Speaking My Mind: Selected Speeches

Speaking My Mind: Selected Speeches

by Ronald Reagan


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ISBN-13: 9780743271110
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: 08/03/2004
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 607,205
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About the Author

Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States of America. He served two terms as President, from 1981 to 1989.

Table of Contents

The California Years
Remarks at the Kiwanis International Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, June 21, 195117
Televised Nationwide Address on Behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater, October 27, 196422
Eisenhower College Fund-Raiser, Washington, D.C., October 14, 196937
Robert Taylor Eulogy, Los Angeles, California, June 11, 196946
Syndicated Radio Shows51
Inaugural Address, West Front of the U.S. Capitol, January 20, 198159
Remarks at a Luncheon for Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, State Dining Room, March 27, 198167
Address to the Nation on the Economy, Oval Office, February 5, 198174
Statement on the Air Traffic Controllers' Strike, White House Rose Garden, August 3, 198184
Remarks at the Eighty-fourth Annual Dinner of the Irish American Historical Society, New York City, November 6, 198187
Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., March 20, 198193
Remarks on the Departure of the U.S. Delegation to Funeral Services for President Anwar Sadat, White House South Lawn, October 8, 1981102
Address to Members of the British Parliament, Palace of Westminster, June 8, 1982107
Eureka College Alumni Dinner, Peoria, Illinois, May 9, 1982121
Remarks at the Recommissioning of the USS New Jersey, Long Beach, California, December 28, 1982127
Annual National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, D.C., February 4, 1982135
Christmas Day Radio Address to the Nation, December 25, 1982139
Address on Central America Before a Joint Session of the Congress, April 27, 1983145
Remarks on Greeting the Finalists of the National Spelling Bee, White House Rose Garden, June 6, 1983161
Remarks on the Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, Birth, East Room of the White House, January 15, 1983163
Remarks at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals, Orlando, Florida, March 8, 1983168
Remarks on Awarding the U.S. Coast Guard Medal Posthumously to Arland D. Williams, Jr., Oval Office, June 6, 1983181
Address to the Nation on Events in Lebanon and Grenada, Oval Office, October 27, 1983184
Remarks on Accepting the GOP Presidential Nomination, Dallas, Texas, August 23, 1984199
Remarks at the U.S. Ranger Monument, Pointe du Hoc, France, June 6, 1984217
Remarks at the Normandy Invasion Ceremony, Omaha Beach, France, June 6, 1984223
Remarks to the Citizens of Ballyporeen, Ballyporeen, Ireland, June 3, 1984227
Remarks at the Al Smith Dinner, New York City, October 18, 1984231
Remarks at a Rally in Fairfield, Connecticut, October 26, 1984235
Address to the Nation on the Upcoming U.S.-Soviet Summit in Geneva, Oval Office, November 14, 1985247
Remarks at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp and Bitburg Air Base, Federal Republic of Germany, May 5, 1985256
Remarks on Presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mother Teresa, White House Rose Garden, June 20, 1985267
Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., March 1, 1985271
Remarks at the Memorial Service for Members of the 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, December 16, 1985280
Address to the Nation on the U.S. Air Strike Against Libya, Oval Office, April 14, 1986285
Address to the Nation on the Challenger Disaster, Oval Office, January 28, 1986289
Remarks at a Dinner Honoring Tip O'Neill, Washington, D.C., March 17, 1986293
Remarks at the Statue of Liberty Centennial Ceremonies, Governors Island, July 3, 1986296
Remarks on Signing the Tax Reform Act into Law, White House South Lawn, October 22, 1986301
Address to the Nation on Return from Meeting with General Secretary Gorbachev, Oval Office, October 13, 1986307
Meeting with Hostage David Jacobsen and Reporters, White House Rose Garden, November 7, 1986317
Remarks on Signing the INF Treaty, White House East Room, December 8, 1987323
Remarks at the Memorial Service for Malcolm Baldrige, The National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., July 29, 1987328
Remarks at a Ceremony Honoring Residents of Chase, Maryland, Old Executive Office Building, February 3, 1987332
Address to the Nation on the Tower Commission Report, Oval Office, March 4, 1987335
Remarks at the Memorial Service for Crew Members of the USS Stark, Jacksonville, Florida, May 22, 1987342
Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin, June 12, 1987348
Remarks at the Memorial Service for Edith Luckett Davis, St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Phoenix, Arizona, October 31, 1987357
Veterans Day Ceremony, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, November 11, 1988365
Remarks at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Washington, D.C., April 21, 1988370
Remarks and Question-and-Answer Session with Students at Moscow State University, May 31, 1988373
Remarks at a Campaign Rally for Vice President George Bush, San Diego, California, November 7, 1988393
Tribute to Mrs. Reagan, Republican National Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 15, 1988403
Farewell Address to the Nation, Oval Office, January 11, 1989409
The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan419

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