Served Cold

Served Cold

by Marie Harte


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Served Cold by Marie Harte

Ann Weaver knows getting ditched by Jack Bloom back in high school was for the best. He may have been her first, but she's twenty-nine now and way over him. When a night out with friends-and a couple of glasses of wine-starts them all talking about regrets, Ann decides it's time to confront the past. Luckily, hers has recently moved back to town, and he looks just as good as ever.

There's something different about Jack, though. He's funny, kind, and amazing in bed-but he's also sweeter than she remembers. Soon Ann starts to forget she's in it for revenge.

Jack is older and wiser now, and he's ready to do whatever it takes for a chance at a future with very grown-up, gorgeous Ann. But once Jack learns about her motive for rekindling their romance, he has to decide if love can push through the lie.

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ISBN-13: 9781979374750
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2017
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 453,488
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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Bend, Oregon

"Ms. Weaver? Andrew keeps poking me."

"But he started it!" Andrew protested.

"Nuh uh. Josh saw you."

Josh confirmed Andrew had started it, as did a few other students.

Ann drew in a deep breath, counted to five, then slowly let it out. A glance at the clock showed another ten minutes until school let out for the week.

She gave the young troublemaker her stern face. "Andrew."

All it took was his name. He burst into tears and started stammering apologies. If only they were all so easy to manage. She broke apart two more squabbling seven-year-olds before returning to Andrew.

God, what a long week. I need a drink.

After calming him down, she restored order to the class. For once, it took little effort to get them to clean their desks before struggling into their jackets and backpacks.

"Ryan, put your jacket on." That one was always trying to sneak around in short sleeves, and with early October bringing a bite to the air, she knew his mother would appreciate him bundling up.

He smiled, showing a missing front tooth. "Yes, Ms. Weaver."

Once the scamp put on his jacket and got in line with the others, she checked the time and gave a sincere smile just as the bell rang. "Okay, guys. See you Monday."

With a cheer they left the room to their parents and bus lines, and Ann puttered around the room so she too could leave. The weekend couldn't have come at a better time. Though school had recently started, Halloween already loomed on the horizon. The kids had started chatting about costumes and candy, excited about the prospect of a parent-endorsed sugar rush.

Her phone buzzed and she read the message. She texted back a confirmation on wine night at Riley's. A professional baker, Riley always had the best goodies at her house. She was their go-to girl for gatherings since Maya could barely boil water, and Ann couldn't compete with Riley's prowess in the kitchen.

More than ready to head out, she left, talking to current and past students as she started her walk home. On her way, she saw Josh hanging out of the car waving madly. She knew he lived close by.

"Bye, Ms. Weaver!"

She smiled and waved back. Next to him she saw Laura Bloom, his grandmother, driving. Nice family ... if one could forget about Jack Bloom. Even after all this time she hated to think of him, but having his nephew in class made it difficult to pretend he didn't exist.

She put him out of her thoughts, as she routinely did these days, and finished her walk home in peace. After tidying up the small cottage she'd been lucky enough to purchase, she changed into comfy clothes and read a book, wishing she'd had the funds to accompany her parents on their two month tour of Europe. Must be nice to retire, she thought, imagining her mother's fascination with touring ancient castles and her father's annoyance at managing the conversion rate of the Euro.

A few hours later, she left for Riley's with a bottle of wine, a plate of cheese and crackers and a solid attitude. She didn't even have to knock before the door opened.

"What took you so long?" Riley frowned at her, then smiled seeing the wine. "Ah. The price of admission. Welcome." She took the food and wine from Ann's hands before Ann could offer them.

"I feel so used." Ann brushed past the chef of the Terrible Trio — what friends and family had labeled them back in elementary school — and found Maya sitting on the couch, already drinking. "Am I late?"

The frown on Maya's face didn't detract from her beauty. With rich coppery skin, dark hair, and dark eyes courtesy of her mother's Native American roots, she made Ann feel like a pale frump by comparison. The blah redhead with freckles and an odd penchant for tanning — her one saving grace considering most redheads burned.

"I had a hell of a day," Maya complained. "I mean, bad with a capital B."

"Don't ask." Riley closed and locked the front door before making a beeline to the kitchen. Already the smells of freshly-baked something made Ann's whole world better.

"So what happened?" Ann smirked when she heard Riley's muffled groan.

"I'll tell you what happened," said Maya. "Some creep decided he didn't like my prices on Etsy so he started two-starring my stuff. I mean, you don't like the work, fine. But to rate me low because I charge for shipping, like everyone else? Suck it, dickhead."

"Nice mouth," Riley yelled from the kitchen.

Ann turned. "Why are you yelling? You're like four steps away." In a house with an open floor-plan. Just as cute and tiny as Ann's place, Riley's had all the charm of a fairytale cottage. Wooden floors, creamy walls, comfy furniture. And that dream kitchen where good, sugary things came to life.

"I'm yelling because she gets hard of hearing when she's drunk."

"I'm not there yet," Maya protested. "Besides, I'm not drinking because I'm angry. I'm drinking because I'm hungry. Where the hell are my cookies?"

"Cookies and wine. Yum." The combination clearly indicated the trio's lack of sophistication. Just the way they liked it.

Ann settled beside Maya on the couch and watched Riley work. She looked more like a model than an actual baker, with cocoa skin, bright brown eyes, straight black hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a face that could have made millions in advertising.

Tonight, Ann felt uglier than usual around her friends. She sighed. "Geez, Riley. Do you ever sweat?"

"You want my bodily fluids in your food? Really?"

Maya grimaced. "Christ. I'm drinking here. Do you mind?"

Riley snorted. "Whatever. Just make sure you use a coaster."

"Yes, Mein Fuhrer."

Riley flipped her off with a dough-covered finger.

Apparently done riling the cook, Maya tugged Ann to face her. "So, my day might have been bad, but yours is gonna get a whole lot worse. Get some wine in you."

Dreading the bad news Maya looked all too gleeful to share, Ann fetched herself a glass and sat back down. "Go ahead. Shoot."

"Drink first," Riley ordered from the kitchen. "You'll thank me later."

"So you know too?" Ann took a sip and eased into the couch. Better to be relaxed when getting hit by a mental two-by-four, in her opinion.

Maya blew out a heavy breath and announced, "Jack's back."

Ann faltered a moment, then took another sip. A big one. "Jack Bloom?" As if Ann cared about any other jack-off. She mentally high-fived herself for the pun.

Maya regarded her with concern. "You okay?"

"I teach his nephew. I expected to hear about him at some point from his family. I mean, Josh is in my class." She shrugged, trying to appear casual. "So he's back in town visiting?"

"Back in town to stay, or so the rumor mill is spinning." Maya finished off her wine, then started on the cheese plate.

"How do you eat so much and stay skinny?"

Maya shrugged. "Bad genes."

They chuckled. It was no secret Maya had issues with her long deceased mother. Old wounds took a long time to heal, a lot like Ann's emotional quagmire anytime she thought about Jack Bloom. "He's back."

"That's what I said." Maya watched her. "So?"

"So what?"

"So vent a little. Remind us all again what a stupid, lousy creep he was for breaking your tender heart at sixteen."

"Seventeen. And we've been through this too many times to count."

"Come on. He's a loser and a shithead for getting you pregnant and dumping you in the same breath. For choosing Selena Thorpe of all people, a girl with breasts bigger than a pair of Goodyear Blimps." Maya was on a roll. "For taking back his ring when he had the nerve to —"

Riley cut in from the kitchen, "Let's be fair. Ann didn't even know she was pregnant before suddenly she wasn't. A blessing in disguise, I'm thinking. And it's not like he dumped her because he found out. He never knew."

Jack had never known about it, and she planned to keep it that way. A senior in high school planning to go to college, she hadn't even thought about having a child. That nature had decided she wasn't ready helped ease the grief she'd had over the incident. It still didn't seem quite real, as if the experience had happened to someone else long ago. A faint memory, a bittersweet relief.

"But he ruined you."

Ann frowned. "You know, Maya, you don't have to be so dramatic about everything."

"Yeah, right," Riley added. "Drama's her middle name."

"Fine. 'Ruined' might be harsh. But the way he dumped you for that bitch Selena was just wrong, any way you look at it." She held up her glass.

Ann clinked it with her own. "Well, that's true. But my cousin told me that Selena's on her third marriage, so karma's on a roll."

"I love karma." Maya smiled. "Still, you need to get prepared to face that jerk. And let's be honest. He might not have ruined you, but you sure don't trust guys the way you used to. Not enough to date for more than a few weeks before you dump them. That all goes back to Jack."

"Not true."

Riley joined them with a plate of cookies. "I have to agree with Maya on this one. Not all guys are selfish idiots with the compassion of radishes."

"Radishes?" Maya cocked her head.

"I'm in cooking mode. Gimme a break. Look, Ann, your parents are happy. And your dad is obviously a guy."

"No, really?" Ann deadpanned, but Riley talked over her.

"He can't be a total loser or your mom would have dumped him years ago, right?"

Maya agreed. "I love your dad. My dad's awesome, and Riley's was great too. I mean, he didn't kill her at birth and throw her back to the wolves, even though she was a scrawny, ugly thing. A lot like she is today."

Riley rolled her eyes. "Yes, I'm so thankful he didn't murder his own child because I'm so hideous." She'd lost him to cancer at a young age, but by all accounts Darius Hewitt had been an amazing man. "The point, Ann, is that you've let what Jack did mess you up when it comes to dating."

"Oh, and you're any better? How's your love life?"

Maya snickered. "Try nonexistent. Say what you want about me, but when I want sex, I get it."

"Sure you do, Miss Ass," Riley mocked.


"Please. This baby got back." Riley smiled and bit off the head of a sugar cookie man.

"You guys are terrible for my ego, you know that? After a week of dealing with hyperactive children, I'm told that I'm scared of men and made super- aware that I'm the only one of us that has no ass." Ann drank more wine.

"Ann, get real. You're petite and hot. All the guys are after you." Maya helped herself to a cookie and bit the man's legs off. "I love these."

"You're welcome." Riley turned back to Ann. "She's right. You could date, you just choose not to."

"I'm selective. That's not a bad trait." She pointedly glanced at Maya — the polar opposite of selective — who ignored her.

"So what's the plan?" Riley asked. "How are you going to handle Jack?"

"I'll handle him just fine. Don't worry about me. But you? I saw Anson yesterday." A blunt effort to change the subject, and it worked.

Riley's eyes burned. "That hack? I thought he lived in Portland."

"Apparently he's back. Dexter's in town too." Dexter Black, Anson's cousin.

Maya choked on her cookie, then downed some more wine to clear her throat. "What's going on? Did hell freeze over?"

Ann smiled at the happy coincidence, no longer the only one under the gun. "It seems that fate has given us back our worst enemies. Time for some do-overs, ladies. I tell you what. I'll deal with Jack, and I won't be pleasant. Aren't you guys always telling me that I'm too nice?"

They nodded.

"Not this time. How about some payback on the golden boy for treating me like crap? If he has the audacity to even try talking to me, I'll make him wish he'd never come back."

"I'll believe that when I see it," Maya said.

"Oh, you'll see it. But you two have to stand up for yourselves too. Maya, you need to deal with the one boy who got the better of you. And, Riley, maybe you can finally put your rival in his place. What do you say?"

Talking about vengeance out loud had empowered Ann. Finally, she'd get Jack out of her mind and her dreams. Confront him head on, say what she'd been dreaming about saying for years, then leave him with his proverbial tail between his legs. Oh yeah, that totally had appeal.

Maya just stared at her.


"Color me impressed. You sound a little mean, Ms. Wea-ver," she ended in a singsong voice, imitating any one of Ann's students.

"Hey, you try to deal with twenty six- and seven-year-olds all day. It turns you nasty."

"If she can do it, I can for sure." Riley rubbed her hands together and gave an evil laugh. "Anson Black, you are so going down."

"No reneging," Maya warned. "We see this through. It'll make us all stronger in the end. Confronting fears, handling the past —"

"Eating more cookies," Ann recommended, and bit right into her cookie's nether region.

"Ouch." Riley laughed and held up her own headless sugar man. "A toast to us. And may revenge be as sweet as the icing on my cakes."


Ann spent the remainder of her weekend running errands and seeing the latest thriller at the movies with her friends. She, Maya and Riley had been inseparable since the first grade, and she didn't see that changing any time soon. Through the boyfriends, the challenges, the wins and losses each had experienced, they'd been there for one another.

Now, they'd have their revenge.

She'd have hers sooner than later, it seemed, because Monday afternoon, who should arrive to pick up Josh from school? None other than Jack "The Ass" Bloom.

Her pulse raced and her whole body seemed to come alive. She could feel him looking at her through the classroom door while she pretended not to notice. She and a few mothers who'd been helping with a class project readied the kids to go home for the day.

"Ms. Weaver! Ms. Weaver! Uncle Jack is here."

She inwardly groaned but refused to turn and face his overwhelming presence until she was ready. "That's great, Josh. How nice for him to visit you at school."

"He's takin' care of me for a week. Mom and Dad are on business in San Diego."

Terrific. She'd have to see Jack before, during and after she gave him his verbal ass-whooping. Ann stood straighter. This had been a long time coming. No point in half measures.

Then again, with all the kids around, she'd probably have to delay their little talk. She had no intention of getting into anything with her students or their parents near. But if Jack tried to hang around ...

The bell rang. She told Josh he could open the door, and the students filed out.

To her chagrin, the room emptied in no time and nobody came in, leaving her pumped up for a confrontation that didn't happen. Feeling let down, she grabbed her coat and shoulder bag and headed home. Her heart raced when she saw Josh sitting in a car in front of her house. The boy must have told his uncle where she lived since he passed it every day going home.

Be calm. Be cool. She slowed her pace and reached the car at the same time Jack got out. Good Lord. He'd gotten even better looking in the twelve years since she'd last seen him. Proof positive that life was not fair.

He still towered over her at more than six feet to her five-four. Short brown hair framed a handsome face, from which his bright blue eyes blazed. Had luck been on her side, he would have gotten slovenly and out of shape. Instead, he looked muscular even under jeans and a blue sweater.

"Well, well. When Josh told me Ms. Weaver was his teacher, I was hoping it was you."

To her shock, he enveloped her in a bear hug that took her off her feet.

Familiar warmth, desire, and a need to be closer caught her off guard. She hadn't expected him to be friendly — or that she'd be so receptive.

Before she could struggle to be put down, he set her back on her feet. "Still as pretty as ever."

She felt as if she'd stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone.

"You used to know Ms. Weaver?" Josh asked through the open car window.

Jack had the nerve to slide a finger down her nose. "Know? We used to date."

His teeth were so white and straight. She wanted to punch a hole through them. Instead, she forced a smile. "That was a long time ago. How are you, Jack? You look good." Amazing, to-die-for sexy, hotter than any man had a right to be. Why did you just tell him he looked good, dumbass? This is not the time to be nice. Remember what you did to the sugar cookie. Yet she didn't think she could take a bite out of his groin, even if Josh hadn't been staring at them.

"I'm good," Jack was saying. "I transferred from Washington to teach at the OSU satellite campus here. The school is transitioning to a four year program, you know."

"I read that." Great. No way he'd be jobless and move anytime soon. The state-funded project had been given the green light.

"Just the excuse I needed to come back home. I sure missed Bend." And her, by the way he seemed to stare at her. She recognized carnal hunger in that gaze.

What. The. Hell?


Excerpted from "Served Cold"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Served Cold 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story line could have been better but an ok read.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Cute, sassy and fun! I’m gonna like this series! Ann and Caleb were an item in high school until he tossed her over very publicly and in a most humiliating way. Now he’s back and after one too many glasses of wine and with the type of advice only good friends who are willing to sit next to you in jail can give, she’s going to find some closure by getting her revenge on him. Caleb has attempted to move on in life. He’s had relationships and he’s honestly tried to make them work, but no one could ever measure up to the girl he first fell in love with. Returning home, he’s determined to spend a little time with Ann and get her out of his system. If only it was that easy. The hero felt a little stilted in the beginning. His actions seemed out of character for what he had experienced a decade ago. However, once these two get together he is all for winning the woman of his dreams and his characterization smoothed out. This is a fast paced read with great secondary characters that will each be having their own books. I really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to the next one as well! This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing. Dual POV Safety – they are each with others after their separation but once reunited the hero is faithful; the heroine goes on a date with another man but nothing physical happens between them; some ow drama from back in the day No apparent triggers
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Served Cold is the start of a fun little revenge series by Marie Harte. We got 6 people that went to high school together. Ann, Riley and Maya stayed friends and continued to live in town. 12 years later and the three men who wronged them move back. In this first book, we get Ann and Jacks story. These two were the high school sweethearts that everyone thought would be together forever, until Jack dumps Ann in a very public and embarrassing way. What she doesn’t know is that others conspired to break these two up. When Jack moves back, he realizes he will never get over Ann and he’s willing to put the past behind him to get her back. Ann isn’t so forgiving and decides to get back at him. For a revenge story this actually was more light and fun. Ann is just too nice to seek revenge and she realizes she never got over Jack either. I enjoyed reading about Jack wining and dining her. For him thinking she cheated on him in high school, he isn’t holding back on her. It’s actually very sweet.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Triple trouble has arrived and the what if's are about to hit the fan. Move over Carrie Bradshaw and make room some fierce female competition. Sisterhood just got a whole lot nuclear. Served Cold is like the best road trip ever, except it happens standing still. Ann, Maya and Riley are forces of nature that are sisters of the heart with one common objective. Don't get mad, get even. Jack, Dex and Anson are about meet the new and improved triple threat and their hearts may not survive the blow. Marie Harte is phenomenal at dreaming up strong minded and over the top female characters and this time around she brings along the laughter to tempt her way into the heart.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
In high school Ann Weaver fell madly in love with Jack, thought they had a future together... then Jack ended things unexpectedly and completely humiliated her in front of everyone in the process... and it hurt like hell. She has since moved on, outgrown her teenage feelings, but a little part of her would like to exact a little revenge... if the moment presented itself. Little does she know Jack is back in town, and her wish for revenge might just be granted! Jack Bloom screwed up royally when he let Ann Weaver slip out of his life, she was everything he could have possibly wanted in a mate, but life had other plans for them. He ended things, on a very bad note, and they haven't had contact since then. Now he is headed back home to stay and he is certain that Ann will be about the last person to welcome him back into town with open arms. But he has plans for a reconciliation, and will stop at nothing to get his girl back... Served Cold is a sultry little second chance romance story that is sure to have you feeling the heat and smiling throughout! These two were quite the pair, their little reunion was filled with many moments that made me laugh, made me swoon, and made my toes curl. This was such a fun read, if your looking for a sexy read with lots of angst, pick this one up, it's sure to score some serious points!! Highly recommend! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
taisheena More than 1 year ago
Marie Harte has a great series going here. Served Cold was the first one. While they stand alone trust me you are going to want to get  them all. I can’t wait to read more.   The author writes in a delightful way and it keeps you engrossed.  I love the story of revenge enacted on someone who hurt you years ago. I enjoy the way Marie let our imaginations roam wildly before reigning things in and leaving us wanting more.  I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars ~Reviewed by ANGELA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog Ann, Maya & Riley were the not-so-popular in high school, worse, they were wronged by boys who are recently back to their small town of Bend in Oregon.  Past not easily forgotten, these girls have plans to get them back for the pain they’ve caused them. Harte starts with Ann’s story that absolutely captured my heart.  The plot was a bit predictable, but the story was excellent.  Ann’s plans obviously would backfire on her, but it was fun to see.  Jack is one not to reckon with.  He may have wronged her, but he’s also back to apologize and more than willing to earn a second chance.  Ah hell, he knew what he wanted, and he was going for it.  Ann was totally screwed from the get go. Served Cold was beautifully executed. I love Ann and Jack’s story.  It was sweet, funny a quiet a fast read.  The steam factor was hot, kinky and included lots of dirty talking.  I will never look at lettuce the same way again.  With that said, I can’t wait to read Maya and Riley’s stories. I’m hoping it’ll be just as fun and steamy. *ARC provided by publisher
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 3/4 REVIEW:   The best revenge is served cold or is it served scorching hot??   Well if you ask Ann Weaver the idea of revenge is ice cold and full of getting even against those who hurt her.  But when the plan of revenge is put into place, cold is the very last thing that she experiences.   To say that Jack Bloom will melt the block of ice that has encased Ann’s broken heart would be a huge understatement.  After finishing another one of Ms. Harte’s series (The McCauley Brothers ) I was super excited when I saw her new Best Revenge series.  Served Cold is the first book in this trilogy (I am assuming it is a trilogy because of Terrible Trio).  I am so glad that I did pick up this book.   Jack and Ann are just great!!!  I mean amazing.  They are so great together and boy howdy the sexy time is wowza!!! I loved this book.  Loved the cover.  This was one sit read for me.  I just could not tear myself away from the story.  I loved the side characters too!!  I so can not wait for the next book in this series.   If you are looking a great, quick and hot  read you really need to pick up a copy of Served Cold.   Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & Samhain Publishing  in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
The Terrible Trio are Ann, Maya & Riley & on their Wine Night, they decide to righted wrongs done to them, so what is a better way to make a certain MALES pay, with much needed REVENGE! This is Ann's story. Ann Weaver was madly in love with her man, Jack, until he cruelly broke up with her in the cafeteria with the skank, Selena, on his arm. She was devastated, just had a miscarriage, ran crying to Riley & Maya & became the joke of their school for weeks. Ann moved on, but never knew what she did wrong or have closure. So on a ladies Wine Night, when she learns that Jack is back, she drunkenly, with a little help from her friends, decides the REVENGE is hers for the taking. The plan, to make him fall again & then dump his a$$! Jack Bloom was madly in love with his Ann in high school, but learned that she slept with super athlete, Chapman. Since he was hurting, he decided to spread his hurt to Ann's world, by breaking up in their cafeteria, with the slutty Selena smiling him on. He went to college & lived his life, but he always had his Ann in the back of his mind, so when he gets a job back in his hometown, he can't wait to see his family, pit down some roots & see Ann again. Ann is an elementary teacher, loves it & sometimes hates it, but does have a pint sized problem named Josh Bloom, who is Jack's nephew, so Jack is sitting outside her home, picks her up, hugs her & calls her his Fairy Princess. Jack can't believe what a sexy pixie Fairy Goddess of HOTNESS his Ann has grown into, with her red hair & 1 pleasing package, but she is so stiff in his arms. When he asks her out, she puts her REVENGE plan into place & again with her female cheering section. On their date night, they go to his brother's house (Josh is with his crazy grandparents) for dinner, Jack gets some welcoming surprising strokes, while washing lettuce & has a very happy ending, via his sexy Angel. Ann can't believe she just got him off at the sink, but she needed some must needed control over him, but he calls her his Angel, his special name from school, & he rocks her sexual world by becomes a dominant, "take charge" lover & pushes all her buttons. What do they say about plans? Ann's plan goes haywire, when he keeps pulling her hair back HARD, pushing up against walls, caves & an occasional bed, teaches her the art of SPANKING & likes to go clothes shopping, but Jack has fallen for his Angel, HARD, & wants it all, but starts with elusive dating. Ann is not ready for commitment or losing Jack because the man knows her body & he keeps playing it to perfection. Can Ann let her REVENGE go? Will Jack ever gets Ann's heart & be his forever Angel? How will the 2 members of The Terrible Trio screw this up for Ann? I have to ask, HELLO will this 2 ever COMMUNICATE & let the past go? Is Maya next to right her wrongs with too tall, too muscle-bound & too yummy Dexter? This is my 1st romance from Ms. Harte, but she had me before the end of Chapter 1 because I am all for a little spicy & must needed REVENGE against the male population. Ann is a sweet teacher, with such an inner HO inside her, who just needed a truly firm hand, some spicy spankings, funny toys & lots of "CREAMING in her jeans" or nonexistent undies loving. Jack is a typical man & feels his manhood is threatened, but male are so clueless when it comes to females & their feeling because they have to pull on their BIG BOY PANTS & ask them. This romance kinda made me think of historical romances & misunderstanding & I personal love a good historical. The Terrible Trio are such a hoot of female bounding & support, sometimes a little too much, their BFFs thru anything & sometimes wine is required. I did burn my bra, join their sisterhood, booed Jack (except in the loving department, there I cheered him on & on) & cheered Ann on for REVENGE, but I then felt compelled to beotch slap this 2 & make them COMMUNICATE! Now my romance peeps, like talk about the STEAMINESS of this romance, it was hot, Jack used his many creative (his inner caveman & club) talents to release Ann's inner HO, not her inner bad girl because Jack left her back in the cave! I did use that funny & nifty Amazon button to email me when any Marie Harte releases are coming out because I want Maya & Riley's stories in my greedy hands! So I guess I am Ms. Harte newest fan, but don't worry Ms. Harte, I don't stalk much! Ms. Harte gets my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this masterpiece of characters embracing their very, very NAUGHTINESS side of themselves! P.S. Doesn't this cover SCREAM, "I will make you PAY!" NetGalley ARC given for honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Her eyes fluttered open, and she got up and stretched. She padded out of hee den.