The Bodyguard's Bride-to-Be

The Bodyguard's Bride-to-Be

by Amelia Autin

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The Bodyguard's Bride-to-Be by Amelia Autin

A pretend engagement suddenly becomes very real…and dangerous

When Tahra Edwards sees a suspicious knapsack near a school yard, she leaps into action…and saves children from a bomb. But upon awakening in a hospital, Tahra discovers she’s lost her memory—including any recollection of the handsome military captain who says he’s her fiancé. A charming alpha hero who seems to be hiding something…

As a high-level bodyguard, Marek Zale knows that a ruthless terrorist organization will stop at nothing to silence Tahra—his ex-girlfriend—permanently. To protect her, he must be by her side around the clock. And though he may not be telling her the truth about their engagement, their love for each other was always true…as is the danger threatening them both!

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ISBN-13: 9781488005220
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Series: Man on a Mission
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 454,900
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Award-winning author Amelia Autin is an inveterate reader who can’t bear to put a good book down…or part with it. Her bookshelves are crammed with books her husband periodically threatens to donate to a good cause, but he always relents…eventually.

Amelia currently resides with her Ph.D. engineer husband in quiet Vail, AZ, where they can see the stars at night and have a “million dollar view” of the Rincon Mountains from their back yard.

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The Bodyguard's Bride-to-Be 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
An artfully crafted tale about building trust and accepting and respecting cultural differences, located in a restive little kingdom in Europe, who is suffering from repeated terror attacks while welcoming the flow of refugees. Even though the topic of the tale is highly political, and the environment of the story is in the heart of the power of the country, the case is presented without political influence or sides, which made the story even more enjoyable. The circumstances are dire when Marek and Tahra meet again after their previously broken engagement. The country is in an uproar and in mourning because of the repeated deadly attacks, and the only place safe to Tahra to be is close to Marek, who would protect her with his life. The connection between them is fragile yet obvious. They have to work to find the trust again and they have to work to get to know each other again because of the amnesia. Tahra has to learn the countries customs and culture again, learn to understand it to be able to accept it and respect it. I enjoyed how this process was presented, Marek and Tahra had to make an effort to find their tune again. The passion, adoration and love are certain, but could they make it work with their cultural differences, would Tahra learn to trust Marek again, was the feelings they have for each other enough to make 'forever and a day' reality to them? The suspense in the story builds up as the progress in the investigation to the attacks proceeds. The complexity of the hierarchy of the crown and the history and the culture of the country are well explained in details. The intense crescendo to the suspense is filled with high energy and deadly force. When two worlds with cultural differences stumble into each other, to find a common ground, acceptance, and respect isn't always easy or smooth. Marek and Tahra both has to make compromises and allowances to make their relationship function and to make the danger they both find themselves in ease and disappear. An engaging, thought-provoking, intriguing tale with many nuances from family values, to friends in high place, glamor, and prestige, to the basic instincts of love and protect with everything you have. ~ Four Spoons
SusanFrank More than 1 year ago
I have been looking forward to Marek's story since his first appearance. I knew it would be good, but this was even better than I expected. He is a captain in the Zakharian National Forces, assigned to the security of the royal family. He is the typical Zakharian male, old fashioned (think fifty years behind the times) and protective, and a bit chauvinistic. By the end of previous books he had learned some very important lessons about the capabilities of women. Tahra is the administrative assistant to Alec Jones at the embassy. At the beginning of the book she is on her lunch break when she notices something suspicious at the school next door. When she realizes what the knapsack left by the school fence is, she doesn't hesitate to take action. However, she doesn't escape the consequences and is badly injured in the blast. When she awakens in the hospital, she has no memory of what happened, or the events of the last eighteen months - including the man who says he is her fiance. This is where things get a bit complicated for Marek. In order to be with Tahra at the hospital, he has claimed her as his fiancee, even though she turned him down. He has been giving her time to get past the issue that parted them in hopes that she will see that they belong together. He still loves her and will do whatever necessary to protect her. When she doesn't remember him, he allows the lie to stand, rationalizing that it is for her safety. Tahra doesn't remember anything about their relationship, but she does sense that she can trust him, so she accepts his declaration. This is kind of a second chance romance, as Tahra's amnesia gives them a chance to start over, and for Marek to fix the mistakes he has made. Both of them have some issues to overcome. I loved seeing the development of the new relationship. Marek is determined to protect Tahra, but also find a way to prove his love. Tahra's need for her independence butted up against that protectiveness several times, and she had to work to get him to see her point of view. The suspense of the story was fantastic. What struck me first was how similar it was to what is happening in the world today. From the moment of the first bomb blast, it is an intense journey to discover who and why. At the same time, there was also the viewpoint of the other side, showing that there is more to their plans than is suspected at the beginning. I loved how Marek's mind worked as he puzzled through the details of each attack. It was fascinating to see the progress of his deductions, from the obvious to the horrifying reality. The plan that they came up with was brilliant, thanks to the teamwork of Marek and Angelina. The final confrontation was intense, with Tahra in the thick of it. I wasn't sure if either she or Marek would come through it unscathed. To put a cap on the whole thing, I loved the "good cop, bad cop" routine that he and Angelina did to get the final proof they needed to catch the mastermind. I loved the depth of emotion that was evident throughout the story. I could feel Tahra's fear that she wouldn't be able to save the children at the school. The king's fury over the attacks on his people leapt off the page, as it did when he heard Marek's suspicions about the real objective behind them. I felt like crying right along with Tahra after the apartment bombing. But most of all, the intensity of the love between Marek and Tahra, even through their darkest moments, was a glowing beacon of hope