The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings

The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings

by Robert Fisk

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The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings by Robert Fisk

A selection of Robert Fisk's finest 'Comment' pieces from the Saturday ‘Independent’.Robert Fisk has amassed a devoted readership over the years, with his insightful, witty and always outspoken articles on international politics and mankind’s war-torn recent history. He is best known for his writing about the Middle East, its wars, dictators and international relations, but these ‘Comment’ articles cover an array of topics, from his soldier grandfather to handwriting to the titanic - and of course President Bush, terrorism and Iraq.

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ISBN-13: 9780007283217
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 03/06/2009
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 720 KB

About the Author

Robert Fisk is a bestselling author and the Independent’s Middle East correspondent. He has lived in the Middle East for three decades and is the most decorated British foreign correspondent. The Great War for Civilisation, a history of his career and the numerous conflicts he has covered, was published internationally to great critical acclaim. He is also the author of Pity the Nation and The Age of the Warrior.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements     xi
Preface     xiii
A firestorm coming     1
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war     2
Flirting with the enemy     14
'Thank you, Mr Clinton, for the kind words'     20
Brace yourself for Part Two of the War for Civilisation     25
The pit of desperation     29
The lies leaders tell when they want to go to war     34
'You are not welcome'     38
Be very afraid: Bush Productions is preparing to go into action     42
'Our guys may kick them around a little...'     46
The wind from the East     51
Publish and be damned? Or stay silent?     55
So let me denounce genocide from the dock     56
You're talking nonsense, Mr Ambassador     60
Armenia's 1,500,001st genocide victim     64
Sneaking a book out in silence     66
'A conflict of interest'     70
Bravery, tears and broken dreams     74
A holocaust denier in the White House     78
Words, words, words ...     83
Hack blasts local rags     84
We should have listened to Bin Laden     96
The jargon disease     101
Poisonous academicsand their claptrap of exclusion     105
Soft words - hard questions     109
The pen, the telex, the phone and the despised e-mail     113
The forgotten art of handwriting     117
'Believe it or not!'     121
Murder is murder is murder ...     125
Ah, Mary, you poor diddums     129
'A very edgy situation'     133
'Abu Henry': what diplomats can get up to     137
A lesson from the Holocaust     141
Cinema begins to mirror the world     145
Applause from the Mulsims of Beirut     147
Saladin's eyes     151
My challenge for Steven Spielberg     155
Da Vinci shit     159
We've all been veiled from the truth     163
When art is incapable of matching life     167
A policeman's lot is not a happy one     171
Take a beautiful woman to the cinema     175
A river through time     179
The greatest crisis since the last greatest crisis     185
A long and honourable tradition of smearing the dead     186
Tricky stuff, evil     191
'Middle East hope!" - 'Europe in crisis!'     195
A poet on the run in Fortress Europe      199
When I was a child ... I understood as a child     203
Another of Arthur's damned farthings     204
First mate Edward Fisk     208
'Come on, Sutton!'     212
Cold war nights     216
'All this talk of special trains ...'     220
Fear of flying     224
The old mandates     227
God damn that democracy     228
Gold-plated taps     232
The man who will never apologise     236
The 'lady' in seat 1K     239
Whatever you do, don't mention the war     242
'The best defender on earth of Lebanon's sovereignty'     247
Alphonse Bechir's spectacles     251
The cat who ate missile wire for breakfast     254
The torturer who lived near the theatre     257
The temple of truth     261
We are all Rifaats now     265
The ministry of fear     269
'We have all made our wills'     273
'Duty unto death' and the United Nations     276
The cult of cruelty     281
The age of the warrior     282
Torture's out - abuse is in     286
'The truth, the truth!'     290
Crusaders of the 'Green Zone'      294
Paradise in Hell     298
'Bush is a revelatory at bedtime'     302
The worse it gets, the bigger the lies     306
Let's have more martyrs!     311
The flying carpet     315
The show must go on     319
'He was killed by the enemy' - but all is well in Iraq     323
We have lost our faith and they have not     327
God and the devil     329
The childishness of civilisations     333
Look in the mirror     336
Smashing history     340
So now it's 'brown-skinned'     344
The 'faith' question     348
Hatred on a map     351
'If you bomb our cities, we will bomb yours'     355
The lies of racists     359
Dreamology     361
'A thing invulnerable'     367
What the Romans would have thought of Iraq     368
In memoriam     372
Read Lawrence of Arabia     376
A peek into the Fascist era     380
Who now cries for the dead of Waterloo?     384
Witnesses to genocide: a dark tale from Switzerland     388
'You can tell a soldier to burn a village ...'     392
Should journalists testify at war crimes trials?     395
Where are the great men of today?     399
America, America     403
Free speech     404
It's a draw!     408
Fear and loathing on an American campus     412
How Muslim middle America made me feel safer     416
Will the media boys and girls catch up?     420
Brazil, America and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom     424
From Cairo to Valdosta     428
Trying to get into America     432
Unanswered questions     437
Is the problem weather? Or is it war?     438
Fear climate change, not our enemies     441
Just who creates reality?     445
A letter from Mrs Irvine     449
Who killed Benazir?     453
The strange case of Gunner Wills     457
The last enemy     461
In the Colosseum, thoughts turn to death     463
Dead heroes and living memories     467
The ship that stands upright at the bottom of the Sea     471
'Thanks, Bruce'     475
Those who went before us     479
Farewell, Ane-Karine     483
They told Andrea that Chris had not suffered     487
Postscript: The dilution of memory     491
A street named Petain and the woman he sent to Auschwitz     492
'I am the girl of Irene Nemirovsky'     496
Index     499

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