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The Brand-Driven CEO: Embedding Brand into Business Strategy

The Brand-Driven CEO: Embedding Brand into Business Strategy

by David Kincaid
The Brand-Driven CEO: Embedding Brand into Business Strategy

The Brand-Driven CEO: Embedding Brand into Business Strategy

by David Kincaid


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The Brand-Driven CEO demonstrates how senior leadership can use their brand to align and guide the behaviors, decisions, and operations of their entire organization in order to drive value. David Kincaid delivers practical assessments and game plans for senior executives and managers across functional areas, clarifying the confusion between brand and marketing management. He introduces the "New 4Ps" of brand management: People, Process, Intellectual Property, and Partnerships. This paradigm shift equips business leaders with a new approach to managing growth, profitability, risk, and sustainable value.

Using real-life, current case studies from today’s fastest growing and most valuable brands – including Starbucks, Apple, and BMW – this book reveals the critical importance of managing big businesses as integrated business systems. The Brand-Driven CEO includes criteria to conduct your own brand self-assessment and a stepby-step roadmap that can be applied to help transform your brand and its management.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781442621657
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Publication date: 11/03/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 208
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

David Kincaid is among North America’s most recognized and respected opinion leaders in the field of brand management. Prior to starting Level5 Strategy, David was Chief Marketing Officer at Corus Entertainment and the Senior VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Labatt Breweries of Canada. He also held management roles at American Express and General Foods. David is a frequent speaker at leading business schools and conferences and serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at the Smith School of Business (Queen’s University) and the Schulich Executive Education Program (York University). Notable amongst David’s many honors is being inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Legends. David Kincaid is also the author of Brand Forward, Brand Back (2017) and The Value of Promise Consistently Kept (2017).

Table of Contents

A Note from the Author


Part One: Unlocking a Different Kind of Value

1. The Most Valuable – and Most Misunderstood – Asset on Your Balance Sheet
2. Creating Business Value
3. Barriers to Unlocking Value
4. Introducing the New 4Ps
5. The Six Success Factors behind Brand-Driven CEOs

Part Two: The New 4Ps and Six CEO Success Factors in Action

6. People
7. Process
8. Intellectual Property
9. Partnerships

Part Three: Brand-Driven CEO Assessment and New 4Ps Playbook


What People are Saying About This

Paul Seed

"David Kincaid's book provides CEOs with a roadmap to place the corporate brand at the centre of all core strategic decisions."

Michael Downey

“A thought-provoking read about the power of a brand for an audience much wider than the chief marketing officer. Make this required reading for your entire C-Team, because your brands are prized possessions!”

Jan Heck

"The Brand-Driven CEO is a must read. David Kincaid impressively demonstrates why he is a global brand expert, guiding leaders into the next chapter of how to treat and protect their brands."

Susie Adelson

The Brand Driven CEO is a breath of fresh air and positivity with both business and life lessons. David Kincaid breaks down his theories into easily digestible steps and provides readers with exercises to implement in their own business. As a Canadian marketer, reading about real examples involving our most beloved brands got me thinking about how I can start applying these concepts to my business immediately.”

Yajun (Carol) Jiang

"The brand is one of the most critical elements of a successful company. With David's book, you will learn how to identify it, evaluate it, and manage it systematically."

Andrew Oland

"The Brand Driven CEO makes a compelling case to move the ownership of your brand from the marketing department to the top team. Kincaid's new 4Ps should cause business leaders to reflect and ask 'is their company brand driven?'"

Scott Dunlop

“David Kincaid led a critical strategic re-focusing process for one of our portfolio companies and I have seen first-hand the power of his approach to brand management. This book is a must-read for anybody who is serious about building brand value that is integrated, sustainable, and measurable.”

Joseph Natale

"Leading companies know that brand is actually a verb. It needs to be an active part of an organization's DNA, and embedded into culture and across every part of how the business operates. This book serves as a playbook for CEOs to realize this within their companies."

Bryan Pearson

"As leaders, we all need to ask ourselves those questions that focus on the deepest elements of strategy. In The Brand-Driven CEO, Kincaid not only modernizes the 4Ps of marketing but he also provides a framework that leaders can use to ensure their organization competes to win by living the values of their brand and understanding their important role in managing brand as a business system."

Dani Reiss

"The Brand-Driven CEO offers a fresh new perspective on harnessing the intangible power of your brand, a must-read for every CEO."

Carinne Chambers-Saini

"No matter what industry you're in, David Kincaid's thought leadership and playbook in The Brand-Driven CEO is critical for every leader to understand in order to create sustainability and the ability to unlock the true value of the brand. A must read for all entrepreneurs, leadership teams, and CEOs."

Marilynne Day-Linton

"I have seen the benefit of David Kincaid's approach to brand-asset management in two different service industries. Embedding brand-asset management into a company's strategy builds a culture of collaboration, ownership, and accountability. David's book provides CEOs with a step-by-step process that requires leadership at the top levels and allows for continuous improvement as customers' needs change. It is a great journey that value-driven CEOs should embrace to build their company's resilience and sustainability for the future."

Lesley Gallinger

"David Kincaid makes a compelling case for the alignment of internal management systems and processes to the corporation's brand. This alignment serves to amplify the brand's promise to customers and drive value. In going through our own cultural transformation, the value of alignment of culture, processes and strategy became crystal clear and will create a brand for us that stands out in a regulated industry."

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