Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice

by Una McCormack
3.6 5

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack

A boy looks up. He sees a Cardassian's hand on his shoulder and knows that this is usually a prelude to a beating or, if he is fortunate enough, arrest. The boy knows how many disappeared during the Occupation of Bajor. So he does the one thing he can think of: he bites the Cardassian. Then the nightmare begins.

He is ripped from the family that took him in as an orphan, clothed him, fed him, always loved him unconditionally. And no matter how earnest, how caring the commander of Deep Space 9 is, the boy knows this is all a horrible mistake. How can someone from Starfleet judge him by what he looks like, not by what he is? He prays to the Prophets; he is Bajoran. They all keep telling him that the test proves the large Cardassian man is his father, that the other Cardassian -- that oily gul -- took him away from his father. But the boy keeps telling them that he is Bajoran, he only wants to go home with his father. So they send Rugal home -- to Cardassia.

On the homeworld of the Cardassian Union where sacrifice and devotion to the state are surpassed only by the government's need to keep its people in check, one very lonely boy discovers that if he doesn't resist, his life -- like those of so many others -- will be added to the tally of the never-ending sacrifice.

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ISBN-13: 9781439123461
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Publication date: 08/25/2009
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 214,383
File size: 271 KB

About the Author

Una McCormack is the author of the Star Trek novels The Fall: The Crimson Shadow (a New York Times bestseller); Cardassia—The Lotus Flower (which appeared in Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 1); The Never-Ending Sacrifice; Hollow Men; and Brinkmanship; as well as two Doctor Who novels, The King’s Dragons and The Way Through the Woods, and numerous short stories. She lives with her partner, Matthew, in Cambridge, England, where she reads, writes, and teaches.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I NEVER WOULD HAVE EXPECTED a 5-Star Novel from a Star Trek book. Not saying StarTrek books are bad. Hadn’t really read one before. I came across this book because I felt like revisiting StarTrek. Already seen the shows quite a bit and just felt like something new. I figured a Star Trek book was just going to be fun, Sci-Fi-ey, and relatively lighthearted, like most of Star Trek TV/movies. I mean >snicker< the Star Trek books have been mass produced oh-me-of-little-faith-and-much-insult. Wow! I got a high quality, deep, emotionally intense book with brilliant writing! The story is just as much about people and nations as it is about Rugal. It brings up social, economic, and moral issues that have mostly stemmed from an oppressive militaristic government. It addresses weaknesses, strengths, social change, personal change, atrocities, uprises. I could go on and on. The issues in this book were so intense it took me a couple of days to “recover.” Some books get you into a head-space where you think about the human condition. If you’ve ever read "The Road", “Someone Knows My Name” or "1984" you’ll understand. PEOPLE LIKE TO READ REVIEWS to see if there MAY be any issues they MIGHT not exactly feel comfortable with. So, without judgment or scrutiny: - Very little profanity. - No sexually explicit scenes. - Does briefly show a lesbian couple. The book wasn't trying to argue for or against homosexuality. Honestly, I didn't even know they were both women until just before they left the story. So, if you are sensitive to this topic I don’t think you have to worry. BOOK DOES ASSUME YOU ARE FAMILIAR with the Star Trek/Cardassian universe. If never seen, I recommend watching a couple DS9 episodes. At the very least watch “Star Trek: DS9: Cardassians.”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Trek_Fan More than 1 year ago
The title of this book describes how I felt as I read it. This is the second book I have read by Una McCormack. First came, Hollow Men, which has tied with "I, Q" for the worst Star Trek novel I have ever read. It made such an impact on me, that I was very uncertain about reading The Never Ending Sacrifice, but being an avid DS9 fan, I went for it. The story was very slow to develop, and focused too much on minor details. Normally, attention to detail and the subtle weaving of Trek lore and episode references into a novel is a delight to all fans who read the novels but this time is just happened at the expense of the moving the story along and at least one reference (from the episode the plot is chiefly pulled) was wrong. Half way through the book I seriously considered taking it to the used book store and not even finishing. I did enjoy the relationship development between Rugal and Kotan, but there just wasn't enough and it was interrupted too many times by minutia and side-stories that neither advanced the plot nor developed the character of the hero. The entirely anticlimactic ending did not help things either. I have rarely felt like reading was a waste of time, but this book did it. I'm sure in real life the author is an intelligent, delightful person, but I'm afraid I can never bring myself to purchase another book by her again.