Sixty Slavonic Folktales

Sixty Slavonic Folktales

by A.H. Wratislaw

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A charming set of folktales gathered from Bohemia to the Russian Steppes, beautifully translated by A.H. Wratislaw. A full list of contents is as follows:


Bohemian Stories
I.--Long, Broad, and Sharpsight
II.--'The Three Golden Hairs of Grandfather Allknow'
IV.--Intelligence and Luck
V.--The Jezinkas
VI.--The Wood-Lady
VII.--George With the Goat

Moravian Stories
VIII.--Godmother Death
IX.--The Four Brothers

Hungarian-Slovenish Stories
X.--The Three Lemons
XI.--The Sun-Horse
XII.--The Golden Spinster
XIII.--Are You Angry?

Upper and Lower Lusatian Stories
XIV.--Right Always Remains Right
XV.--Little Red Hood

Kashubian Story
XVI.--Cudgel, Bestir Yourself!

Polish Stories
XVII.--Prince Unexpected
XVIII.--The Spirit of a Buried Man
XIX.--The Pale Maiden
XX.--The Plague-Swarm


White Russian Stories
XXI.--The Frost, the Sun, and the Wind
XXII.--Little Rolling-Pea
XXIII.--The Wonderful Boys

Little Russian Stories (From Galicia)
XXIV.--God Knows How to Punish Man
XXV.--The Good Children
XXVI.--The Devil and the Gipsy
XXVII.--God and the Devil

Little Russian Stories (From South Russia)
XXVIII.--The Beautiful Damsel and the Wicked Old Woman
XXIX.--The Snake and the Princess
XXX.--Transformation Into a Nightingale and a Cuckoo
XXXI.--Transmigration of the Soul
XXXII.--The Wizard

Great Russian Stories
XXXIII.--The Lime-Tree
XXXIV.--Ilya of Murom and Nightingale the Robber


Bulgarian Stories
XXXV.--The Lord God as an Old Man
XXXVI.--Bulgarian Hospitality
XXXVIII.--The Golden Apples and the Nine Peahens
XXXIX.--The Language of Animals

Serbian Stories
XL.--The Lame Fox
XLI.--The Sons' Oath to Their Dying Father
XLII.--The Wonderful Hair
XLIII.--The Dragon and the Prince

Serbian Stories From Bosnia
XLV.--The Birdcatcher
XLVI.--The Two Brothers

Serbian Stories From Carniola
XLVII.--The Origin of Man
XLVIII.--God's Cock
XLIX.--Kurent the Preserver
L.--Kurent and Man
LI.--The Hundred-Leaved Rose

Croatian Stories
LII.--Kraljevitch Marko
LIII.--The Daughter of the King of the Vilas
LIV.--The Wonder-Working Lock
LV.--The She-Wolf

Illyrian-Slovenish Stories
LVII.--The Friendship of a Vila and of the Months
LVIII.--The Fisherman's Son
LIX.--The White Snake
LX.--The Vila

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