Secrets of Success at Work: 50 Techniques to Excel

Secrets of Success at Work: 50 Techniques to Excel

by Nigel Cumberland

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The facts you need to know to win in the workplace

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ISBN-13: 9781473600263
Publisher: John Murray Press
Publication date: 06/27/2014
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 975 KB

About the Author

Nigel Cumberland is an award-winning global coach who helps leaders and teams to optimise and enhance their success in both their careers and lives. He has coached and trained at some of the world's most prestigious organisations such as the United Nations, the World Bank Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Google, Dell, LVMH, Christian Dior, Continental AG and the Dubai Government. He is also one of the elite Marshall Goldsmith approved coaches and a member of Harvard Business Review's Advisory Council. He is also a Freeman of the City of London and has been given the award as one of the world's top 100 leadership coaches.

Table of Contents

Introduction viii

1 Work with your dreams and passions 1

2 Know and fix your blind spots 6

3 Work with your strengths and weaknesses 11

4 Deliver on your promises and commitments 15

5 Work with trust and integrity 19

6 Work positively and have fun 24

7 Work patiently and persistently 28

8 Work smart 32

9 Work with empathy 37

10 Work with mentors 41

11 Coach and help others 46

12 Give others recognition and credit 51

13 Network and build relationships 56

14 Align with your employer's mission and vision 61

15 Understand the working culture of your employer 66

16 Understand and work with office politics 71

17 Be an ambassador for your workplace 76

18 Accept and embrace change 80

19 Always do the right thing 85

20 Work beyond your job description 90

21 Work with grace and humility 95

22 Work quickly when necessary 99

23 Reduce your stress levels 103

24 Work on your career plan 108

25 Work on your judgement and discernment 113

26 Work on your body language and presence 17

27 Be a great learner 122

28 Become an avid listener 127

29 Ask questions and be inquisitive 132

30 Be assertive and take a stand 137

31 Deal with conflict well 141

32 Work on your email-writing skills 146

33 Create excellent meetings 151

34 Learn to accept 156

35 Manage your time well 160

36 Be creative and innovative 164

37 Be a skilled decision-maker 169

38 Work on your selling and presentation skills 174

39 Work well with your colleagues in teams 179

40 Work well with your boss 184

41 Work well with your own staff 189

42 Value diversity in all its forms 194

43 Actively seek feedback 199

44 Always manage your emotions 203

45 Have the courage to risk failing 212

46 Be resilient and do not give up 217

47 Build your own unique brand 217

48 Get a life outside work 222

49 Guide others on their career journeys 226

50 Leave a legacy in your workplace 231

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