Tell Me You Need Me

Tell Me You Need Me

by Joya Ryan


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Chloe Franklin wouldn

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ISBN-13: 9781682810415
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/14/2015
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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Tell Me You Need Me

A Search and Seduce Novel

By Joya Ryan, Stephen Morgan, Ava Jae

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Joya Ryan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-466-9


Gage McGraw took a pull from his beer then set the long bottle down on the bar. He spun the brown glass on the counter and watched the alcohol swish inside.

Christ, he was nervous. So nervous he was fucking fidgeting.

He was a New Yorker, so the small-town bar he was in shouldn't have affected him. He'd been in Beaufort, North Carolina a handful of times. It might not be large, but the area was built on a wide variety of outdoor activities. Between the ocean, forest, and vast terrain, tourists flocked to this haven of adventure yearly. Which, unfortunately, meant that every summer people braved the mountains and got lost.

That was where he came in as a lead member of the Search & Rescue team. He traveled the country a lot, usually on missions to track, find, and recover. It was what he did best; what he loved. After getting shrapnel in the leg and being honorably discharged from the military a few years ago, it was also the only job he could do that allowed him to use the skills the US government had taught him.

The local S&R team now taught a survival skills boot camp for anyone going into the mountains without a guide. Plenty of people still got lost, but at least this year the boot camps seemed to have done some good, because when Gage had arrived, there hadn't been any immediate S&Rs to perform. Instead, his boss said he'd be spending the next few weeks training new S&R recruits.

Which was where tonight's waiting game at the bar came in. A little free time meant he had a chance to focus on the thing he'd been obsessing over since an S&R last month had nearly cost him his life.

He'd been out searching for a lost climber in the mountains. He'd found him at the bottom of a cliff, his leg broken, the person barely hanging on. So Gage had put on his harness, climbed down the rocky wall, told the climber not to worry, he would be right there —

And the harness that'd been holding him over a fifty-foot drop had snapped. His fingernails dug hopelessly into the rock as he plummeted down the side of the damn mountain and dropped off into the open air, nothing to stop his fall but the hard ground far below.

It was stupid, dumb luck that his flailing hand had found the rope hanging above him.

It'd hit him then — the reality of his mortality. It'd never bothered him before; being injured or dying went hand in hand with rescuing people from dangerous situations. But this had been more. He didn't have anyone permanent in his life — who would his team have told if he hadn't walked away? Who would care? He didn't have a family or a girlfriend. If he'd died, no one would have missed him.

He was here to change that.

He'd come back into town and to this bar with a plan that would take longer than a weekend to carry out. Damn if he wasn't nervous, though. He could use a little stress relief.

Small town or not, Honey's was always busy. The restaurant and bar was where the whole town seemed to hang out. There was a sense of community here. With locals hovering around the pool tables, fried food, and good music, he couldn't help but imagine what it'd be like to set down some roots here. Have a place and a person to come home to.

"Vodka cranberry please," a sultry voice said to the bartender. Gage glanced to his left, where a tall blonde shimmied her way in and placed her hands on the counter.

The woman spared him a glance. Barely. But enough to catch a glimpse of the greenest eyes he'd ever seen. She tapped her fingers on the bar and leaned forward, waiting to be served.

She was lithe and lean, with curves in all the right places. Her short denim skirt barely covered her ass. Her tank top was simple and black. The thin straps would take little more than a tug of his finger to break. Two seconds was all he'd need to have those high, round breasts bared for his mouth —

"Never seen a woman before, city boy?" she asked.

Shit — he was staring. Gage hid his flush with a smile and recovered quickly.

"I've seen plenty of women." He grabbed his beer and faced her. "Which is why I know when to appreciate an exceptionally fine one."

That got her to look at him. He unleashed a grin he knew firsthand could melt panties, and he waited for her to swoon.

To her credit, she didn't.

She looked him over, those stern emeralds pausing on his chest, then lower. She might be playing coy now, but there was heat in her eyes. He felt it with every sweep of her gaze. And boom! There it was. The lip bite.

She tugged that plump bottom flesh between her teeth so quickly he almost missed it. She was definitely sizing him up right back. And judging by the way she wet her lips, she liked what she saw.

The bartender placed her drink in front of her.

"Put it on my tab," Gage said, and the bartender nodded.

"Dishing pretty compliments and buying me a drink won't get you what you're after," she said.

He drank his beer. With his feet on the floor, he opened his knees and relaxed back in his seat. When someone bumped into her and she shifted toward him, effectively planting her hips between his legs, he smiled.

"Really? How do you know what I'm after?"

She took a drink. The ice clinked in her glass, and he caught a whiff of tart cranberries. She was sweet and sour in all the best ways — he could fucking smell it. Now if he could just taste it ...

"I'm a pretty good judge of people." She shrugged. "I can also read your mind."

"That right?" He slung one elbow on the back of his bar seat and moved his knee enough to brush along her outer thigh. "Well, I do already have you in a house. Surely there must be bedrooms around here."

The restaurant they were in had a unique layout. It was a massive old Victorian house turned into the local watering hole complete with bar, tables, and multiple rooms. There was even an indoor balcony. The second floor nestled right above them was meant for large parties, but it was currently closed off and dark.

"But we can talk more about bedtime later. By all means, don't leave me in suspense with your mind-reading skills," he finished.

Her green gaze slowly slid along his body; that sinful expression had his cock throbbing.

"You come across as casual, but you clearly like control." She tilted her head, examining him further. "You're strong. Hold a sense of command. You issue an order and expect it to be followed."

He clenched his fist to keep from reaching out to touch her. She was easily pegging down details about him few people knew.

"If I issued an order, would you follow it?" he countered.

She smiled. "Nope." She leaned in, and her mouth brushed his earlobe. "But you'd like that. You want a woman a little dirty, naughty, and able to take it rough."

"What makes you think I'm rough?" he rasped.

She glanced at his free hand, then his chest. "Because judging by the way you're holding your breath and grinding your teeth, you're barely holding back from tossing me on this bar and taking me right here." She shook her head slightly, letting the silky blond strands fall down her back. "I think you'd like a little fight in your woman."

Every muscle he had flexed. Ready to prove her right. "Clearly you'd have some fight in you."

She nodded. "I just don't know if you can handle it, city boy."

"Oh, I can bend you to my will."

"Prove it."

That shot his semihard cock to full attention. Her nearness was enough to make his whole body tense, ready to take her now. She was daring him to be rough with her, and she was right — he liked it hard. A little begging. A little pain. And a hell of a lot of pleasure.

The kind of power she wielded over him should drive him crazy, but it didn't. She was different than any woman he'd ever been with. She excited him easily and made herself a challenge. And damn, did he like every second of it.

She took another drink, and condensation from her glass dripped onto her cleavage. He licked his lips — God, how he wanted to catch that droplet with his tongue. But before he came up with another witty line, she finished her vodka, turned, and walked away without a word.

No fucking way was he letting her go.

Hot on her heels, he bounded after her. He followed her into the shadows, went around the back of the bar, and strode quickly until he finally found her edging into a shadowy corner.

"You're walking away from me, huh?" he said.

She opened a side door, arched an eyebrow at him over her shoulder, and climbed the stairs. He followed her up, and his heart pounded as they neared the closed-down balcony over the bar. Twenty-five feet below them, everyone enjoyed themselves, none the wiser that he was with a sexy woman in the dark above.

She moved to one of the booths hiding in the shadows, and he grabbed her arm and spun her to face him. A lusty hue lit up her eyes.

"You're chasing me?" she whispered.

He moved her against the wall, kicked her feet apart with his, and pressed his body against hers. The loud crowd from downstairs echoed around them, but he held her tight in the shadows. This was it. He was going to take her right there. And she was going to let him.

More, she was going to like it. He could see it in the way she licked her lips. She was as hungry for him as he was for her.

He scraped his jean-clad knee along the insides of her spread thighs. Even with the barrier of their clothes, her heat surrounded him.

"I've been chasing you for a while." He pushed her skirt up, grabbed the back of her thighs, and lifted her. She wrapped those long legs around him, and damn it felt good. Gage glanced down. She wasn't wearing panties. He smiled and whispered against her lips, "And it looks like you missed me too, Chloe."

"I have," she breathed. "But I like making you work for it."

Yeah, he liked working for it, too. These little games they played never got old. Whenever he was back in town, they pretended it was their first time. Though the stretch before they gave in to each other had dwindled down to minutes.

He couldn't wait any longer. He had her in his arms, and it was time he properly reacquainted himself with her body.

Chloe clutched Gage. Ever since their first encounter two years ago, her life had been one wild, sex-crazed weekend at a time.

The perfect thing about Gage was he was as allergic to commitment as she was. Their sporadic rendezvous a few times a year was the kind of setup she could handle. She could commit to her life, the town she loved, and the people in it. But a man? She'd seen what her mother went through with her father. She'd loved him until the day she died, even after he'd left both of them years ago.

Chloe had tried dating men once she'd gone out on her own, and they'd all shown her the same thing. None of them had any staying power — at least not for her.

No, never commit to a man. She'd never become so attached to someone that she'd pine for them long after they were gone. Which was why Gage was so perfect.

He was a one weekend at a time kind of guy, and they had clear expectations. Sure, he was the only man she'd been with since she met him two years ago, but it didn't mean anything. He was just so good at what he did to her that she didn't need anyone else until he came back around again. She would never wait for him.

He was back in town, and now it was time for a fix. Simple.

Gage was strong, confident, and sexy as sin. He took her over and made her feel more than passion, more than heat, more than anything she could explain. He let her be strong while making her beg. Never in all the blissful weekends they'd spent together did he take it easy on her. She loved his dark and rough side, and he delivered every time.

She needed another taste to last her until next time he blew into town. That was all.

"You dressed for me," he whispered against her mouth. "I like it." Truth was, normally she was a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. But when Gage came around, she often spent an hour tearing through her closet thinking of the perfect outfit. But he didn't need to know that.

"I didn't dress up, just figured this was easy access. It's all about logistics, after all."

"Uh-huh." He grinned, gripped her thigh harder, and bit her neck. She wove her fingers into his hair and sighed as he nibbled on her skin.

"So it's all about the sex?" he asked.

She nodded. "Well, yeah."

He scoffed and ran his lips along her collarbone. She tugged tightly on his hair — he grabbed her arm in a flash and pinned it to her side.

"Getting wild already, sweetheart?" he growled against her breasts, then bit her tank top.

Her breath hitched in her throat. "Maybe." She scraped her heel against his ass like a spur. He pushed her harder into the wall and cupped her throat with his free hand.

This was what she wanted. The kind of fix only he could give. He took away her need for control and gave her the freedom to simply feel. Let her experience nothing but pleasure. All of her stress and sadness vanished for a night at a time whenever Gage was around. She got out her aggression — and he got her off in a way she'd never experienced with another.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you liked getting tossed around a bit." He gently squeezed her neck. Not enough to hurt, but the calluses on his palms scratched the sensitive column of her throat when she swallowed.

"You know I do," she said. "And you like giving it rough as much as I like taking it." She lifted her chin, looking deeply into the dark pools of his eyes. "Good line in there by the way," she said and crushed her mouth against his. He plunged his tongue inside and kissed her like he hadn't seen her in four months — which he hadn't. She loved the urgency and lust behind his every move.

"I meant every word," he said between heavy breaths. "You bit your lip and I thought I'd toss you on the counter and fuck you right there."

She moaned — God, how she wanted him to have her right now.

"You know what that does to me." He yanked down her tank top and latched onto a nipple. "I'll play your little games, but you took it too far. I could barely stay in my seat."

With both her hands free now, she grabbed his lower back and yanked him closer. His hips pushed against her thighs until the dull pain of forming bruises stung her skin. She wanted more. She loved the ache — the promise of wild still to come.

He held her tightly, but she moved however she could. Rocking against his hard-on, brushing her face against his stubble, running her hands through his hair, anything to get that zing of contact. It'd been so long since she felt him — she was about to explode. In a few seconds, she'd get off with little more than a skillfully placed grind.

"You show up, no panties, no bra, and you know what happens?" He sucked on her sensitive peak.

"I hope you fucking me happens, because I can't wait."

She spurred her heel against his ass again, begging for more. Calling out the dominant side she loved so much. And he rose to the request.

"No waiting for you, sweetheart," he rasped. He yanked her off the wall and pressed her stomach-first onto the ground, facing the balcony ledge. Gage gathered her wrists and held them firmly against the small of her back.

She wiggled to test his strength — he was unbendable. Her tank top was pulled up to her neck, and the cold wood floor pressing against her bare breasts sent shivers down her spine. A cool draft hit the exposed cleft of her ass.

He had her pinned. Laid out flat and pinned.

"You see them all down there? How many of those people do you know?" he whispered in her ear.

She lifted the side of her face off the floor enough to glance down over the ledge. It was impossible to move much, but she wiggled anyway, daring him to tighten his hold. Like a boa constrictor delivering little pulses of strength as he slowly stole her struggle. Wetness flashed between her legs and sensitized her skin another degree.

Though she was mostly in the shadows, her head was in a strip of light. If someone were to look up, they'd see her face as she looked down at them. Would they see Gage's glowing dark eyes behind her? She could imagine the sight. Only her face hinted at what was being done to her body in the dark.

"Everyone," she whispered. "I know everyone in the bar."

And she did. Beaufort was a small town, and she'd grown up there. Her own mother had lived in this very house before she'd transformed it into a restaurant and bar. It was the only home Chloe had ever known. Where she and her mom had waited all those years for her dad to come back.


Excerpted from Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan, Stephen Morgan, Ava Jae. Copyright © 2015 Joya Ryan. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Tell Me You Need Me 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Great read. This was a quick, sexy story that I enjoyed reading for sure. The chemistry between these two leads was explosive. And the sex was hot, hot. My only complaint and the reason I deducted a star is because the hero kept contradicting himself which threw the story off a bit. He kept saying he wanted more than sexy weekends with the heroine (they live in different states). Yet he didn't want to be with her full time. He wanted to go out on missions and just see her when he was in town. But that's exactly what they had been doing so it just didn't make sense. Why do you need "more" if you're not changing anything. Anyway, this won't keep me from reading again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story line and the chemistry between the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can someone please have sex with me answer me back sooooooon
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
This was just an ok read for me. I felt the story was slow in places- the inner turmoil that Chloe had about commitments was repeated more times that it needed to be. And both Chloe & Gage wanted big changes in their relationship but never would speak up about it. That being said I think this could be an interesting series. I will check out more stories by Joya Ryan. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
amatate More than 1 year ago
2.5 stars- Love this author, not this book *I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a fair review* I generally really enjoy Joya Ryan's books- her stories, characters, and the romance are usually a guaranteed enjoyable read. However, I really struggled to finish this book, and only did so because the publisher granted me a copy to review. I found the characters very frustrating, as they refused to communicate but expected major concessions from one another. I also felt the story drug. For as short of a book as it is, it never captured my interest and moved very slowly. The dialogue and writing was solid, but I can't give over 2 stars to a book that I struggled to want to finish. I'll continue to read books by this author, but continue this particular series.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Tell Me You Need Me is a playful romantic story that is full of steamy scenes and is also about second chances at love. Right at the very beginning of the book we get introduced to Search-and-Rescuer, Gage McGraw, who has come to Beaufort to take some time off. In the mist all of that he is at a bar when a beautiful stranger gets his attention and as the two start to flirt they get up, and when she guides him outside he immediately calls her by her name. Gage has known Chloe for some time now and every time he gets back to Beaufort, they get together. Their relationship has been always been of the no-strings-attached-type of relationship, and it has worked for them for a couple of years now. Yet after Gage comes close to losing his life, he has realized that he doesn't have anyone permanent in his life, and by coming back to Chloe he wants to see if they can have a real relationship. Which doesn't turn out as he planned, because Chloe immediately tells him that she is not interested in having a long term relationship with someone that is not going to be there all the time. The story really begins when Gage starts to plan out how he is going to get Chloe to go out with him and get to know her better instead of just having sex. Chloe Franklin is clear on not wanting a relationship and when Gage comes into her life everything starts to change. She can't stop thinking about him all the time, and when he gets back to town and tells her that he wants more she immediately starts to take a step back. She knows that Gage will never leave his job to relocate to her town, and having a long distance relationship doesn't appeal to her. But when she starts to spend more time with him, and getting to know him better she starts to wonder if he might just be the one for her. I really enjoyed reading this story, it was funny and romantic. The characters had a lot of personality and that kept me interested in the book. It is evident that the characters have a past that they haven't worked out, but as the two start to get to know each other they help one another move on. The writing was great and the story had a good flow that was easy and enjoyable to read. Overall if you are looking for a story about second chances, then I highly recommend reading this book it is worth the read. :) ***ARC provided by Entangled in exchange for an honest review.***
WildHeartReviews More than 1 year ago
Tell Me You Need Me is the first book in Joya Ryan's new Search and Rescue series. This book can very obviously be read as a standalone, and I'm going to bet the others in the series can as well. It told from a third person POV between the hero and heroine. There is an HEA, and no cliffhanger! This was one of those stories that stuck with me. It's been about a month since I read it, and I still remember the plot and characters. The best way I can describe this one, is short and sweet. It is not a long novel, but the content is well worth it and have you turning the pages as fast as you can. The two main characters have a connection that you can feel right off the bat. They butt heads, but you can tell there are feelings there. The depth fo emotion is very evident, and the chemistry as well. I will admit to being slightly confused at first by what was going on, and then completely intrigued. No, really, I flipped to the synopsis twice like, "Am I reading the right thing?". Yes, yes I was. Just stick with it, it makes sense quickly. The book is a definite 4 star read for me, and I can't wait to dig into the rest of the Search and Rescue series. :D
TangledUpInBooks More than 1 year ago
Actual rating 3.5 out of 5 stars! The original review I posted on my blog is too long for B&N so I'll just leave you with the summarized final paragraph of my review. It's basically a long story short version of the rest of it anyway! :) I absolutely wanted to love this one so very much. Most especially because I freaking adore Joya Ryan. Sadly Chloe and Gage left me more frustrated than swooning. I know it sounds like I had a horrible time reading this but I truly didn't. It had it's funny moments and it kept me interested to the end. It was good, I just never completely clicked and fell head over heels in love with it. I will say that I am so, so excited to read East's story though when it comes out. The sparks I saw forming and who I saw them forming with...*whistles* I think they would make for one highly entertaining book! Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!
CoffeeBreakandaGoodBook More than 1 year ago
Chloe and Gage are friends with benefits– something Chloe is happy with. Gage, however, wants more out of their relationship. Chloe has seen heartbreak too many times to want to have to suffer ever again, but Gage wants her in the worst and way and is willing to fight to get what he wants. I love how strong and alpha Gage is within the relationship. He knows how powerful he is and isn’t afraid to exert that on Chloe. Yet, Chloe is a very strong, dominant, sexually aware woman and gladly uses her body to distract Gage, as needed. Their chemistry is off the charts HOT and the banter between the two is hilariously written. At less than 200 pages, this is one of those fun-loving, quick reads that leaves the reader feeling good at the end. *Copy provided for review.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
When you open a book with a freaking hot, fun scene, it can only get better. And this one did. Chloe and Gage were spectacular together in their physical moments. They exuded pure pleasure and heat. This story had heat, heart, friendships, and big fears. When Gage wanted more out of their trust, he hit all of Chloe's vulnerabilities. And when she started coming around, it hit in his. I kept wondering when the shoe would drop for these two and how it would work out. It was far sweeter and more romantic than I could have imagined. Then the sweet hit epilogue thrown in, major sighing and swooning. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
This novel is a strange kind of Romance. The heroine, Chloe Franklin, is commitment phobic. Her late mother pined for the husband who left her and always expected/waited for him to return. Chloe saw how that took an emotional toll on her mother. Even as her mother lay dying of Cancer her thoughts were if her husband would be coming to see her. Chloe vowed never to be that kind of woman - waiting for a man to call her, to go on dates, or to get into a relationship. The closest thing to a "relationship" that Chloe has is for two years she has been a "booty call" for Search and Rescuer Gage McGraw. He comes to her small town for a week-end, they have mind-blowing sex, he leaves, no strings, and everybody's happy. Gage McGraw had a close call recently on a job. While rescuing some climbers he was scaling down a cliff to get to them when his line broke and he was free falling through the air. Luckily he was able to catch hold of a nearby rope in time. But that near death experience make him realize that if something were to happen to him, there would be no one to call. He has no family, no close friends, and no girlfriend. But as he was falling he was thinking about Chloe. So on his next trip to Beaufort he is there for three weeks to train some new recruits and volunteers and to convince Chloe to take their arrangement to a relationship. Three weeks Chloe is horrified about. That and that Gage wants to ... take her on a date. This is a plan that Gage is determined to pursue and Chloe is to thwart. The sex is extremely hot in "Tell Me You Need Me" - there is no doubt there. However it seems as though even when Gage is trying to woo Chloe he succumbs too easily to her games of distracting him from his goal of getting her to go on a date with him. I'm a big fan, HUGE, of the SMEXY. But I felt that it took away from the story in this case. Again, the scenes were fantastic and tremendously sensual and erotic but ... I don't know ... Gage wanted to go on a date, Chloe denied him, then Gage said he'd deny her sex, but she'd trick him in to some semblance of sex and finally they go on a date and BOOM they have sex. The big thing that bothered me about this novel was that Gage wanted to date in order to get to know Chloe - talk to her rather than just have sex. Have something more meaningful that just be a "booty call" - be in a "relationship". But in talking to her he learned about her feelings about her mother and her father's leaving and how that affected her. But Gage wants Chloe to be his girlfriend - and still go away and do jobs and return to Beaufort whenever he can. So basically he wants the same arrangement as what they already had - but he wants someone to call his girlfriend, accompany him to nice meals, worry about him while he's gone, and have a next of kin on his Emergency Contacts card. How Romantic. Unfortunately "Tell Me You Need Me" did not grab me as many other novels do - in fact it took me quite a while to get into it. Even then I really wasn't invested in the main characters as much as I was the secondary characters, the friends of Chloe and Gage. Hopefully, Joya Ryan was just off her game with this novel. This novel was provided by the Publisher in exchange for a honest review.
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
*ARC received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review* When I started this book I expected to love it. It begins with some truly hot hot sex between Gage and Chloe, who hook up whenever he is in town, which isn't often. A look at his own mortality while on a search and rescue mission makes Gage want more. He wants a long distance relationship - to date and be with restaurant owner Chloe whenever he's in town. She on the other hand is so afraid of being left that she won't allow herself to love any man so dating is out of the question. The hot hookups are all she is interested in. So while the steamy sex continues, these characters both become a little irritating to me. He can't see that a relationship on his terms isn't very appealing and she can't stop thinking about how her father left her mother and her mother never got over it. I think Joya Ryan is a great writer, but this book was a little disappointing.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Exciting and Soo Good---From Fling to Forever Chloe Franklin & Gage McGraw are friends who hook up when they can. When she hears that her regular guy, Gage is back in town, she is all for getting back with him. But things have changed with Gage. He had something happened to him, something life or death and it changed his outlook on the whole hookup outlook. He realizes he wants to settle down and he can only see that being with Chloe but knows he will have a fight on his hands, Gage starts this plan of attack—because knowing Chloe, he knows if he goes all guns blazing, she will shut down and back off quicker than anything and he will never get past that defense. He ends up getting her soo hot and bothered then he backs off, then he seduces and cajoles and again, backs away. Soon, Chloe starts to feel the need to be around HIM, to want to be in his life, This was a sweet romance about two people who didn’t realize untl something gave a push that that belonged together. One stubborn female and one sexy guy guy. It was a good read that had a good outcome. My rating: 4.0 stars **** ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher via NETGALLEY for my honest review****
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
This is a first for me: reading a book where I dislike both main characters all the way to the end and it touched a huge nerve. I'm glad I got a chance to take breath before writing this review because it was a lot more heated in my brain! I usually enjoy Ms. Ryan's writing and the commitment-phobic heroine trope is something I would enjoy. I really was interested in how she would be convinced to take a chance on love and settled in to enjoy a fun and sexy romp, but for the life of me I could not enjoy this story because of how much I disliked the characters! All I could see on every page was how very selfish they both were. Chloe is not interested in love and commitment because of her late mother's experiences. So when her occasional weekend hook-up, Gage McGraw returns to town with the intention of making their fling something more permanent, she employs all the tricks at her disposal to convince him to keep their 'relationship' exactly as it is. Never mind that they are already committed to having sex with each other only. And Gage. I actually liked him initially and was excited to see how he would convince Chloe to make their relationship permanent, but apparently his hero complex was too overwhelming for his life-changing epiphany to mean much. Usually, when people experience those moments, they actually make changes in their lives but he was more interested in testing the waters by going on a date with Chloe to see how that would turn out. And he expected her to agree to wait for him while he raced around the country rescuing people. Yeah, that's just the ticket! Honestly, the only upside to this book was Gage's friend, East who just kept dishing out truths like an oracle and he's the only reason I kept reading, which must make me some kind of masochist because in spite of how much I disliked Chloe and Gage, I kept hoping they would somehow redeem themselves and by the time the book ended, I was so over them! Of course, Ms. Ryan knows how to write some very steamy scenes, so even if the characters were annoying, everything else was actually worth reading. Now, I am looking forward to East's story and I have high hopes that I'll love it. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Exciting & hot … with an undertone of sweet thrown in! Gage McGraw has been visiting Beaufort, North Carolina for years now. As a Search-N-Rescue guy, he travels alot and is on the go anytime an emergency happens. But for two years, he’s been spending a weekend of downtime in Beaufort with Chloe Franklin. Chloe loves the excitement that Gage brings to her life, and she loves being able to walk away anytime she wants. When Gage starts pushing for more of her then just a quick tumble into bed, she balks. She can’t set herself up to be hurt down the road! Can Gage convince her that they have a future of more than just an occasionally booty call? ** Received free in exchange for an honest review **
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I have to say one of my favorite things to do lately is to discover new authors and with this story, I was not disappointed. Even though it is part of the series you do not have to read the previous stories in order to enjoy this one. Chloe and Gage are what society calls "friends with benefits". What is so nice and different is that it the guy, Gage, who wants a commitment. What a refreshing and wonderful story.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: I've read two of Joya Ryan's books, Chasing Mr. Wrong and Rules of Seduction, both Entangled Brazen books, and I adored them both so much. It's reached the point where I want to read every last one of her books all at once. So this one definitely made the list of top priority...and I was not wrong in making it a priority. Chloe and Gage are "if I'm in town, let's hook up" friends with benefits. They've been doing this for awhile, and every time they're together it's spectacular. But this time is different: Gage wants more. Chloe immediately panics because what they had was exactly what she wanted and she doesn't want anything to change. Thus begins the battle between Gage and Chloe--she's trying to seduce him back into her bed, while he's trying to convince her to join him for dinner. Their game takes them where they never expected their relationship to go, but are they prepared for where it leads them? Tell Me You Need Me is a wonderfully steamy story full of heart. Gage and Chloe have chemistry that is seriously ridiculous, and the physical flowed into the emotional flawlessly. Joya Ryan is a complete master at the fine art of romance and heroes with seduction techniques that make you swoon. Amazing book from the Search and Seduce series! My Rating: Very Good
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
3.5 Hottie McSearchy stars Chloe Franklin has spent the last two years getting down and dirty when the sun sets, but only with one particular Search and Rescue camo wearing beast, and only when he is in town. She has enough to think about running her Mum’s restaurant, so any commitment avoidance suits her perfectly. ”She wanted to stay in suspended bliss with him. Was that too much to ask?" Gage McGraw loves his job. The call to potentially save lives on a daily basis is what lives in his veins, and when he visits Beaufort, he’s content to fall into Chloe’s bed. That is until he decides he wants a little more. Not marriage, but just a meal and a conversation before bedtime. This was sweet and steamy, and the story flowed well as each character loosened their commitment ties. Gage enjoyed taunting Chloe, but he was thoughtful and earnest in his attempts to woo her. I have always enjoyed Joya’s writing previously, with her Chasing Love series being a winner for me. This was a good start to this new Search and Seduce series, although I did find elements of the story rushing towards the conclusion. There are a few candidates for the next story, so I’m suitably satisfied that whoever will be fine in Joya’s capable hands. ARC gratefully received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review
JulieMaguda More than 1 year ago
Chloe and Gage have a friends with benefits relationship whenever he is in town. It suits them both just fine because neither one of them want any kind of commitment. At least Gage used to feel that way, until one day he almost dies on a job and he reevaluates his life. He decides that he wants more with Chloe and sets out to try to learn more about her. I really ended up enjoying this one. I thought Gage was an absolute sweetheart, even when Chloe was doing her best to push him away. Obviously since these two characters are friends with benefits, there are a lot of steamy scenes. They have a ton of chemistry together. It was kind of refreshing to see the man be the one that was pushing for a real relationship.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 stars Tell Me You Need Me was a very good read. Author Joya Ryan has written an enjoyable storyline with likable and relatable characters. I enjoyed watching Gage and Chloe's relationship develop, my interest was held from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book and I can't wait to read more from this talented author.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After a near death experience gives Gage McGraw a little reality check he decides its time to try make some changes in his life. The idea of dying alone doesn't set well with him, so he decides it time to stop indulging in weekend affairs with a certain beautiful restaurant owner and convince her that it's time to make their relationship amount to a little more. They have been skating around each other for the last two years never once mentioning taking things to the next level, for fear of losing the good thing they have going. They enjoy each others company, but their both commitment phoebes who have no desire to be tied down, that is until now... Gage wants more, but now he has to convince Chloe that he's worth the risk. Chloe Franklin has no interest in being tied down to one man, even the mere mention of it and she's ready to run for the door. After watching her mother slowly slip away after her dad walked out on them, she decided from that point on to never let a man get close enough to hurt her. She enjoys her sporadic weekend flings with Gage, and looks forward to seeing him, and she sees no reason to complicate things. When Gage shows up in her restaurant she is excited to see him, and pickup where they left off last time, but this time Gage has other plans, he wants a date. The minute the date word leaves his mouth she's ready to run.... Once again Ms. Ryan has created a spicy little tale that is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs, and then some! Gage and Chloe's story is packed with intensity, passion, and heated banter that will have blushing a time or two! The story line captivated my attention right from the start and had me burning right through the pages, and staying up well past my bed time just to finish it! Ms. Ryan never ceases to amaze me with her literary talents, every time she puts pen to paper she creates something truly unique and oh so fun to read! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
Alexandra_the_Reader More than 1 year ago
After reading this book, I sat down and really thought about the rating I was going to give this book. At the end I decided that it was a good book. Is a fast-read, funny and with some really hot scenes there. We have a HEA and hot characters. Unfortunately. for me, it was one of those books that you read and later one you forget.. Again it was just and OK book. So I would recommend this book to people looking for something fast, good, and sexy/hot. **ARC received via, thanks Netgalley and the author Kira Archer for the e-copy.**
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan Book One of the Search and Seduce series Publisher: Brazen Publication Date: November 16, 2015 Rating: 3 stars Source: eARC from NetGalley ***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers*** Summary (from Goodreads): Playing dirty can be the best kind of fun… Chloe Franklin wouldn't call herself a commitment-phobe, so much as she's allergic to anything long term. She loves the sexy, sweaty and intensely hot hours of the night that come before the sun rises, though. Especially when those nights are spent with Search-and-Rescuer Gage McGraw... Gage loves his job, but there is one thing he's starting to like more than the rush of a mission--a stacked blonde with a mouth that haunts his dreams. Every time he steps foot in the sleepy town of Beaufort, he hooks up with Chloe. But he's tired of hooks-ups. He wants more. Just the sight of Gage gets Chloe's blood going. Hot, bothered, and finally naked, she's ready for their night to start. But before he takes her, he whispers what his intentions really are…and then the games really begin. What I Liked: This book and the next book I'll be reviewing (Once Upon a Power Play by Jennifer Bonds) both feature a woman named Chloe, and both Chloe's are commitment phobes and don't want to shack up with the respective man they've come to enjoy spending time with (physically). In this book, Chloe and Gage have known each other for years; he visits a weekend at a time, and he and Chloe hook up, and then he leaves. Both are always anticipating the next time he comes. But Gage might be looking into a more permanent position in Beaufort, and he wants Chloe to go steady with him. But Chloe doesn't want anything permanent, and Gage isn't even sure he wants to stay in the town permanently. But neither of them are going to give up what they currently have. The first scene in the book took me by surprise, because I had no idea that Chloe and Gage already knew each other (I didn't read the synopsis well enough, I think). I was like... why is she about to hook up with someone who uses THOSE lines?! But they already knew each other. Nevertheless, the first scene is SO hot. Right from the start, we get to see what type of relationship Chloe and Gage have - purely physical, no emotional strings attached. I really liked Gage; he's a Search-and-Rescuer, and he is currently in between rescues. He's teaching young search-and-rescuers the tricks of the trade in the forest in Beaufort. Gage would never consider settling down in Beaufort (or anywhere), but after a near-death experience, he's decided that he wants Chloe in his life, permanently. Gage is an honest, noble, hot guy, and I liked him. Chloe was a little harder for me to like because she kept pushing away Gage. She knew she wanted him but didn't want any more from him than a physical relationship. Yet she had feelings for him. I hate this type of confusion, it hurts people unnecessarily! Still, Chloe is a strong type of woman, despite not really knowing what she wants. She's dedicated to her mother's restaurant, and it's really amazing to see how committed she is to see it flourish, after her mother's death. Read the rest of my review on my blog, The Eater of Books! - eaterofbooks DOT blogspot DOT com :)
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
I have read several books by Ms. Ryan so I was really looking forward to reading this one. Her books are usually a guaranteed fabulous read. However, this story didn't live up to my expectations of a book by Ms. Ryan. Yes, there were many steamy scenes but Chloe seemed to have a complete change of heart almost instantly making the ending seemed a bit rushed. A good story but not great. ARC received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.