by Margaret Duffy

Hardcover(Large Prin)

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ISBN-13: 9780727893376
Publisher: Severn House Pub Ltd
Publication date: 04/30/2018
Edition description: Large Prin
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

Margaret Duffy has worked for both the Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Defense. When not writing, Margaret works as a garden designer.

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Stealth 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&Alpha &alpha Stealthshadow's Biography &alpha &Alpha<p> &Alpha Name &bull; Stealthshadow &alpha<p> &Alpha Nickname &bull; none, call him Stealth and he will snap at you &alpha<p> &Alpha Age &bull; 14 moons &alpha<p> &Alpha Rank &bull; warrior &alpha<p> &Alpha Gender &bull; &male tom &alpha<p> &Alpha Looks &bull; jet black with stormy grey eyes &alpha<p> &Alpha Kin &bull; Sneakshadow~mother and dead &bull; Myntlight & Prismshield~sisters, first dead &bull; Valourpaw, Heronpaw, & Striking~brothers, last dead&bull; Frostedkit, Quailkit, Splashkit, Sunsetkit, Ripplekit, & Lightkit~nieces &bull; Sorrelkit, Firekit, Vixenkit, & Vapourkit~nephews &bull; Spleckledkit & Emeraldkit~adopted nieces &alpha<p> &Alpha Mate/Crush &bull; Silver, Broken and Titanium's daughter &alpha<p> &Alpha Kits &bull; not yet, but she's expecting &alpha<p> &Alpha Personality &bull; loyal to BloodClan, strongwilled, determined &alpha<p> &Alpha History &bull; Stealthshadow has always been part of BloodClan. His parents were both of BloodClan, though he never truely met his father. His mother, Sneakshadow, kitted at GoldClan when she'd ran off, upset over something that I forget. Thistlefang stayed with her. When Stealthshadow was two weeks, Sneakshadow died of blackcough and left Stealthshadow and his siblings as orphans. Thistlefang had promised to keep them safe and her hokds himself to that promise even to today. He then took them to BloodClan. After spending a moon and a half there, him, Striking, Prismshield, and Valourpaw left to find Myntlight and find somewhere more accepting. They wandered for a moon or two and during that time, Prismshield died of a fox attack because Striking pushed her to the foxes to save himself. They found Myntlight at AshClan, Valourpaw and Striking went back to BloodClan to serve as spies for BloodClan. Striking quickly showed traits of betrayal towards BloodClan, and Thistlefang, and towards AshClan. Myntlight and Stealthshadow were at AshClan for awhile but Stealthshadow was constantly ignored, even when he threatened to kill himself. He went back to BloodClan. He is now one of the most respected warriors there. Striking by this time had made it clear he was going to kill Thistlefang and destroy the Clan at some point. Shortly after Stealthshadow left, Myntlight left as well, being coined a spy for BloodClan. Stealthshadow had Jaggedstar, Snowskull, Fox, and Bone as mentours, while Myntlight trained herself. They both eventually earned their names, but Myntlight earned her medicine cat name first. Prismshield was told by their mother to come to BloodClan during this time. She earned her warrior name alongside Stealthshadow. Striking then forcemated Myntlight, though few knew this until after Striking ordered her death. Metal did so, and now AshClan, BloodClan, and all of Striking's siblings hate him. Stealthshadow was comforted by Silver and they soon became mates. Recently though, Stealthshadow fell out of a tree and badly damaged his back, so he can't walk. His lower body is entirely paralyzed and he used a stool to move around with, courtesy of Emeraldkit and Speckledkit. He constantly feels useless now that he can barely get to the other side of camp, let alone fight. &alpha<p> &Alpha Hero &bull; once upon a time it was Striking, now its Thistlefang &alpha<p> &Alpha Favourite Song &bull; Frontlines by Nonpoint &alpha<p> &Alpha Siggie &bull; #changed #useless among others I may create &alpha<p> &Alpha Other &bull; ask &alpha