Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks

by Ben Harvell


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A deep dive into OS X Mavericks

If you want to quickly cover the basics of Apple's new operating system, OS X Mavericks, and then delve deeper into the topic, this is the book for you. Using clear, step-by-step screenshots, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks shows you how to tackle not only beginning but also intermediate and more advanced functions. Two-page, side-by-side lessons break big topics into smaller bits, and you'll find helpful sidebars with plenty of practical tips and tricks. If you're a visual learner looking for enhanced coverage of OS X Mavericks, this new guide has more of what you're looking for.

  • Explains how to use and optimize the newest OS X operating system, Mavericks
  • Covers the basics, then delves deeper into more advanced techniques and tasks
  • Uses succinct explanations and high-resolution screenshots
  • Perfect for visual learners who prefer instructions that show, rather than tell, how to do things

When it comes to OS X Mavericks, find more of what you're looking for in Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete OS X Mavericks.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118736760
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/16/2013
Series: Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech) Series
Pages: 552
Product dimensions: 11.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Reviewing What You Can Do with OS X

Create Documents 4

Play and Record Music 6

View and Organize Your Photos 8

Play and Make a Movie or Slide Show 10

Take Advantage of the Web 12

Communicate with Others 14

Organize Your Contacts and Appointments 16

Plan Journeys 18

Chapter 2 Learning Basic OS X Program Tasks

Explore the OS X Screen 22

Tour the Dock 23

Start an Application 24

Start an Application Using Launchpad 26

Switch Between Applications 28

View Running Applications with Mission Control 29

Tour an Application Window 30

Run an Application Full Screen 31

Select a Command from a Pull-Down Menu 32

Select a Command Using a Toolbar 33

Select Options with Dialog Controls 34

Move Windows Between Screens 36

Add Special Characters and Accents When Typing 38

Using Quick Look to Preview Documents 40

Chapter 3 Working with Files and Documents

Save a Document 44

Open a Document 45

Print a Document 46

Edit Document Text 48

Copy a File 52

Move a File 53

Rename a File 54

Delete a File 55

Using Finder Tabs 56

Tag Documents and Files 58

Add Tags When Saving a Document 60

Search for Documents and Files 62

Duplicate a Document 64

Store a Document in iCloud 66

Chapter 4 Browsing the World Wide Web

Open and Close Safari 70

Select a Link 72

Enter a Web Page Address 73

Open a Web Page in a Tab 74

Navigate Web Pages 76

Navigate with the History List 78

Change Your Home Page 80

Bookmark Web Pages 82

Search for Sites 84

Download a File 86

Using Top Sites in Safari 88

Using the Safari Sidebar 90

Share Links with the Share Button 92

Turn On Private Browsing 94

Access iCloud Tabs 96

Sync Passwords Between Devices 98

Using the Password Generator 100

Navigate Open Tabs in Safari 102

Chapter 5 Communicating via E-mail

Open and Close Mail 106

Add an E-mail Account 108

Send an E-mail Message 110

Add a File Attachment 112

Add a Signature 114

Receive and Read E-mail Messages 116

Reply to a Message 118

Forward a Message 120

Open and Save an Attachment 122

Create a Mailbox for Saving Messages 124

Create Rules to Filter Incoming Messages 126

Set an Out-of-Office Auto Reply with iCloud 128

Create a Smart Mailbox 130

Flag E-mails in Your Inbox 132

Mark E-mail as Junk 134

Sort E-mails in Your Inbox 136

Search for an E-mail 138

Chapter 6 Talking via Messages and FaceTime

Configure Messages 142

Send a Message 144

Send a File in a Message 146

Add Non-iCloud Accounts to Messages 148

Using an AIM Account with Messages 150

Open and Close FaceTime 152

Sign In to FaceTime 154

Connect Through FaceTime 156

Make a FaceTime Call Through Messages 158

Set Up FaceTime Notifications 160

Set Up FaceTime Call Reminders 162

Chapter 7 Tracking Contacts and Events

Open and Close Contacts 166

Add a New Contact 168

Edit a Contact 170

Create a Contact Group 172

Open and Close Calendar 174

Navigate the Calendar 176

Create an Event 178

Create a Repeating Event 180

Send or Respond to an Event Invitation 182

Using the Inspector to View Event Information 184

Open and Close Maps 186

Search for a Location 188

Bookmark a Location 190

Change the Map View 192

Using Flyover 194

Get Directions 196

Find and View Suggested Locations 198

Access Location Information with Local Search 200

Send Directions to an iOS Device 202

Turn On Location Services 204

Print Directions 206

Chapter 8 Playing and Organizing Music

Open and Close iTunes 210

Understanding the iTunes Library 212

Navigate the iTunes Window 213

Play a Song 214

Play a Music CD 216

Import Tracks from a Music CD 220

Create a Playlist 222

Burn Music Files to a CD 224

Edit Song Information 226

Purchase Music from the iTunes Store 228

Listen to an Internet Radio Station 230

Listen to iTunes Radio 232

Subscribe to iTunes Match 234

Download Music with iTunes Match 236

Listen to iTunes Match Songs 238

Set the Audio Output 240

Open and Close iBooks 242

Set Up iBooks 244

Browse the iBooks Store 246

Preview and Buy an iBook 248

Read a Book in iBooks 250

Take Notes in iBooks 252

Chapter 9 Learning Useful OS X Tasks

Connect an iPod, iPhone, or iPad 256

Synchronize an iPod, iPhone, or iPad 258

Install a Program Using the App Store 262

Write a Note 264

Pin a Note to the Desktop 266

Create a Reminder 268

Create a New Reminder List 270

Sign In to Your Twitter Account 272

Send a Tweet 274

Share Information with Other People 276

Work with the Notification Center 278

View the OS X Screen on Your TV 280

View an Application in Full-Screen Mode 282

Dictate Text into an Application 284

Define Words with the Dictionary 286

Take a Screenshot 288

Chapter 10 Viewing and Editing Photos

View a Preview of a Photo 292

View a Slide Show of Your Photos 294

Open and Close iPhoto 296

Import Photos from a Digital Camera or iOS Device 298

View Your Photos 300

Create an Album 302

Crop a Photo 304

Rotate a Photo 306

Straighten a Photo 308

Remove Red Eye from a Photo 310

Add Names to Faces in Your Photos 312

Map Your Photos 314

E-mail a Photo 316

Take Your Picture 318

Set Up Photo Stream 320

Share Photos Via Photo Stream 322

Upload Photos to Facebook and Twitter 324

Chapter 11 Playing and Creating Digital Video

Play a DVD Using DVD Player 328

Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player 330

Create a Screen Recording with QuickTime Player 332

Record a Video with QuickTime Player 334

Record Audio with QuickTime Player 336

Trim Video and Audio with QuickTime Player 338

Open and Close iMovie 340

Create a New Movie Project 342

Import a Video File 344

Add Video Clips to Your Project 346

Trim a Clip 348

Add a Transition Between Clips 350

Add a Photo 352

Add a Music Track 354

Record a Voiceover 356

Add Titles and Credits 358

Play the Movie 360

Publish Your Movie to YouTube 362

Chapter 12 Viewing and Editing Documents with Preview

Open and Close Preview 366

Open a Document in Preview 368

Scan a Document with Preview 370

Annotate a Document with Preview 372

Share a Document 374

Export a Document 376

Mark Up a Document 378

Delete, Move, or Add PDF Pages 380

Chapter 13 Customizing OS X

Display System Preferences 384

Change the Desktop Background 386

Activate the Screen Saver 388

Set Your Mac’s Sleep Options 390

Change the Display Resolution 392

Create an App Folder in Launchpad 394

Add a User Account 396

Customize the Dock 398

Add an Icon to the Dock 400

Hide the Dock 402

Add a Widget to the Dashboard 404

Using Do Not Disturb 406

Set Trackpad Gestures 408

Set the Default Apps for File Types 410

Set the Default Web Browser 412

Choose Audio Input and Output Devices 414

Chapter 14 Maintaining OS X

Empty the Trash 418

Organize Your Desktop 419

Check Hard Drive Free Space 420

Uninstall Unused Applications 422

Set a Software Update Schedule 424

Update Software Manually 426

Force a Stuck Application to Close 428

Configure Time Machine Backups 430

Restore Files Using Time Machine 432

Recondition Your Mac Notebook Battery 434

Restart Your Mac 436

Check and Repair a Hard Drive 438

Partition a Hard Drive 440

Chapter 15 Working with Your iCloud Account

Create an Apple ID 444

Sign In to iCloud 448

Set Up iCloud Synchronization 450

Send and Receive iCloud Mail 452

Work with iCloud Contacts 454

Manage Your Schedule with iCloud 456

Locate a Lost Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad 458

Manage iCloud Storage 460

Turn On Back to My Mac 462

Chapter 16 Networking with OS X

Understanding Networking 466

Connect a Bluetooth Device 468

Connect to a Wireless Network 472

Connect to a Network Resource 474

Change Your Password 476

Turn On File and Printer Sharing 478

Share a Folder 480

Share a Printer 482

Add a Shared Printer 484

Share a Screen with Another Mac 486

Chapter 17 Downloading New Software

Open and Close the Mac App Store 490

Browse Software 492

Sign In to the Mac App Store 494

Update Software from the Mac App Store 496

Set Which Application Types Can Be Installed 498

Install Previous Purchases 500

Install Software from the Internet 502

Chapter 18 Playing Games on Your Mac

Open and Close Game Center 506

Create a Game Center Account 508

Find Friends to Play Games With 510

Challenge Friends to Beat Your Scores 512

Discover New Games 514

Index 516

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