by JL Merrow

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BN ID: 2940157598075
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2017
Series: Shamwell Tales , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 316
Sales rank: 416,871
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Spun! 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
V-Rundell More than 1 year ago
David Greenlake is a flamboyant gay man with a deep desire to find Mr. Right. He’s a romantic, but he always seem to get involved with men who plan to use him. His mother argues that he should look for a blazing passion, but David really only wants a cozy hearth fire. He gets mixed up with a dashing older man, Xav, at a company party, unaware the man is married…to his boss’ sister-in-law. So, he’s immediately sacked. He flees to the country, and his friend, Mark–who was once his boss and his crush. Mark and his partner Patrick live in Shamwell, and were the love story described in OUT! Mark is a decent guy, and helps David out with a part-time job, and finding him a room to let with Rory, Patrick’s mother’s ex-boyfriend. Rory is a divorced man, kind and doting on his two young children, and ashamed his wife left him for a wealthier man. He’s a guy with a giant heart, and he wears it on his sleeve. He’s a postman, and his attention to life in Shamwell is nothing short of intense–he notices people, and he’s sure to be a friend to anyone in need. That includes David. Living in their close-quarters home is sweet for both David and Rory–they like the quiet life, and vegging out with shows on the TV or computer. David’s got a special friend, hew childhood teddy Geoffrey, that he sews dapper outfits for, and takes with him places. It’s charming to Rory’s children, Lucy and Leo. Especially Leo, who speaks to David as if they are old friends, when he doesn’t normally speak to anyone but Lucy, and certainly never to his overbearing stepfather. Rory has a decent relationship with his ex-wife, and wants more time with his kids, so he’s particularly happy to see that David gets on with them. This is a slow-burn odd couple romance with Rory spending a lot of time pondering his unexpected attraction to David. David adores the closeness he feels with Rory, and his kids, and it’s almost like an instant family, without all the sexytimes. But, he wants the sexytimes, bad. It’s also problematic when Mark admits he doesn’t really have enough work to keep David employed long, and the alternative seems to be an offer from Xav to be his ‘kept boy’ as a piece on the side in London. It’s hardly a burning passion, and not even a shadow of the tenderness David experiences in the platonic hearth fires of Rory’s humble abode. I loved the ending of this one, as it’s so happy on so many fronts. David and Rory find a way toward intimacy, and their little family is united in love. David makes changes that allow him to stay employed, and in Shamwell, without selling his body to a higher bidder, and he’s wiser and happier with Rory at his side. David has a bit of a child-like manner, what with Geoffrey Bear and his relating to all the kids he meets, but he’s a smart man whose childhood wasn’t complete and that leaves him sweetly vulnerable. Rory’s sure he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s smart about how to act in a relationship, and while it takes him some time to come to terms about his new attraction, he’s honest and unwilling to hide his love for David.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Spun!, A Shamwell Tales novel, JL Merrow Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA I love this series, its got gentle romance, with everyday characters, you know, the ones that could live in your road, be at your workplace, and to top it off some Fabulous humour.  I said in my review of the last novel how much I loved David ( and Gregory of course), and was hoping to see a bit more of Barry and the Spartans and I got my wish. Only cameo parts from the Spartans, but Barry is quite prominent. His Lady, she must be a special person, very patient!  So David takes top place here along with Rory, who was married to Evie and has two young kids, divorced when she left him for Lewis, and was then with Jenni, Patrick's mum. Patrick from the last book who'se now with David's old colleague/new boss Mark..Confused yet? It'll all make sense I promise. Fen's here too in a smaller role than before but its good to see her and how things working out for her.  I adore David, in one way he's a stereotype Gay and he kind of plays up to that image with his careful airs, his appearance, his eloquent use of language and manners, and of course Gregory. Yet he's also a very unique individual, isn't some Gay Queen type - David would never be a Queen, somehow I think he'd see himself as an Empress or something. Same VIP but fulfill the role differently. Under that casual, almost shallow debonair front is actually a deep thinking, very genuine and caring man. I think he's sadly misjudged, and part of that is the way he presents himself, but we learn more about his history here and perhaps get an idea of why he does that. Whatev's as Fen would say.. I love him, he deserves to be happy.   Rory, Barry's best mate, is a postie, loves his job, loves his life, except he wishes he could see his kids more. They adore him, and are two great children, very different but lovely individuals. They soon take to David - well, who wouldn't? When David moves in as a lodger it sets the village gossip line alight, and there's lots of questions of what exactly their status is. Rory has always though of himself as straight and yet...the closer he gets to David the more his feelings turn from friendly to something more. They're total opposites, have a love of films and books in common but otherwise Rory is often baffled by David's comments, unsure of exactly what he's saying. He's been told before by his exes that he needs things to be spelled out for him, that so much just goes over his head, and its so clear to see, but he's such a great guy, very honest, genuine, easily pleased. A happy man usually.  I loved them both, loved that they got together but wasn't really convinced of how it happened. It didn't really feel right, didn't feel like a natural progression as the other Shamwell stories did. Still, its more than just a romance, once more there's some fabulous humour that had me sniggering again and I loved it. The reason its down from five stars to four is just that for me the romance felt a little forced.  Stars: four, a great read, very subtle humour that had me smiling but I felt the romance needed a little more time, a bit more work.  ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers  
GWHIZ_VI More than 1 year ago
Another great addition to the Shamwell Series. I Love how the other guys from the previous books were interwoven into the story. I love this series and want to read more about all the characters from this book and the previous books