Smart Cities in Application: Healthcare, Policy, and Innovation

Smart Cities in Application: Healthcare, Policy, and Innovation

by Stan McClellan (Editor)

Hardcover(1st ed. 2020)

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This book explores categories of applications and driving factors surrounding the Smart City phenomenon. The contributing authors provide perspective on the Smart Cities, covering numerous applications and classes of applications. The book uses a top-down exploration of the driving factors in Smart Cities, by including focal areas including “Smart Healthcare,” “Public Safety & Policy Issues,” and “Science, Technology, & Innovation.” Contributors have direct and substantive experience with important aspects of Smart Cities and discuss issues with technologies & standards, roadblocks to implementation, innovations that create new opportunities, and other factors relevant to emerging Smart City infrastructures.

• Features an exploration of Smart City issues and solutions from a variety of stakeholders in the evolving field
• Presents conversational, nuanced, and forward thinking perspectives on Smart Cities, their implications, limitations, obstacles, and opportunities
• Includes contributions from industry insiders who have direct, relevant experience with their respective subjects as well as positioning and corporate stature

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783030193959
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 07/15/2019
Edition description: 1st ed. 2020
Pages: 171
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Prof. Stan McClellan is the Director of the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University, where he is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and researches advanced communication & networking technologies. Dr. McClellan has held notable positions in the commercial, military/aerospace, and academic industries, including Hewlett Packard, ZNYX Networks, SBE, Inc., General Dynamics, LTV Aerospace, and Rockwell International. He served as chief technologist, chief architect, or lead engineer for several distributed real-time systems, developing technologies including real-time interactive telepathology, highly available systems for telecommunications networks, real-time flight simulators using reconnaissance imagery, and a flight-worthy digital terrain system for the AFTI/F-16 testbed aircraft. He has also served as a technology & business consultant for commercial entities including BellSouth, Motorola, Cisco, 3Com, Newbridge/Alcatel, BNR/Nortel, Network Equipment Technologies (NET), MCI/Worldcom, LSU Medical Center, and others. Most recently, Dr. McClellan was a founder and Chief Technology Officer for a startup company in the Smart Grid space, where he developed a revolutionary approach to Smart Grid systems using advanced signal processing, on-wire communications, and a sophisticated system architecture incorporating endpoint mobility, autonomous device registration, and command/control capability. As the author of numerous peer-reviewed technical publications and US/international patents, Dr. McClellan is an expert in networking and distributed system optimization, particularly for voice/video transport with quality of service constraints (QoS). He has made invited contributions to well-known references including Advances in Computers, The IEEE/CRC Electrical Engineering Handbook, and The Encyclopedias of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Table of Contents

Introduction.- Smart Healthcare.- Requirements for Mobile & Remote Healthcare.- Mobile Healthcare for Disaster Scenarios.- Remote Healthcare via “Fifth Generation”.- Wireless.- Public Safety & Policy Issues.- First Responders: Training via Technology.- Information Security: Warehousing, Distribution, & Privacy.- Public Policy, Neutrality, & Network Evolution at Light Speed.- Science, Technology, & Innovation.- 5G: The Glue that Holds the Smart City Together.- Material Science: Key to Smart City.- Development.- Augmented Reality for Training & Education.- Mobile “Green Spaces” for Remote, Containerized Agriculture.- Conclusion.

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