Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools

Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools

Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools

Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools


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Transform How You Teach Asian American Narratives in your Schools!

In Teaching the Invisible Race, anti-bias and anti-racist educator and researcher Tony DelaRosa (he, siya) delivers an insightful and hands-on treatment of how to embody a pro-Asian American lens in your classroom while combating anti-Asian hate in your school. The author offers stories, case studies, research, and frameworks that will help you build the knowledge, mindset, and skills you need to teach Asian-American history and stories in your curriculum.

You’ll learn to embrace Asian American joy and a pro-Asian American lens—as opposed to a deficit lens—that is inclusive of Brown and Southeast Asian American perspectives and disability narratives. You’ll also find:

  • Self-interrogation exercises regarding major Asian American concepts and social movements
  • Ways to center Asian Americans in your classroom and your school
  • Information about how white supremacy and anti-Blackness manifest in relation to Asian America, both internally and externally

An essential resource for educators, school administrators, and K-12 school leaders, Teaching the Invisible Race will also earn a place in the hands of parents, families, and community members with an interest in advancing social justice in the Asian American context.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119930235
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/24/2023
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 191,722
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

TONY DELAROSA is a son of Cavite and Pampangan immigrants. He is a Filipino American anti-bias and anti-racist educator, spoken word poet, and a researcher focused on ethnic studies policy and cross-racial solidarity. He co-founded NYC Men Teach Asian American initiative aimed at supporting and retaining Asian American teachers in the NYC Department of Education. Tony won the 2021 Inspire Award—sponsored by the National Association of Asian American Professionals and the 2023 Community Trailblazer Heritage Hero award sponsored by The Asian American Foundation. His work has been featured in NPR, CBS News, Harvard Education Magazine, Hulu, and elsewhere.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

How Will They Hold Us? xv

About the Author xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction xxiii

Part 1 Teach Us Visible by Remembering Us 1

Chapter 1 What Do You Know About Asian America? Self-Assessment and Framework 3

The Personal Is Political 3

The Self-Assessment 8

The Praxis: Action and Reflection 10

A Movement, Not a Moment 11

Chapter 2 Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors Framework 13

The Personal Is Political 13

The Praxis: Action and Reflection 16

A Movement, Not a Moment 20

Chapter 3 Timeline of Anti–Asian American Racism and Violence 23

The Personal Is Political 23

Praxis: Action and Reflection 26

A Movement, Not a Moment 28

Chapter 4 Timeline of Pro–Asian American Milestones and Permissions 29

The Personal Is Political 29

Praxis: Action and Reflection 33

A Movement, Not a Moment 35

Part 2 Teach Us Visible by Centering Us 37

Chapter 5 Intersectionality, Plurality, and Asian Americans 39

The Personal Is Political 39

Praxis: Action and Reflection 42

A Movement, Not a Moment 55

Chapter 6 Isang Bagsak as an Educational Framework 57

The Personal Is Political 57

The Praxis: Action and Reflection 59

A Movement, Not a Moment 66

Chapter 7 Colonization, War, Colonial Mentality, and Settler Colonialism 69

The Personal Is Political 69

Praxis: Action and Reflection 70

A Movement, Not a Moment 81

Chapter 8 Asian American Queer and Trans Perspectives 83

The Personal Is Political 83

Praxis: Action and Reflection 87

A Movement, Not a Moment 95

Chapter 9 Immigration and Undocu–Asian American 97

The Personal Is Political 97

Praxis: Action and Reflection 99

A Movement, Not a Moment 106

Chapter 10 Asian Americans, Disability Narratives, and Crip Ecology 111

The Personal Is Political 111

Praxis: Action and Reflection 114

A Movement, Not a Moment 117

Part 3 Teach Us Visible by Celebrating Us 119

Chapter 11 Teaching Us Visible Through Art, Poetry, and Hip-Hop 121

The Personal Is Political 121

Praxis: Action and Reflection 133

A Movement, Not a Moment 139

Chapter 12 Teaching Asian American Studies Through Pop Culture 143

The Personal Is Political 143

Praxis: Action and Reflection 147

A Movement, Not a Moment 151

Part 4 Teach Us Visible by Moving with Us 153

Chapter 13 Working with Asian American Students, Staff, and Families 155

The Personal Is Political 155

Praxis: Action and Reflection 157

A Movement, Not a Moment 167

Chapter 14 Combating Anti-Asian Hate Case Study Workshop 169

The Personal Is Political 169

Praxis: Action and Reflection 171

A Movement, Not a Moment 177

Chapter 15 Asian America and Abolition 179

The Personal Is Political 179

Praxis: Action and Reflection 181

A Movement, Not a Moment 186

Epilogue 189

Glossary 195

References 203

Index 213

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