Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

by Harry Lorayne
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Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne

Memory is the stepping-stone to thinking, because without remembering facts, you cannot think, conceptualize, reason, make decisions, create. or contribute. There is no learning without memory.

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ISBN-13: 9780316532686
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 01/22/1990
Series: Super Memory Super Student Series
Pages: 180
Sales rank: 798,947
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Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books ever written dealing with memory which will help students. I have used this book to teach hundreds of high school and junior high students. It is very effective. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. For example: I have been able to to teach them the complete chemical periodic table for their chemistry class in less than a half hour.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Memory is the key to understanding. The two cannot be accomplished unless learned together or in sync. Harry Lorayne's, Super Memory-Super Student is a book or tool used to learn these two principles. It teaches the reader how to apply understanding to memory and vice versa. Harry Lorayne is one of the world’s top memory-training specialists. One of his books was a New York Times best seller for forty six weeks, quite an accomplishment. I read his book, Super Memory-Super Student for my high school chemistry class. My teacher thought it would be a great way to help us memorize certain chemicals and compounds and other difficult parts of the curriculum. The idea behind this book is to help people, particularly students, better prepare and and better understand some of the more difficult curriculum taught throughout school. I thought the majority of the techniques discussed in the book worked, but a certain few were too time consuming and difficult to learn.  Lorayne focuses on three basic techniques throughout the book. These are the substitution system, the peg word system, and the link system. The link system works by linking or attaching two or more words together to create in image in your mind that will help you remember a certain thing. For example, I might try to remember a list with five things on it. They are: dog, hat, bed, sweatshirt, and pencil. I would think of a dog wearing a hat. Maybe that hat is the cony bed for a family of mice. Then I could think of a bed made completely of sweatshirts. These sweatshirts have pencil pockets in numerous locations. This technique can be applied to any list, no matter how long. My longest was about twenty two, I believe. The other two techniques discussed were more time consuming and harder to learn. I believe there are better ways of remembering than these techniques. The peg word system helps students remember numbers using words or words using numbers. There is an alphabet containing only numbers that correspond to certain letters. For example one corresponds to T, two corresponds to n, and three corresponds to m. The number of lines going vertical in these letters corresponds to the number they are in the alphabet. The final system Mr. Lorayne discusses is the substitution method. The idea behind this is to understand longer or harder words that you may not be able to visualize in your head or contain too many numbers. For example, I might try to remember the first president of the U.S., George Washington. I could think of washing down a bowl of porridge. This was the hardest to grasp for me and it took a while to learn. If I were given more time I feel I could have understood it better. If you have a busy schedule, I recommend using one of the other techniques or coming up with one on your own.  The majority of the techniques in Super Memory, Super Student worked, but a certain few took too much to learn and were quite difficult. The link system works wonders with lists and the peg word system works magically with shortened words. This book illustrates a few of the ways students and people in general can learn to understand the power of memory. I would not recommend buying this book. Although, the text and examples Lorayne uses help they are not your own thoughts. If you can understand the techniques as I have stated then there is no reason to buy this book. The idea is to get the reader to memorize their own curriculum, so that is what you should do. Apply these methods to whatever you are learning or doing and the book will be unneeded. It is just a tool to help you out along the path or memorization and remembrance. This was written by GIANCARLO, a student attending SHHS.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Memory is important to almost everything in life. Super Memroy; Super Student, written by Harry Lorayne, teaches readers several ways to memorize information. Mr. Lorayne is a college professor who is known for his amazing memory skills and techniques. I read this book for my high school chemistry class, as our teacher believed it would help us memorize various information useful for chemistry. This book was written to help people memorize information using techniques that make it easier. I feel that although the majority of the memory aids work, a few are often tedious to learn and not worth the investment of time.         The first and most effective memory system present by Mr. Lorayne is the link system. It teaches the reader to memorize information by reminding them of pictures in their mind that stand out. For example, to memorize a list of words, Mr. Lorayne recommends that you see pictures in your mind that connect two of the words. To memorize bed, then bottle, he says that the reader should imagine a giant bottle on a bed. Because the reader has been reminded of bed, they can imagine another picture connecting to the next item on the list. This system works very well, as the book taught me how to memorize the lists and the technique is one that can be applied easily to most material. This is the easiest technique to use presented in the book and is very helpful in memorizing lists of information.        The majority of the other memory systems in the book are much more difficult to learn and understand. An example of this is the peg system. This system is supposed to help poeple memorize numbers by turning digits into letters and whole numbers into words. The system seems as if it would work in principle, but the reader still has to memorize the word which can at times be difficult. Although Mr. Lorayne says that relating the word to the material the number is needed to be memorized for, this is not as easy as it seems. Another system that takes a vast amount of time to be able to memorize the material is the substitute word system. This is a technique that allows people to turn complicated words into phrases or other words that are easy to memorize. The problem I encountered with this system is that it is just as hard, if not more difficult to memorize the substitute words and the words they represent as it is to just memorize the original word and its definition. This particular technique took too long to learn although I am sure given more time it would be easier to apply this system to memory. The book has many techniques that work very well, but require more time than a busy high school student has compared to other ways of memorizing information.        The majority of the memory aids used in Super Memory; Super Student work, but their effectiveness and time to learn vary. The link system works well enough that I adapted it to my own learning as it not only is effective, but takes little time. Most of the other memory techniques take too long to learn and apply to information that they are not very useful given a short amount of time to memorize information. For a person willing to devote the time to learn these techniques, they may be just as useful, if not more than the link system. This book provides insight into how memory works and teaches the readers how to harness the power of it. This book is worth buying for the section on the link system alone, but if the readers has time the other systems may be of use too. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in memory. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super Memory, Super Student, by Harry Lorayne provides students with helpful methods of memorizing information on a less complex level. His methods also help students build good study habits to learn faster using different memory techniques he explains in the book. In each chapter, Lorayne provides a different memory technique for us to apply, which are the link system of memory, the peg system, and the substitute word system.  Lorayne’s first memory technique is the link system of memory. The goal is to create a funny mental picture to help the reader remember a list of words. In the book, Lorayne provides a list of ten words and helps us create a ridiculous image, linking all ten words together. Two of the words he linked were fish and telephone. The image was of a fish talking on a telephone, which eventually linked to all of the ten words. I did not find this technique useful because I was able to memorize another list of ten words without using this memory technique more efficiently and in less time. This technique only works if you are a quick thinker and can generate funny images in your head quickly. The second memory technique provided is the peg system of memory. This system is designed to have a number represent a letter. For example, the number 1 represents the letters T and D, the number 2 represents the letter N, and so forth. Vowels are not represented. So if the number is 12, the word could be tone or ten because T=1 and N=2. He also lest peg words that he created for the reader to use, which was a word linking the peg letters to create a word. Lorayne’s exercise for this was to have the reader memorize the peg words for numbers one through ten and to put them together with the hardness scale of ten minerals, that increased in hardness. Like the link system of memory, I found it easier to memorize the ten minerals without using his technique. This technique worked for other people in my class, but not for me. The final technique Lorayne provides is the substitute word method. This was by far the most useful technique for me. I have used it in some of my classes including history and English. The substitute word method helps the reader memorize more complex subjects, such as SAT vocabulary, foreign languages, and difficult scientific words. For example, the Thai word for August is Singhakom. Lorayne tells the reader to substitute Singhakom with singing comb to memorize it. I found this technique very helpful when I was studying for an Spanish vocabulary test. I was able to quickly substitute English words to help me memorize the word in Spanish. This technique helped me ace the test and is a very helpful technique which I will use for studying vocabulary. I bought this book because I was required to read it for my chemistry class. The memory techniques taught were supposed to help us find useful methods of memorizing the elements, certain chemical equations, and different formulas. I found this to be a bit difficult because even though his memory techniques are helpful, they are only effective if you are trying to memorize information on a less complex level. This book is a good buy if you want to memorize factual information and difficult vocabulary with ease.
Anonymous 2 days ago
The book Super Memory by Harry Lorayne is about using memory devices to remember things. The techniques that he teaches us in Super Memory help us improve our grades and our capability of remembering things. Harry Lorayne is an author and magician. He specializes in memory training, and uses a variety of memory devices such, as mnemonics. He is successful because of his superior memory, and one of his memory books was a NY Times bestseller. The book Super Memory was assigned to me by my teacher, Mr. Halkyard. I was assigned to read it in Chemistry class to help memorize things in chemistry, as well as in other school subjects. Harry Lorayne wrote this book to share his methods of memorizing, in order to help students get better grades. The point of my book review is too show that Super Memory is useful to improve your memory. One thing I do not like about the book is that it is to confusing for a book about memorizing things. How am I supposed to remember all of the memorization methods when I can't even remember what topic the book is focused on? Another thing that I don't like about Super Memory is that there are way too many methods that Harry explains in his book. All of Super Memory is based on techniques that you can use to memorize different things. All of the techniques that Harry writes about take a long time to learn and you need to put in a lot of extra effort in just to memorize and use all of these different methods. Overall, Harry Lorayne writes about memory devices to remember things which help raise your grades. The thing that I like about the book is that Harry uses a good structure to write the book and to show off the different methods even though they are hard to use and remember.
Lancelot-Fungus More than 1 year ago
Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne is a book that teaches how to learn faster and better than before in any subject. Other than writing this book, Harry Lorayne has been a scientist, professional memory trainer, and a magician. I was assigned this book for school, and it was an amazing book that helped me strategize on how I study. This book has helped me memorize things easier with simple examples, being well written, and descriptive. Super Memory Super Student helps makes things easy to memorize in many ways. Throughout the book, there are many examples and pictures that are thorough. For every new style of learning the book teaches, there is at least one example or picture. These examples can require you to think it out and do it yourself along with the book. This leads me to how this is thorough. When you have to continuously do examples and practice the techniques with the book, you will develop an understanding as you read the book. Not just this but in the examples, the author illustrates images to paint a better picture in one's head. With these elements, this book has made it easy to memorize all of its theories. Not just is the book easy to memorize, but it has many examples. These include the images painted into your head and how you have to work with the book. This book restates examples not just a couple times, but over and over. This paints a vivid picture in your head of how to use these methods and will ensure you won’t get them mixed up. Secondly, the book makes you work with it as you have to write in it. There are sections of the book that you would have to fill out. If you follow the instructions, you can easily understand this easily. Following this book should be easy as long as you follow the instructions with it. Super Memory Super Student is also well written. It proves this fact by restating ideas many times and having chapters dedicated to examples. This book restates theories many times to a point where it is just double checking you know the information. These theories being restated include examples and problems where you can work along with it. Not just this, but many chapters are dedicated to a specific theory or example. This makes it easy to focus on each theory at a time and fully develop an understanding for each before hopping into the next. Finally, this book is descriptive from the cover to the last page. Some descriptions go from usage of other languages and linking. The book uses other languages in many examples such as ones based on linking. This helps broaden out the reach of the usage for the book where it is effective in most language classes. Also, linking was a big part of this book where I had to associate many terms with other terms, linking. Linking is helpful for basically any class where you have to memorize something. Linking is a broad term where you can link with your brain to making random terms to link together. These are just a few of the many descriptive aspects of the book. Super Memory Super Student has helped me memorize terms faster and better for all my classes. The whole book is thorough that made it easy to memorize, it had good examples, it was well written, and the entire book is descriptive.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To remember words, he teaches the “link” system which is making mental pictures. To remember numbers, he teaches the “peg” system. He also teaches the substitute word system for words that sound alike. Much of the book is teaching how to use these different systems for different subjects, such as foreign language, chemistry and history as well as SAT preparation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super Memory was written in 1990 by Harry Lorayne. Harry Lorayne is an american magician and professional memory trainer. He has appeared in multiple tv shows to show his methods and tricks to the public. The main theme of this book is to educate students about study habits and techniques. I believe that this book was written for students beginning freshman year of highschool and older. I believe it starts at a freshman level because it’s a big step for a child and in order to help them prepare for the challenges of high school and all the pressure your child will face. Harry Lorayne wrote this book to educate young teens on correct memorization methods, he uses the link, peg and substitute word techniques. These methods are all different from how people usually study. A couple main chapters that influence the book in a positive matter are 4, 6, 20, and much more. Basically each chapter within the book has its own special feel and lesson to it. These chapters talk about the different methods that students are able to use as study materials. All techniques work, some work better than others for some people. Throughout the book Harry Lorayne touches upon three main strategies for memorizing data. First he talk about the Link System of Memory. The basics of the Link System is to use outrageous ideas to help retain key information. Being able to tie in any outside personal information with key terms also benefits the memorization of orders, and or text. The next method that Harry Lorayne presents us with is the Substitute Word System. Along the lines of the Link System the Substitute Word System requires usage of silly pictures to help memorize different facts. Substituting the definition with something easy and familiarly easy to relate to the better. And the final system, the Peg System Of Memory. This system enables the learner to memorize whatever information you like and in any order you want. In order to achieve the most out of this method, you must use your vocal apparatus to position your teeth in certain ways to make different sounds. Certain sounds stand for different information and letters. Using this “secret” code, people can easily remember key information in half the time. In Super Memory Harry Lorayne shows the reader three main memorization concepts which are the link, peg, and substitute word techniques.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
       The author of Super Memory Super Student is Harry Lorayne. In this book he gives us many different strategies to help us memorize things. He gives us memorization techniques and teaches us how to use our memory properly. For example original awareness. Lorayne states that original awareness is the key to a good memory. Original awareness is forcing your memory to memorize things in the first place. When somebody says they forgot something it's most likely because they didn't remember it in the first place. Original awareness helps prevent that.         Lorayne teaches us many different memorization techniques throughout the book. The first technique he teaches us is the link system. The link system is supposed to help you memorize any number of things in sequence. The way you do this is you make crazy mental pictures or make connections between the two objects. For example if the two objects are a pair of shoes and a penny you can picture someone buying shoes for a penny.        Another technique Lorayne teaches us is the substitute word system. The substitute word method makes abstract and confusing information stand out if your memory. For example you use a sound alike word or phrase to trigger your memory. One example the book uses is washing machine to help remember George Washington. I find that I use this method much more than the link system.        I think that the Super Memory book has deffinately helped me study and memorize things. I use it in almost all of my classes. For example I use it on the super memory quizzes and the geography quizzes in history. Since I started using these systems I have started doing better on quizzes. For example I do very well on the super memory quizzes because we are forced to use the techniques. I also use the techniques outside of school. If I need to remember a long grocery list sometimes I use the techniques in the Super Memory book.         In conclusion Super Memory has given me many different techniques to hell me study and memorize things. As a result I am able to remember things more effectively. I now focus a lot more on original awareness and I try a lot harder to memorize things the first time I hear or see them. I have used my own memory systems to help me on the geography quizzes in history. Although the system is very similar to the ones the Super Memory book has taught us.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the book Super Memory-Super Student by Harry Lorayne, the author talks about how there is no learning without memory and gives great memory tricks. Harry Lorayne is a magician,  a memory training specialist and writer. I read this book because it was assigned for my chemistry class. I felt that reading this book really helped my memory and helped me get a better grasp of my grades. Lorayne wrote this book because he wanted to give people better memory tactics and techniques. I loved this book and found it very useful for memorizing things for school and think that everyone that wants a better memory should read it. In the book Lorayne gives 3 main techniques link, peg, and substitute word. This book gave me great memory techniques using the link system. I listed things such as presidents and number sequences. Also, the book got me to remember ten random words in order which I can still remember today thanks to Lorayne. This is a great system if you need to remember lists. You make up funny images in your head to help you remember things. Lorayne gives great memory techniques such as the link system. Also, this book provided me with another memory technique called substitute word. In this technique you take a word you have to memorize and break it up to other words which will help you remember better. This trick is also very useful for memorizing lists. The substitute word is another great example of a memory trick that worked for me. This book provides great memory techniques and tricks for students or anyone who needs help remembering something. I still remember many things from this book thanks to the memory techniques. If you are a student who needs help remembering or raising his grades, I highly recommend this book.
sasha17 More than 1 year ago
Harry Lorayne’s Super Memory is about learning memory techniques and applying them to different things to do well in many different subjects. Harry Lorayne is a successful writer who has written many books on memorization helping many kids. In my chemistry class this book helped me memorize the periodic table, formulas and many other things that would hvae been very difficult to learn without these techniques. I think Harry has been able to do what he wanted to achieve by giving us fun and easy to remember techniques to remember more difficult stuff.  In Super Memory there are three Techniques that lorayne teaches. These three are The link system, Peg System and the Substitute Word System . The link system is a way of taking an object and being able to use it to remember another list of objects. The peg system is a way of connecting numbers and letters, this gives a sound to every number helping you remember long numbers. Lastly Lorayne tells us about her substitute word system as a way of thinking of easy words to remember hard words.  Lorayne explains these systems in a very easy to understand manner. He describes the Link system by having us visualize strange pictures. I was able to understand and use the system in a successful manner. The peg system she gave us letters to correspond to numbers 0-9 that you can remember by using other systems. I was able to understand the system by the examples she said like the amount of down strokes in a letter to correspond with a number. This helped me memorize some longer equations I couldnt before. Lastly is the substitute word word system is used to help memorize words that can't be easily visualized by giving us easy to remember words to remind us of harder ones.  In conclusion i would have to say that this book worked in easy and efficient ways. It is a must read for people in the High school/College age. This will help greatly with any kids that are having trouble memorizing information at a fast pace. Sasha 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago