Success with the Violin and Life: Strategies, Techniques and Tips for Learning Quickly and Doing Well

Success with the Violin and Life: Strategies, Techniques and Tips for Learning Quickly and Doing Well

by Ruth Shilling


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Most people are spending more time and effort than is needed when practicing the violin. Learning violin skills and techniques can be easier than you might think! Whether it is playing faster, shifting confidently, developing a fine vibrato, or perfecting your spiccato, seasoned violin/viola teacher, Ruth Shilling, shares with you strategies, concepts and tips that will put you on the shortest, easiest route to your goals. And an added benefit is that these same success principles and skills can be applied to the rest of your life, too!

There are step-by-step strategies for solving difficulties as well as exercises to improve your overall technique. Lots of memorable mini-stories from the author's own experiences help you remember key concepts and principles. It is all in an easy to read format, including an index, so that you can either browse quickly through or read what you want to know in depth.

This book is for you:

- Music students of all levels, especially those playing violin, viola, cello or bass

- Parents helping your kids succeed, instilling capability and confidence with the violin as well as other skills

- Adult string players upgrading your skills and technique

- Music teachers who would like some fresh ideas

- People who desire success, ease and accomplishment in their lives

The Best Strategy is: Least Amount of Effort • Shortest Amount of Time

There are strategies and techniques for:

- Vibrato–arm, wrist, finger, desired "sound-idea"

- Rhythms & using the metronome more easily & effectively

- Improving tone, musicality and phrasing

- Three types of memorizing and ways to combine them

- Auditioning well, performing at your best

- Getting the most out of your practice time

- Playing faster and more accurately

- Shifting between positions with confidence

- and so much more!

Some of the principles and concepts included:

- Building from Success to Success

- Goals and the most direct route

- Evaluating which skill sets are needed

- Meeting challenges

- Creating desired outcomes

- Updating and upgrading

- Teachers & mentors, groups & tribes

- Entrainment and sympathetic resonance

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997199109
Publisher: All One World
Publication date: 01/28/2016
Series: Violin Success Series , #1
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Ruth Shilling, M.M. (Viola Performance) has been teaching violin, viola and chamber music for more than 30 years at the University of Connecticut CSA. She was also the principal viola in the New London, Connecticut ECSO for 17 years and the Trillium Trio for more than 20 years. See more about Ruth's activities at

Table of Contents

Introduction by Ruth Shilling
1-Practice Being Successful; In Life: Building from Success to Success
2-Setting Goals; Overall Goals
3-Which Skill Sets Do You Need? ; Which Skill Sets Do You Need for Life?
4-How Does It Go? ; Holding a Clear Vision of What You Intend to Create in Life
5-Meeting Challenges; Meeting Life's Challenges
6-Effective Strategies--Where, Why, How? ; Effective Strategies for Achieving Goals in Life
7-What are You Practicing? ; Forming Habits in Daily Life
8-Embody the Feeling; Embodying the Feeling: The Most Important Component in Manifesting What You Want in Life
9-Repetition & Erasing Mistakes; Mistakes, Apologies & Forgiveness in Life
10-Upgrading Your Overall Technique; Improving Life Skills
11-Vibrato; Combining Technical Expertise and Passion
12-Strategies for Solid Memorization; Effective Memorization in Life
13-Practice Time--Getting the Most Out of It; Time Management
14-Using Circumstances to Our Advantage; Letting Life Circumstances Bring Us Benefit
15-Choosing a Teacher; Choosing Mentors
16-Playing in Groups; Finding Your Tribe
17-Performing at Your Best; Fear Does Not Need to Stop Us--Handling Emotions
18-Reviewing & Looking Back; Updating Our Relationships
19-Using the Metronome; The Pulse of Life: Living in Harmony or Dissonance
20-Entrainment & Sympathetic Vibration; One Person Can Make a Big Difference

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