Tales of Spiral Castle: Stories of the Keltiad

Tales of Spiral Castle: Stories of the Keltiad

by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison


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From Patricia Kennealy-Morrison comes a return to the world of Keltia and Aeron Aoibhell.

Tales of Spiral Castle brings back beloved characters from Kennealy-Morrison's books of The Keltiad (The Copper Crown, The Throne of Scone, Blackmantle) in four stirring short stories that remind the reader of the original stories.

The Last Voyage takes place long ago, in a time of great religious struggle on Earth, and is a hitherto untold part of Keltic history and Earth history alike, incidentally detailing how the great Clann Douglas, as well as the fabled Knights Templar, arrived in Keltia.

Touchstone Aeron Aoibhell, a young princess, is set to a test that will determine not only her future as queen to follow in her ancestor's footsteps but the fate of worlds and empires beside...

Alembic brings tales of Gwydion as a youth from fourteen to eighteen as he learns his pathway to his destiny.

Crucible tells us the story of the Terran lieutenant Sarah O'Reilly, just after her arrival in Keltia with Captain Haruko and the rest of the crew of the Sword.

Return to the world and time of the Kelts, the beautifully crafted world of Patricia Kennealy-Morrison as she rediscovers the future worlds you've loved and waited to return.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison is also author of The Rennie Stride Murder Series, Rock Chick, Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison, and the forthcoming Viking novel, Son of the Northern Star.

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