Teaching Disciplinary Literacy: Using Video Records of Practice to Improve Secondary Teacher Preparation

Teaching Disciplinary Literacy: Using Video Records of Practice to Improve Secondary Teacher Preparation

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This practical guide will help pre- and inservice secondary teachers and their instructors and coaches to use videos as a resource to improve teaching. Derived from the authors’ research and experience in a teacher preparation program using video records of practice as a core element for reflection and growth, the book focuses on five disciplinary literacy strategies to help teachers identify and develop high-leverage teaching practices across a range of subject areas. The text includes sample lessons, protocols for leading discussions based on videos, and methods for making informed decisions about how to select video-related work. Throughout, the authors provide records of student clinical teaching practice, sample assignment guidelines, and transcripts from video discussion groups. Teacher educators can use this comprehensive resource to develop or revise a curriculum to make it more practice-oriented.

“I recommend this volume to its readers as a terrific example of bringing to bear the current state of knowledge across relevant areas to address persistent issues in the development and assessment of programs designed for secondary teacher preparation.”
—From the Foreword by Karen Wixson, William E. Moran Distinguished Professor in Reading and Literacy, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“Peters, Birdyshaw, and Bacevich have nailed it! Steeped in deep conceptual understandings of teacher learning, the authors detail a powerful, field-tested framework for using video records of practice to implement core literacy practices in secondary subject-matter classrooms. The result is a perfect marriage of pedagogical content knowledge in the disciplines and literacy. An excellent resource for both preservice and inservice teacher education.”
Sheila Valencia, professor, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Washington

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ISBN-13: 9780807773574
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 07/10/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB

Table of Contents

Foreword Karen Wixson xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I Theoretical Framework for Using Video Study to Teach Core Literacy Practices

1 The Importance of Video Records of Practice in Teacher Education: Developing Core Literacy Practices 3

A Teacher Education Curriculum Focused on Video Records of Practice 5

Theoretical Framework 7

Organization of the Book 10

2 Developing a Practice-Based Teacher Education Curriculum That Supports Video Study 12

The Program 12

Curricular Decision-Making 14

An Example of Curricular Decision-Making 23

3 Core Literacy Practices and the Characteristics of High Leverage Practice 29

The Research Basis for High Leverage Practice 30

Identifying Program-Specific Characteristics of High Leverage Practice 32

Selecting Core Literacy Practices 35

Conclusion 37

4 Using a Learning Trajectory to Document Novices' Growth in Video Study 39

The Importance of Documenting Growth 39

Using the Learning Trajectory in Video Study 43

Assessment Considerations 50

Characteristics of Quality Assessments 52

Conclusion 54

Part II Enacting Video Study to Teach Core Literacy Practices

5 Developing Meaningful Video-Based Assignments for Novices' Study of Their Teaching in Secondary Classrooms 57

Guiding Questions for Video-Based Assignments 59

Two Video-Based Assignments 65

6 The Instructional Video Assignment: Part 1-Preparation 68

The Lesson Plan 69

Video Selection and Preparation 79

7 The Instructional Video Assignment: Part 2-Discussion 82

The Protocol 82

The Scoring Guide 91

Conclusion 102

8 Transforming Teaching: Reflecting on Video Records of Practice 103

Role of Critical Reflection 103

Reflecting on Instructional Videos 104

The Reflective Writing Task 106

Providing Feedback to Interns 110

Conclusion 112

9 Lessons Learned 114

Lesson #1 Develop a Theoretical Framework That Situates the Use of Videos and Records of Practice as an Essential Component of, Not a Supplement to, High Quality Teacher Preparation 114

Lesson #2 Provide a Set of Succinct, Aligned Tools to Support Novices' Engagement in Studying Core Literacy Practices Through Videos and Other Records of Practice 115

Lesson #3 Teach Novices How to Reflect Critically and Use Professional Language as Essential Parts of Their Study of Videos and Other Records of Practice 116

Lesson #4 Attend to, But Don't Get Mired in, the Practical Considerations 118

Conclusion 118

Appendix A Effective Teaching Standards and Benchmarks 119

Appendix B Instructional Video Assignment Guidelines 125

Appendix C Lila's Lesson Plan 129

Appendix D Scoring Guide for Instructional Video Assignment 141

Appendix E Reflective Writing Task Assignment Guidelines 145

References 147

Index 154

About the Authors 161

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