Spirituality 101: The Indispensable Guide to Keeping-or Finding-Your Spiritual Life on Campus

Spirituality 101: The Indispensable Guide to Keeping-or Finding-Your Spiritual Life on Campus

by Harriet L. Schwartz


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ISBN-13: 9781594730009
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 03/01/2004
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 2.36(w) x 3.54(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Harriet L. Schwartz has worked in higher education for more than a decade. She collaborates with students on issues of personal, academic, and professional development. Schwartz began her career as an academic advisor for a Division I men's basketball team. Currently she serves as assistant director of the Career Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, providing career and personal support to students in the performing and fine arts. Schwartz is also an active freelance writer and photographer, covering music and other aspects of pop culture for regional and national publications.

Table of Contents

1Finding Your Place: Who Do You Want to Be?1
Welcome to the Jungle3
Spirituality as Stress Management6
The Admissions Interview8
Some of My Best Friends Are ...10
First Puja and Then on to Mass15
Sick of Salad: What to Do When Campus Dining Doesn't Meet Your Needs17
A Tale of Two Roommates19
Like the One You're With: Making the Most of Life with Your New Roommate21
Looking for Help in All the Right Places28
2Reading, Writing, and Religion: Spirituality in the Classroom and Beyond31
Looking to Scripture37
When Academic Ideas and Faith Collide39
Politically Incorrect42
When Finals Fall on a Holy Day44
At the Same Table47
Singing in Different Languages50
3The Club Scene: Membership and Leadership in Campus Organizations53
Finding Fellowship55
What You Need to Know about Cultic Behaviors60
Dharma Brat62
An Orange on Our Seder Plate65
Can't Find a Spiritual Group That Works for You? Start Your Own!68
4Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll: Spirituality and Your Social Life73
Motivation on a Friday Night78
How to Have a Meaningful Social Life without Spiritual Compromise80
Freedom and Caution81
Divine Intervention83
You and Your Crush86
Hey, Baby ... What's Your Religious Belief System?90
5Turning Points: Spiritual Awakening or Crisis of Faith?97
My Truth103
Religion, Politics, and Peace of Mind after 9/11106
Fighting with God108
When Faith Fails110
The Journey of a Pilgrim112
Out of the Closet, In the Spirit116
Never Mind John Belushi, How about a Bar Mitzvah?120
6Assumptions, Intolerance, Hate, and a Hope for Something Better123
I Don't Sit in Full Lotus127
Playing Spiritual Hardball129
Peace and Pepperoni Pizza133
Shalom and Salaam136
Grassroots Organizing--Make It Happen141
7Hey, What Does That Mean? Talking with Others about Your Spirituality145
Theological Painting148
Kosher Scandinavian Goulash151
The Power of a Potluck156
Hindu at Holy Cross157
Get Out There and Learn159
Trading Traditions161
Uncomfortable and Aware164
8Significant Others: Family, Friends, and Mentors167
Family Ties173
Rooming with Mom at Church Camp175
My Sister Sophie177
Praying for an Extension: The Border between Faith and Necessity182
On Friendship and Finding God188
The Buddhist Godfather194
An Alphabet of Advice: You and Your Mentor196
9Taking it off Campus201
Walk Down to the Coffee Shop and Take a Left: Finding a Faith Community Off Campus203
My Other College Classrooms207
Faith and Leadership in Action: The Habitat Experience212
Moment after Moment: A Zen Retreat217
Things to Do in Australia #7: Getting beyond "Sorta Christian"221
10A Cap, A Gown, and A Commitment to Faith227
Nothing Is Routine230
Counting Sheep and Counting My Blessings231
Religion on the Resume236
Ready for Vocation237
Further Resources241
About SkyLight Paths255

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