Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills: International Protectors and Providers - Peacekeepers, Humanitarian Aid Workers and the Media in the Midst of Crisis

Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills: International Protectors and Providers - Peacekeepers, Humanitarian Aid Workers and the Media in the Midst of Crisis

by Yael Danieli

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Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills: International Protectors and Providers - Peacekeepers, Humanitarian Aid Workers and the Media in the Midst of Crisis by Yael Danieli

"Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills" points to a crisis facing international institutions and the media who seek to alleviate and report human suffering throughout the world. The goals of the editor are to tell the story of thousands of individuals dedicated to helping others; and to integrate issues of protection and care into all levels of planning, implementing and evaluating international intervention and action. The book identifies approaches that have proven useful and explores and suggests future directions.

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ISBN-13: 9780895032638
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/01/2001
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Dr. Yael Danieli is a clinical psychologist in private practice, a victimologist, traumatologist, and the Director of the Group Project for Holocaust Survivors and their Children, which she co-founded in 1975 in the New York City area.

Table of Contents

FOREWORD by Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations


INTRODUCTION Yael Danieli and Youssef Mahmoud Read the Introduction free now

Are You Still There?-Reply, Carlos Caseres
I Lost My Life in Kuwait, Kathleen Nader
Why We Have to Be There, Christiane Amanpour


CHAPTER 1. Peacekeepers and Peace-Builders Under Stress Sue Downie

An Ambush in Somalia Shirley N. Brownell
The Evacuation Dilemma Ian Martin
Heal-Don’t Forget Mark Quarterman

CHAPTER 2. Studies on Military Peacekeepers Jos M. P. Weerts, Wendy White, Amy B. Adler, Carl A. Castro, Gielt Algra, Inge Bramsen, Anja J. E. Dirkzwager, Henk M. van der Ploeg, Maaike de Vries, and Ad Zijlmans

Cambodia Diary Mike Daly
That Feeling of Importance and Respect Major Cheryl A. Netterfield


A Lifetime of Learning Nils Arne Kastberg

CHAPTER 3. Caring for Staff in UNHCR Srren Jessen-Petersen

Service Incurred Martin Barber
Transformed by the Front Line Yasmine Sherif

CHAPTER 4. Protecting the Protectors Catherine A. Bertini

From Wyoming to Somalia Dale Skoric
The Worst is the Loneliness Hiro Matsumura
The Engulfing Sound and the Silence Rhian Gastineau
We Cannot Allow Emotional Involvement Erika MacLean
Lunch in Afghanistan Georges Dubin

CHAPTER 5. Risk and Protection for UNICEF Field Staff Nils Arne Kastberg

CHAPTER 6. Health Workers on the Front Line Xavier Leus and Hilary Bower

CHAPTER 7. Women on the Front Lines: UNIFEM’s Work to Promote Women, Peace, and Security Noeleen Heyzer

Sex, Violence, Love, Loss, Hope: Men and Women in the Camps Speak to Us Janet Albrecht

CHAPTER 8. Supporting Staff During Crisis and on the Path to Development Omar Bakhet and Marie Dimond

Healing is an Individual Process Kathleen Cravero
What Aid Workers and Frogs Have in Common Marie Dimond

CHAPTER 9. Managing Projects on the Ground Reinhart Helmke

Humane Human Resources Management Alicia Noeli Escursell
Perseverance Despite Adversity Basil Comnas

Voices: The Manager’s Perspective Reason for Hope Shashi Tharoor
These Decisions Haunt Me Still Kathleen Cravero
Complicity with Torture: Managing Humanitarian Assistance Under
Economic Sanctions, Haiti 1992-1994 Elizabeth D. Gibbons
Watching for the Signals Paul E. Arès
Nothing Prepared Me Linda Champoux-Arès

CHAPTER 10. Stress and Mine Action Martin Barber

An Eye Witness in Cambodia Becky Jordan

CHAPTER 11. Handle With Care: A View from the Staff Counsellor’s Office Jean-Guy Morisset

Separation from Families Kim Robinson
The Story of Somebody Who Went Out to Learn About Fear . . . Petra Miczaika

CHAPTER 12. United Nations Human Rights Field Officers Ben Majekodunmi

"You and Your People Will Never Live Here Again" Milburn Line


CHAPTER 13. Eternal Vigilance Sharon Capeling-Alakija

Showing "Presence" Benny Ben Otim
Honored to Be Able to Defend, Manual Amat

CHAPTER 14. The Peace Corps Volunteer Safety Support System Michael D. O’Neill and Elizabeth Kramer


CHAPTER 15. Precious Lives Honored to Serve Kris Hurlburt

Red Crayon Janet Shriberg

CHAPTER 16. The Dangers of Aid Work Barbara Smith

An Unspoken Agreement Gerald Martone

CHAPTER 17. Psychosocial Care for Humanitarian Aid Workers: The Médecins Sans Frontières Holland Experience Piet van Gelder and Reinoud van den Berkhof

Like a Squeezed Lemon Marc Vachon

CHAPTER 18. GOAL-A Champion of the Poor Andrew Spearman

CHAPTER 19. Supporting and Equipping National and International Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations and Their Workers Alastair Ager, Erik Flapper, Tineke van Pietersom, and Winnifred Simon

Being Knowledgeable Can Help Enormously Maria Blacque-Belair

CHAPTER 20. Sustaining the Humanitarian Work Force: Increasing Violence, Increasing Vulnerability Shiela M. Platt, Milagros Bacareza, and Sonia Margallo

CHAPTER 21. Limiting the Risks and the Vulnerability of Humanitarian Aid Workers Clémentine Olivier

A Prison Without Bars C. O.
Yet Another Evacuation P. C.
An Evacuation from Sierra Leone I. A. R.

CHAPTER 22. Preventing Broken Hearts, Healing Broken Minds John Fawcett

In God’s Lap M. R.

CHAPTER 23. Local Community Capacity: The Source of Renewal Ian D. Campbell and Alison Rader

A Family Blood Feud in Kosovo Stevan Weine

CHAPTER 24. Mental Health of Humanitarian Aid Workers in Complex Emergencies Barbara Lopes Cardozo and Peter Salama


CHAPTER 25. Surviving with the Dead: Forensic Investigations in the Service of Human Rights William D. Haglund and Susannah M. Sirkin

A Voice for Victims M. Cherif Bassiouni
My Introduction to Genocide Ben Kiernan
We Must Do More B. M.
Prosecuting War Crimes Minna Schrag
Impartial Observer Drawn into Sleepless Moral Conflict Mariana Goetz
Survivors and Observers Priscilla B. Hayner


CHAPTER 26. We Have a Long Way to Go Chris Cramer

Courage Isn’t Enough: Learning from Other People’s Mistakes John Owen
Don’t Go if You Can’t Deal with the Consequences Gary Knight
How I Learned to Live with Trauma Josh Friedman
A Piece of Our Soul Elizabeth Neuffer
A Dinner by Candlelight Bill Berkeley
Photographer or Photojournalist? John Isaac
Full Circle Ron Haviv
The Chance to Cry Frank Smyth
All for the Story? Paddi Clay
Dying to Tell the Story Kathy Eldon
Working in the Third World Beryl Goldberg
Who Cares for Those Who Care? Barbara Bertoncin
Personal Armor Christine Spolar
War Children: The Highly Personal Spin Sherry Ricchiardi

CHAPTER 27. Journalists, War and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Anthony Feinstein and John Owen

CHAPTER 28. The Bridge between Sorrow and Knowledge: Journalists and Traumatic Stress Elana Newman

CHAPTER 29. Centurion: Shielding Journalists and Aid Workers Bo Mills, Paul Rees, and Gordon J. Turnbull

CHAPTER 30. The Forgotten Tribe Robert M. Frank


CHAPTER 31. Issues of Security in the United Nations System Diana Russler and Shirley N. Brownell

CHAPTER 32. Psychological Debriefing Beverley Raphael and Robert J. Ursano

CHAPTER 33. Humanitarianism at Risk: From Threatened Aid Workers to Self-Deceiving Organizations Mark Walkup

CHAPTER 34 Training for Humanitarian Assistance Kevin M. Cahill

CHAPTER 35. An Attempt at a Legal Remedy: The Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel M.-Christiane Bourloyannis-Vrailas

CHAPTER 36. A Call for an Accountability Campaign Arthur C. Helton

Some Principles of Self Healing Yael Danieli


EPILOGUE Kenzo Oshima, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Co-ordinator




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