Social Encounters: Contributions to Social Interaction

Social Encounters: Contributions to Social Interaction

by Michael Argyle


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ISBN-13: 9780202362915
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/15/2008
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Michael Argyle (1925-2002) held the position of Reader in Social Psychology at Oxford University and was a Fellow of Woolfson College. He was the author of numerous books and papers in British and American journals, he helped found and, was joint editor of the British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. He also played an important part in the establishment of the Social Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society and served as its Secretary and Chairman.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Part 1 The Biological and Cultural Roots of Social Interaction 15

1 Primate Behavior (1968) Irven DeVore 17

2 Quantitative Research in Proxemic Behavior (1966) O. Michael Watson Theodore D. Graves 34

3 Social-Class Differences in the Relevance of Language to Socialization (1969) Basil Bernstein Dorothy Henderson 47

Part 2 The Elements of Social Behaviour 63

4 An Analysis of the Interaction of Language, Topic and Listener (1964) Susan Ervin-Tripp 65

5 Some Functions of Gaze-Direction in Social Interaction (1967) Adam Kendon 76

6 Kinesics (1968) Ray L. Birdwhistell 93

7 Inference of Attitudes from the Posture, Orientation and Distance of a Communicator (1968) Albert Mehrabian 103

Part 3 Perception of the Other during Interaction 119

8 Sensitivity to Expression of Emotional Meaning in Three Modes of Communication (1964) Michael Beldoch 121

9 Non-Verbal Leakage and Clues to Deception (1969) Paul Ekman Wallace V. Friesen 132

10 The Interpersonal Perception Method (1966) R. D. Laing H. Phillipson A. R. Lee 149

Part 4 Two-Person Interaction 161

11 Non-Verbal Reciprocation of Approval: An Experimental Analysis (1967) Howard M. Rosenfeld 163

12 Eye Contact, Distance and Affiliation (1965) Michael Argyle Janet Dean 173

13 Decentering Implications of Social Interactions (1966) Melvin Feffer Leonard Suchotliff 188

14 Relations in Public (1971) Erving Goffman 202

Part 5 Interaction in Groups and Organizations 219

15 The Equilibrium Problems in Small Groups (1953) Robert F. Bales 221

16 Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior Defined by Group Norms (1964) Muzafer Sherif Carolyn W. Sherif 237

17 Processes of Communication in FormalOrganizations (1963) Peter M. Blau W. Richard Scott 247

18 Patterns of Leadership Behavior Related to Employee Grievances and Turnover (1962) Edwin A. Fleishman Edwin F. Harris 260

19 Socio-Technical Systems (1962) F. E. Emery E. L. Trist 272

Part 6 Personality and Social Interaction 287

20 Persuasiveness and Persuasibility as Related to Intelligence and Extraversion (1965) D. W. Carment C. G. Miles V. B. Cervin 289

21 The Use of Manipulative Strategies: Machiavellianism and Attractiveness (1964) Jerome E. Singer 297

22 Sources of Variance in Responses to Questionnaires and in Behavior (1969) Rudolf H. Moos 316

Part 7 The Self and Social Interaction 329

23 Self-Conception and the Reactions of Others (1960) Richard Videbeck 331

24 Ego-Identity Status: Relationship to Change in Self-Esteem, 'General Maladjustment', and Authoritarianism (1967) James E. Marcia 340

25 Embarrassment and the Analysis of Role Requirements (1964) Edward Gross Gregor P. Stone 355

Part 8 Training in Social Skills 369

26 Changing Teacher Behavior through Feedback from Pupils: An Application of Equilibrium Theory (1963) N. L. Gage Philip J. Runkel B. B. Chatterjee 371

27 The Effects of Laboratory Education upon Individual Behavior (1965) Douglas R. Bunker 383

28 The Effects of Self-Feedback and Reinforcement on the Acquisition of a Teaching Skill (1967) Frederick J. McDonald Dwight W. Allen 395

Further Reading 408

Acknowledgements 410

Author Index 411

Subject Index 415

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