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Thanks Fur Last Night


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Enter a world of smoldering shifters in this scintillating anthology headlined by New York Times bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden with brand-new, never published novellas!

Bearing His Sin

Cole should have killed Anja the moment he realized she was his mate. Instead, he let her live and now they’re on the hunt, chasing the morons who think they can force her to marry another man. Like hell. And while this shapeshifting bear might have his share of sins, he’s not going to let little things like murder and mayhem prevent him from having the woman meant to be the keeper of his heart.

Bought by the Bear
Josilyn Martinez just needed the money to help raise her nephew. That's it. There's no other reason she would take a job posing as a shifter's mate so he can assure his grandmother he's settled down. There's no reason to stay at his place so they learn "more about each other." And there's definitely no good reason she should get involved with the hard, hot, and handsome shifter that's hired her.

Xander just needs a fake mate for a week to get his grandmother off his back. But what's a bear shifter to do when the impostor mate he hired turns out to be his actual mate? All sweet, luscious curves and a heart of gold, Xander's not going to let his mate get away. Now all he has to do is show her that they belong together, one kiss and touch at a time...

The Alpha and I
Devon Kincaid is happy with her new life in Lowman, Idaho. Her little bar on the outskirts of the tiny, isolated town is doing well, and she’s not even interested in finding a man. But when she finds a bleeding man—a hot, hard, handsome, naked bleeding man—in the snow one night, Devon brings him home to care for him. He’s definitely not like any man she’s ever met before, but what she doesn’t realize is that he’s not just a man…

Liam Murphy isn't simply a werewolf. He's the Alpha. In a heated battle with a deadly bear shifter, he's moved his pack to the Sawtooth Wilderness in order to draw danger from them. He was hoping to escape his problems—but the last thing he expects to find in the isolated Idaho wilderness was his mate. Fragile and unfamiliar with the violent supernatural world, the only way he can protect Devon is to make her what he is: a werewolf. He only hopes that in the process convincing her to enter fully into his world, that he doesn’t drive away the one woman he can’t live without.

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ISBN-13: 9781250159717
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 1,118,047
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

EVE LANGLAIS is a New York Times bestselling Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She enjoys strong alpha male heroes, shifters, and a happily ever after.

MILLY TAIDEN is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the renowned Paranormal Dating Agency, the Sassy Mates books, and the Federal Paranormal Unit novels.

KATE BAXTER is a die-hard romantic with a thing for Shakespeare. She lives in the great northwest and writes about all things fanged, furry, and undead.

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To kill or not to kill. That was the question, the eternal one that seemed so patently obvious.

Kill. Kill. And, yes, kill. Like really. Who pondered this type of shit?

As Cole spied on the happy families cavorting on the neighboring property — swimming and barbecuing and playing fucking tag — Quick, someone hand me a bag to barf in — he seriously contemplated what he should do. Logic said Cole should end their domestic misery with the pull of a trigger. Make that three pulls because, to be fair, he should shoot all three guys he spied on.

Imagine the screams. The absolute chaos. What about the fact that he'd probably do the world a favor?

Didn't these men know sinners didn't get to have a happily ever after? These men weren't society's finest. They weren't even human.

Then again, neither am I. Within Cole nestled a bear, hibernating for the moment, his ursine half saving himself in case things got up close and personal. It could happen, especially if Cole chose to leave this tree and opt for something a little more old school. What if he didn't shoot his targets but, instead, adhered to some outdated unwritten law that said fights should be paw to paw. I wonder how I'd do against those three?


His bear's simple answer. Cole's lips stretched, the grin of a true predator.

The squeals of the little boy being tossed in the air by a proud papa yanked his lips straight. Had he grown so cold as to destroy that child's chance of a stable family and future?

Don't forget your own fabulous childhood.

What childhood? He'd never had a chance to be a boy raised by his father. Never got to know the soft touch of his mother. If he couldn't have it, why should anyone else?

The continued domestic happiness grated, nails dragging raggedly across his skin. The laughter pierced his eardrums. And yet, his distraction didn't come from that entirely.

A car rattled and choked as it rolled past on the nearby road, its muffler in dire need of repair. Nothing a roll of duct tape — the good kind bought in a hardware store, not the dollar variety — wouldn't temporarily fix. The acrid smell of fumes, carried to him via a downwind draft, brought back memories of the '69 Chevelle he'd rebuilt in his early twenties.

I loved that car. A shame he had to blow it up. Worth every drop of sweat, though. The insurance money went to good use.

Nowadays, he drove a luxurious, fully loaded Mercedes. Creamy gray leather seats, the supple material cannibalized from real animals, the height of decadence for someone like him. He'd chosen a manual gearshift, wanting the sensation of control. I am in charge of all this power. In charge of a mean machine whose powerful engine purred when he shifted those gears.

First ... Second ... Third. Yes!

Indeed, that was a boner in his pants. He dared any man not to get one when driving a sweet set of wheels. Wheels that screamed power, and not just because of the hundreds of horses harnessed in its engine. This car said, I am the man. Anyone who didn't agree would find himself relocated to an unmarked grave. He didn't like it when people argued with him.

He'd left his sweet ride at a gas station earlier today, about a half mile from the edge of Fabian Garoux's property. A cab had brought him along the public access road that wound through Garoux's property. The mobster had bought all the land he could and then proceeded to protect it. Knowing cameras watched, Cole waited in the backseat of the cab for the precise location to launch the app on his watch that caused a temporary glitch in all wireless signals. In other words, he threw out a bunch of meaningless junk that made a bunch of noise.

While the jamming happened, he paid the driver and hopped out of the taxi within yards of the location he'd scouted. He'd mapped his way well and quickly moved to the cover of the trees, hiking about a hundred yards to his destination. He launched his disruptor app every dozen or so paces, interfering with signals to cameras that might be watching.

But it wasn't the cameras that were the most dangerous. It was the patrols on this property, especially by the nonhuman guards who served Garoux, the city's crime lord. The mobster didn't live in the city. Situated outside of town, he owned enough acreage that a shifter could hunt without worrying about anyone hearing the screams.

No witnesses. No crime. No retaliation.

A good killer did the job without fanfare. Which could get boring. Sometimes being too good at a job led to an itch to try something new.

Maybe after this job, he'd branch out his services, because it sure would beat the boredom that came with sitting in a tree situated on a plot of land, a simple three acres, in the midst of Garoux's territory.

And why had he chosen this particular spot? A search of the records showed the property deed registered to one Nonna Smith, an elderly lady living here with her spinster granddaughter. Farmers, as he'd discovered when he'd dug deeper. Holdouts who had refused to sell when Fabian bought the surrounding properties and melded them into one big plot. A big plot with a missing chunk as the women held out against the big bad wolf next door. A perfect spot with a view that sat downwind.

Pow. Pop. The car on the road continued on its way, noxiously belching, soon fading from sight and hearing. Noisy fucker. Smelly too. That was probably why he never heard or smelled her approach, not a single ounce of warning until the distinctive click of a hammer being cocked.

"Care to explain what you're doing in this tree?"

Apparently, I am falling. That was the clever thing Cole wanted to say when he found his nimble grace suddenly gone in the face of her unexpected appearance. How could a man remain stable or even speak when his bear stirred his beastly head and, with great glee, announced, Mine?


And Babushka said men didn't grow on trees. A life lesson imparted to Anja, followed by her grandmother lecturing about how Anja was too picky and it shouldn't matter who he was. Status meant nothing. So long as he can work and doesn't hit you, what more do you want?

How about a little respect? Someone she could feel equal to. A man who wouldn't be intimidated by her blunt manner of speaking. Who wouldn't find himself put off by her freakish height and wide hips. She gave new meaning to the word "voluptuous." Babushka said she was big boned and perfect.

Anja happened to agree, which was why she wouldn't settle when it came to a man. Then again, saying no to men wasn't that hard. For some reason, she attracted the wrong kind, the kind who wanted to climb her like a tree or lick her big feet. She'd also met clumsy idiots, such as this guy in the tree. Well, more like the guy on the ground. He apparently wasn't the most agile of fellows.

At least he'd managed to recover before hitting the uncompromising earth face-first. This time of the year, the ground around the roots proved unyielding, hard with the first glimmers of frost. A face-plant would have hurt, and she would know. In the past, this particular arboreal specimen had once dumped her harshly too.

I'm pretty sure this oak hates me. Which was really shortsighted of the tree, given she owned an ax.

Eyeing the guy, she had to wonder if a face-plant would have hurt him much. "He's a freaking rock," she muttered aloud, an old habit of hers from tending animals over the years. They at least listened to the farm girl.

Yes, she did something as old-fashioned as farming because her babushka insisted only fresh would do, especially when it came to milk and eggs. "In the old country," she'd say as she started her lecture, "we used to milk the cow every morning to make fresh butter and cheese for dinner that night."

"In the old days, you also married first cousins to keep it in the family."

"Be proud you are descended from an almost pure line."

"I'll be happier when I birth some kids with no horns or tails or three eyes."

Her babushka spat on the floor. "There is nothing wrong with birthing greatness."

"Unless you've watched The Omen." The creepy movie had left its mark.

Her grandmother didn't see the world the same way as Anja. In many respects, her babushka had never left the old country. A few decades since she'd come to this country and still her grandmother clung to old ways. Old ways meant sending her granddaughter out with a gun to confront the guy hanging around in their tree. The guy who was about as bright as a rock. In a cave. That was covered by vines.

He didn't have a clue. "Who's a rock?" asked the fellow with the granite-edged face.

"You are."

"I am? Why?"

As if he had to ask. He saw that rocky visage in the mirror every morning. Hard planes set his jaw square. Piercing brown eyes were framed by the darkest lashes, so dark he almost appeared to wear eyeliner. It provided a nice sultriness that went well with his tanned skinned and thick dark hair.

Totally doable. But given his lack of brightness, she worried about him being clingy. Best to pass on this one. "From what I've seen of you, you're either a dumbass or a rock. Take your pick."

He bounded to his feet, a simple leap of his body that appeared deceptively easy. She knew better and remained steady, the barrel of her gun pointed right at him. He might seem benign, but appearances meant nothing.

For example, most people thought she was just a dumb farm girl. They didn't know about her left hook or that she'd won the state spelling bee four years in a row. Funny how the fist left more of an impression with folks.

"What kind of rock do you think I am?" he asked, appearing utterly at ease. His gaze never once strayed to her gun.

She didn't like it. "Does it matter what type?"

"Of course it does. What if I'm a diamond, shiny and hard? Very hard. A diamond you could fondle. Give a gentle roll between your fingers. Perhaps rub me over your lips." The sinfully thick lashes fluttered in a wink.

Dirty talk? The fun didn't stop with this guy. Did he seriously think he could seduce her with those raunchy innuendos? "How about I use your diamonds for target practice?"

"Big words for a little girl."

Little? She could have snorted. She stood six foot, most definitely not petite, and had often been compared to a Viking babe of old during her college years. Actually, she was of Russian descent, which was just as vicious as a Viking maiden. Maybe even more dangerous. Look at her babushka. No one fucked with her. The cable guy brought her coffee when he came to fix the outages. And he'd been five minutes early for the appointment each and every time since the "incident." Then there was the cashier at the grocery store who'd tried to refuse some coupons. Babushka still cackled when the girl made the sign of the cross upon seeing her.

Most people feared Anja's grandmother. Except me. Anja lived to bug the woman. Which meant she had brass balls when it came to baiting people, even those who might be dangerous. "Come a little closer and we'll see who's little." She let a grin curl the corner of her lips.

"A challenge? I accept."

Accepted what? What did he mean? A tingling anticipation shimmered through her body, leaving her energized and focused. Not just focused, but intent on him. She couldn't seem to look away, not with so much to catalog — and admire. The stranger bore a neatly trimmed beard, enough to cradle his chin and upper lip with a lush pelt that went on to slash across the bold lines of his cheek.

Soft or bristly?

Would it tickle if he put that head between her legs?

And, most importantly, how long could he go without breathing?

Some women might have been appalled at the direction of her thoughts. Lusting after a perfect stranger, what was wrong with her? And not just any stranger but one hiding in her tree, spying through binoculars and bearing a gun, a weapon currently tucked in its holster.


And tall. Taller than her.

Panty wetting.

Given my boring life, I don't think there's anything about this scenario that doesn't turn me on.

The man oozed suave confidence. He bore the look of a slick warrior. A gun might be pointed on him, but he exuded cool.

Funny how that very chill made her only hotter.

She never saw him move. One moment, he stood before her, hands spread, attempting to look benign — epic fail — the next, he tried to tear the gun from her hands.

Her fingers curled tight around the stock and barrel, very tight, and she growled through clenched teeth. "You shouldn't have done that."

The old country might be a mythical place that Anja heard about at bedtime or when her babushka hit the homemade potato liquor made in the laundry sink, but her elderly relative had made sure Anja could defend herself and gave her the strength as well.

Farming wasn't gentle work. Just ask her grandmother, who'd done it for the last twenty-five years, taking on double duty when her beloved husband died in the same accident that had taken Anja's mother when she was only months old.

The head-on collision that killed Helga had left Anja alive but parentless, her daddy abandoning her before she was born. The jerk. A good thing she already lived with her babushka full-time. It meant she wasn't alone. Nor was she useless. Once she learned to crawl, her babushka started to teach, her first task being to collect eggs.

Back then, her grandmother didn't yell when her chubby fists crushed the thin shells and spilled yolk. But once she started tossing them at her grandmother for calling her a slow, lazy cow, all of a sudden, her beloved babushka claimed Anja was going to starve them out of house and home.

"I should be so lucky as to move somewhere with a decent signal," she'd yelled back.

Collecting eggs and caring for chickens wasn't all Anja did. Milking the blasted cow was another hated chore. The bovine despised her; she knew it did. She could see it in its giant brown eyes.

The animals were only part of her chores. Anja had built up much of her upper-body strength tossing hay, mucking out stalls, and, in general, doing all kinds of manual labor that left her strong. Stronger than all the other girls she knew, and most of the men.

And why was this important? Because when her tree climber dared to grab her gun, he didn't manage to pluck it from her hands. He barely budged it at all because she tightened her grip along with her determination.

"You don't want to mess with me," she muttered.


"Because." She pressed her lips mulishly together before adding, "Because people who mess with me don't end up in a good place." At least so she assumed. Her grandmother never did say what happened to them.

"Here's the weird thing, though." He stopped pulling and leaned close. "I kind of want to." And then he kissed the tip of her nose before licking it. It startled her, and her trigger finger tightened.

Bang. She fired, the spatter of rock salt and metal filings spraying the air. The recoil shifted them off balance, and their gazes caught. Enjoyment lit his.

Let's see how long that lasts. Her lips curled in mockery as she brought up her knee, and missed, hitting his thigh instead of his jewels. The man had quick reflexes and an odd sense of humor because he laughed.

"A wild one. You can't imagine how much that excites me. And you play dirty. Even more fun. The gun, however, has to go."

A gasp left her when he showed just how little strength he'd applied before. This time, when he exerted himself, he wrenched the gun from her hands with ease. Immediately, it went flying as he tossed it before wrapping his arms around her. For the half second she allowed it, it felt good. Great. Here was a man who had the size she craved. A size to make her feel almost petite.

A size meant to intimidate.

He chose the wrong girl.

He might want to give a hug, but she did not remain still. She pulled away from him, straining against his arms, to no avail. She couldn't budge.

A wave of incredulity arched her body. It did not free her. Her body undulated in a harsh snap, and yet he did not loosen his grip. He reeled her closer.

"Let me go." She cranked her head sharply to the rear and hit him in the lower part of his face, a firm blow to his jaw. She'd sent idiots who got a little handsy to the hospital with broken bones before.

Of course those guys weren't made of stone.

"Fuck me, that was a good shot."

Did he sound ... impressed?

"Would you like another?" Wouldn't her babushka be proud, showing manners to the enemy?

Her elbow jabbed back and stopped cold when it hit a brick wall. Her foot stamped down onto steel-toe shoes.

It was like fighting a bloody rock. Big, heavy, and unyielding, which meant gravity would love him.

She turned into a limp doll, hanging from his grip with all her weight — a size built on years of Russian cooking, the only kind of cooking that really counted. She let all her muscles relax as she let gravity do the work.

It pulled her down, but was it enough to throw the man off balance?

"If you insist on lying down, then let me oblige you."


Excerpted from "Thanks Fur Last Night"
by .
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Table of Contents

Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais

Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden

The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter

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Thanks Fur Last Night 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Three diffferent stories told in very different ways. Whether you're looking for a sweet story, a classic alpha tale, or you like your shifters served up with a large helping of humor this book will give you what you're looking for.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
This anthology is written by three different authors and contains tales of shifters finding their mates and what they’ll do to protect them. Each story was a complete tale for being a novella. The characters were well liked and the book was a quick read. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KB is a new author for me. Looking to read more
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Three shifter romances by different authors with very different plots are included in this collection of novellas which, according to Goodreads, is the first such collection in a new series called ‘Fur’! They are lovely reads for when you’ve not much time or for anyone looking for a taster into this genre. Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais is a delightful paranormal romantic comedy that had me laughing out loud at some of the escapades and interactions. Yes, it is OTT but still a story to put a smile on your face and keep it there. I really enjoyed reading it! The second novella is Brought by the Bear and involves Xander Ursi hiring someone to pretend to be his fated mate - only to discover that she really is! I loved his grandmother and her nephew in this story which is kind of a paranormal Cinderella type of romance. I’d really like to read a novel length version of this story so there would be more time for the author to develop the characters further. The final novella is The Alpha and I which has an Alpha wolf shifter struggling to defeat the Bear shifters who are at war with his pack. The last thing he expected was to discover his mate is a human, someone who knows nothing of the paranormal world or how to survive its violent turmoil. Deciding how best to protect both her and his pack won’t be easy for Liam Murphy! I requested and received a copy of this novel. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I haven’t bought this one yet, but I will, probably in paperback. The cover is great and what attracted me to the book first, but then I saw who the authors were and had to read it! I loved this book! All 3 stories were excellent and action packed. Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais picked up after Alpha’s Mate with the guy in the tree. Anja and her grandma are full of spunk and attitude which makes some things very humorous. Secrets are coming out that don’t make Anja to happy, and Cole stays by her side through it all with his own snarky humor about killing her. Great story with an HEA! Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden is a great story where Josilyn is having a hard time making ends meet, so her bestie gets her setup up to be mate for hire for a week when her nephew is away with grandma. She needs the money, so she does it reluctantly. Trouble ensues when she is attacked. Full of mystery and treachery that her and Xander must figure out together. Great action packed story that made me happy with Josilyn getting her happy ending with her nephew and her mate! Alpha and I by Kate Baxter is full of excitement and trouble in the snow with shifters. Devon saves a naked man in the snow, but trust doesn’t come easy. This was an exciting read, and the difference between werewolves and shifters in this story was unique at least to me it was. Overall 3 fabulous stories from 3 fantastic authors that I love reading! I can’t wait to read more from all of them! I highly recommend to any shifter fan who wants 3 fabulous stories with romance and HEAs!
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed these 3 books about Supernatural/Shifters and finding their mates. All 3 of the books are quick reads because they are novellas but you get a full story in them. I loved each story and wanted more once the book ended. There is action, romance, hot bedroom scenes, strong woman and the men who want to protect them. I really look forward to reading the next books in this series. *Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this for my honest opinion*
Hray16 More than 1 year ago
Bought By The Bear by Milly Taiden: Another great story by Ms. Taiden. Josie was down on her luck after a very nasty divorce and needed money. In steps her best friend with a solution. Pretend to be a shifter's mate, get the money, problem solved... right?... wrong.. As soon as Xander meets Josie, he knows his fake mate is his true mate. Now to make her see that. This story was full of comical moments and plenty of heat as these two journey to their HEA. Now there are a few surprises along the way... including an all knowing grandmother. I didn't put this one down until the end.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
A trifecta of reading! Three beloved authors have teamed up to give us triple the reading enjoyment. An example of what's offered: Milly Taiden again offers us a great story with some humor, heat, and honesty in BOUGHT BY THE BEAR: Josie is the single parent of her eight-year-old nephew. She's great at love, however, some bad luck has made her struggle to keep them going. A friend offers her the chance to catch up for a while. She has to do something she'd never have considered if times weren't so desperate. A fake-mate. That's what Xander needed. To appease his only family, a loving but strong grandmother, he has to appear to be settling down. The phrase you can buy anything on the internet was true in this case. Only when he met Josie there was nothing fake about his feelings. This is a couple you will cheer to have their HEA. Unfortunately, not everyone wants her happiness. Someone is threatening her and she's trying to handle it herself. Will she live long enough to find the HEA? The author has given a complete read with wonderful characters, good storyline, and steamy chemistry. Enjoy all three great reads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was a good read. Seems like there is a second book to the frist story but no info about it
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Thanks Fur Last Night Trilogy of Shapeshifter Novellas Looking for a fun anthology with furry fellows that find their mates? Look no further ;) BEARING HIS SIN by Eve Langlais Fun read of Greek bear assassin Cole literally falling at the feet of Anja, his fated mate. There are werewolves, a bear hero, the Russian tiger mafia, a wannabe husband trying to kidnap Anja and more but what really grabbed me was the style of writing that made me smile. Anja is no delicate maiden needing a savior and Cole is a man who is rather blunt but endearingly so. This was a bit over the top but in such a delightful way that I couldn’t stop reading once I began. BOUGHT BY THE BEAR by Milly Taiden Josilyn is in a tight financial situation as she takes care of the nephew in her charge. Her friend provides an opportunity to be pretend mat to Xander and she grabs it – she needs the money. Xander realizes at first sniff she is his mate but how to let her know without scaring her away? This story has someone out to do Josilyn in, Xander doing his best to keep her safe, a mother-in-law and ex-husband from H*ll and a HEA for all…I felt this might be part of a series and that I was missing something at times but all in all it was a fun read. THE ALPHA AND I by Kate Baxter Revenge wanted by a bear shifter puts Liam Murphy near death just off the road as Devon Kincaid drives by. Managing to get him home in one piece he wakes to realize his alpha wolf half has determined Devon is the mate they have been waiting centuries for. Keeping Devon safe, defeating the revenge seeker and introducing Liam’s pack are part and parcel of this story that made me want to read more in the series…if there is one. With humor and spice and a bit of nice this was another read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press-Griffin for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4.5 Stars
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Enter a world of smoldering shifters in this scintillating anthology headlined by New York Times bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden with brand-new, never published novellas! Bearing His Sin Cole should have killed Anja the moment he realized she was his mate. Instead, he let her live and now they’re on the hunt, chasing the morons who think they can force her to marry another man. Like hell. And while this shapeshifting bear might have his share of sins, he’s not going to let little things like murder and mayhem prevent him from having the woman meant to be the keeper of his heart. Bought by the Bear Josilyn Martinez just needed the money to help raise her nephew. That's it. There's no other reason she would take a job posing as a shifter's mate so he can assure his grandmother he's settled down. There's no reason to stay at his place so they learn "more about each other." And there's definitely no good reason she should get involved with the hard, hot, and handsome shifter that's hired her. Xander just needs a fake mate for a week to get his grandmother off his back. But what's a bear shifter to do when the impostor mate he hired turns out to be his actual mate? All sweet, luscious curves and a heart of gold, Xander's not going to let his mate get away. Now all he has to do is show her that they belong together, one kiss and touch at a time... The Alpha and I Devon Kincaid is happy with her new life in Lowman, Idaho. Her little bar on the outskirts of the tiny, isolated town is doing well, and she’s not even interested in finding a man. But when she finds a bleeding man—a hot, hard, handsome, naked bleeding man—in the snow one night, Devon brings him home to care for him. He’s definitely not like any man she’s ever met before, but what she doesn’t realize is that he’s not just a man… Liam Murphy isn't simply a werewolf. He's the Alpha. In a heated battle with a deadly bear shifter, he's moved his pack to the Sawtooth Wilderness in order to draw danger from them. He was hoping to escape his problems—but the last thing he expects to find in the isolated Idaho wilderness was his mate. Fragile and unfamiliar with the violent supernatural world, the only way he can protect Devon is to make her what he is: a werewolf. He only hopes that in the process convincing her to enter fully into his world, that he doesn’t drive away the one woman he can’t live without. Review: So, the blurb pretty much hits the highlights for each of the novellas in this book. Each story is wonderfully written by three of the best paranormal romance writers. Each is super sexy with lots of heart. The biggest thing I have to say is that I wish each were full length because I did not get enough of each of the couples. If you are looking for a good shifter romance, then you should read this. You get some quick interesting reads and they might whet your appetite for more of these Authors. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Three fabulous shifter stories that will keep you warm this winter. Bearing His Sin Big, brawny, bad-boy bear shifter Cole is an assassin pining for the canceled job next door to Anja doesn’t realize she is his mate until she knocks him on his butt literally and figuratively. He isn’t sure if he wants to kiss her or kill her. Okay, he kinda wants to do both. His lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to having a mate but fate has other plans for him. I roared with laughter at this one. Bought by the Bear This story would be just a regular “fake fiancé” by any other author. But Milly Taiden never does what you think she will. I fell for Josilyn along with Xander. This story left me with a smile on my lips and in my heart. The Alpha and I Devon is on the run from a stalker and has settled down in a tiny town. She is wary but happy. When she finds a naked man bleeding and passed out in the snow she hauls him home against her better judgement. Alpha werewolf Liam wakes naked in a strange bed which wouldn’t be so bad but he has no memory of how he got there and thus begins the tale of Liam and Devon. I enjoyed the story.
ajenkins979 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed 2 out of 3 of these stories. Bearing His Sins: was not that interested in at first. But the more I read the more I was hooked. The characters had great chemistry. I loved the grandma as well. Loved that Anja was no simmering miss by any means. Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden a hot short story. Still full storyline in this short story. However, at times I did loose track of the timing in the story. I liked the main character-Xander. Josie was ok. The Alpha and I by Kate baxter. I was not interested in this story at all, Not impressed with this author. *I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.
Marta Cox More than 1 year ago
Three and a half I do love an anthology and this one features stories from three authors whose work I've previously enjoyed. Bearing His Sin I found this snarky pairing to be hilarious. I guess I was just in the mood for characters who some might find downright annoying but to me putting a bear assassin with a fierce woman from the Steppes and adding in a truly cantankerous grandmother just tickled my funny bone. Plus there's a twist in the tale ! Bought by the Bear Initially a light easy to read story with a young woman ( Josie ) taking a chance but right from the offset things go awry. Xander needs a pretend Mate but hadn't expected to actually meet the woman of his dreams. Problem is he has to somehow convince Josie whilst at the same time find out just who seems to want her decidedly dead ! The Alpha and I This was possibly the longest offering but honestly I really wish it had been a full length book. A snow clad wilderness reveals a very naked man and what do you know he's a Werewolf! Devon has made a new life for herself and it's one with no room for a new man but darn it not even she can leave Liam outside. Bringing him inside does have it's amusing side ( a distinct lack of items that fit him !) but it's perhaps the least humorous of the three offerings. Still an Alpha Werewolf and a human did actually make for a very interesting story. So three very different styles are showcased here but if you enjoy paranormal romance and particularly shifter stories then I'm pretty sure there's something here for everyone. This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
Readnread More than 1 year ago
Three very different paranormal romances - - bears and wolves Oh my, they are yummy! All three are terrific reads! One has very funny, snappy dialogue. One tears at your heartstrings and one is full of excitement and danger. Something for everyone! This is my honest review of this advance reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
Bearing His Sin The first one started out interesting with characters that are strong right off the bat. The banter between the two main characters and the grandmother was great. But then the female lead started going back and forth within the same breath. One second she is mentioning not giving in and then she is saying put a ring on it right afterwards. The back and forth as to whether she was going to make him work for it or even just be a bit harder to win over, left me unsatisfied with the build up of their relationship. He was the same, one second he is saying he is going to kill her and then in the same breath he is claiming her as his and she will be his wife. Out of all three, this was my least favorite. Bought by the Bear The second story was better than the first. The relationship did feel rushed though. I️ would have liked to have seen more build up. The plot was good. I️ liked the characters. The conflict was strong. However, the ending was rushed. I️ would have loved to have seen the aftermath of the car accident slowed down. I️ mean she must have been in a lot of pain and Xander was like 'I️ can’t wait any longer…I️ love you' and she was like 'oh Xander, I️ love you too'. I️ mean, didn’t she want to know what happened to her ex? And what about the woman who attacked her, was she alive or not? Certain details were really rushed while other details were great but left me wanting more. This story would have been a lot better as a full novel because I liked it, just needed more. The Alpha and I Story number three was better than story two. I like Kate Baxter’s style of writing and the story had a good build-up and though rushed (they commit to each other in about 24 hours or so), I still enjoyed it. She was real, her reactions to things were believable and not over dramatic, and his commitment to her was sweet and steady. The conflict was good and the plot entertaining. I do wish that at the end it did show her transition or at least had an epilogue to show the reader how things turned out after she turned werewolf. There was such build up and then an abrupt halt, I didn’t like that at all. Out of all three short stories in this collection, number three was the best. I liked the characters, plot, and development by the author in order to tell a good story.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is an anthology by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, and Kate Baxter. Each story is about some sort of shifters but aren't related to each other other than that. Book 1 is Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais. This one is about a bear assassin named Cole. He is on Anja's land doing reconnaissance on her neighbor's. Little did he know that he was going to meet his mate or that there were other's trying to force her to become their bride! I absolutely loved this one! This is a continuation of Eve's books that were in her previous anthologies. Cole was hired to kill Fabian but then the contract was pulled before he completed it. So he decided to go see about doing it anyway for fun. Then he meets Anja. Anja owns the land next Fabian's and lives with her grandmother. She is snarky and mouthy and just cracked me up from the get go! Loved their interactions together! This one was by far my favorite out of the whole anthology! Book 2 is Bought By The Bear by Milly Taiden. Josilyn Martinez needs money to not only pay the bills but to continue to fight to keep her nephew. Xander is a bear shifter whose grandmother has told him he neets to mate in order to take control of their company. His grandmother is human and doesn't understand that mating doesn't work like that. So he decides to hire a fake mate to appease his grandmother. Not knowing that who he hires IS his true mate until they meet. I had never read any books by Milly Taiden but had heard of her before. I really enjoyed this one! Xander is sweet and tries to do what he can to make Josie's life easier. Without telling her he is her mate until he knows she may feel the same. Josie is struggling to not only live and take care of her nephew after her sister's death but to move on after what her ex did to her. She doesn't understand the instant attraction to Xander but she still tries to get know him and be with him. Add in other outside forces and this book was great! Book 3 is The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter. It's about werewolf Liam Murphy and Devon Kincaid. Devon finds Liam naked in a field covered in blood during a snowstorm. And saves him. Not knowing what he is or whether something happened to him or he did something to someone else. Liam was out running with his pack when he was attacked and dragged to the field. But he doesn't remember by who or exactly what happened. But then he wakes up and quickly realizes that he was rescued by his mate, who he had given up on ever finding. Now it's not only a matter of remembering exactly what happened but ensuring she stays safe too. I have all of Kate Baxter's Last True Vampire series. Her books are always great and this one didn't disappoint. Devon has a lot to take in and overcome as she is human and never knew a whole other world even existed. Liam had completely moved his whole pack in the hopes of avoiding the conflict that was being brought to him. Not realizing that it would follow him no matter where they went. And then to try to convince his mate to not only accept him but to allow him to turn her into a werewolf so she would be harder to kill? It made for a great story! I am definitely hoping that she continues this as a series! Would love to read something about Liam's cousin! All in all, this whole anthology was great! I loved the different points of views about shifters and their lives in general. All the author's wrote great stories that kept me interested from start to finish!
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
Thanks Fur Last Night is a box set with the following Titles totaling around 400 pages: Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais; Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden; The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter; This is a great box set to get 'your feet wet' with shifter romances. I really enjoyed this set! So much so that it made me hunt down the authors to find more books from them. Loved this set and would recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bearing His Sin - Eve Langlais As expected, this story was a lot of fun and super sexy. From the first moment they met, you knew Anja and Cole weren't any typical couple. Their attraction was immediate, their dark humour matched perfectly, and their bloodthirst on point. While his bear knows she is his mate, the man just follows along until he knows as well. And while Anja plays along, it becomes her reality as well. Family drama and crazy relatives add to the mix, and makes our HEA even more of an d'awwww moment Bought by the bear - Milly Taiden This was okay. The premise was good, but there were so many things in the storyline that were off, it was distracting. Why did the grandmother want Nick so badly? Really, only for money, that seems weak. The whole side story with the wolves, was I supposed to know or care? Why was something so seemingly sad and big stuck in the middle of this book? If Josie's ex really hated her that much, how did they court, get married, and stay together and she never noticed. It seems he has always hated her, so either has was a perfect actor, which seems unlikely, or she was completely naive, again, seems unlikely Finally, and this is my rant portion, why, oh, why, in books do authours believe that if they have a character who is made fun of for their weight, they can make fun of those making fun of them, by making fun of their weight. STOP IT! It is school yard antics and name calling. There is no need, and it shows a lack of integrity. It goes both ways, so when you see a character being judged because they are too heavy, and they brush it off because the too skinny person must be hungry, it is perpetuating the problem. In life, if that happens, both people are jerks, it is the same in books. Love your size, whatever it is, but don't judge others, no matter what their size, because then you are just as bad Rant done, obviously, book not enjoyed The Alpha and I - Kate Baxter Now this book I loved! This was the pick of the group for me. Devon is escaping her past in a small town when she runs across Liam, literally, in the middle of a blizzard. While she feels the sparks for him immediately, he feels something even more. His past is a threat to them both, and while the figure out the attraction between them, the action never stops. He is being pursued, and she is in danger because of it. Only lingering question for me - what happened to her dog?
kJenn More than 1 year ago
**Received ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review** Overall for all three stories I'd rate this book at 4.5 stars!!! Thanks Fur Last Night is a trio of shifter novella's. This is a standalone book. Bearing His Sins by Eve Langlais I'd rate this story at 4.75 stars! Is Cole and Anya's story. Cole is a bear shifter and Anya is the daughter of a Russian mobster and her grandmother runs off and has her hidden from her grandfather. To get away from a life of hiding and a betrothal she must go back to Russia to get out from under her grandfather's thumb. I love the author and her over the top comedy with her characters. I know anytime I read one of her books, no matter how bad of a mood I'm in it will cheer me up and this book is no exception! I really enjoyed the characters, I love the comedy in the book, but you also get a fair amount of action and romance. I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, the only thing that would have made this book better would have been a little more story about them at the end. Otherwise great story!! Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden I'd rate this story at 4.5 stars! Xander needs to find a mate fast so that he can get his grandmother to sign over her portion of their company to him. In order to do this he puts out an add with specific requirements. Josilyn is down on her luck thanks to her slimy ex-husband who ruined her due to his petty jealousy. When Josilyn's friend see's the add through her company she gets Josilyn to apply, little do they know she's the perfect fit. This story was very enjoyable, not the comedy that you get from the first story. But you will get a good story, some action/adventure and of course romance. The characters had pretty good chemistry and were enjoyable to read about. Again, the book ends but needs more, doesn't feel finished which is again my gripe about the story. The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter I would rate this story at 4 stars! Devon up and moved two states away to get away from her controlling ex. What she isn't expecting, is while driving home in a snow storm, to find an unconscious man naked in the snow. This book is full of action and suspense. The characters are very enjoyable, the chemistry between them is good. I have two gripes with this book the first being a lot of typo's and the second is the same I've said from the first two stories, the story ended and didn't give enough ending. Otherwise I really enjoyed the book all around and I would definitely recommend! Hope this helps! Happy Reading!!!
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
Fab compilation of PNR! Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais - Witty, OTT, and fabulously funny! Bought By The Bear by Milly Taiden - Fake mates have a way of becoming true mates! Great read - Grandma almost stole the show The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter- I felt this was the weakest of the three but that could be because I've read less of this authors work so don't have a real feel for it. Felt it would have been better as longer story so characters had more time to develop. Overall a great collection of stories and well worth the money!
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
Good things come in Threes!! Three shifter tales from three great paranormal authors! Langlais' "Bearing His Sin" brings Cole doing his killing job only to meet Anja his mate with skills of her own. But her fiance' wants Anja even against her will. Taiden's "Bought By the Bear" brings Xander paying for a fake mate to please his grandmother. Only.. thing is; Josilyn is not fake but the real deal. Baxters' "The Alpha & I" brings lots of snow and blizzard challenges for bleeding Liam and the women who rescues him. Well worth the read!! A copy was provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
This was a decent anthology but it didn't wow me! I am a paranormal romance fan and a shifter fan so I thought this would be right up my alley. I was a little disappointed that it didn't live up to my hopes. I give it 3 1/2 stars mainly for Kate Baxter's The Alpha and I. I think I may have enjoyed the other two more if they were novel length, even a short one, but those novellas didn't give me enough to draw me in. The stories were okay just not long enough. But I enjoyed The Alpha and I. I really liked Liam and Devon and their chemistry was hot. The story line flowed nicely and had just the right amount of steam. It was a sweet story.
PrincessThuy1 More than 1 year ago
Bearing His Sins By Eve Langlais 3☆ Interesting story. Dialogue was interesting too. A bit straightforward to the point of crass but it was kind of funny. No lovey dovey words between the heroine and hero. I can't describe how I felt reading it except that it was interesting. Although the ending was a bit confusing to me. I had no idea who that last letter was addressed to. If anyone knows please let me know. Bought By The Bear By Millie Taiden 3☆ An overall cute story. Liked the premise of a shifter looking for a fake mate but then she turned out to be his real mate. Only part I found a bit farfetched was the revenge plot against Josie. It was a bit extreme but it worked for the story. The Alpha and I By Kate Baxter 3☆ Pretty action packed wearwolf shifter story. Moved pretty quickly. Sexy and entertaining. *I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book*
ReadingInPajamas More than 1 year ago
Review: THANKS FUR LAST NIGHT by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter Publication Date: January 30, 2018 Genre: Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 4.5 Stars This was a fun cohesive anthology by three talented writers. All three stories held the same feeling…part humor and part suspense, so you didn’t have to regroup when starting the next story. I liked that a lot. Eve Langlais’ BEARING HIS SINS had some quirky characters and fun banter. Just when I thought I had things figured out, the author sent a curveball. I liked that, along with the smoking hot romance. Milly Taiden’s BOUGHT BY THE BEAR was a fun, fast-paced sexy romp. The dangerous excitement blended well with the sexy romance between Josie and Xander. I wish it was longer! Kate Baxter’s THE ALPHA AND I, wasn't as humorous as the others, but it blended so well with the other stories, I didn’t skip a beat. It was a sexy, action packed romance that kept me turning the pages. A nice fast read. *Review copy provided by St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.