The Bachelor: A Novel

The Bachelor: A Novel

by Stephanie Reed


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In this sequel to The Bargain, Betsie Troyer is back home in her Amish community where she knows she belongs, free from the confusing Englisher way of life. She and Charley Yoder have made promises to each other, and her life is back on track—until Gerald Sullivan shows up with his young daughter, asking for Betsie's help. He’s on his way to find his estranged wife, and begs Betsie to take young Sheila in.

When she agrees, Betsie's carefully planned life is shaken up again. Sheila's newfound faith is troubling to Charley—and his attraction to another girl is beginning to be a problem. But how can Betsie confront him when she is still trying to confront her own feelings about Sheila's brother, Michael? Keeping the peace between the Amish man she's always loved, a twelve-year-old Englisher girl, and a draft-dodging hippie is more than she ever thought she’d have to deal with in her simple, orderly life. Still, Betsie is convinced she can keep things from falling apart completely.

Then during her best friend's wedding, tragedy strikes and her world is upended. She has to make a decision: does she love Charley or Michael . . . or is she craving a deeper love that only God can give?

The compelling second novel of the Plain City Peace series, The Bachelor deftly weaves together the strands of a solid, simpler time with the turmoil of an era of change, revealing the strengths of both in its powerful narrative.

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ISBN-13: 9780825442162
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication date: 10/27/2014
Series: Plain City Peace Series , #2
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 797,147
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Stephanie Reed lives on the outskirts of Plain City, Ohio, site of a once-thriving Amish community. She gleans ideas for her novels from signs glimpsed along the byways of Ohio.

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The Bachelor 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Plain City Peace series. It is wonderful. There seems to be a bit of controversy in the Amish and Mennonite churches during this time period. I keep hoping that Betsies parents will come home or convince her to move. Betsie thinks she is in love with Charley or is she really in love with Michael? You will want to read The Bargain before reading this book so you know what is going on. I am looking forward to the next book to see how this all ends. I can't wait. I received this book from book for a fair and honest opinion.
loriweller1 More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor is Book Two in the Plain City Peace Series. I read the first book so I was able to understand and enjoy the characters. The book is able to be read as a stand alone but probably more enjoyable if read as a series. This concerns Betsy, an Amish girl who is taking care a the farm with her sister since her parents left. She is asked to help an Englisher and this displeases her Amish boyfriend. Their is humor, tears, faith and family found in this story. I enjoyed it and look forward to more  works by this author. I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion. 
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor is the second book in Stephanie Reed’s Plain City Peace series. There were several references to events detailed in the first book, The Bargain, which I have not read. However, enough information was given, and I was able to follow the story. For a better understanding of the characters and storyline, I would recommend reading this series in order. “Set against the backdrop of the turbulent 1970s”, The Bachelor is a unique Amish tale. Betsie Troyer is a complex character and faces many challenges in her life. I felt compassion for this young woman and especially enjoyed her relationship with a young English girl left in her care. The romantic threads in this story were also interesting and I am eager to know where Betsie’s feelings will lead her. At the end of The Bachelor, unanswered questions linger and leave the reader in anticipation of the next book, The Bride. I received a complimentary copy of this book through The Book Club Network. All thoughts expressed are my own and no monetary compensation was received.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of THE BACHELOR by Stephanie Reed from Kregel Publications. It is the second book in the Plain City Peace series. I was excited to receive this, for I love stories about the Amish lifestyle. I read them and then share them with my mother, who is also “in love” with the Amish. There is a small Amish community near my home, and one day I want to visit them to ask if these fictional novels are realistic. Back to THE BACHELOR… This is a fun and uplifting story about Betsie Troyer. She is happy in her Amish lifestyle, but then she starts to be pulled back into the Englisher world. The comparisons between her simple lifestyle as an Amish woman versus the more turbulent English world were interesting to read. I enjoyed his this story takes place in the 1970s, which is a refreshing turn of pace from other Amish novels. There are others in the story besides Betsie, including Michael and Charley. Each of Stephanie Reed’s characters are not only realistic, but also endearing. Even the “bad guys” have redeeming qualities. Okay, there really aren’t any “bad guys,” but you understand what I mean. I did not get to read the first novel before THE BACHELOR, but you don’t need to have to understand this installment. I will now seek out that first book and I will keep watch for more books by Stephanie Reed.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
The Batchelor is set in the 1970’s and the setting is a failing Amish Community known as Plain City, and as we are reunited with Betsie, we are reminded that her parents have left her and her and her brother and sister. Through out the story, Betsie is on bended knee prayer her folks will return and give up their ideas of being saved. The author has provided a lot of information if you haven’t read The Bargain, but it is an awesome book, and I would highly recommend reading it. We met the Sullivan family in The Bargain, and now Betsie is faced with a problem when she is begged to temporarily give Shelia Sullivan, a twelve year old, a home. She does so knowing her Community will not like the Englisher staying in her house. Even her siblings give her a hard time, but Charlie Yoder, who is now coming to court her, is really upset that Shelia is here. There is more tension when Michael begins writing, and Charlie finds out. Betsie also begins to relive the attack that was made on her while at the Sullivan’s, and you have to wonder if it is Michael or Charlie she fears. I also found Charlie’s mother to be a person I sure would avoid, not a very pleasant personality here, and Betsie better be careful when she marries Charlie. What an up and down story your about to experience, some chuckles, and some heart ache, come and immerse yourself in this great read. See whom Betsie belongs with! I received this book through Kregel Publications, and was not required to give a positive review
tmurrell2 More than 1 year ago
Betsie is home in the Amish community where she feels she belongs. But things are rapidly changing. Taking care of her siblings, as well as an Englisher girl can be overwhelming. Confusing thoughts about two completely different men, troubles with her siblings, and worry about her parents all pile on top of the tons of work that needs to be done almost overwhelming her. Can she decide where she wants her life to go while filling the ache in her heart? I have the very bad habit of picking a book without realizing it is the middle of the series. This happened once again. The book is definitely not a stand alone. So be sure to read the first book before picking this one up. That being said, it starts off well and is entertaining. It follows the typical Amish pattern with conflicts about religion and distractions with the English community. The book hints at some endings, but leaves the reader hanging in anticipation for the next book in the series. I received this book free of charge from Book Club Network in exchange for my review.
strgth4yu More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor, by Stephanie Reed is a second novel In the series Plain City Peace. Since I did not read the first book, I was not sure if I would get lost reading the second book of the series. I found the second book to be easy to follow along. I did not get lost with the storyline and its characters. The story is placed in the 1970's in an Amish community, where during that time there were quite a lot of changes in that era. The story is about a young woman who has gone through several changes in her life in the Amish Community. Her parents have left the Amish to pursue Christ freely. She feels that they will change their mind and return to the farm in Plain City, Ohio. Also, she is courting Charley who she feels is safe and reliable and has made a promise to. It is not until, she is confronted with a decision to take care of her English employer’s daughter, Sheila that her life starts to take a different turn. Betsie, understands what the Sheila is going through being separated from her parents, but she is also torn from what is expected of her in the Amish community, especially, with Charley and her sister Sadie. Betsie, throughout the story goes through many different emotions, especially, when it comes to Sheila's brother, Mike. Who sounded like a kindred spirit with Betsie? Someone who accepted her for who she was and did not want anything different from her. Toward, the middle of the story I was not liking Charley very much, and rooting for Mike to be the one Betsie chooses. Overall, The Bachelor, was an excellent book to read! I was given this book by The Book Club Network for my honest review. I recommend this book, I am looking forward to Book 3 of Plain City Peace Series.
Mama_Cat More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor, a complex novel that is the second in the Plain City Peace series by Stephanie Reed, can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. If one were to read The Bargain, the first novel, prior to reading this one, the reading experience would be richer by far to meet the characters and see the occurrences that immediately preceded this novel. The Bachelor is written about Plain City, Ohio, Amish in the 1970’s when life in this country seemed to change daily. The communities where Amish lived changed quickly as a result of the occurrences and growing immorality around the country. Betsie Troyer tried desperately to cling to family and friends, even as they were moving – some to Missouri where land was more affordable, some completely leaving the Amish culture while seeking the move of the Holy Spirit in Christian churches. Betsie’s parents had been away for weeks, as had the aunt who had been going to stay with them. Betsie and her sister Sadie, with the help of Charley Yoder – who wanted to marry Betsie – worked to keep going what they could of the Troyer family farm. Betsie was chafing under Charley’s thumb, who said he was just looking out for her best. In the meantime, Betsie was trying to keep up correspondence with the English man who helped teach her to become a harness maker. So many concerns were on her young shoulders – could she be certain that the path she followed was where the Lord wanted her? The characters in The Bachelor are so well-developed that they are almost real. I could picture them, felt what they felt as part of their family, struggled through Betsie’s challenges with her. Conversations and descriptions of the primary characters were clear enough that I could form an opinion about them. Betsie, Aunt Lovina, and Sheila were hands-down my favorites. I didn’t like Charley at all, and had mixed feelings about Sadie and Michael. The plot was thorough and well-executed. In a decade of tumultuous change throughout the country, Stephanie Reed designed a story that reflected the times faced by Amish, even as they were separate from most of the challenges of mainstream America. At times their very separation from the rest of society probably brought much relief to older Amish who heard about anything going on in mainstream schools. Stephanie Reed’s insight into human emotions and spirituality coupled with excellent research and writing brings a unique voice into Amish fiction. The author has successfully woven together the traditional culture and gender roles with some of the current events of the 70’s into a compelling read with sufficient surprises that leaves one eagerly awaiting the next novel. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the choices Betsie will make are introduced – and how they work out! I highly recommend this novel to young adults and adults of all ages who like Amish fiction, are interested in the changes brought to the Amish through the late and post Viet Nam War eras. With a grateful heart, I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
Jaquelyn More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor is book 2 in the Plain City Peace series. I haven’t read book one, The Bargain, but would recommend reading it before reading this book. It wasn’t necessary, but I feel like I might have understood the characters better if I had more of their back story. I will probably go back and read book one for fun. I would also like to read book three, the Bride, which will come out in 2016. The Bachelor is set in the 1970’s which adds a different feel to the story overall, and makes it interesting. Betsie Troyer had spent some time in the English community, but is now back home where life is more simple. There are some things the English do that she will never understand and is thankful to be back on normal ground. Charley Yoder has always seemed like the man of her dreams, and the best looking Amish man in her community, not that she is supposed to notice that. When Charley hints about a marriage between them Betsie is thrilled. But is Charley the man she thinks he is? Betsie can’t help but follow her heart when a English friend of hers asks if his daughter can stay with Betsie for a while. Shelia is such a sweet girl, and strong in her faith in God. When Betsie takes her in, almost everyone in the Amish community thinks she’s making a mistake. Charley shows his disapproval in her decision, but tries to guide her in his own way. This book is full of twists and turns you don’t see coming. There is joy, sadness, tragedy, and love mixed throughout the story. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys a different type of Amish story than the normal. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and TBCN in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own.
millstreetreader More than 1 year ago
THE BACHELOR by Stephanie Reed is the second book in her PLAIN CITY PLACE series. While most Amish fiction is set in the present, Reed has set her story in Ohio in the turbulent times of the 1970s.  In book one, Betsie Troyer worked outside the Amish community.  Now back home on the farm, she's been asked to watch the young daughter of the English family she used to board with.   Despite her sister's disapproval, Betsie agrees to keep young Sheila.   Betsie knows that having an Englisher in the family home may mean a disgruntled visit from the bishop, but that aren't her only concerns.  Foremost is her fear that her parents whose faith has led them to leave the Amish community may make their break permanent.  Her young brother, who had been living with their older brother Eli and family, has returned.  No longer a little boy, he is rebellious and at odds with everyone.  The only bright spot in her life is the attention of CharleyYoder who has made clear that he wants to make Betsie his wife.  Then a letter comes in the mail from Michael, the young Englisher who has fled to a place called The Farm in Tennessee to avoid the draft.  Just thinking about Michael upsets her peace, but his letters show that he may be the only person who really knows and cares about Betsie.  I am not sure why this book is titled THE BACHELOR as the story is clearly Betsie's, not Charley's or Michael's.  And while Betsie does have a romantic interest in Charley (and possibly Michael) her story is much more than a simple romance. The 1970's provided a new focus to the typical Amish genre and I liked that.  I have not read the first book in the series so I lacked some important background, but still could follow the story.  This series seems to concentrate heavily on the difference beliefs between Amish and mainstream Christianity.  That thread I believe will be just as strong in the next volume.  While this book comes to a satisfactory end, it is clear that Betsie's story (as well as the bishop's) will continue in another book.   A secondary thread to this book is the changing lives of the Amish in Plain City, Ohio, as many families sell their farms (for a good profit) and leave for Missouri and cheaper land.  This interested me because the first Amish settlers to our central Wisconsin area came in the the mid-70's, shortly after the time period of this book.  Similar to the Plain City families, our new neighbors had sold their previous homes in Indiana and searched out cheaper land.   I received a copy of THE BACHELOR  from Kregel Publications for my honest review.  There is a blog tour of the book next week, but I posted my review early because of other commitments next week.
inspiremichelle More than 1 year ago
The Bachelor Book Two of Plain City Peace Series by Stephanie Reed (TBN) Kregel Publications ISBN 9780825442162 Amish, Christian Fiction The Bachelor is set in 1970’s around the Vietnam war and draft. Bestie Troyer lives in Plain City where she is raising her two younger siblings and taking care of a English girl. Her biggest prayer is for her parents and aunt to return to Amish life. They left the Amish life to live out their new-found faith in Jesus. Bestie is promised to Charley but has a intense friendship with Englisher Michael. Among much confusion she has to decide who to give her heart to and which faith she will follow. The author Stephanie Reed did a great job explaining salvation in this story. I really enjoyed learning how the Amish and English view faith and salvation. It was an eye opening experience to see the contrast of faith between Bestie who is Amish and Englisher Sheila. They both had such strong beliefs. The Bachelor is book 2 in Plain City Peace series but it stands alone. I have not read the first book The Bargain but after enjoying this one so much I will. I loved this fast paced Amish novel. It was thought provoking, well written and filled with faith. I give The Bachelor 5 stars. And a high-five to the author Stephanie Reed and publisher Kregel Publications for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith. The Book Club Network Inc. provided me with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for their, the authors and publishers generosity.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
I almost thought I had missed out on the opportunity as a book reviewer to review Stephanie Reed's latest novel The Bachelor, the second in the Plain City Peace Series. You don't know how happy I was when I realized that Kregel Publications had extended the invitation to do so even though many others had read it way before I did. There is joy in the small things like this. I feel in love with the character of Betsie Troyer from the first novel and if you're like me, you often times, have to wait quite a bit to get the next novel in any series. However, I knew right away, I wanted to see right where Stephanie was going to pick her up story since Betsie's parents along with her Aunt Lovina had moved away from the Amish community to settle far away so they could practice their new found faith in the Jesus of the Bible as well as learning more about salvation. In an Amish community if you left, your salvation was doomed for all eternity. This is the reason so many Amish remain and become baptized in their Amish faith to ensure that through their good works and obedience they might get to heaven, but they had no way of knowing for sure. Betsie was left behind on the family farm trying to do her very best along with his younger sister Sadie to make ends meet until she believed one day her parents would return home. Until that time, the Amish had a firm rule of shunning that prevented them from associating with them until they made a kneeling confession in front of the church. Betsie held on to her belief, her parents would be coming home. That didn't stop Charlie Yoder, from pressing the issue with Betsie that they would be married soon, having children, and take over running the Troyer farm. Betsie was more than surprised with Charlie's way of dismissing her faith that her parents would be home soon and they would be running the farm again. It is clear that Charlie has a firm way of holding on to the old Amish way of running things especially having his mother Mattie supporting them since his father had died. But is Charlie really the bachelor for her or perhaps is her heart bringing her back to Michael, an English man who saved her life from what could have been a brutal attack. Now that Michael is living on the Farm to avoid having to serve in the Vietnam war, she wonders just what their relationship might have been like if Michael were Amish instead of English. In order to keep her mind busy, Betsie has been asked to take care of Michael's little sister Shelia while his father has left to try and reconcile with his distraught wife who has run off. It is the faith of a small child that will lead Betsie to the truth of salvation in a way she never imagined. I received The Bachelor by Stephanie Reed compliments of Kregel Publications for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I absolutely LOVED this novel but once again must way until 2016 to get the third novel in the series, The Bride. This is such a moving novel to conveys hope for our eternal salvation in heaven through the simple faith of becoming like a child again. It is that simple faith of simply accepting things at face value rather than trying to figure them out that makes this one a winner in my opinion and well worth 5 out of 5 stars. The only downside is the wait between the novels, but all great things come to those who wait! There are Book Club Discussion Questions included at the conclusion of this novel as well!
Theophilusfamily More than 1 year ago
  In August of 2013 I read Stephanie Reed's The Bargain.  This novel epitomized the best of Amish fiction, with a bonnet-wearing heroine who is both demure and witty. Yet it was set in Plain City, Ohio, in 1971, and so it wasn't all buggy rides in the country. This book brought to life the aftermath of the Kent State Massacre, the anti-war riots, the fear of being drafted, and the grim reality that was Vietnam.  The Bachelor is the sequel I have been anticipating ever since I turned the last page of The Bargain.  This is going to be a three book series, and you should definitely read them together. If you haven't read The Bargain, then this review is going to be one big... ***Spoiler!***  Betsie is back! Her apprenticeship in the English world is over, and she's home in Amish country, where life is truly no simpler.  Betsie and her sister Sadie are trying to run their farm all alone, with only Charley Yoder for help.  They long for their Mem and Dat to return from their new English lives as Christians, and everyday they seem to lose another friend or neighbor as Plain City farms are sold for development.  There are times when the confusions of Amish life make Betsie wish she was back with the emotional, unstable English! If Sheila Sullivan was your second favorite character after Betsie, then you'll be delighted. She's staying with Betsie in Plain City, living like an Amish girl.  And you can imagine the scandal that will cause! Mr. Sullivan is going in search of his wife, committed to working out their struggles so she can come home.  And where is Michael, the incorrigible, inimitable, poet-protestor? You'll enjoy finding out.  That letter Betsie is holding on the front cover is a missive from Michael. Those letters bring his taste for the ironic and his eye for the odd right to Betsie's mailbox.  And of course, Michael's metaphysical ramblings and soul searchings are not welcome by Charlie Yoder...  I'm *really* enjoying this series. Historical details, Amish customs, and quirky characters, plus lots of references to literature and poetry... Oh yes. The Bachelor and The Bargain are books I would loa out to friends. (And I'd be worried that they'd want to keep them.) Thank you to Kregel and Litfuse for my review copy.