Small Town Secrets

Small Town Secrets

by Sharon Mignerey

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ISBN-13: 9781426849213
Publisher: Steeple Hill Books
Publication date: 11/01/2009
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 560,758
File size: 225 KB

About the Author

Sharon will likely tell anyone who asks that her life is so ordinary it could be used as a commercial for sleep aids. She always knew she wanted to be a writer from the time she was in second grade and discovered those sentences that had to be written to go with the spelling words could be turned into stories. Magic! She remembers vividly getting that first library card, and from then until now she's always read as much as she could. All that reading, in turn, fueled her passion for writing. Though the path to becoming published was a longer one than she'd ever anticipated, she never gave up on her dream to be a published author. After she graduated from college, she became a technical writer, and for many years wrote software documentation for computer systems. User's guides and system analysis weren't quite what she had in mind, though, and she always wrote fiction on the side. During the years she kept polishing her stories and submitting them for publication, while she and her husband raised two daughters who are now grown. One is a ballet instructor and the other is a software developer. Sharon likes to garden, but considers herself an amateur compared to her parents, whose acre yard is a showpiece. Her friends will tell you she has a gardening analogy for just about any life situation - some people compare life to football, Sharon maintains it's like a garden. Her favorite part of her yard is a water garden complete with water lilies and goldfish. She's been married to her best friend for more years than she admits to being old. When she's asked about that, she professes to be lucky - that she got it right the first time and that she can't imagine living her life with anyone else. But then she'll add that marriage is like a garden. It has to be tended and nurtured regularly; you have to focus on the blossoms, recognize and appreciate the cycles of the seasons, and get rid of the weeds so there's room for the good stuff to grow. Her constant companions are a cat and two dogs, an aging Lhasa apso that she's had for many years and a shih tzu rescued from a puppy mill. She says training the shih tzu has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences she's ever had. "He had never been around people, except in a negative way," she says. "So, he was very timid at first, and we'd had him over a month before he wagged his tail for the first time - that was a red-letter day." Sharon is part of a critique group that has been together for nearly 10 years and says its members have become her closest friends. "Publication," she says, "might never have come without their support and encouragement." Once asked what her core belief is, she answered that there are two. First, love conquers all. Second, dreams do come true...when you work diligently toward their achievement. Sharon loves to hear from her readers, who can reach her at

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Small Town Secrets 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In SMALL TOWN SECRETS, Mignerey's hero is an alcoholic x-con and her heroine is a former wild child whose family won't let go of her past. At face value, I may not have typically found myself sympathetic with the lead characters, however Mignerey does a superb job of challenging our superficial views to see beneath society's labels. Mignery gives us very human leading characters who've made mistakes but have grown as a result of those trials and through their faith in God, they overcome life and deathe obstacles as well as facing their own personal demons, tests of faith and ultimately finding the courage to love.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In 'Small Town Secrets,' Mignerey's hero is an alcoholic x-con and her heroine is a former wild-child whose family won't let go of her past. At face value, as a reader, I may not have typically found myself sympathetic with the lead characters, however, I applaud Mignerey for her superb job at challenging customary superficial views to see beneath the surface of societal labels. Mignerey creates very human and realistic characters who've made mistakes but have grown and as a result of learning from those mistakes and from their faith in God, they overcome life and death obstacles as well as conquering their own personal demons and surmounting their individual tests of faith. Ultimately they must find the courage and faith to love. Thank you, Sharon Mignerey, for sharing this unique, inspirational and exciting journey with your readers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How do you write a romance with an alcoholic hero and a heroine with a wild reputation? If that's not enough, her abusive ex-husband is a decorated cop, the town hero. Sharon Mignerey did the impossible, and she pulled it off in style. These people aren't perfect, what they are is real. You'll believe in them, love them, and rejoice as they overcome their problems. Once again, this author delivers an excellent read you'll have trouble putting down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Zach MacKenzie, a recovering alcoholic just out of prison for vehicular manslaughter, is determined, with the help of God, to remain sober and not break his parole. The last thing he wants is to be locked up again. The last thing he needs is to fall in love with his neighbor. But kind-hearted Lea Webster is being stalked by her ex- husband, so how can Zach not protect her? Lea Webster lost her baby and the ability to have any more when her alcoholic husband pushed her down a flight of stairs. That¿s when she lost her faith. Now her dream is to adopt a child, so there¿s no future with an ex-con. Still, she¿s drawn to Zach as she marvels at the peace he derives from his prayers. From him she learns to pray again. Finding beer cans in his trash planted there by Lea¿s ex, Zach struggles with temptation and through prayer chooses sobriety. But when her ex becomes violent, Zach has to break parole. Knowing he¿ll be sent back to prison, he risks everything to save Lea. I loved this book. Never have I rooted more for characters. Mignerey gives a clear picture of alcoholism in portraying the difference between an alcoholic who admits his addiction and commits to sobriety and one who does not. And underlying the entire story is the power of prayer.