Taking Charge: Caring Discipline That Works at Home and at School

Taking Charge: Caring Discipline That Works at Home and at School

by JoAnne Nordling


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If the children in your family or classroom are driving you crazy and you need ideas for getting back in control of the situation, this book is for you. It is a definitive guide to the art and skill of disciplining children with love and respect, for children from tots to teenagers. TAKING CHARGE is based on over forty years of parenting, teaching, and counseling experience, resulting in an overall approach that works. Solid ideas for contemporary parents and teachers. The fifth edition is available under a new title, "Caring Discipline: Practical Tools for Nurturing Happy Families and Classrooms" and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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ISBN-13: 9780988518414
Publisher: JoAnne Nordling
Publication date: 08/17/2013
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 1,097,597
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xiii
Preface to the Fourth Revised Edition     xvii
Special Foreword to School Counselors     xix
Getting Started     1
The A and C parenting and teaching styles
Guidelines for forming your own "Taking Charge" discussion group
Paying Attention     11
Behavior you give emotional attention to will continue
Positive, neutral, and negative behaviors
How to express unconditional love
Giving nonverbal attention at neutral times
Improving behavior by strengthening the child's staircase of needs
How Parents and Teachers Sabotage Their Discipline     31
The four self-sabotages: Procrastination, Talking and talking, Forgetting to pay positive attention, and Negative scripting
The hidden self-sabotages: The unmet needs of the adult
The role of anger
Negative Behaviors: How to Tell the Difference     57
The Four Misbehaviors: Not-Minding, Self-Indulgent, Routine Not-Minding, and Aggressive
How the adult can help the child problem-solve by: Adjusting the environment, Teaching assertiveness and negotiating skills, and Listening to inner-reality feelings
Special Case: Lying
The Correction for Not-Minding: Physical Assist and Broken Record     81
Effective ways to give a command
How to carry out the Physical Assist and the Broken Record
The Corrections for Self-Indulgent Behavior: Ignoring and the Either-Or Choice     101
When Ignoring is appropriate
Using the Either-Or Choice when theself-indulgent behavior is infringing on your rights
Fighting and bickering as self-indulgent behaviors
The Correction for Routine Not-Minding Behavior: Making Choices and Living With the Consequences     125
The basic prevention plan - Give children choices
The basic correction plan - Setting up a Logical Consequence
Special Case: Stealing
Special Case: Schoolwork in the elementary school
The Correction for Aggression and Loss of Self-Control: Time-Out     177
Time-out as a last resort correction
Using Physical Restraint
Teens, a special situation
Listening to Inner Reality     191
Helping children to cope with painful emotions
The difference between Outer-Reality and Inner-Reality responses
Anger as a secondary emotion
Describing Outer Reality     209
Using describing language so the child can hear you
How to give praise so the child will believe you
The Family and Classroom Meetings     225
How to conduct meetings and explore possible solutions
Using the meeting to involve children in sharing responsibility for the functioning of the home and classroom, to solve common problems, and to strengthen personal and group bonds
Helping the Aggressive and Self-Destructive Teenager     253
What you can do at home and at school to stop the power struggle and guide your teenager toward responsibly taking charge of his or her own life
Finding Solutions for Specific Problems     289
Organizing an adult problem-solving session to find solutions for specific problems you are experiencing with your children or students
Epilogue: When the Taking Charge approach becomes integrated into your life     303
Taking Charge Overview Chart     308
Resources     309
About the Author     315
Index     316

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