly (naturally) Tallie and Jackson. Tragic and yet redemptive, the book is definitely not a light read, but is clean and satisfying. Of course, though I call it satisfying, I'd still really love to see more of what Tallie makes of her life after this - a sequel? All in all, highly recommended - but read it when you have plenty of spare time, or you may find you don't get things done! Note that I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. This is my considered opinion of the book.
LGUS 7 months ago
Secrets Never Die is a mystery full of intrigue, danger, a dash of romance, action and lots of interconnecting parts. The main characters and the plot are very interesting. I couldn't put all of the pieces together to solve it and appreciated the way the author showed the solution through dialogue. If you like mysteries, I think you'll enjoy this one. It does raise the question of how much is too much to sacrifice for the greater good. I received an ARC. I chose to write a review and share my opinion.
RebeccaManeyReviews 7 months ago
"Sometimes to survive a thing we can't fix, we go blind to it." The town of Cutler's Ridge, Virginia has been re-built on secrets, secrets that somehow involve Tallie Brown. Following the abrupt death of her mother, and considering their nomadic lifestyle, Tallie decides to take on the challenge of following several subtle clues embedded in an old photograph tucked among her mother's effects. Hoping to find answers to the many questions that have plagued her through-out her entire life, Tallie arrives in what was previously a thriving coal mining town, only to discover that no one there wants her to stay. Journalist Jackson James has just been handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter . . . . maybe. Following many poor choices on his short road to fame, Jackson can only speculate whether or not redemption might be claimed by taking off to a remote Virginia town to discover answers to questions that he that barely comprehends. When he crosses paths with a reclusive blond at the scene of a tragedy, he is tempted to jump to conclusions once again; for there are just too many coincidences in the town of Cutler Ridge. It's fair to say that this book weaves one of the most intriguing webs of mystery and suspense that I have read in a very long time. However, its inherent strength might also be considered its only weakness, for the complicated plot line and numerous intersecting characters are so intense, that it will take a patient reader to "hang on for the ride". In the end, however, it was totally worth it! I received a copy of this book from the publisher. The opinions stated are entirely my own.
AFerri 7 months ago
WOW! This is a very well written book. It is full of twists and turns and keeps you turning pages to see what happens next. It has suspense, drama and action; it will keep reading way past bedtime. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Covenant Communications via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own. 2 likes
Emflynn 7 months ago
I haven't read anything by this author previously but was given a copy by the publisher. I was impressed. This was a twisting, turning journey that kept me guessing until the end. There were enough bread crumbs to start to put pieces together but it definitely didn't give too much away. I would definitely read stories by this author again. I loved that there were still some things unresolved, not unanswered, but unresolved. The book travels through the perspectives of other people and in doing that made for a richer story. I may just read some more of the mysteries in my to be read pile as this really whet my appetite for mystery and suspense.